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For the week of 10/15 – 10/21

Get ready to awaken a brand new channel of communication, restoring higher vision from the heart.  It’s time to allow the heart to lead the way, as we travel through the unknown, uncommon dimension of Unconditional Love, carving out a path we’ve never seen before, but always knew existed.

The path of Love is nonlinear, unexpected, and full of twists and turns.  There is so much unfolding and unwinding with every experience, just like a dance.  The twists and turns are actually intuitive movements that release the blind spots and historic attachments.  What feels like spinning becomes finely woven patterns of sacred geometry, like an orbit, visible from an awakened observers perspective, where the gravity of the spinning finally releases and all that’s left is the full blown activation of Love, through beautiful enlightened art.


With Venus retrograding through Scorpio, we’re swimming in the deep waters that normally we wouldn’t choose.  It’s not the easy path, nor is it the most direct and efficient.  However, it is ultimately profound, beyond what our minds can comprehend.  Those with the courage and willingness to dive deep, without attachments to perfection, will travel straight into the heart of what matters most, and awaken new possibilities, never before realized.


When we allow our minds to navigate our choices, we become motivated by logic and safety, living in a black and white linear model that can look sleek and shiny on the surface, but lacks dimension, depth, and authenticity.  The heart is a multidimensional vessel for spirit to live and breathe, and holds the potential for magic through alchemy, the power to transmute anything physical with the consciousness of Love.  Love isn’t a formula or a thing to acquire.  Love is a frequency of consciousness, that lives and breathes as a force of nature with the capacity to alter the universe with direction, focus, purity, and clarity.


When the observers mind takes a seat inside the heart, there is nowhere “out there” to go, nothing to search for, and nothing to understand.  The meditative mind is relaxed, still, open, and clear…focusing undivided attention through the lens of the heart, which opens like a multifaceted prism, offering crystalline vision through the infinite realm.  The awakened heart becomes a portal to the cosmos, and the meditative mind can see everything, crystal clear.


We’ve been out of order in the relationship with our mind/heart connection.  The purpose of the mind is to plant itself into the heart, to honor the communication of the heart, and to hold the steady stream of undivided attention, with laser like focus.  Our meditation practice has helped discipline the mind to be still, clear, and equanimous…free from attachments, judgments, cravings and aversions.   The power of the mind is to focus, from the heart.  We must go within the heart in order to see anything accurately.  Once within, we can see it all, as if we’re seeing ourselves, crystal clear.


This scope of vision requires us to lose our “lower minds” and risk being disoriented as we unravel our current landscape and fine tune our higher vision with the calibration of Love, from the heart.   This week ahead is an opportunity to recalibrate our lens of vision, by elevating our perspective from the heart.  It’s important to remain centered, still, and equanimous within our own mind/heart space as we witness the illusions unraveling, revealing new possibilities emerging, crystal clear.


The week begins on Monday 10/15 with the Black Moon in a stepping stone with Venus and Mercury, followed by the Venus Mercury new cycle.  Venus is retrograding through Scorpio, moving through the deep waters of unfamiliar territory, and feeling her way through physical sensations.  Scorpio is a water sign that holds the consciousness of Physical Love, which has infinite capacity to transform and transmute anything physical through the frequency of Love.  This Venus Mercury conjunction is a powerful catalyst for alchemy as the great messenger observes the movement of the heart, from within.  When the mind plants itself like a tree inside the heart space, the roots literally light up the inside landscape of the heart, revealing light codes of information that the mind can interpret and read, like light codes of sacred geometry illuminating from within the structure of the heart.   If the mind is focusing elsewhere, there is no relationship with those intimate light codes, and the messages are missed.


On Tuesday 10/16, Mercury and Vesta are in a resource, the Sun and Eris are in a Light Bridge, and Mercury is in a resource with Orcus.  The great messenger ignites our inner fire of devotion as we access the Light Bridge through inner awakening, and we’re reminded why it matters that we’re here, now, in this body, in this incarnation, and on the planet.  Only from the highest perspective can we see the whole story, beyond our temporary discomforts and irritations.  If we get distracted by every irritation, we miss the bigger picture, the illumination of Light that is shedding the skin of illusion and revealing the light of what matters most.


