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For the week of March 23 – 29, 2020

We’re heading into another intense week of revelations, breakthroughs, and awakenings that will forever alter the course of our lives. If we’re willing to surrender any fears of the unknown, we can settle into the clarity within that’s coming online, loud and clear – from the heart.

The revelations are internal…although prompted by our experience of what’s occurring “out there”. When something gets our attention, or when massive change finally affects us on a personal level, we start to listen differently. That moment of acute attention is the prime time to tune inward, to the heart, and listen. Listen as if your life was at stake, listen as if it matters, and pay attention like never before.

The heart has been speaking in whispers for a very long time. Every time we ignore that innermost whisper, or invalidate the message, we suppress our power. The heart is the seat of power, and the heart is the holder of universal truth and our spiritual blueprint. We’ve been conditioned to believe otherwise, we’ve even become masters at overriding and bypassing the messages of the heart, doubting and fighting against our deepest awareness of truth.

From now until May 5th, we’re in the final hours of a 19.5 year karmic cycle, and we have an opportunity to reconcile and resolve our inner relationship with power, and the ways we’ve misused, abused, suppressed, or given away that power. Power is rooted in the heart, and if that voice isn’t honored, that root system will eventually collapse, break down, and fall apart. Just like any relationship, what we ignore eventually falls away or leaves. Whispers are important, yet often times we pay more attention to the loud distractions and dramas of life, tending to superficial chaos before tuning inward where it matters most.

It’s time to reclaim our power by reclaiming the voice within our heart. That’s the voice of our inner authority, our inner guidance, and our deepest truth. Nobody has our answers, nobody has ever been exactly in our shoes, exactly in our lens of reality. Restoring the primary intimate relationship with our own heart is not only necessary, it’s imperative. Regaining trust, intimacy, unity, and wholeness. That’s an inside job.

Capricorn karma is restored and reconciled through the polar opposite sign, Cancer – the aspect of our consciousness where we learn to mother ourselves well, and take good care of our hearts, the same way we take care of our body, our home, our inner circle, our environment, and our planet. When we don’t, we fall ill, things fall apart, and our reality starts to fracture. We can’t take care of ourselves if we’re continually judging, criticizing, beating ourselves up, shaming, or bullying ourselves to push harder, do more, make more, and succeed. Our relationship with power needs attention. How we use our free will, our divine power, in harmony with divine will. How we align ourselves, our thoughts, actions, attitudes, and beliefs, in order to participate in our day to day reality in harmony with others in the world around us.

Our willingness to accept ourselves and each other, as we are, unconditionally…in order to experience Love…is what allows us to truly harness the transformative power of Love firsthand. If we can’t accept ourselves as we currently are, exactly as we are, then there’s a part of us that feels we can’t show up unless we change. Coming home – and taking a silent seat in front of the mirror within our own heart space – is the only place we can change anything.

We must return to our seats now, our own individual seat, and tune inward and commune with the divine guidance and intelligence of our hearts. Nobody on this planet has the script of how this all plays out, because it hasn’t been written, it’s never occurred before, and it’s not set in stone. There are possibilities and probabilities, but nobody has ever seen what happens when humanity awakens and reclaims the power of the heart, the power of Love. That moment can altar the universe, and its up to us to choose.

We are united by our shared humanness, beyond race, orientation, age, gender – and we are also united in the infinite limitless nature of our soul and the ultimate freedom and the power to choose our own thoughts. The power of a thought. The power of a spoken word. One new thought can change the universe. One new thought can change our life forever. We can think from fear, which includes the need to control, figure things out, find the answer, or judge/blame what’s wrong “out there”…or we can think from our hearts, which births new possibility, sparks of innovative change, new creation, rebirth, and resurrection.

This week contains an extremely powerful Aries New Moon, conjunct Chiron, in a profound Grand Power Cross, including a Light Bridge, and a significant choice point. That Light Bridge gives us the opportunity for an elevated perspective to make that choice. The only choice is Love. That choice point is a defining moment that has the power to altar everything, in a heartbeat. That choice point is a moment of awakening, the moment we came here to experience, so that we could fully step into our potential, our promise, and our hearts.

