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For the week of April 6 – 12, 2020

The week ahead is nothing short of a resurrection and transcendence of the highest order. No matter what path we’re walking right now, the opportunity for awakening, transformation, and life altering shifts are palpably present. With our hearts opening more and more to the truth of what matters most, we’re restoring alignment with our true nature, eliminating anything else that doesn’t fit.

The current practices of social distancing and shelter in place have prompted the questions “what is necessary” and “what is excess”? How much do we really require, and what are our basic needs for vital health, well being, connection, and safety? In a time when the world is consolidating and distilling down to the bare bones of our current structure, we have the opportunity to re-examine our inner framework, and either nurture or redesign where needed. In order to expand, we must have a sustainable framework that can withstand the manifestation of our full blown potential. If our framework or foundation are fractured, weak, or out of alignment, we can’t fully manifest all that we came to realize.

When we find our edge of vulnerability, we enter the sacred space of surrender and resurrection. The truth is, we are infinite limitless beings, yet we’ve been operating within systems that don’t reflect that limitlessness. Our systems and structures were created by the beliefs and agendas within our own minds, reflecting what we’ve historically thought was possible, necessary, or irrelevant. In a radical moment of awakening, the old limitations and filters need to expand and recalibrate. A temporary moment of reboot can take us completely offline long enough to resurrect and manifest something new. Innovation requires reinvention, new thoughts, new ways of imagining. We can’t use the old mindset to transcend the current story.

We’re activating and initiating a new way of being….a new way of being human, a new way of living, a new way of cohabitating with the elements and our natural resources, a new way of relating with each other, as friends, neighbors, community, and partners on this planet. We’re manifesting new ways of doing business, new ways of honoring our individual gifts and personal mastery, new ways of being in service, and new ways of inventing solutions that forward us, together, as a whole…sustainably. Nobody wins unless we all win.


This precise moment in time matters, it’s emphatically important for all beings…regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, political view, religious affiliation, or ancestral lineage. We are all in this together, nobody is immune to the shifts taking place, and everyone has equal opportunities for awakening, healing, and evolution. The grand power cross that’s been activated for many weeks recently, and the final month of the nodes in Capricorn/Cancer, provide a significant choice point, or crossroads, that we each must navigate responsibly, and individually. We are responsible for ourselves, our actions, and our results. In this moment, we can transcend the current story and elevate to a new dimension of Love and Unity, pioneering the New Earth…or we can repeat old karmic patterns and remain in the 3D matrix of reality. The Light Bridges give us ample opportunities to elevate through equanimity to see the bigger picture, from the universal lens of Love. We each have the power to choose, and this moment in time is the most significant “vote” we’ll ever cast.

Where we place our attention, what we focus on, matters. The lens through which we’re viewing the world matters. The consciousness we’re embodying matters. The motivating force of energy that drives our choices matters. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to manage, nothing to force…there’s only this moment to awaken and elevate. Our awakening is the healing, the resurrection, and the transcendence. As we wake up, we make new choices, we access new ways of thinking, and our paradigm radically shifts. As we awaken through Love, from the heart, we begin to consciously create a world of Love, with limitless possibilities, on behalf of All…seeing ourselves in everyone and every scenario, and caring about what happens next. As we practice Self Love, we practice Global Unity, which is Divine Love. In that paradigm of Love, all beings are responsible, all beings are leaders, and all beings contribute… by being the gifts we are, naturally and organically. We don’t wait until asked, we see the need and rise up, giving and being who we are, in our greatest mastery.

Our thoughts are our prayers, sacred holy water for the Earth. And our thoughts are the most powerful natural resource available in this universe. We each have the power to elevate our thinking and thereby altar our reality by thinking from the heart, and consciously eliminating the unnecessary distractions that cloud and dilute our highest intentions. Distilling the mind with Love clears the misaligned energy and amplifies the creative power of our refined intentions. We’re not here to fix anything, we’re here to consciously create something new, as a conscious response to the current moment, in a way that changes the conversation to Love. Evolution in the name of Love.

The week begins on Monday 4/6 with a Venus South Node (Earth Star Chakra) great eliminator, Mars Salacia resource, and Chiron Vesta resource. The heart is the embodiment of wisdom that eliminates any distractions from our thinking. Anytime we eliminate fear, doubt, or distractions, we clarify what matters most, we sober up to the importance of what’s at stake. That distillation elevates our ability to be present and grounded, while also expanding our channels of higher vision. The current crisis contains the opening for evolution, and when we become devoted to awakening new creative potential instead of feeling limited or beaten down, we become masters of our reality and conscious creators of an unprecedented future.

On Tuesday 4/7, Mars forms a stepping stone with Uranus, followed by a Mercury Pluto resource, Mars MakeMake manifestation, Quaoar Salacia stepping stone, Mercury Jupiter resource, and the Full Moon in Libra. Mars is currently disposed by Uranus, and this stepping stone is a moment of radical awakening. We can pretend we don’t see the writing on the wall, but eventually the price tag for ignoring the neon signs becomes too high. Now is the time to wake up, rise up, and take new action. We’re not limited or bound by anything, unless we pretend not to see it, and ignore our current scenario. By facing the discomfort or the inconvenience, we actually access the power to transform it….but we give our power away when we ignore the signs and symptoms.

