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For the week of February 17 – 23, 2020

Get ready for some incredible multidimensional downloads of divine wisdom, washing through our inner communications channels, upgrading our inner operating system to a whole new infrastructure, with Love. 

The adjustment phase of this streaming rush can spark some initial sensitivities, as our systems may be oversaturated or even overwhelmed with more than the usual volume of energy.  We’re moving through a period of massive expansion, it’s important to pay attention to our filters and grounding mechanisms along the way.   Calibrating higher vision to 2020 requires a unification of mind/heart as the awakened lens of universal vision.  This multifaceted diamond lens gives us access to see/hear/sense all things clearly, equanimously, in all dimensions, all timelines, all perspectives…beyond the personal scope of limited linear vision.   

The expanded lens of higher vision can be a lot to take in at times, overwhelming our personal communications system with downloads and frequencies that we may not be completely used to.  Like upgrading your TV from basic local channels to universal 600+ with a satellite receiver powerful enough to pick up headline channels in every country, language, and culture.  That’s a lot of information, and to even try to digest everything would oversaturate and possibly shut down our system temporarily.  Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde cycle in 2020!

Mercury – the Messenger and the ruler of our personal operating system – is retrograding from 13 Pisces to 29 Aquarius, which calibrates our entire operating system with the infinite realm of limitless possibilities through the language and the frequency of Universal Love.  Through that frequency, we can see, hear, and sense all things.   This retrograde journey ultimately delivers and calibrates us to the mastery of awakened vision of Divine Love, which is 2020 vision.  

We’re interrupting the status quo of our local daily programming and consciously elevating to a higher channel, a higher frequency, the universal language and messaging system of Divine Love, where nothing is off limits, anything is available at any time.  Our inner communications network becomes an “on demand” prime channel for instant delivery of Wisdom.  Where our minds go, we instantly download satellite messaging.  It’s important to discipline the mind with focus, intention, and purpose.     

Just because we have access to tune into every channel of communication, beyond time and space, doesn’t mean we should, or that it’s necessary, or even beneficial.  Learning how to access higher channels of insight and information can be exciting and enlightening, however if we’re not guided by the awakened presence of the heart, then we can get distracted, muddled down and scattered pretty quickly.  Intention matters, and selecting the channel that serves and nourishes our highest vision with Love is crucial. 

Practicing proper distillation or elimination of any density that could potentially shut down or pollute our system is crucial.  We don’t need all the distractions, in fact, it’s imperative that we commit to filtering out any lower vibrational sources of inaccurate information, gossip, and superficial news.  More importantly, it’s an invitation to purify our own inner thought forms and speech patterns.    

At times we may realize some old limiting conversations coming up in the background of our own minds.  If we can imagine running those conversations through the filters of Spiritual Wisdom, like pouring a pitcher of water through a crystalline filter…that conversation, those limiting thought forms and patterns can be recalibrated and elevated to a higher version, a higher vibrational message. 

We don’t necessarily need to diagnose where it came from or how long it’s been in the water, we can simply pour that current of water through the crystalline filter and allow higher truth to emerge.  That’s the conversation we want to tune into…the elevated version of Truth.  Not the limited or distorted belief that we’ve been historically holding on to or buying into.  Pisces is disposed by Neptune, which means this Mercury retrograde cycle has the potential to shed light though our communications systems – inner and outer.  When we learn how to intuit what’s high vibration vs what’s lower vibration, we can align ourselves with the purest channels available.   

Remember, there are important Light Bridges that have the capacity to download super high frequency light codes, and those who are tuned in and unclogged will be ready to take advantage of all that’s coming online.  When we can’t hear ourselves clearly, or if we can’t discern the voice of the heart vs the voice of collective conditioning, it’s time to purify our lines of communication, and in the process, awaken crystalline filters for all of our incoming messages to pour through.  

When all of our primary communications channels are calibrated to the crystalline frequency of LOVE (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), we can know truth in an instant, which means we don’t need to be confused or congested by the misaligned messages, we can free up our operating system to be wide open for the higher downloads coming in.  When the mind is present, open, and crystal clear…planted within the sacred space of the awakened heart…we can digest those light codes and embody the consciousness.  

