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For the week of February 3 – 9, 2020

The week invites us into an elevated perspective, through the lens of spiritual wisdom and unconditional Love.  We’re still undergoing a radical re-calibration to awaken higher vision at the most personal level, and it’s important to remember we always have a choice of how we view, interpret, and digest the events occurring around us and within us. 

When we consciously choose to live from the heart, the universal lens activates and expands to reveal abundance, blessings, and divine Light, nourishing our vital life force energy.  Our ascension process takes us within the depths of any unrecognized or unresolved emotional energy, personal and collective, beyond what the mind can comprehend at times.  Threading the Light of our awakened consciousness into the depths of the mud, revealing the lotus within, our inner Christ Nature, and expanding the capacity to BE the unconditional response of Love, no matter what we encounter. 

That unwavering presence is what calibrates new vision.  When our lens is resilient Love, we see new unfolding, new revelations, new possibilities, and divine manifestation.  When our lens is contingent upon favorable conditions, we continue to repeat historic projections, bypassing the layers of mud that call forth an elevated perspective to clear.  

If we wait for the mud to clear before we’re willing to look deeply, we’ll procrastinate the richest dimension of spiritual wisdom.  Trusting that we are enough to navigate those dense layers, we can allow our elevated consciousness to deep dive in whatever appears.  Remember, the presence of Love has infinite power to transcend and transmute anything.  The presence, which is the unwavering commitment to live through the lens of Love, unconditionally.  We don’t have to fix anything, change anything, or move mountains…yet the presence of Love certainly can eliminate any and all obstacles and illusions.   

When we have faith and trust in our greater I AM presence, there’s nothing to fear.  That doesn’t mean the scenarios will always feel pretty, easy, or deliciously refreshing…quite the contrary.  Equanimity is the seat of equality, giving no preferential treatment to our moment to moment experiences.  Regardless of the situation – pleasant or unpleasant –  our capacity to observe, choose, and respond from the higher lens of Love is always in tact. That spiritual practice requires discipline, diligence, and faith.  

This week, Mercury moves into Pisces and Venus moves into Aries, calibrating a significant mind/heart shift before the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday morning.   That mind/heart recalibration requires conscious discipline, and if we’re willing to trust and keep our hearts open, the full blown reflection of Light will deliver abundant blessings that restore our heart’s capacity to receive Divine Love as Self Love.  A restoration of vital life force energy through the heart that elevates us to a universal lens of Unconditional Love.  

The week begins on Monday 2/3 with a Mercury Ixion resource, then Mercury enters Pisces, followed by a Sun Great Attractor resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, Venus Saturn resource, and Mars Juno resource.  Mercury’s transition into Pisces brings the Messenger and our inner operating system into the sign of Spiritual Wisdom, the limitless realm of Christ Consciousness – Unconditional Love.  In order to experience that kind of Love, our minds must surrender, have faith, and release any limiting fears or doubts.  Where the mind goes, the body follows, and when we choose to Love with the mind, our bodies align with Unity consciousness.   We’re in the divine flow, as One Movement, One Breath.  All possibilities exist from here, and if we’re swimming in the infinite ocean, we have access to everything, always.  We are enough, and there is enough.   

On Tuesday 2/4, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ixion, followed by a Pallas MakeMake stepping stone, and a Black Moon Haumea great eliminator.  Today requires elevation to uncover the divine blueprint and the divine order in all things.  While it may not be readily available in plain sight, our commitment to honoring the wholeness of everything allows us to see the big picture, and the necessary pieces and parts at play.  Nothing is by accident, there are no coincidences or fluky mishaps in the universe.   Everything is connected, and everything matters.  When it doesn’t appear that way on the surface, we can choose to elevate to find a higher lens of vision, the lens of 5D wholeness.  

Wednesday 2/5 is a huge day with a Venus Sedna resource, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, Chiron Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Venus conjunction, Black Moon Sedna resource, Venus Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Uranus resource, Black Moon Saturn resource, Venus Haumea great eliminator, Sun Vesta stepping stone, and Mercury Quaoar resource.  The heart holds the crystalline records of the cosmos, and the inner operating system eliminates anything misaligned beliefs or interpretations, like a virus scan through our higher universal lens of vision.  When we scan for those misaligned interpretations and limiting beliefs, we also clear the attachments to any narrow patterns of vision as a result of previous wounds or vulnerabilities.   The elimination allows for a corrective vision through the lens of refined personal mastery.  Every experience, painful or easy, provides opportunities for higher wisdom, downloaded through our operating system.  When we clear the residue of fear and doubt from any historic painful experiences, we awaken our heart and mind to unprecedented possibilities.   We are not defined by our stories, we are not defined by our past wounds or scars…however, we continually refine and polish personal mastery through every challenge that calls forth courage, faith, and Love…to rebuild, resurrect, and reinvent.

