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For the week of March 16 – 22, 2020

Get ready for another epic week of life altering change. By unplugging from our normal patterns of everyday life, we each have the opportunity to access new thoughts and new ways of being.  A whole new world is accessible when we interrupt our status quo and challenge ourselves to choose in the present moment. Mercury is still recovering his retrograde shadow, and the unveiling of our new inner landscape is almost complete. We don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s rich fertile soil for new creation.  It’s important to keep the mind at home within the heart, where the magic of the universe is always present.

The Buddhists have a powerful practice of meditating on Death and Dying. By facing fears of death and dying each day, and confronting the physical limitations of humanness, we’re liberated to be fully alive in the present moment, living in the gift of each current expression, welcoming each new blessing as it unfolds, in conscious partnership with the Divine. We can’t be fully present, or even welcome or recognize the spontaneous miracles, when we’re resisting our greatest fears and pushing against what we can’t control. Surrendering with faith delivers us to divine communion with all that is occurring in every breath, so that we can collaborate with he universal movement instead of fighting against the current.

When we realize that everything outside of us is our reflection – the wholeness of all of our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs – we can be liberated by knowing that nothing can hurt us, nothing can happen to us, because everything is us. When we fear the unknown, fear the worst, we separate from ourselves, and fragment our mental body into a resistant edge of projection, ultimately fighting against our own worst fear. What we resist persists. And what we Love, we open to, we embrace. Love is the frequency that calibrates everything to a higher vibration, an elevated perspective, and a higher state of consciousness.

When we come from the awakened consciousness of Love, and when we open unconditionally to whatever unfolds, whatever emerges…we become agents of alchemy, master healers, and awakened shapeshifters. Fearless warriors of new possibilities, pioneers of a New Earth.  Not by force, but by working with, manifesting in harmony. The mystical qualities of our Christ Consciousness are alive and abundant in the Pisces ocean of Unconditional Love, the Piscean realm of our Christ Nature. Mercury re-enters that Pisces Ocean of Unconditional Love this week, and for those who are willing to operate from faith and trust, this can be a magical unfolding of higher attunement and initation.

Now is the time to elevate through Love and witness the miracles of higher consciousness. Not by ignoring what’s occurring, but by embracing, by opening, unconditionally. When fear arises (and it will in times of uncertainty and rapid change), meet it with Love, and watch it transform. Learning to mother ourselves and others in moments of fear, the same way we would assure a child that all is well in a bad storm or a scary movie. The part of our being that gets triggered by fear is a childlike part of our consciousness, needing attention and reassurance…not judgment, guilt, or shame. How well we honor the innocence of the child in moments of fear is a reflection of our capacity to love ourselves and each other, unconditionally.

The Sun moves into Aries this week, which reminds us that our current thoughts are creating our future reality…that includes all conscious AND unconscious thoughts. Aries is the spark of creation, and the realization that new thoughts spark a new reality. If we don’t like what we’re seeing “out there”, it’s important to bring our conscious attention “in here” and let the heart do the thinking. The consciousness of the heart is always in alignment with universal truth and Love for All. If we give our power to the fear, and let the ego mind speak from a triggered state of reaction, PTSD, or ego defensiveness, we’re giving our divine creative power over to an incompetent voice that doesn’t necessarily have our best interest at heart, or the awareness to discern. Practicing compassion and forgiveness for the aspects of ourselves that get triggered, we can soften as we open and expand, unconditionally. Every triggered experience is an opportunity to awaken, soften, and open through Love.

The way to access 20/20 vision from the universal lens of Love is to unify mind/heart through the seat of equanimity. Equanimity purifies and distills the inflammatory residue, and allows for clear moment to moment navigation of the unexpected transitions. When we’re at peace within, we can ride the waves of uncertainty and maintain crystal clear vision, even in moments of chaos. The truth is, we don’t know what’s coming, we never do. Even the most distinguished psychics, visionaries, and spiritual leaders can only give context to navigate the passage ahead. The content is changing rapidly, moment to moment. However, the universal theme that we’re traveling is the moment of awakening of humanity…the greatest paradigm shift and moment of transformation, transmutation, evolution, and alchemy. We’ve never traveled through this moment in time, it’s brand new. And yet, we can trust that this moment will deliver us to life altering quantum leaps in consciousness.

