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For the week of January 20 – 26, 2020

Welcome to the final countdown, the home stretch of this intense and magical wormhole eclipse passage.  The final completion is birthing us All  into a radical reconstruction phase that unveils the New Earth.  As higher consciousness (Divine Love) grounds into our root system, everything changes, everything transforms. 

This particular reconstruction phase isn’t a logical linear process birthed by the mental body’s goal sheet or personal agenda…it’s an organic mirrored unfolding of a new vision coming online.   As we awaken to higher vision, our physical reality mirrors the new vision, and transformation occurs.  

This is a radical awakening from the inside out, like Light sprouting from within, expressing outward in a way that sheds the skin of our surface level appearances and identities.  Taking off the masks and revealing our divine blueprint.  We’re not becoming something new, we’re returning to our original blueprint, our divine contract…we’re coming home to our Light, embodying our God Spark, our true nature.  Right alignment occurrs, whether we consciously intend it, will it, or not.  It’s simply the “what’s so” of our evolutionary story at this time.  

There is divine timing in nature – a time to grow, a time to blossom and express, a time to die and return back to the soil for regeneration and renewal, and a time to be reborn, resurrected, redefined.  Our divine consciousness is the wholeness of the cycle, yet where we find ourselves moment to moment, the experience we’re embodying in this particular moment, is significant.  In other words, if we awaken and find ourselves in the dying process, then it’s important to be awake as we transition.  If we awaken to find ourselves in the full blown expression of expansion, it’s important to be awake as we expand and radiate.  No phase of the spiral is better or worse than the others, there are seasons that we travel, and our willingness to be awake and aware, as the unwavering consciousness of Love, is what matters most.  

Letting go of the need to fix, change, or eliminate what we don’t like, we free ourselves up to be fully present with what is.  In that moment of surrender, the consciousness of Love (which is the divine presence or Christ Consciousness) can initiate spontaneous miracles and alchemy.  The consciousness of Divine Love is the presence that awakens higher vision, and delivers that vision into the current structure, landscape, or embodiment…literally in an instant.  There’s no time to think, plan, or prepare…it’s an instant spark of radical change.   That’s how the consciousness of Divine Love expresses, through a lightning bolt of sudden awakening.  

This passage we’re navigating requires a delicate surrender of the ego in order to listen from a place that doesn’t make assumptions or goal sheets.  We are not the doer here, even in this radical process of Self Realization, the purpose is not to realize our personal importance, but to awaken to the Divine Spark that’s animating as Self…the Christed Self, the Cosmic Self….and to align wholeheartedly with That Voice, the instrument of Divine Creation.   To Self Realize or Self Actualize requires a surrender of the ego self, the personal attachment to what I like or don’t like, what’s comfortable or not comfortable, easy or hard, in order to release the attachments of our mental body attention, and elevate up to a much higher dimension of our soul’s agreement.  Through the higher octave, we refine our “note”, the mastery and the gift we came to contribute in the universal orchestration.  Our uniqueness matters in the big picture, and our diligent practice is extremely important.  Equally important is the harmonization of our “note” with the larger movement of creation.  Community alignment…not in a way that maintains status quo, but in a way that forwards evolution of the whole.

The original soul agreement was in place before we realized our physical form.  Everything we’ve ever needed in order to fulfill that promise has always been fully in tact.  Burried under the layers of amnesia from the human birth and human experience, we’ve been awakening by remembering, from the subtle familiar current that flows through every heartbeat and breath.  When we look around and see our mirrored reflection by the tangible earthly structures, it’s important to remember, we are so much more than that.  We are infinitely intangible, formless…our true nature is fluid, expansive, limitless Love.  Forms and structures in the physical dimension serve a purpose, but are subject to change, reinvent, and redefine.  What’s constant through the cycles of change, what remains after death, is the consciousness of Love.  Formless, shapeless, and infinite.  As such, we take on form and structure when it matters, when there’s a higher reason or calling to initiate the new birth.  

The new ground emerges within the current structure, awakened by the lightning bolt of new consciousness.  This week delivers the Aquarian New Moon, ushering us from the wormhole eclipse passage into a brand new beginning, the awakening of a higher vision.  That vision comes through the newly recalibrated lens of 2020, the lens of Universal Love, equality of mind/heart, unified yin/yang wholeness.  Our greatest expansion comes as the result of our greatest remembrance of who we are, and why it matters that we came in this form and structure, at this time.    

The week begins on Monday 1/20 with a Black Moon Jupiter resource, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus bridge, then the Sun enters Aquarius.  Venus forms a resource with the Karmic Earth Star Chakra and manifests with the Soul Star Chakra, followed by a Black Moon Vesta resource, Mercury MakeMake manifestation, and Black Moon Neptune conjunction.  Like peeling back the layers of an onion, we’re stretching the fibers of our consciousness, expanding and unveiling the infinite.  As the Sun moves into Aquarius, prepare for the unexpected.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents Divine Spiritual Love, the consciousness of humanitarian universal love for ALL.  How I love you is equal to how I love God, equal to how I love myself.   There is no separation, there is One Love.  This is oftentimes an uncomfortable place to stand, especially with personal attachments, triggers, and preferences.  Aquarius Consciousness requires us to compassionately un-attach from the personal story in order to be the conduit for higher universal vision.  When we see things from a personal lens, we are limited.  When we see through the eye of God, we access higher vision, through the lens of Unconditional Love.  