On Thursday 2/6, there’s a Black Moon Pluto resource, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, Mars Eris manifestation, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, and Ceres Varuna Light Bridge.  Uncovering our greatest resurrection, unveiling the masterpiece that’s currently in process, behind the scenes.   The moments of disruption or discomfort are simply contractions and catalysts for greater awakening as we shed the old skin and reveal the new creation.  The process of shedding our skin isn’t always comfortable, in fact, friction is necessary.  As we surrender to the process, we realize we’re being birthed through a new lens of vision.  The skin is the largest organ, an organ of filtration.  As we shed the old filter, we reveal the lens of our Light Body, the awakened heart, emerging as our new embodied skin and crystalline lens.  The body is the portal of higher vision.   

Friday 2/7 is a Chiron Ceres resource, Pallas South (karmic) Node conjunction, Venus Ixion stepping stone, then Venus enters Aries, followed by Uranus Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury MakeMake great eliminator.   Our greatest healing/wholing/alignment is being birthed, and as we integrate the wisdom of our old skin, we’re free to release it all and step into the divine blueprint of the heart.  As Venus transitions into Aries, the sign of conscious discipline, we begin calibrating a potent mind/heart template for conscious creation.  As the mind roots itself into the heart, we think loving thoughts…loving from the mind, and thinking wth the heart.  This template of partnership yields new consciousness, and a new octave of creative potential.     

On Saturday 2/8, the Black Moon conjuncts Neptune in a resource with Vesta, followed by a Mercury South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Mercury North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, then Juno stations retrograde and Sedna stations direct.  Like corrective lenses restoring clarity of vision, today is a day of enlightened clarity that suddenly reveals what couldn’t be seen or understood before.  Our inner messenger connects the dots of any karmic entanglements for higher wisdom and understanding, while inspiring new creative expression and resolution of energy.  Like untangling a massive knot and releasing (or redirecting) all of the pent up energy into a creative expression that generates abundance, life, and freedom.        

And Sunday 2/9 is the Full Moon in Leo, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter resource and Venus Varuna manifestation.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, the heart of the lion that opens unconditionally to generate Love as powerful as the Sun, like vital life force energy offered freely to All.  That kind of heart opening requires courage, faith, and trust.  Leo is disposed by the Sun, which is currently in Aquarius.  An Aquarian Sun prefers to be invisible, and can feel out of sorts in the full blown spotlight, on center stage.  This is a powerful moment to recalibrate a sense of belonging, trusting that not only are you welcome here, you are home here, and wherever you find yourself moment to moment.  Aquarian Love is Humanitarian Love, Divine Love for All.  When we think of what it feels like to be a foreigner, to not fit in, to not feel safe, valued, or honored….we can open our awakened heart and radiate the vital life force energy of Love for All beings, here and now. 

It takes courage to show up, open up, and offer up that divine flow of Love.  The energy of the Moon is how we respond, and as we practice the unwavering response of Unconditional Love, we simultaneously calibrate the higher lens of Love, and the universal presence of Love.  Spontaneous miracles, blessings, and alchemy occur in that kind of environment, and our reality can literally shift on a dime.   As we practice being the bringer of Love, the response of Love, and the Light of Love, we witness a divine unfolding right before our very eyes.  The greatest service we could offer ourselves and the planet is the gift of an open heart, and the courage to see all beings through the eyes of the heart.  We are ONE, and when we recognize ourselves in all beings, we remember we are already home.  Nobody is a misfit, nobody is excluded from the lens of Love.  When we open our hearts to Divine Love, we recalibrate our circulatory system to participate in the abundant nourishment of vital life force energy.    

The practice this week is to remain open through the heart, unconditionally.   Practice inhaling through the palm of the left hand, receive that universal breath of Love into your heart as you stretch and expand, and then exhale from the heart through the right hand, offering that universal breath of Love to All, unconditionally.  Notice the times when your heart feels tight, closed, or protected.  Notice when you want to shut down, or when you resist generating Love in certain scenarios.  Keep the channel open, from left hand to heart to right hand.  Let your heart stretch open to full capacity, and let your light shine in response to the divine miracles you witness all around you.  Every moment contains a divine spark of magic.  From the lens of the heart, we can see it all, celebrate it all, and dance freely as One.  

“We’re all just walking each other home.”   ― Ram Dass     

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