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For the week of February 24 – March 1, 2020

We’re paving the way for some truly magical manifestations. When we remember our limitless nature – beyond the limitations of our personal human story –  every breath becomes a wish, and every moment a blessing.

As Mercury continues retrograding through Pisces, our mental body ruler is very active, remembering how to dream, how to reach for the stars, and how to live from the Awakened Heart.  The heart holds the blueprint, the universal truth, and the higher lens of vision. The mind is the master of communications, sending and broadcasting frequencies from the heart, channeling universal abundance through our instrument like supercharging a magic wand for conscious creation.

When we believe in magic, we have faith in the invisible realm, and we call forth the higher manifestation of what isn’t visible to the naked eye.  When we commune with the invisible realm, when we allow ourselves to communicate beyond that which we can see or explain with our physical eyes and ears, we learn how to dance in the universal orchestration of divine creation. There’s an effervescent lightness to our communion with the invisible realm. Pisces energy is creative, playful, innocent, and childlike. Our Christed Self, or our Buddha nature, is childlike….full of belief and of the heart.

It’s that aspect of our consciousness that remembers how to dream big, make wishes, and reach for the stars…from a realm of consciousness that has no personal limits or filters. When life becomes a magical union with the divine, a co-creation that generates spontaneous precipitations of materialized Love, we truly begin to realize the infinite power and abundance we are. It is our nature, our birthright to be so divinely at One with everything, that the universe would pour through our fingertips as the greatest expression of Love on Earth.  We are that.  All of Us.


Our greatest expansion requires a powerful remembrance of our limitless nature, which is a remembrance of our true nature – at home with All that Is. Everything begins and ends with spirit, the invisible realm. That is our home, our heart, and our true nature. The rest is temporary, impermanent…able to be reinvented, redesigned, and recreated at will. The constant is the ebb and flow of the ocean of Love, the One Breath that connects all of us together in this story on Earth. That breath that unifies us all is Love. And the embodied manifestation of Awakened Love is what we’re here to experience, manifest, and realize.  We are that.  All of Us.

When our thoughts are of limitation, heaviness, burden, or challenge, we manifest the full blown experience of struggle. When our thoughts are full of fear, doubt, confusion, or angst, we manifest the experience of smallness and helplessness. When our thoughts are full of Love, Inspiration, Trust and Faith, we experience surrender, acceptance, grace, and ease. Things lighten up as we float on water, instead of having to struggle so hard to keep our head above water. It’s exhausting after a while when we try to carry burdens and weight while swimming against the tides in the ocean. When we remember that we can float on our backs and look up, we shift our perspective.  That shift in perspective ultimately changes the experience and the story, and allows new possibilities to emerge. We own our power when we remember we can float, the ocean has our back, and in fact, every movement of the ocean is supporting in our greatest expansion as we let go, surrender, trust, and allow.  We’re in this together, as One.  We are the water, the breath, the current, the movement.

We cannot expand with tight, rigid structures that operate on a heavy sense of control, needing to be certain about what’s coming up ahead before allowing ourselves to let go, soften or open up. Expansion comes from faith, trusting that it’s ok to open to what we can’t see, trusting that we’re enough, that there’s enough, and that all is well, that we are loved.  Expansion requires surrender, floating on water and accepting the movement of each wave as a part of the dance. Oftentimes in new beginnings or new endeavors, when there’s turbulence or unexpected waves, we’re quick to flinch, correct, pull back, or even pull out. Trusting the process, trusting the journey, we can allow the ride to reveal a higher purpose, deeper meaning, and new possibilities than what our minds could ever comprehend on the front end.

Remember, the mind can only observe what’s occuring by being present.  Anytime we try to figure something out ahead of time, we’re projecting.  Assumption, expectation, and comparison create rigid lines that actually eliminate opportunities for expansion. We can’t manifest something first before we’re willing to trust. Faith requires a willingness to trust in what we can’t yet see, because we believe in what’s possible, and we believe in the magic of the invisible realm. When we live in this realm, our channels of communication sharpen, and we can see, hear, and feel as divine channels. Not because we need to control what comes next, or control every action or step, but because we’re at one with all that’s occurring, always. Nothing is outside of us or beyond us.  We’re in the birth canal of divine creation, as conscious co-facilitaors.

The more comfortable we become in that channel of higher divine communication, the more we trust and have faith in the messages we receive, the greater the expansion and the possibilities of Love to manifest in tangible form.

The week begins on Monday 2/24 with a Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Sun Mars resource, and Saturn Haumea stepping stone. The week literally begins with an unveiling of our awakened personal mastery that requires an elevated perspective and new way of thinking from the limitless realm. We’re restoring faith in our physicality, in the divinity of physicality. Any lessons or challenges that are front and center are bringing us into alignment with our wholeness, and awakening the inner guru, inner healer, inner teacher. We must take good care of ourselves, and remember that our bodies are limited, yet limitless in their capacity for healing, regeneration, and transformation. We must be willing to act from that place of Unconditional Love and Personal Responsibility.