The week begins on Monday 2/17 with a Pallas Orcus manifestation, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Venus Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon South Node resource, Black Moon North node manifestation, Venus Pallas stepping stone, and Saturn Sedna manifestation.  Higher wisdom, from beyond this lifetime, is accessible and available to us always.  When we allow ourselves to open the channels beyond our personal experience here and now, we can call forth downloads of universal wisdom, revealing divine truths and the divine order of the universe.  When our hearts are calibrated as open portals beyond time and space, we unify with this channel of universal wisdom.  Our infinite nature is far beyond what we can conceive of from our personal stories and experiences in this incarnation.  Imagine synching up our portal to a universal docking station, and remembering our infinite truth, in a way that redefines our beliefs about Self, and shatters any threads of limitation or doubt.  We each contain a specific set of circumstances in order to define our greatest mastery in this lifetime…however we’re not limited to that identity.  We are so much more, and as we remember the truth of who we are universally, we can come home to the soul purpose and divine contracts we made in this lifetime.  Like an actor remembering who he is beyond the script of who he’s playing, and allowing both to be profoundly important.      

Tuesday 2/18 is a Black Moon Orcus Light Bridge, Black Moon Pallas resource, Ceres North Node great eliminator, Sun Ixion resource, Black Moon Mercury rx conjunction, and the Sun enters Pisces.  This Black Moon Orcus Light Bridge is an opportunity to uncover the bridge that connects us to our infinite limitless Self, beyond this body, beyond this point in time.  The Light that we are is a library of high frequency crystalline records, not separate from our consciousness in this body.  In fact, when we embody that Light, we have full access to those records moment to moment.  The Sun illuminates and awakens our 5D blueprint and higher purpose for this lifetime, just before the Sun moves into Pisces.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents Divine Spiritual Wisdom.  A water sign, Pisces consciousness is the vast ocean of limitless possibilities, which is also our Christed nature or Christ Consciousness, the highest frequency of Unconditional Love.   Through the frequency of Love, we can see everything, crystal clear.  Through the frequency of Love, anything is possible, we are infinite, limitless, and eternal.  Living in this frequency requires faith, trust, and courage…and a highly calibrated filtration system that can discern what’s in alignment with our heart, moment to moment.  Living in the limitless ocean can be overwhelming and over saturating without a mechanism for right alignment that helps distill the water to crystalline clarity.  When we can see all things clearly, we can see that every possibility already exists…there’s nothing missing, nothing out of reach.  Which also means there’s nothing to search for, nothing to reach for.  We are everything, and the universe lives within us.  That’s the Divine Wisdom of our journey.  WE are IT.  I AM ALL there is.  There’s nothing separate.  

On Wednesday 2/19 the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Venus, followed by Mercury Pallas resource, Mars Varuna great eliminator, and Venus manifests with the Great Attractor.  Unveiling the subtleties of the heart so the heart can speak freely and clearly.  All desires of the heart are manifested by the universal law of attraction.  If we don’t know what our heart desires, it can be confusing and even difficult to decipher what’s showing up in response to our heart’s communication, and that confusion can lead to reactionary judgments, assessments, and misaligned actions.  Remember, when the mind and heart are unified, not only can we know our hearts deepest truth, we can also see the bigger picture, and take action form an elevated perspective as a conscious creator.     

Thursday 2/20 reveals a Black Moon Jupiter resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Jupiter Neptune resource, Black Moon Vesta resource,  Black Moon Juno great eliminator.   There’s a lot of clarity available today, through the revealing of our greatest expansion and the enlightened truth of how and where we’ve been holding ourselves small.  As the blinders come off, it’s important to meet ourselves with Unconditional Love, compassion, and acceptance.  It’s not comfortable stretching into full blown expansion, which is why we instinctively contract in sensitive moments.  New skin is delicate, but also supple and elastic.  Finding what matters most at the heart of the matter, we give ourselves permission to stretch.  Devoted to our greatest expansion…because it matters to the planet, it matters to All.  And when we see others expanding into their divine nature, their infinite Self, we mirror and reflect that expansion too, it becomes a contagious cycle of growth.        

