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For the week of January 27 – February 2, 2020

Welcome to the new beginning, the fresh fertile soil of new ground, sensitive, renewed, and highly receptive.  The Aquarian New Moon last week completed the wormhole eclipse passage, delivering us through the unexpected shedding of layers of old skin and embedded attachments until only newness remains, in purest form.   Similar to a space shuttle re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, burning away residue upon landing.   

New skin can be tender to the touch, which elevates and refines sensory perception.  It’s important to tread lightly on new ground, with respect and reverence as if every step is penetrating more deeply than ever before.  We’re highly attuned now to both the consequences and the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions.  A blank canvass is an opportunity to walk with new awareness, allowing new thoughts to guide, from the heart.  A new way of being in our skin, a new way of living from the awakened heart.  

After shedding chronic layers of karmic skin, the moment of release prompts a diligent commitment – a vow to honor right alignment, to take good care of what matters most, and to hold sacred the opportunity to start again, moment to moment, without the density and weight of past habitual blindspots.  Hindsight is 20/20.  The tenderness and humility amplifies and expands our capacity to listen, connect, and unify with all that’s occurring around us.  The Aquarian “wake up call” is to get out of our own personal stuck-ness and tune in to a much higher frequency, tuning into the universal story, and choosing to participate from a higher octave.  

That higher octave requires the universal lens of Love.  Seeing through the eye of the heart, One Vision, Cosmic Love.  That’s our root system, our home, our family…the Source point of the Universe.  The kind of love that continually expands our capacity to do what’s in alignment for all beings, not just ourselves.  Not implying that we deny or ignore our personal needs, but reminding us that there is an octave of vision that transcends the personal to include All.  In order to experience a win/win, all beings must win, because all beings reflect the unity consciousness of One Heart, One Love. 

What’s being awakened is a much more expansive awareness of what’s happening around us, which is a reflection of what’s occurring deep within us.  Until those 2 realities match and congruently reflect Unconditional Love, we’re out of balance, out of alignment.  The misalignment simply opens the door for our greatest evolution.  The vulnerability, the chronic sore spot, the tender bruise, is precisely the magic portal for new consciousness, new growth, new expansion.  By infusing Love into anything, there is healing, wholing, alignment, growth…and evolution.

Evolution requires new design, and that new design comes online as a result of stretching apart.  This is where polarity gets confusing.  Oftentimes we observe extreme polarization and we fear the conflict, we resist the pulling apart process.  Yet as we elevate to a universal lens of Love and Wholeness, we can see that there is no separation, there is no end.  There’s a stretching beyond the familiar comfort zone and holding patterns which create a specific lens of reality, and while that lens might shatter from extreme pressurization,  the shattered context only reveals a much larger lens of “what’s beyond the veil”…similar to the awakening and realization of the afterlife, what’s beyond this incarnation.  Only by stretching apart the fibers of the veil, can we see through.  Unless we develop X-ray vision to see through the veil, which is exactly what universal vision enables.    

As we shatter, shed, and de-manifest all that we’ve known until now, we find what matters most, we find ourselves, we meet the divine within us, All, and every scenario.  In the end, we are Love.  We are the beginning, the original, and the final expression.  We are infinite energy.  We are limitless potential.    As we return back to our true resting state, our most authentic awareness of universal breath and pulse, we find ourselves back at the beginning, a blank page, and a fresh start.  If we could wake up every morning and realize that…every moment, with every exhale, we return back to nothing, which is the starting point for everything.  And every inhale is a birthing of the universe through our hearts.  Within and without, above and below, congruent as the limitless potential of Love.  We are never stuck, there’s no need to suffer.  We are so much more than what’s occurring in this moment, and what we perceive to be occurring in this moment is simply revealing the context of our current lens.  As we calibrate our lens to Universal Love, we literally recalibrate our trillions of cells that are dancing and communicating as stars in the cosmos.  We have the power to altar the universe through Self Love.  The stars align when we align ourselves with Love.

This week holds very few aspects, carving out space for clarity, efficiency, consolidation of energy, and personal refinement.  As we release the old attachments to distractions, we find the spaciousness we need to integrate the newness and align with our higher channels of communication.  It’s important to exhale and release any congestion, swelling, and inflammation that we’ve been carrying for so long in our bodies.  We’re in new uncharted territory now, and there’s no need to carry the old atmospheric pressure or weight into the next moment.   This is a week to decompress, and shed the energetic echos and vibrational memory of what was just shed and released through the wormhole.  As we lighten up, we prepare to travel light….as the LIGHT that we are.  In just a moment, we’ll find ourselves literally moving faster than the speed of light, without the brakes, catapulted into a quantum leap, in alignment with our divine spiritual blueprint.        

The week begins on Monday 1/27 with a Sun MakeMake manifestation followed by a Venus Neptune new cycle.  MakeMake is a 5D octave of Saturn, which represents the higher law and order of the Universe.  The universal language is Love, the rules and boundaries are developed and enforced as Love.  We’re awakening to the higher octaves of how the universe works, beyond the veil of man-made political systems and agendas that create separation between people, cultures, and countries.  The Venus Neptune new cycle clarifies the lens of the heart, the lens of enlightenment.  When we view the world through the lens of the awakened heart, we can see clearly, without needing to fix, change, or force anything.  This clarity of vision leads to clarity of living…through a humbled, surrendered, open state of grace.  When we live through the awareness of an open heart, we are at peace, at one with God, and with all begins.   From this state of consciousness, we are living in the infinite pulse-point of Love.   

