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For the week of February 10 – 16, 2020

The week ahead unleashes and unveils a new expression from the awakened heart.   Fresh off the heels of the Leo Full Moon on Sunday 2/9, our hearts are wide open, receiving downloads of vital life force energy – Divine Love – nourishing and awakening our system.   Venus is active this entire week, and the heart births us All to  Oneness.  By the end of the week, Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces, the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love, and our inner operating system begins a powerful integration process that shifts and recalibrates our lens of perspective through the Awakened Heart of Universal Love.  

The journey of the heart requires courage, faith, and trust.  When events around us activate perceived conflict, turbulence, or unexpected discomfort, we can choose to view that as necessary contractions, inducing the delivery process of a higher vision that’s manifesting now.  We can’t manifest newness without shedding and releasing the old attachments and expressions, and that shedding process requires a bit of friction.  

It’s helpful to know that what’s awakening underneath our skin is the crystalline expression of our divine blueprint, and the skin we’re shedding is the manifestation of old beliefs, comfort zones, and thought patterns.  Our greatest liberation occurs when we release the old skin we’ve been living in, and birth a new embodiment from the awakened consciousness of LOVE.  Without needing to know the final result before it happens, we can have faith that the process is occurring, Now.  Our willingness to surrender and keep our thoughts aligned with Love, from the heart, will support in elevating our experience of the journey with gratitude, grace, and ease. 

We’re in a pivotal moment of evolutionary significance.  Whether we’re awake or not, resisting or not, it’s occuring, and we’re being delivered.  The divine timing of our awakening is Now.  Like a seed, or a time release capsule that contains an activated memory chip.  The time is Now, and the awakening is a divine remembrance, from the heart.   The moment we remember with clarity, everything else simply falls away, like a silk curtain losing it’s grip on a window, revealing pure Light.  

We can easily get distracted by heavy to-do lists and agendas, or rigid goal sheets and pre-planned adventures….however, the spotlight and center stage event is our soul’s greatest unveiling through the activated portal of the Heart.  The moment the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, after deconstructing within the cocoon…that moment of pure magic is divine creation unfolding.  That’s truly the moment of grace, the birthing of our divine mastery, beyond what are human minds can fully understand or plan for until we witness it from within.  

To try to dismantle the old skin before the divine blueprint has been activated would be premature, like ripping off the edge of a blister before the skin is ready to be shed.  That’s the mind trying to plan ahead.  The journey of awakening is an organic death/rebirth/delivery process that requires total surrender.  There’s nothing to control or make happen when the laws of nature are at work.  Faith and trust in divine guidance, divine nature, divine timing, and the Universal Law of Oneness is key.  

Each of us moves through our process in different ways, it’s not a cookie cutter event.  It’s important to keep a compassionate gaze, and take good care of what’s occurring within.  Tend to our garden, and be good stewards of what’s coming online within.  If we jump to conclusions with the events around us, trying to aid, support, or even judge “out there”, we might project our own assumptions, or even worse, ignore our innermost unravelings.  Remember, the moments of friction actually support in shedding skin.  Tend to Self, and hold a universal lens of compassion, Love, and grace for All beings.  

Self Love is the greatest service we can offer the world at this time.  Once we’re through this birthing process, our Light radiates abundantly and expands rapidly to All.  The Universal Frequency of OneHeart is nourished by every individual awakening, and that process is a personal journey.   Conscious Community reminds us why it matters, and celebrates the intimate unveiling as it occurs.  As we witness each others’ unveiling, we honor and empower the Whole.  

The week begins on Monday 2/10 with a Venus Chiron new cycle, Venus Salacia new cycle, and Sun Juno manifestation.  New beginnings of the heart, revealing our greatest mastery, through the lens of enlightenment.   We already have everything within us, yet we have’t seen our divine expression fully manifested yet.  That unveiling of enlightenment through the heart reveals our Light Body configuration, the inner sacred geometry of Light Codes that emerges though our skin as we step into ourselves fully, and release the wounded reflection of our 3D limitation.  The wound is the entry point for the Light, and the opportunity for enlightened awakening.  As old wounds get reactivated, we’re primed for a massive quantum leap towards enlightenment.  As we tend to our inner healing/wholing/enlightenment process, we generate awakened Light universally through the mirror of Oneness.       