On Friday 2/21 Mercury and Orcus form a Light Bridge, followed by Mars Uranus manifestation, Mars Chiron stepping stone, Sun Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto resource, and Sun Salacia stepping stone.   Because Mercury is retrograde, the Light Bridge with Orcus will be revisited in a few weeks, for our capacity to communicate beyond the 3D limits of this time and space.  Receiving messages from our immortal Self is important in our cognition of divine wisdom.  Physical awakening sparks new action, and when we’re responsible with our thoughts and actions, we reach new levels of mastery.   The physical body gives us feedback messages, letting us know when we’re congruent or out of alignment with our higher truth, purpose, or integrity.  When we take responsibility for our body and the feedback it generates, instead of resisting or ignoring, we can transcend any physical limitation as we awaken through the lens of universal vision.  Nothing is happening “to us”, everything is a reflection of our thoughts and actions.  When we die the old patterns of unconscious thinking or irresponsible actions, we transform, activating new potential and manifesting new possibilities.  Those new possibilities have always been there, right in front of us.  It’s up to us to choose, by being awake and responsible.   Nothing is out of reach, nothing is beyond our capacity to manifest.  

Saturday 2/22 starts with a Black Moon Sedna resource, Chiron Salacia new cycle, Black Moon Saturn resource, Juno Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Mars Quaoar new cycle, Black Moon Ixion resource, and the Black Moon moves into Aries.  More and more revelations that support in clarifying or redefining the contracts, agreements, and attachments we’ve made, and our underlying motivations behind those structures.  When we see clearly what’s been driving our current reality, we see what we’ve been committed to or devoted to in the mirror.  That feedback allows us to let go of what doesn’t serve us, or what’s limiting us from our higher truth.  As we start to see the big picture, even in global patterns, we can align our actions and motivations with the new paradigm, which is a powerful game changer on the planet. We can’t always see the full impact of our daily choices, actions, and behaviors until our divine blueprint is revealed, and then it’s hard to ignore anything that’s out of alignment.  That moment of revelation sparks a devoted mission that fuels our commitments moving forward.    

On Sunday 2/23, the Sun is in resource with Quaoar, then the New Moon in Pisces, followed by a Venus Jupiter stepping stone, and Black Moon Varuna manifestation.   The new paradigm calibrates our limitlessness, and prompts a new beginning to remember the truth of who we are, and live each moment as unyielding faith in action.  When we remember our limitlessness, our vast infinite nature, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome, ever.  Pisces is a benevolent, creative, beautiful force of nature that is the sum total of all possibilities in this magnificent universal breath that we’re living in.  When we remember our Christ Nature, which is Unconditional Love, we remember that all things are possible from that consciousness of Love.  It’s our nature to live from that consciousness, and when we do, we can have faith that Love always wins.  Love is the cure, Love is the answer, Love is the why.  Having faith in Love is a beautiful thing, and living from that faith is the most beautiful context we could choose for ourselves and the planet.  When our consciousness is Unconditional Love, our response is always Love.  The answer is always Love.  In order to live that consciousness, we need to fully understand the universal wisdom of Love.  Our hearts stretch and expand every time we experience Love, or the call for Love.  When Love is present, our hearts open.  When Love is called forth, our hearts open.  Which means every breath is heart opening, no matter what the scenario is that we find ourselves in.  Every moment is both a call for Love and an expression of Love, and a miracle to behold.  We came here to experience Love.  We came to be love, to be loved, and to remember that we are Love.  Everything else is just logistics.  

The practice this week is to keep your heart open, unconditionally, and have faith in Love.  Notice the times when the heart wants to contract or close down, notice the moments when you lose faith.  And consciously inhale, open to receive the new breath, the frequency of Love, and then let yourself express Love through the exhale, like beautiful art pouring through you.  Pay attention to your inner thoughts, because a negative or sarcastic thought can close the heart in a nanosecond, which creates a disconnect in the universal channel of Love.  Mind your thoughts with Love, and keep your heart open.  

“Just like a sunbeam can’t separate itself from the sun, and a wave can’t separate itself from the ocean, we can’t separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.” 

― Marianne Williamson


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