We have the power to change the story on this planet this week. It’s not up to our government, political leaders, financial institutions, doctors, or preachers. It’s up to each of us. All of us. It’s why we’re here, in this moment in time. This is an initiation, a rite of passage, of epic proportions. And when we wake up and realize that we’ve had the power all along, that we’ve been the ones we were waiting for all this time, we will never give that power away, ever again. We will never forget who we are, and the divine power that we all have access to. When we make up our minds to show up, to be Love, to live fearlessly from the heart, and to Lead as Love, our paradigm shifts, and the game changes. It’s up to us. And the time is Now. Everything we’ve ever wanted is in the palm of our hands, and we’re the ones with the power to choose, on behalf of All, in the name of Love.

The week begins on Monday 3/23, fresh off the heels of a Mars Pluto new cycle overnight, then a Black Moon intersection with the Nodes, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, then the Sun intersects the Nodes, the Moon enters Aries, the Black Moon conjuncts Chiron, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Ceres. The aspects of tomorrow’s Aries New Moon are already clicking into place, and the stage is set. All the major players are highly charged, activated, and ready for this massive initiation….like preparing for a live show that hasn’t been scripted or defined yet and could play out in a thousand different ways, it’s completely up to the participants and the observers. What’s important to focus on is the stepping stone of Venus and Ceres, and the opportunity to elevate through the heart for the ultimate deliverance of this awakening process. Like wrestling through a bad dream, the moment we wake up, we reorient ourselves, and the story changes. The awakening comes through the heart, always.

Tuesday 3/24 is the exact Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, followed by the New Moon at 5 Aries, conjunct Chiron, the Black Moon, and Salacia, all in a bridge with MakeMake, a stepping stone with Quaoar, and activating a massive Grand Power Cross with the Karmic Node (Earth Star Chakra) and Dharmic Node (Soul Star Chakra). That’s a cardinal cross that represents the power of the individual to awaken and rise up from the karmic story, transcending and transmuting on behalf of All.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Conscious Discipline, the power of the mind to think with the heart, to choose loving thoughts, and to remember the thread of universal oneness that we all come from, and the free will we all have to choose our thoughts, which makes us all powerful creators of our own reality. As creators, we have a choice. Why would we choose to suffer, why would we choose separation, why would we choose anything other than Love? Aries activates the mind/body connection and the relationship axis. Aries is also a fire sign that represents the spark of creation, and that’s exactly what our thoughts are…sparks of new creation, generators of life. The moment we think a thought, we’re sparking new creation. Unfortunately, most of humanity is unaware and unconscious with their thoughts, like shooting off loaded weapons of mass destruction with every reactionary impulse that triggers heated tempers, emotions, and warlike behaviour. We literally have the power to kill ourselves and others with our words, thoughts, and impulsive triggered reactions. The beauty of polarity and wholeness is that we also have equal power to heal, regenerate, rebuild, and resurrect ourselves and others with our words, thoughts, and responsible committed action. The choice really is ours. How powerful do we believe we are? How powerful do we believe our thoughts are? Have we tested it to see? What if we did this week….what if we all committed to activating, initiating, and implementing the creative power of our own minds to generate a new possibility, with Love? What if we stretched out our belief system that says “I can’t make a difference, my innermost private thoughts don’t matter, or I don’t have anything significant to offer the planet in a time like this”… and what if we became empowered to consciously choose our thoughts, to use them like the powerful tools of new creation that they are….collaborating in harmony with each other as we witness divine power and authority in action.

Shift your mind, shift your reality. Shift gears, change the channel, and elevate the conversation to a higher frequency. Interrupt the old thoughts, the old consciousness, and look for a new way, a new possibility, new inspiration. Be the spark of something that didn’t previously exist.

We are limitless beings, and our thoughts carry vibration, resonance, and life force energy. Where we invest that energy matters, and our greatest leakage of energy, our greatest loss of power is in our unconscious un-awakened thoughts. When our attitude is negative or toxic, we pollute our innermost environment, we trash our planet and do damage to the pristine places in nature that reflect the sacred beauty of our hearts. Taking care of our planet means taking care of the thoughts we think, and upgrading to a new version, a new way of thinking, as a contribution to All. We’ve not yet discovered the full potential within ourselves, and this Aries New Moon is a unique moment in time to unleash and unveil our personal mastery like never before. It’s time. There’s no more time to think about it.