The frequency of Love is the attunement to access higher dimensions. Einstein measured the frequency of Love to be the most powerful force of energy in our universe. When we understand what love is – as a frequency, as a state of consciousness, a state of being – we can consciously choose to establish our personal default settings to Love.  In Christ Consciousness, Love is the default setting. There is no separation, no exception or condition, simply Love. Unconditional Love. Our inner work is to forgive any part of us (and each other) that isn’t currently operating from Love. We do this by gently shifting our thoughts, altering our mind, and recalibrating our perspective to Universal Love.

When we come from Love, we embody Love, and our cellular frequency is measured at the vibrational resonance of Love. Love is the attunement to our immune system. Unconditional Love, as Divine Self Love, is an immune response that is unwavering. It’s a choice, moment to moment. Nothing in our universe is static or stuck. As we practice mindful presence, surrendering our minds to the altar of Love, we elevate our presence and rise up to higher dimensions. From the higher perspective of Love, from our seat upon the altar of Love, we can see the wholeness of everything, with the wisdom of the universe. We become master creators when we elevate ourselves to the altar of Love, purifying our minds and hearts, restoring peace.

The week begins on Monday 3/16 as Mercury enters Pisces, followed by a Vesta Chariklo manifestation, then the Black Moon turns direct, followed by a Ceres Juno manifestation and a Sun Sedna resource. The Pisces ocean contains everything, so it’s important to consciously attune ourselves to the frequency of Love. With the consciousness of Love, anything is possible, always. When we slip into fear, or buy into a voice of limitation or doubt, we instantly manfiest evidence of those thoughts, because everything is available, always. Chariklo has a stabilizing presence that assures us that we can trust, even in times of change. We’re stabilized by the deliverance of unity, seeing examples of those around us being delivered to their greatest moments of awakening, and seeing a bigger story unfolding. There’s more occurring than meets the eye, and when we’re at peace within ourselves, we can see the higher perspective unveiled.

On Tuesday 3/17, the Sun forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, followed by a Sun Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, and Mars Pallas new cycle. Remember, the Pisces Sun shines light on our capacity to trust and have faith, even when we can’t see clearly. Every moment contains nuggets of wisdom, and as we trust in the divine unfolding of each moment, even when challenging, we can allow ourselves to be delivered to a new beginning through universal wisdom. The body is the ultimate record keeper, and as our limiting beliefs are challenged, we do damage to the physical expression of those beliefs. In other words, we can transcend chronic patterns and resolve old debris that’s been etched in the fabric of our muscle memory and 3D skin. Our cellular structure and DNA can literally transmute by the willingness to surrender to each moment as we download higher wisdom into our cellular matrix. The computer code is Love, and the operating system is Faith. Our bodies recalibrate to reflect that upgrade.

Wednesday 3/18 is quite interesting, starting with an occultation of Mars by the moon, a Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, Sun Chariklo resource, an occultation of Pluto by the moon, and a Black Moon Neptune conjunction. These occultations of Mars and Pluto are similar to a death and resurrection, at the physical level of consciousness. When we confront our fears of dying, we can experience the doorway of death, which is an opportunity to unplug and reboot, clearing out the karmic debris from the atmosphere. People who have experienced “near death” scenarios aren’t afraid of that portal, they actually learn to lean into the veil, remembering unity and divine wholeness. It’s only the fear of the unknown that keeps us fighting, holding on, and resisting. Imagine these eclipses bringing us into a temporary moment of unplug, to reboot our consciousness around physicality and immortality, and the alchemy that occurs beyond the veil. We don’t need to physically “die” in order to remember our enlightened state of wholeness and oneness. Imagine the volume of fear-based trauma that would instantly clear from our collective environment if everyone could experience that instant jolt of reassurance by seeing into the other side of the veil, and realizing that everything is really ok. We still need to experience the contractions before any great expansion, that’s part of the process…but the trauma isn’t necessary.