The Full Moon in Libra activates the massive 5D Light Bridge of Awakening and Ascension that was full blown from 2012 – 2019. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of the mirrored self, the highest realization that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME. Our experiences and interpretations are reflections of our inner thoughts and beliefs, and our current lens of vision – the contextual structure we’re living in and viewing the world from. Once we realize this, we activate the power to choose, the power to shift and recalibrate our experience of reality, from within our own disciplined minds. The Aries/Libra axis is the relationship axis, where the formless takes shape in form and structure. This is also the activation of the mind/body relationship, and the power we each hold within our own minds to choose our own thoughts. When we shift or elevate our thoughts, we literally change our experience of reality. We see things differently, evoking different emotions, and motivating different actions that lead to different outcomes. When we calibrate our thoughts to the frequency of Love, we literally alter and redesign the landscape that we’re living in, including our own cellular structure and expression. Our body and our current reality are reflecting the quality of our thoughts, revealing the conversations we’re living in. Moment to moment, we have the power to choose, the power to change our minds about what we’re seeing. When we shift our perspective, we gain power. We don’t need to fight for that power, it’s inherent in every one of us, at the personal level. When I shift my thinking, I can see the manifestation of Love everywhere, because I’m the Source of that Love, everywhere. It may not always look pretty on the surface, especially in the midst of a global healing crisis or unexpected moments of redesign…but from a universal lens, from the Light Bridge of Awakening, I can see evidence of Love in action everywhere. If I buy into the surface value of the dramas occurring, or if I buy into the fear, I can’t see the higher perspective, and my reality reflects the limitations in my scope of vision.

Wednesday 4/8 is a Black Moon Juno bridge, Mars Chiron resource, Mercury Pallas resource, Uranus MakeMake great eliminator, Venus Quaoar great eliminator, and Venus Salacia resource. We’re uncovering and unearthing the connections that unify us All. We’re unified in our humanness, especially when it comes to physical body health and wellness, and the need for self care and immune system support. The body’s immune response is Self Love in Action. When our thoughts are aligned with Love, we nourish and support our immune system. The global pandemic is activating a portal to access the new paradigm from the heart. Self Love, and the limitless possibilities that awaken through Love, can shift the story and change the landscape. When we eliminate the lower vibrational distractions, we amplify our infinite power through the frequency of Love. Love is the frequency that heals, transmutes, unifies, and liberates.

On Thursday 4/9, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Haumea, followed by Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Sedna resource, then Venus enters her retrograde shadow phase at 5 Gemini, and Venus manifests with MakeMake. Accessing the big picture, operating from wholeness and equanimity, is the key to our evolution. We must be willing to stretch our minds out of the personal local story, in order to elevate to a much higher universal perspective. Equanimity is neutrality through Unconditional Love, staying open to seeing the highest truth, whether it’s pretty or not, comfortable or not, beyond any attachment or aversion. That kind of neutrality requires an elevated mind/heart union, diamond consciousness. Venus enters her shadow phase, preparing to go retrograde, infusing and integrating diamond consciousness through the lens of the awakened heart. This awakend heart-vision is the lens of Universal Oneness and Love, 20/20 vision for the Aquarian Age.

Friday 4/10 starts with a Black Moon Vesta resource, then a Black Moon Mars resource, Pallas Haumea stepping stone, Mercury Chariklo resource, Mars Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Black Moon Venus resource, Venus Chiron resource, and Mercury enters Aries. The Black Moon reveals our fire of devotion, the sacred alchemy within our heart that generates higher wisdom from wholeness. When we digest the wholeness of our experiences, we distill the available wisdom into the purest gold nuggets. Integrating that gold through our mental body/operating system, we then manifest that higher wisdom into new action. Metabolizing our events through the highest Universal Lens of Love, we awaken personal mastery, from the heart. Mercury enters Aries, bringing our attention to the conscious discipline of choosing loving thoughts, thinking with the heart and loving with the mind.

On Saturday 4/11, the Black Moon forms a Light Bridge with MakeMake, then Mercury forms a stepping stone with Ixion, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone and a Mercury Saturn resource. Today’s Light Bridge uncovers anything at all that’s been blocking or limiting our perspective of higher divine law and order. We have an opportunity to uncover universal truth from the highest observer’s perch, and from there we can also access our divine blueprint and the limitlessness of true nature. Nothing is out of reach, and we’re free to reinvent or redefine ourselves, based on this radical unveiling and inner awakening.

And on Sunday 4/12, Mercury intersects the Moon’s Nodes, followed by a Mercury Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Mercury conjunction, Pallas Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, then the Black Moon intersects the Moon’s Nodes, followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource. That stillpoint of intersection between the karmic node and the dharmic node has the power to awaken, initiate, and activate new thoughts, sparking an incredible resurrection like never before. We are not bound by the patterns and attachments of karmic residue that have been held in the earth and in our bodies for lifetimes. We have the power to choose. And when we choose our evolution, we honor our past while nurturing and unveiling the seed of divine potential – the spiritual blueprint that lives within each and every one of us. We unify past and future in the now, awakening the divinity held within all physical matter, sparking an unprecedented reconfiguration and holy transmutation.

The practice this week is the candle gaze meditation. Find a tea light candle, sit with that candle for 10 minutes each day, and imagine that candle is the flame within your own heart. Practice disciplining your mind to hold undivided attention on the light within your heart. Anytime you get distracted or lose your attention, come back and start again. Every moment, start again, and unify your mind and heart with Love. That flame reveals the truth of your heart, and unlocks the blueprint, the magic, and the mastery of your soul. Unification of mind and heart through conscious discipline activates the ascension point of Universal Love. There’s no greater time than Now.

“Every act I live while I am fully awake can not help but be both prayer and lovemaking.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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