Tuesday 2/25 is a huge day… the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mars, Ixion enters Capricorn, followed by a Mercury Albion resource, Black Moon MakeMake bridge, then the Black Moon intersects the Moon’s Nodes forming a Grand Power Cross with MakeMake. Then the Sun forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, the Sun is in resource with the South Node (karmic) and manifesting with the North Node (dharmic), Mars forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, and joins the Grand Power Cross in a new cycle with the South Node, and there’s a Sun Mercury conjunction. The gateway to embodying our higher 5D blueprint is in our current relationship with our physical body. Everything shifts when we awaken the higher remembrance of why we’re here and why it matters. The body is a record keeper, and the story the body reveals – through actions, muscle memory, and expressions – animates the story we’re living in, including the beliefs, limitations, and core values. We always have a choice of how we want to interpret, categorize, or reframe the events in our consciousness, and when we align our story with the dharmic lens of evolutionary meaning, we restore divine law and order in our physicality. If we continue to embody any core beliefs about our limitations, or if we’ve identified ourselves by any labels or predetermined meanings, we hold ourselves to that story and limit our greatest expression. There’s power in being in right relationship with our current limitations, so that we can learn to transcend what historically has held us back. Everything serves a higher purpose in our expansion and evolution, nothing is meant to hold us small. The Sun Mercury conjunction is the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey, an extremely powerful calibration point for our inner operating system.

On Wednesday 2/26 Mercury forms a resource with Mars, followed by Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Mercury South Node resource, Mercury North Node manifestation, and Sun Albion resource. Yesterday’s potent calibration point to our operating system is an upgrade to the Mind/Body feedback loop. Mercury joins the Grand Power Cross by eliminating anything from our inner communications that has limited us from our realization of Self in the mirror. We see what we believe, and if our operating system is running on any threads of doubt or mistrust, we won’t see the higher truth of what’s actually available, right in front of us. When we clear the misaligned beliefs, when we release the doubts and restore faith and trust, the mirror recalibrates and we can see new possibilities emerging right before our very eyes. Those possibilities have been there all the time, but with a newly calibrated belief system, we can allow ourselves to trust what’s there, instead of distracting or deflecting.

Thursday 2/27 is a Mars Albion manifestation, Black Moon Ceres resource, and Venus Eris new cycle. The empty space within all things physical is what holds the space for infinite possibilities in shapeshifting, alchemy, and transformation. If everything was solid and fixed, there would be no movement, no recycling of energy, no ebb and flow of fluid movement. The universe is fluid, ever moving, ever changing. The more willing we are to participate in the universal circulatory system of One Love, the more readily we awaken through the Heart. Today is a massive awakening from the heart, from the inside out, as our hearts open to the creative power of Love. We’re here to birth something new, and our hearts have been waiting for this moment, for divine timing.

On Friday 2/28, there’s a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Quaoar resource, Venus Pluto stepping stone, and Mercury Uranus resource. The Black Moon unveils the Great Veil, showing us the portal to our infinite remembrance of eternal Oneness. From that universal space of Oneness, our mental body aligns with the higher octave of the new paradigm, limitless possibilities from the One Mind. When our minds and hearts are unified, and then plugged in through the universal circuitry, every breath is Love, every thought is Love, and every response is Love. This volume of energy has the power to spark infinite new beginnings and new awakenings, in a heartbeat. When we live from the universal oneness, when we live from the non-local mind and the awakened heart, we ARE the universe in action – Love in action, faith in action – and all things are possible.

Saturday 2/29 is a Ceres Orcus great eliminator. Today is a birth canal opening to the infinite realm, eliminating any fears or doubts about separation, period. We are One. Every breath delivers us through the birth canal of unity.

And on Sunday 3/1, we enter the “3” vibration of manifestation with a Sun Orcus bridge, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, and the Black Moon turns retrograde. Our higher channels of vision are upgraded, removing any blind spots or cataracts that may have clouded our lens, up until now. It’s amazing what we can see when the doubts are removed and our vision is restored to Universal Love and Oneness. With clear vision, the world is ready to reveal itself in divine perfection. Manifestation occurs when we believe, trust, and then see it appear in physical form.

The practice this week is to let go of any attachments to what you think you’re seeing. Let your eyes soften their gaze, let go of any misaligned beliefs that might be limiting your scope of vision, and invite in a deeper communion with the invisible realm. There’s more going on behind the veil of the physical dimension. 99.9% of the physical dimension is empty space. Pay attention to what’s available in the empty space, and tune in with ceremony, surrender, and open hearted receptivity. Once you find your connection, imagine every inhale is a gift of limitless potential, and every exhale is a wish, a prayer, an intentional release, manifesting through the universal breath of Oneness. Consciously receive every breath as a new beginning, a new moment of limitless potential, and imagine you are calibrated as the magic wand that has the divine power to manifest wishes like manifesting rain from thin air. Let your heart open, communing with the divine, and experience the partnership and collaboration available from the magical realm of Unconditional Love.

“For every intention, we might well ask, “How would this serve me and how would it serve everybody I come into contact with?” And if the answer is that it will create true joy and fulfillment in me and all those affected by my actions, then my intention, together with surrender to the nonlocal mind, orchestrates its own fulfillment.”
― Deepak Chopra, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

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