On Thursday 3/19, Mercury and Varuna form a great eliminator, followed by a Sun Vesta resource, then a Uranus South Node manifestation, Uranus North Node resource, Black Moon Pallas resource, Sun Saturn resource, and the Sun enters Aries. When we can see through the universal lens of Love, the cosmic eye of Oneness, we can see the bigger picture and let go of any fear based thoughts. We’re awakening by observing our karmic patterns in active manifestation state, and awakening the supportive response that diffuses the trauma while integrating the wisdom. As the Sun enters Aries, we activate the fire element of creation. It’s important to be conscious of our thoughts, now more than ever. Our thoughts are our most valuable resources, the seeds of new growth, the intentions that spark movement. When our thoughts come from the heart, we manifest our highest vision, for the good of all. When our thoughts are reactionary from fear, judgment, or limitation, we’re compounding that experience and manifesting the full blown expansion of that energy. Our thoughts are mirrored in our experience of physical reality, that’s the nature of the relationship axis. If we want to know what we’ve been thinking, in the quiet unspoken parts of our minds, look around and take inventory. Distill the overall experience of reality into universal themes, and then check in to see where our thoughts have been running on a similar frequency, or a similar thread of consciousness. The shift is always within, from the power of our own minds. We can change the world within our own thoughts, our own minds…when we make the conscious commitment to think with the heart, unconditionally. We have far more power than we realize, at the most personal level of our inner free will. We all have infinite capacity to choose our thoughts, to elevate and rise up with the frequency of Love. No matter what the rules, regulations, or government policies are in our current scenario, every human being has the choice of what thoughts to think. We are choosing what comes next. We are the ones who hold the power on the planet. Each of us is responsible for distilling and purifying any residue of fear, doubt, or limitation, and elevating to the operating system of Love.

Friday 3/20 delivers a Black Moon Mars resource, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Sun Ixion stepping stone, Mars Jupiter new cycle, Venus Juno great eliminator, Saturn Vesta manifestation, and Black Moon Pluto resource. Remember, the body is the record keeper, and Jupiter is the expansion of social consciousness. Let the body show us where we hold doubt and fear so we can bring our own loving attention to those patterns and recalibrate for our greatest expansion. We don’t know our own blindspots or unconscious patterns until they’re activated, and once we’re triggerd, our primary focus is to bring love to the situation, to ourselves, so that we can transmute that pattern of limitation and expand to new possibilities. Love is the response, always. Love is the agent of transformation and alchemy. Today is also the Spring Equinox, the day of equality of Light and Dark, and the reminder that we always have a choice…fear or love. We are the creators of our inner reality, our innermost thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, which are mirrored in the outer expression and realization of our waking moments.

On Saturday 3/21, Vesta enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Sedna resource, Mars Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Vesta Ixion great eliminator, Mercury South Node resource, Mercury North Node manifestation, then Saturn enters Aquarius and the Sun manifests with Varuna. The fire of devotion (Vesta) enters the sign of mental body wisdom, the diamond consciousness of mind/heart union. When we think from the heart and love with the mind, we activate multifaceted brilliance and multidimensional awareness. That kind of awareness – diamond consciousness – awakens our 5D blueprint and the crystalline expression of our cellular embodiment. The new structure comes online as Saturn enters Aquarius, and this is a moment of massive awakening and radical redefinition, for those who have eyes to see. Remember, we all have the capacity…however higher vision requires conscious discipline to live from the mind/heart ascension point.

And Sunday 3/22 the Black Moon enters Aries, followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Uranus resource, Mercury Quaoar resource, Black Moon Vesta resource, Venus Neptune resource, Uranus Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, and a Mars Pluto new cycle. All that’s being revealed is for the purpose of divine creation. When suppressed energy frees up, it liberates new potential to manifest. We always have a choice…we can react to what’s being revealed, which is the past…or we can consciously collaborate with the movement of energy and create something new, as pioneering leaders. We can get angry, mad, hurt, and frustrated by past events coming to light…or we can liberate ourselves to move forward with higher consciousness, and use the momentum that’s being generated with the great unveilings at play. Ultimately, this is our opportunity to unleash the divine blueprint, to manfiest new ways of thinking, new ways of being, and to radically shift the paradigm on our planet. That shift begins within, and that shift requires a commitment to Love, from the unified mind/heart ascension point. Nothing else is more important. Everything else is just practice as we refine our mastery.

The practice this week is to be equanimous with all that’s occurring. Deepen your meditation practice to at least 20 minutes a day in silent meditation. Seated upright, with your spine erect like an antenna or channel, practice sitting with whatever arises, as the consciousness of unconditional Love. Whether the 20 minutes is easy or challenging, blissful or frustrating, peaceful or painful, just keep sitting as the unwaivering presence of Love. Find your breath through your nose, and follow it in and out. Scan your current physical sensations, without giving preference to pleasure or resistance to pain. Just be with what is, and allow it all to unfold. Allow your body to speak, to reveal, and to let go as you maintain the conscious awareness of Love, no matter what. Practice forgiveness for the times you judge your experience, practice faith in the times you’d rather cut your practice short. Just make the commitment, and follow through, and see what you can see…about yourself, the world, and the moment that’s unfolding.

“Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future. In other words, if we’re going to be more cheerful in the future, it’s because of our aspiration and exertion to be cheerful in the present. What we do accumulates; the future is the result of what we do right now.” – Pema Chödrön


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