On Tuesday 1/21, Mercury forms a great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Juno, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Pluto.  Today is a day of clearing and purging the filters of our operating system, windexing the windows for clarity of communication, and unclogging anything at all that has kept us feeling stuck or separate.  Sometimes it can feel like dying to be stuck in a holding pattern of sludgy residue, and a little sloughing off of the system reveals new light, new skin, and new life.  Similarly, soaking in an emspom salt bath after a dry brush exfoliation, or drinking warm lemon water with himalayan sea salt can gently rinse the liver, the skin, and unclog the filters of the mind from any heaviness, gravity, or sluggishness.  

Wednesday 1/22 reveals a Black Moon Saturn resource, then a Sun Chiron resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Sedna resource, and Black Moon Haumea great eliminator.  It’s a day of support, healing, wholing, and personal mastery.  Where there may have been vulnerabilities or sensitive core wounds in the past, today is a day to allow all resources to redefine, renegotiate, and remember what’s possible through wholeness.  If we insist on doing things as lone rangers, carrying the load of it all on our backs, we eventually run ourselves down and limit our productivity.  The truth is, we are infinite through the remembrance of wholeness, which requires expansion, faith, and trust in collaboration and community.  The ego might pretend that we don’t need support, that we’re self sufficient on our own…but that kind of thinking actually generates scarcity and fractures relationships.  We each have brilliant magic that nobody else can reproduce, and when we allow the diversity of contribution to support any endeavor, we realize our greatest potential, through unity.  

On Thursday 1/23, there’s a Sun Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Sun Varuna Light Bridge, Venus Jupiter resource, then the Black Moon enters Aries, followed by a Venus Orcus bridge, Ceres Sedna manifestation, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Chiron Pallas stepping stone, and Vesta Great Attractor.  Today is a day to step up, and allow any uexpected awakenings to prompt an elevated lens of higher purpose.  When we can see the higher context and meaning behind any event, we gain insight, perspective, and wisdom.  That higher lens of perspective is the 2020 lens of Universal Love, which elevates beyond the personal story into the universal story, which reveals wisdom.  As we devote ourselves to seeing the world through this unconditional lens, we commit to elevating through higher wisdom and compassion, which altars the collective game we’re playing on this planet.   We didn’t come here to continue the cycles of drama, suffering, and misunderstandings….we came to interrupt those cycles, taking a quantum leap from the awakened heart, birthing a new season and new beginnings.  

Friday 1/24 is the official deliverance of the wormhole/eclipse passage.  Beginning with a Black Moon Chiron conjunction, followed by a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Mars Great Attractor new cycle, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Mars Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, then the New Moon at 5 Aquarius, Mercury Great Attractor resource, and Mercury Vesta stepping stone.  What an incredible deliverance that sparks a radical new beginning!  The energy is electric and innovative, so it’s best to not even try to wrap our heads around things from an old perspective.  The Aquarian New Moon forms the tail of a kite with the grand fire manifestation of Chiron/Black Moon, Varuna, and the activation degree of the wormhole from the Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th.  This New Moon is a radical lift-off for a higher vision that was always available, but not fully in our consciousness.  

The truth shall set us free…and that’s been the mantra of this wormhole journey.   Initiated by the Truth Seeker, disposed by Jupiter…our greatest expansion comes when we deep dive into the heart of the matter, realize the truth, and set ourselves free.  The framework shifts, our foundation recalibrates.  We’re standing on new ground.  As our consciousness elevates to a higher octave of Love and Unity, our cellular structure shifts and re-calibrates.  This truly is a lift-off moment, and the beginning of a whole new way of being human on the planet…Awake as One! 

On Saturday 1/25, Uranus manifests with Pallas, followed by a Mercury Mars resource, Venus Great Attractor stepping stone, Pallas Varuna great eliminator, Venus Vesta resource, and Ceres Haumea stepping stone.  Awakened wisdom is powerful fuel for new growth, like tilling the soil, breaking apart old adhesions and growth patterns, and fertilizing with the highest quality nutrients.  All dimensions of the lower 4 body system are involved, and the systemic transformation generates an attractive vortex from the heart.  An awakened heart attracts infinite abundance, wisdom, and resources, like an umbilical cord of Cosmic Oneness.  As we experience the newness and the deliverance of yesterday’s New Moon, witness the ease of attraction and expansion through the heart.     

And Sunday 1/26, Haumea stations retrograde, followed by a Pluto Eris stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Mars.  Haumea is the 5D octave of wholeness, which also reflects universal oneness, the feeling of home.  All pieces and parts are home in the big picture, nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken.  The wholeness of the cosmic picture is One.  Remember, when a planet stations retrograde, that aspect of our consciousness is turning inward towards Source for an intimate calibration and alignment of Truth.  The wholeness of our cosmic story is in a still point, calibrating through the lens of 2020 Universal Love, and sparking a massive transformation and awakening for All.  Awakening to Oneness, Unity, and Love.  Awakening through surrender, faith, and trust.  Awakening to our Wholeness, our Holiness, and our Divinity.  Awakening to Love.  This is the beginning of a brand new world.  

The practice this week is surrender, faith, and elevated vision.  When anything catches you by surprise, or if you find yourself in a triggered state of discomfort, hurt, or frustration, practice surrendered forgiveness to release any attachments, like shedding skin.  Tend to the sensitivity or the open wound, then soften the heart, expand beyond the personal lens of the story, and elevate through the universal lens of Oneness.  From that universal seat, see what’s awakening and emerging.   Find the divine wisdom, and allow that to integrate through your mind, heart, and body.  The experience is transformational.   Through the integration of higher wisdom, we shed the skin of our unconscious attachments to pain and suffering, our old identity.  As we shed our skin, we reveal the new fabric of consciousness, the Light of our Awakened Heart.   

“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.” 

― Alejandro Jodorowsky  

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