On Tuesday 1/28, Pallas forms a new cycle with Quaoar, followed by a Mars Neptune stepping stone, Sun North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator, and Mercury Juno manifestation.   Today is another huge day for subtle elevations into the higher dimensions of clarity and awakened potential.  Wisdom is gained through hindsight, after a full completion of events, and that crystal clear wisdom, joined up with the new paradigm, initiates a new cycle that’s quite an amazing game changer.  When we recognize our physical body as the manifestation of our awakened heart, we activate the body as a portal for enlightenment.  The body holds the DNA and ancestral blueprint from our earthly story, AND the body also is a gateway for higher consciousness, our Source of Light.  As we practice this awareness, we become lightning rods, antennas, and instruments of divine consciousness, communicating Light though the root system of our ancestral lineage, and also through the collective vibrational atmosphere.       

Wednesday 1/29 has no major aspects.  It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the spaciousness of a day like today.  With little activity occurring, it’s an opportunity for integration, and allowing any pockets of deeper reside to have proper time and space to finally release and let go.  Without any distractions or interruptions, be mindful of the breath, and be present with all that’s occurring within and around.  In stillness we recognize the rapid changes that are occurring below the surface, that oftentimes go unnoticed.  We are all in a period of massive radical transformation, and the moments of rest allow for deeper integration and introspection. 

On Thursday 1/30, Mercury forms a resource with Eris, followed by a Uranus Varuna stepping stone.  Some unexpected communication bubbles up to clear the air and shift the atmosphere.  Ultimately, this clearing unclogs the filters and the lenses, allowing for a rapid elevation to higher vision.  It’s not always about the disruption or the blowup, sometimes the blowup is necessary to clear the air on behalf of All.  It’s important to not react any turbulence, simply witness what’s clearing, what’s awakening, and what’s elevating…internally and externally.  Today is the beginning of a radical quantum leap, and whatever facilities that clearing is divinely instrumental.

Friday 1/31, Ceres enters Aquarius, Venus and Juno form a great eliminator, followed by a Sun Orcus great eliminator and a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone.  The cosmic midwife is ushering us all into new consciousness.  Interestingly, Aquarius has always been known as the water bearer, the deliverer of new consciousness.  Ceres feels very familiar to that imitation as a divine feminine facilitator, overseeing the necessary shifts and adjustments that are coming online in our consciousness.  Awakenings aren’t predictable or comfortable, similar to a birthing process.   Births are messy, painful, unpredictable…and yet divinely orchestrated, miraculous new beginnings, new expressions.  A delivery of new consciousness impacts All beings, whether they realize it or not.  The atmosphere shifts anytime a new soul arrives on the planet, or anytime an old soul leaves the planet.  Similarly, the atmosphere shifts anytime a soul awakens, elevates, or has a quantum leap in consciousness.  Our atmosphere is expanding with the limitless realm to celebrate and usher in Universal Consciousness.     

On Saturday 2/1, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Sedna, followed by a Mercury Galactic Center resource, and Mercury Haumea manifestation.  As we enter February, a “2” vibration month of connection and relationship, our communications are elevated and refined.  Communications of any kind requires relationship.   There is always a sender and a receiver, and the vibrational message isn’t personal, the delivery mechanism of information requires connection.  Sedna is the cosmic librarian, the keeper of crystal clear records, and Haumea is the 5D archetype of wholeness.  Our ability to download, receive, synchronize, and upload is quickening, like a crystalline network of high frequency connectivity.   As we plug into communities of higher consciousness, our ability to share, expand, and elevate becomes almost instantaneous.   

Sunday 2/2 is a Venus Pluto resource, then Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 29 Aquarius (a mirror image “affinity” from the last Mercury retrograde station at 29 Scorpio).  Next is a Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, and Mercury Ixion resource.  Today is a powerful calibration of the 2020 lens of higher vision…2/2/2020.  The heart has an amazing capacity to see beyond the veils, beyond the walls, and beyond judgments or projections.   The heart operates from a context of Unconditional Love, which means the heart has infinite access to see clearly through any shadow, hidden dimensions, or locked doors.   Interesting the Mercury enters his shadow phase at the master degree of Aquarius, which evokes intimacy, “into me you see”, as the heart forms resource with Pluto to see and Love beyond the shadows.  This is key to our X-ray vision, when we can open unconditionally to receive Love, and also open unconditionally to accept what is being revealed before us, so that we can become the messenger of Love, unconditionally.   As we see all, we download Love into All.  And that is the key to the ultimate healing, transmutation, and alchemy of humanity through the awakened lens of Love.

The practice this week is to see all beings through the awakened lens of Love.  If you find yourself judging, resisting, or reacting to someone’s behavior or way of being, simply drop into your heart and take some deep breaths.  Anytime you bring your undivided attention into your heart space, you’ve merged mind with heart.  That mind/heart still point is an ascension point that not only elevates the lens to Love but also prompts a quantum leap in consciousness.   See what you can see from that observer’s perch, and practice eliminating the lens of personal judgment.   We can altar the universe and prompt spontaneous miracles simply by practicing the ascension point of mind/heart union as our lens of higher vision. 

“The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others, or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me.”

― ram dass      


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