Wednesday 10/17 is a Pluto Ceres stepping stone.  This is a huge day as we’re being delivered from the completions and endings, across the threshold into new life and new beginnings.  We must allow ourselves to see beyond the illusion of death through the fluidity of life and death, in order to connect with the newness that is accessible in this moment.


On Thursday 10/18, the Black Moon and MakeMake are manifesting, Vesta and Orcus are manifesting, the Sun and Haumea are in a new cycle, and the Sun and Ixion are in a resource.  The higher laws of Love are not only being revealed, but are manifesting powerfully, along with our inner fire of devotion to remember what matters most.  It’s important to find our “why” in this incarnation, especially in such an epic time of transformation and transition.  If we’re not aligned with what matters most, and engaged with devotion to honor that manifestation, we will be challenged with discomfort.  That discomfort is a messenger to awaken our consciousness to wholeness, so we can see our inner blueprint being highlighted and revealed, as a guiding light that says “start again…here”.


Friday 10/19 is a Mercury Neptune manifestation, a Mercury Mars stepping stone, and a Black Moon Varuna bridge.  We’re manifesting through enlightened communications, not only seeing things clearly, but also channeling the frequency of Light through our physical presence.  We become the activated antenna of consciousness through our vertical spine of the physical body when the mind/heart still point aligns the body/spirit still point.


On Saturday 10/20, the Black Moon retrogrades back over the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), the Sun is in a great eliminator with Sedna, the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Uranus, and the Black Moon is manifesting with Juno.  This makes for a very high frequency day full of sensitivities and revelations.  Anything suppressed that still needs to be liberated and released will do so, for the purpose of empowering unity and liberating the karmic energy through our collective root system.   It’s important to remain seated in Love, unattached to what’s occurring, yet holding a space of unconditional Love as energy in motion shifts the current and clears the air, allowing for a new direction to emerge moving forward.


And Sunday 10/21 is a Juno Quaoar great eliminator, a Black Moon Chiron resource, a Pallas Eris great eliminator, and a Sun Black Moon stepping stone.  Our experience of Unity Consciousness has an opportunity to expand and upgrade, as we elevate through equanimity and Love.  Anything that triggers our reaction to human suffering also holds equal potential for personal mastery and refined excellence as we continue to witness events from the awakened seat of the mind/heart observer.  Infinite wisdom is awakened through every experience as we allow more and more to be revealed.  The process itself might be temporarily uncomfortable, yet that friction is the sloughing off of old outdated layers of residue and illusions.  The truth is emerging, and the process is awakening consciousness in the most unexpected ways.  The logical mind can’t comprehend all that’s occurring, so it’s best to keep the mind seated in the heart, channeling Light through every experience and expression.  This is truly the greatest moment in the history of Earth, and our presence alone has the potential to channel so much Light into the planet, whether we understand moment to moment, or simply practice breathing into our hearts from the consciousness of Love.


The practice this week is equanimity as we unify mind and heart as one.  Practice inhaling through your heart, feel your heart space opening and expanding, as you invite your mind to take a seat.  As you exhale, imagine your mind planting roots like a tree, unifying into the structure of the heart.  Every inhale opens the heart more and more as the mind roots deeper in, stretching those roots all throughout the lining of the heart.  Inhale your most awakened consciousness through the roots of your mind, illuminating the sacred geometry of your soul’s template and purpose, encoded within the lining of your heart.  With your undivided attention, meditate on that blueprint that is revealing within your heart, and allow your mind to observe the messages of Light emerging from within.  Without trying to figure anything out with logic or reason, simply allow your mind to be bathed in light as you calibrate the messages of the heart, with Love.  Throughout the week, practice equanimity as you allow your mind to follow the leadership of the heart.  Practice strengthening trust and intimacy with your mind/heart partnership, and allow a brand new channel of communication to develop, through the frequency of diamond light.  Light communicates through vibration and frequency, not through words or thoughts.


Allow your mind to calibrate to the universal language of the heart this week.  That channel of communication is the foundation of connection, partnership, and creativity in the New Earth.


“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” 
― Rumi  


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