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For the week of March 30 – April 5, 2020

The week ahead delivers a deep dive into the rich fertile soil of transformation, providing the highest quality nourishment required for redesign. As we breakthrough into uncharted territory and new beginnings, moment to moment, it’s important to find our breath and find our seat within the awakened heart…and listen. In that silent stillpoint, our system can completely reboot, which means old thought forms and attachments can die and slough off, as new ways of thinking arise from the heart and take root within our inner operating system. New thoughts generate new reality, and the current stillpoint is the portal for that life altering transformation to occur.

Stillness holds the sacred space for infinite possibilities to emerge. Stillness activates neutrality…it clears the air, lets go of the need to push or force or make something happen. In our seat of neutrality, we find equanimity. Equality. Equality of mind and heart. Equality of yin and yang. Equality of action and rest. Wherever we’ve been in excess, however we’ve been out of balance, the pause of stillness brings the excess back into alignment. If we can be patient enough to allow the reset, we ultimately experience the greatest reboot ever known.

The planet is rebooting, recalibrating, returning to the sacred stillpoint for a new cycle. As we honor the process and honor our true nature, we can fine tune our own 4 body system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – for the mother of all reboots that awakens, elevates, and alters our reality moving forward. It’s not about going back to the way things were…it’s about allowing this profound moment of transformation to facilitate an alchemical transmutation as we ascend to a new way of living, new way of being in our skin, in relationship with each other, and with nature.

There’s nothing to force, nothing to push, nothing to make happen. What matters is how well we let go, how well we calibrate our own selves to the frequency of Love, and how willing we are to live that consciousness, unconditionally, in whatever moment we find ourselves in. We are becoming the unconditional response and the holistic embodiment of Universal Love, through the Awakened Heart. The past stories, attachments, irritations, hurts, and wounds can hold us hostage to patterns of anger and sadness that fuel and perpetuate inflammatory reactions, covering up this current moment like a blanket that makes it hard to see anything new. The truth is, moment to moment we can choose to start again, on a blank slate, completely free from the past, and completely present to all the magic, beauty, and possibility that is available…right here, right now. When we do, everyone wins.


Freeing ourselves up from the chronic wounds requires a conscious surrender to let go of old stories and the identity we’ve embodied within those stories. The moment we let go, the old character sketches and karmic scripts unravel, literally like threads of fabric loosening up their form and structure, dissolving into thin air, and evaporating into nothing. We have the power to choose to let go, to forgive, to surrender. In fact that’s the only way to truly liberate ourselves and fully wipe the slate clean.

If we want a new outcome, a brighter future, a more profound story of our life’s contribution, purpose, and legacy…we must be willing to release our grip on the past, like witnessing an ocean wave returning back out to sea. If we hold onto grudges – or even the outdated interpretations and beliefs of what happened in the past – we glue ourselves (and our cells) to that story, and confine ourselves to that visceral experience. Our true nature is infinite, free, and expansive. Our true nature is permeable by Light, not congested by debris. Our true nature is Love.

Mercury just recovered his retrograde shadow on Sunday evening, giving us full access to the infinite realm of Unconditional Love to examine and witness our current expression, current beliefs, and current operating system. With new awareness, we have the power to illuminate full blown clarity and wisdom, and the power to infuse Love through all that we see, which in turn infuses Love into all that we think and speak. When our response to anything is Love, we calibrate an experience of Love that initiates alchemical transmutation of the highest order. This is an activation of our Christ Nature, and our capacity to channel divine unfoldings and miracles that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

Like a seed activating, awakening, and sprouting, we can begin to shed the shell of our old identity and rise up as our Awakened Self, which is Unconditional Love and Spiritual Wisdom, expressed through our own individual instrument or blueprint. The moment of awakening is a moment of truth.. With eyes to see and a heart to lead, how will we be inspired to take action? Ixion turns retrograde first thing this week, and our spiritual blueprint is tuning inward for that moment of awakening. That seed can only be realized from the lens of Love. Quaoar also stations retrograde this week, elevating us to the new paradigm of infinite possibilities through our 5D lens of wholeness and Love. This is the moment we came for…the great unveiling of our own inner truth, Light, and purpose. As we shed the limitations of the past, we liberate ourselves to fully live and breathe as Awakened Love.

