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For the week of March 2 – 8, 2020

We’re headed for an awakening of the heart like no other. Getting to the heart of the matter, coming home to the deepest truth of the heart, and finding clarity within the still point of the unified mind/heart..  The greatest alignment and integrity always occurs within ourselves from the heart, and when we make the conscious commitment to live from that place, our roots become alive with alchemical magic.  Wherever we are, we are awake and we are Love.

The phrase “bloom where you’re planted” is irrelevant if we’re not planted within our own heart, looking in. We can’t fully blossom if we’re living from a fragmented part of our mind’s agenda, ego’s desire, or fear based thinking. The moments of awakening jolt us by bringing our attention to what matters most, like electric paddles that restart the vital life force energy behind every heartbeat. Our heartbeat conducts frequency, soundwaves, and electrical currents that nourish our emotional circuitry and motivate right action. Without the heartbeat, we can’t move ourselves into action, we lose the animating force of energy that sparks life and the movement of Love from our individual instrument/channel.

As we plant more deeply into the heart, we thread the Light of our awakened consciousness into the root system of our foundation, the structure, and the soil of our environment…eventually connecting with the heart of the Earth, the Universal source of Feminine Yin energy that mirrors the upper source of Masculine Yang Light.  As above, so below.  The heart is the still point in the center, channeling above and below, allowing for fluid circuitry of diamond light to flow in both directions, unifying Heaven and Earth.

Our hearts become our new embodiment, a portal to the new root system that connects directly to the heart of Mother Earth, the source of yin energy and vital nourishment for all beings on this planet. We are all connected through the breath and through the heart. One Breath, One Heart, One Love.

As Divine Feminine Consciousness is emerging, unveiling, and unleashing her presence from within the core of the Earth, the planet is awakening and ascending. That volume of awakened energy is available to us through the root system of our hearts, through our physical embodiment. The feminine elements of water and earth are expressed through the emotional and physical bodies, and our yin energy is being rebooted and redefined.

We must practice embodying our hearts, living within the consciousness of Love, and from that space, anything is possible. This is the birthing of a new Earth.

The Universal Breath connects us all through the heart chakra (lungs and heart). When that breath is grounded in Love, we plant seeds of Love through the atmosphere, and that awakened consciousness becomes viral in divine timing. The consciousness of the heart is what calibrates each breath, receiving universal energy, purifying it through the awakened heart, then expressing as Unconditional Love, which is infinite potential from the limitless realm.

If we’re unconscious, we take for granted our countless breaths and heartbeats that are occurring moment to moment. We may not even realize what’s being exchanged through the atmosphere. However, when we consciously attune our hearts to calibrate every breath and generate every thoughtful response, we can trust that we’re awakening and elevating the status quo through higher dimensions, and purifying our environment. The way to “bloom where we’re planted” is to let the heart unleash infinite divine power, love, and wisdom as the universe travels through our lungs and our cells, restoring and transmuting our physical structure with Love.

The week begins on Monday 3/2 as Venus manifests with the Galactic Center, followed by a Venus Haumea Light Bridge, Venus Chariklo stepping stone, and Jupiter Juno stepping stone. The Light Bridge allows us to access wholeness in a way that expands and stabilizes our lens of oneness in the mirror. As we remember our outer world is our reflection, we must consciously elevate to the Light Bridge to see through our non-local lens of Unity. From there, our hearts expand and calibrate Love through every piece and particle. Acceptance creates the opening for expansion, and expansion is the key to Oneness through Love.

On Tuesday 3/3, Mars and Orcus form a manifestation, followed by a Venus Saturn stepping stone and Black Moon Ceres resource. Our physical bodies are gateways to the infinite, and when we harness our divine I AM Presence through our bodies, we experience the universe flowing through our cells. When we embody the infinite power of the heart, we become the alchemical mixing bowls that generate magical possibilities and spontaneous miracles. Our greatest power lies in our presence and connection.

Wednesday 3/4 includes a Mercury Ixion resource, Sun Great Attractor stepping stone, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, then Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius, followed by a Pluto Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Venus resource, and then Venus enters Taurus. Mercury’s retrograde over Ixion for the 2nd time as he returns to Aquarius brings the Messenger into divine relationship with our greater purpose and blueprint for this lifetime. It’s in our consciousness, even if it isn’t fully accessible yet. More and more, we can feel a fire of devotion that’s calling forth radical resurrection and rebirth as our greatest version comes online, in alignment with our highest truth. Venus in Taurus is a dignified placement, the heart literally coming home to plant where she belongs, in order to experience our most divine sacred presence rooted deeply in order to blossom freely.

On Thursday 3/5, Venus manifests with Ixion. The blueprint lives within the heart, and this Venus Ixion manifestation is the creative unleashing of our soul’s promise taking shape, blossoming in an expression we can tangibly perceive.

Friday 3/6, the Black Moon forms a Light Bridge with MakeMake, then intersects the Moon’s Nodes for a repeat of last week’s Grand Power Cross. The Black Moon then forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, followed by a Venus Varuna stepping stone, and Black Moon Chiron conjunction. The Grand Power Cross reveals the karmic and dharmic alignments with power, and the crossroads we’re collectively standing at. Right relationship with power is available at any given moment, and as we elevate to the Light Bridge, we can see those choices and consequences much more clearly.

On Saturday 3/7, the Black Moon manifests with Varuna, unveiling anything that has been blocking our universal lens of higher vision, allowing us to consciously create from an expansive scope of vision. When we’re triggerd in the personal lens of our story, or stuck in a holding pattern or blindspot, we can’t see all of the available options or the bigger universal story. The unveiling pulls back the layers to recalibrate our lens and windex the glass.

And on Sunday 3/8, the Sun and Pallas form a resource, Ceres and the Great Attractor form a resource, followed by a Sun Neptune new cycle, a Venus Uranus new cycle, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Juno, and Neptune forms a resource with Pallas. Today is super powerful with 2 new cycles, Sun Neptune and Venus Uranus. Neptune disposes the Pisces Sun, so this is an extremely dignified new cycle of our limitless capacity for enlightenment and divine wisdom. When we come from the consciousness of Unconditional Love, we remember our enlightened state, our Christ Nature, and all is clear through the lens of Love. Love is the medicine, the cure, the answer, and the unconditional response for everything. The Venus Uranus conjunction is a massive awakening of the heart. Venus disposes Taurus, so this is another dignified new cycle, a true homecoming that sparks a remembrance of the true nature of the heart, and the importance to ground there, unconditionally. This not only awakens the individual heart of what matters most, but it also sparks the awakening of the One Heart, through Universal Love. Our presence is the heart, and when we fully embody our hearts, we become animated channels of Divine Love.

The practice this week is to find your heart, practice breathing into the heart space to bring your full awareness and undivided attention there. Allow the heart to expand with every inhale, and surrender to Love with every exhale. As your heart expands, imagine taking a seat within the structure of the heart. Feel the heart as your skin, the embodiment of your sacred presence. Feel your heartbeat in the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands…and feel yourself as the full blown embodiment and expression of the awakened heart and the response of Love.

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. (quoted by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly)”
― Deepak Chopra, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles


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