On Wednesday 3/25, the Sun forms an exact conjunction with Chiron for a new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Sedna Galactic Center great eliminator, exact Sun MakeMake Light Bridge, and Mercury Albion resource. Chiron reflects the parts of us that have been wounded, hurt, betrayed, or broken…by ourselves or others, and the personal mastery that has been refined by every challenge, conflict, or struggle. Our most vulnerable moments of suffering hold the potential for our greatest moments of mastery. It’s up to us to realize the wholeness of each experience, and choose to step fully into our power, instead of collapsing back into the old wounds. The wound is the medicine, it contains the opportunity for healing, if we can elevate ourselves enough to see.

Thursday 3/26 is a HUGE Jupiter Eris stepping stone, followed by a Vesta Varuna resource, Mars Sedna manifestation, and Mars Haumea stepping stone. Jupiter and Eris represent the massive expansion in consciousness that is occurring right now, out of the moments of discomfort, inconvenience, and unsettledness. We wake up when something hurts, we pay attention when the alarm goes off…and if we don’t wake up, our symptoms get louder and louder until we do. There’s a new fire of devotion for higher vision, for awakened clarity. Our physical experience is the gateway, the facilitator, and the catalyst that calls us to our recognize our wholeness as we shed the skin of our limiting perspectives and beliefs.

On Friday 3/27, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Juno, followed by Pallas Eris stepping stone, Venus Pallas manifestation, and Venus Jupiter manifestation. Unity consciousness allows us to awaken to universal wisdom by awakening through the events we witness around us. If we move through the world unmoved, unaffected by the human story that’s occurring around us, our hearts remain closed, controlled, disconnected..and our consciousness doesn’t grow. We expand as we experience stories beyond our own, and as we see ourselves in those stories, we can wake up without having to go through the suffering first hand. Compassion is the opening for universal wisdom to expand.

Saturday 3/28 is a Mercury Orcus Light Bridge, then a Jupiter Pallas new cycle, Venus Pluto manifestation, and Mars Chariklo new cycle. This is a stabilizing day, a turning of the tides as a result of alchemy within our own hearts. We have the capacity to communicate beyond the veil of this physical dimension, receiving wisdom beyond what’s available on the earthly plane, and that wisdom fuels our hearts greatest transformation. Reactions stabilize, fear subsides, inflammation clears, and we can see where we’re standing. When things get inflamed or triggered, we can’t see clearly. The moment the inflammation clears, the body relaxes, the nervous system grounds, and we can move forward with new consciousness.

And on Sunday 3/29 Haumea forms a great eliminator with Sedna, then a Black Moon Ceres resource, and finally Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow at 13 Pisces. It’s quite fascinating that Mercury is just now recovering his retrograde shadow, it’s been quite a journey. When our operating system undergoes such a profound upgrade of limitless possibilities, it takes a while to completely reboot and reorient. Our system is prone to viruses, hacks, and interferences. From this moment forward, there’s clarity to what we couldn’t see or wrap our heads around before. This newfound clarity will deliver new revelations, new discoveries, and ultimately will connect the dots of the wholeness of all we’ve just been through. Nothing is by accident, nothing is meant to punish. Challenging experiences always deliver opportunities to awaken, to breakthrough, and to re-invent. In hindsight, we can see the big picture, and the divine blueprint behind everything.

The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  Find a full length mirror, and sit in silence with yourself for at least 10 minutes.  Soften your gaze, open to embrace yourself with unconditional Love, and receive the messages of wisdom from your own heart as you sit with your reflection.   Let go of any judgment, criticism, or assumptions…and just be with you the way you would sit with a cherished loved one.  Compassion opens the space for wisdom.  Let your heart open wide as you awaken to the beauty that you are and the infinite power you hold.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
― Viktor E. Frankl


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