The week begins on Monday 3/30 as Ixion stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Eris conjunction, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, then Mars enters Aquarius, followed by a Juno Great Attractor resource, Sun Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Juno great eliminator, and Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone. Ixion is the blueprint of our soul’s promise and spiritual DNA. It’s our original contract for being here in physical form that supercedes anything else. We can use our free will to override, ignore, or rebel against that contract, but as we awaken, we find right alignment through every cell of our being. We literally become the embodied expression of our spiritual DNA, calibrated through our individual physical cells. This is the greatest cellular transformation that eliminates any misaligned threads from our operating system, aligning us with the universal story that is unfolding here in this moment in time. It’s not by accident, we are here by divine design. We each belong to each other, and it matters that we awaken to our higher purpose. Together, we activate the cosmic matrix of oneness, the sacred geometry of Love.

On Tuesday 3/31, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus Haumea great eliminator, Venus Sedna new cycle, Mars Saturn new cycle, and Pluto Pallas new cycle. Every step and every breath uncovers the fertile soil of change, transformation, and redesign. In order for new chapters to open, we must shed and recycle our attachments to the old expressions. In the bigger picture, we can see Love in action, shapeshifting all of the pieces and parts of our overall structure and configuration. Today is a day of new beginnings, the calibration of new cycles. Venus and Sedna share the crystalline records of the bigger cosmic story of Love, beyond what we can understand from our personal local story. When we ascend to that higher perspective, from the heart, our awakening sparks a reinvention of our personal cellular matrix. Our cells are free to let go of the old programming and patterning, the status quo interrupts, and the new thought forms come online like a flash of lighting. We are not bound by anything in the physical dimension, we’re not victim to the labels and meanings we’ve historically subscribed to. In a moment of radical awakening, everything is free to change, transform, and resurrect. Wisdom is the key to any resurrection…there can’t be ascension without wisdom in tact.

Wednesday 4/1 begins a “4” vibration month as the Black Moon turns retrograde, revisiting the earlier aspects of this week, followed by a Haumea Galactic Center resource, Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, and Black Moon Pluto stepping stone. The “4” vibration of April calibrates our new foundation of support, sustainability, and wholeness that elevates us to a higher perspective with wisdom. The Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge is an unprecedented opportunity to see the bigger picture and universal story at play in each of our unresolved wounds. We came here to awaken our personal mastery, to self realize the brilliant Light that we are. It’s in every one of us, not just in a select few. We each contain the God Spark of infinite Light, and we each hold a specific blueprint of mastery to express and embody that Light. Every struggle, challenge, or crisis along the way has served as an entry point, a key hole of initiation, to unleash our inner capacity to heal, whole, and master ourselves in any circumstance, big or small. As we elevate to the Light Bridge perspective, we can see the divinity in our personal initiations, and we can collect the universal wisdom we’ve gained, and offer it up to All, recycling our wounds into gold, vital life force nourishment that benefits the whole. Our experiences teach us, our experiences refine us, and our experiences awaken the mastery that lives within every one of us.

On Thursday 4/2, the Black Moon revisits her stepping stone with Jupiter, followed by a Venus Chariklo manifestation, Mars Varuna Light Bridge, Sun Juno bridge, Black Moon Eris conjunction, and Vesta Quaoar great eliminator. As the Black Moon retrogrades, retracing her footsteps, we get the opportunity to integrate every unveiling much more deeply than just surface value. The heart grounds into the master degree of Taurus, the deep sacred presence of the Love, which serves us all as a stabilizing force of energy, calibrating our roots for sustainability. Today’s Mars Varuna Light Bridge allows us to see into all things physical, into the empty space that contains infinite magic and possibility. Oftentimes we only see things at face value, thinking our physical dimension is solid. However the physical dimension is 99% empty space, and when we can see into that empty space, we can see the presence of spirit, alive and active, in all particles of physicality. Everything is everything, and every cell, blade of grass, flower petal, or high rise building contains the infinite universe within it. Which means everything physical has the inherent capacity to transform, recycle, and shapeshift. Our belief that things are stuck, fixed, or solid is what makes it so. Shift the belief, and discover the magic.