Tuesday 2/11 is a Venus Quaoar stepping stone, Venus Ceres resource, Black Moon Orcus bridge, Mars Sedna great eliminator, and Black Moon Mercury conjunction.  The heart elevates to a new paradigm, an elevated lens of limitlessness through Universal Love.  We’re delivered through a bridge that unveils the infinite immortal aspect of our soul and the universe, beyond the time and space of this incarnation’s experience.  From this lens, our physicality can align with our universal truth, shedding the misaligned fragments and pieces that don’t belong.  When we see who we’ve become, by being limited or confined to the 3D story and skin, we can choose to remember our infinite truth and universal Oneness, which restructures our physical expression and the matrix of our cellular configuration.  Calibrating our physicality beyond this current story, returns us home to our divine nature and truth, and restores the body as a divine record keeper…of Light.  Those divine records and codes are being unlocked, uncovered, and released.   

On Wednesday 2/12, Mars conjuncts the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon Pallas resource, Sun Eris resource, Mercury Orcus bridge, and Mars Haumea resource.   Our physical body calibrates a new cycle, revealing wisdom, completion, and new beginnings.  Every moment of awakening includes a slight edge of discomfort as we shake out of the skin of our status quo and expand into our limitlessness.  This is a holistic expansion that reshapes the body we live in, and recalibrates the bigger picture for All.      

Thursday 2/13 is a Black Moon North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, Venus MakeMake bridge, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, and then Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes.  Remember, our South Node represents the karmic doorway into this incarnation, and the North Node represents the dharmic doorway of evolution.  Both together create a tension rod of necessary traction, giving us directionality in our journey of transcendence and evolution.   Both points are equally valuable and important.   We find our common shared humanness through the roots of our story held within the Earth Star Chakra, and we awaken to remember our roots to Unity through the Soul Star Chakra.  The journey on Earth requires both doorways…our evolution requires personal responsibility for our human story, as well as the remembrance that we are not our story, we are infinitely connected through the One Source of LIGHT.  The Black Moon unveils and uncovers what we haven’t seen or understood about both, clearing any blockages within our unified roots so that above and below can calibrate and reconcile clearly.   The heart holds a still point between both our humananity and our divinity…both matter, and they both are unified through the awakened heart, through the lens of Universal Love.   All is restored, made right, and fully aligned through the portal of the Awakened Heart.   

On Friday 2/14, there are no major aspects.  This is a day to rest and integrate, expand through the heart, and receive the brilliant downloads that are available from the still point of the unified heart.    

Saturday 2/15, the Black Moon stations direct, followed by a Sun Sedna stepping stone.  The unveiling and uncovering moves us forward, into new possibilities and new beginnings.  Our newly awakened consciousness elevates and plants us into the crystalline records of our cosmic roots.  The dust has cleared, and our roots have been restored with clarity.   

And on Sunday 2/16, Mars forms a new cycle with Ixion, followed by a Sun Galactic Center resource, then Mars enters Capricorn, the Sun manifests with Haumea, Ceres and MakeMake form a manifestation, and then Mercury stations retrograde at 13 Pisces.  The divine blueprint of our 5D Cosmic Self is now calibrated into our physical structure and cellular matrix.  We are the embodiment of our blueprint, and we hold divine power and authority to be that presence, to take ownership and accountability for our actions and results.  This is a massive initiation that calls us forth to a higher purpose, and empowers us with the authority to be all that we are.  Higher divine law and order is birthing, just as the Messenger retrogrades through the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love, Spiritual Wisdom, and Infinite Possibilities.   We want our inner operating system to have the time and space to reconfigure with this retrograde period.  Imagine living with an upgraded operating system that runs on 100% possibility through the frequency of LOVE.  Nothing is off limits, nothing out of reach, nothing to fear….All Things Are Possible Through LOVE – which is the 5D language and universal frequency of Christ Consciousness.

The practice this week is to allow old wounds to heal as your heart awakens and your operating system prepares to download new possibilities into your internal framework.   No matter how many times an old wound has been triggered in the past, imagine this is the time it awakens higher consciousness in order to heal, resolve, and elevate you to a new expression.  When we run the old patterns again and again, it’s like wearing old familiar skin that never changes.  The body reflects and embodies the consciousness that we’re living in.  When a trigger gets activated, we have an opportunity to elevate in consciousness, which activates new thoughts, new patterns, new skin.  Evolution requires new ways of thinking and responding, new ways of interpreting the events the are occurring around us.  Anytime we think from the heart, we access the frequency of LOVE through our mind, and we manifest LOVE through actions and ways of being.  This is a week to practice LIVING the frequency of LOVE, and planting seeds of new beginnings wherever we are.  

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” 

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin    


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  1. Read today’s weekly navigation just before going into an important meeting. VERY helpful! Shed some old skin in that meeting. Remembering your words, I was able to stay in my heart throughout. I was able to resolve and heal an old wound I’ve carried for a long time surrounding my work. Created a brand new pattern of response today in a calm and loving way! Thank you so much for the work you do and how generously you share it with us. I’m grateful!

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