Friday 4/3 sparks a Sun Great Attractor manifestation, a Mars North Node great eliminator, then Venus enters Gemini, followed by a Venus Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Neptune new cycle, and Quaoar stations retrograde. The Aries Sun brings the fire of new creation into a manifestation with the Great Attractor. The Law of Attraction states that our current frequency manifests or attracts our results. If we’re in a state of Unconditional Love, limitless potential, and unyielding faith, we will call forth a reality that matches that resonance. If we’re currently triggered by fear, doubt, anger, or scarcity, we will attract a reality that matches that frequency. It’s not personal, it’s a universal law of frequency and energy. As we eliminate the fears, doubts, and limitations that we’ve previously subscribed to, we unzip new pockets of potential that can appear in our landscape and reality. Those possibilities have always existed in unmanifested form, in the invisible realm…however it’s our frequency that fine tunes and calls it into form and shape. Love calibrates the lens of enlightenment to see what’s right in front of us, and Love calibrates the courage within us to trust, have faith, and call forth that higher vision into physical form. As we eliminate our doubts and fears, our hearts broadcast the frequency of our highest truth, amplifying our clearest frequency for the universe to respond. This is the new way of communicating, crystal clear resonance from the heart, reciprocating back through mirrored results. A cosmic dance of Love.

On Saturday 4/4, Venus manifests with Saturn and Jupiter forms a conjunction with Pluto. With the clarity of the awakened heart, we manifest new structures, agreements, contracts, and definitions. The clearer the heart, the clearer those new structures will be. If we’re not honoring or tuning into the voice and authority of the heart, we will be misguided in those new structures. Our greatest expansion requires a letting go of the past, and allowing the new voice of the awakened heart to resurrect and breathe new life as new creation. Regardless of how long we’ve identified in the old ways of being, or even old labels and definitions in relationships, this moment is brand new, and new life is birthed from this moment, not from the past.

And Sunday 4/5 is a Vesta MakeMake manifestation and Venus Varuna resource. As we commit and devote ourselves to the higher laws of spirit, oneness, and universal Love, we activate the lens of the heart, which sees everything clearly, and navigates through the lens of wisdom. When the heart is awake, the mind is still, we activate a multidimensional portal of crystal clear vision. We can not only communicate in all dimensions simultaneously, we can also travel multidimensionally through the stillpoint of the heart. The heart becomes our portal for cosmic communication, travel, and connection. The heart is a unifying portal of Oneness…beyond time and space.

The practice this week is the Ho’ Oponopono healing prayer of forgiveness through Love. Take 10 minutes each day to connect with your current reality, and any scenario that causes conflict, confusion, hurt, or anger. In meditation, visualize the entirety of the situation – all people, roles, and perspectives – and from a seat of compassion and equanimity, elevate to see the wholeness of the situation. Practice the prayer “I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.” As you release and let go of any attachment to the story, the character descriptions, roles, or any expectations, forgive the scenario, forgive yourself, and forgive every party involved. Watch the threads of the story dissolve as you surrender your attachment to the original beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that generated or participated in the scenario. As the energy releases, feel the liberation of all involved. Integrate the wisdom as you release the need to hold onto the wound.


“To bow to the fact of our life’s sorrows and betrayals is to accept them; and from this deep gesture we discover that all life is workable. As we learn to bow, we discover that the heart holds more freedom and compassion than we could imagine.”
― Jack Kornfield


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  1. Dear Christine,
    Be assured that your words are healing persons and families. I have marveled at my own joy and laughter breaking through, even in this time of Corvid 19. My estranged sister now has received your weekly navigation, at her request! because my ‘transformation’ was so amazing, startling even, for her. I explained that I’ve been working with your posts to elevate and transform to 5D. I read her one paragraph, and she asked me to send the link.
    I am constantly in gratitude for your presence and work in the world. Your words enlighten and compel me to a higher frequency and dimension of life. Today, in his briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NY, ended his press conference by saying that this is a time for love, that we need love in this time. He is modeling, learning day by day as he acknowledges. My appreciation of actions such as his,
    is enhanced because of you. I also heard Deepak Chopra speak some things that made me think of your posts.
    Thank you, Christine!

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