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For the week of January 13 – 19, 2020

We’re officially breaking ground on the New Earth!  This week establishes the beginning of a new foundation, the conscious creation of higher ground, while generating some pivotal new cycles for 2020 and establishing the new framework and lenses of our operating system. 

Coming off of an incredibly powerful Lunar Eclipse weekend amplified by the Great Awakener and Disruptor stations, we’re navigating some turbulence, especially in our weather patterns.  That atmospheric instability, along with the massive Capricorn stellium, is birthing an opportunity to redefine ourselves and our perception of reality, in alignment with our highest vision.   

Whatever we’re perceiving “out there” is simply mirroring and awakening a deeper conversation within.  When unexpected scenarios arise that get our attention, it’s an opportunity to tune inward through the heart to see what’s being activated.  The Uranus and Eris stations from this weekend highlight the beauty of disruption as a facilitator to shake loose our blind spots and awaken to any misalignments below the surface.  We don’t know what we don’t know until something gets triggered, irritated, and brought to the surface for our undivided attention.  It’s important that we not get hooked by the scenario itself, but rather take an equanimous deep dive into ourselves to see what’s at the root.  The awakening occurs at the root, not the surface.

Not taking things personally is critical.  Finding gratitude for any spark of discomfort that ultimately prompts clarity is grace.  This is an uncomfortable passage, by design.  The status quo foundations need a Uranian jolt to move toward the root, in order to defrag the current systems.  Remember, the overarching theme is expansion, and at times we need X-ray vision to scan through the tiniest of fractures within the skeletal framework of our thought forms in order to see where we’re projecting unresolved wounds, patterns, and blockages.  Our greatest expansion requires a humble willingness to see where we hold ourself back, through the constructs of our own mind, attitude, and beliefs.  

This is a delicate procedure, like breaking a bone in order to reset and reform in a new way.  It requires ego-less precision and refinement.  The breaking of old structures releases the energy and spirit of that original agreement, which can feel disorienting and ungrounded, until we intentionally choose again and reinvent, redesign, and reshape.   The new growth at the site of any break is stronger than the original structure.   In our most vulnerable moments, we must remember the resiliency and pliability of our commitment to expand, while be willing to withstand the temporary discomfort of redesign.  Any relationship or community that can withstand the challenge of redesign becomes unshakeable.  Those are the relationships to move forward with for sustainable growth.     

The new alignment and configuration is determined by the wisdom of the heart, and the mind mirrors this sacred geometry by generating crystalline thought forms, infrastructures, and elevated communication networks to support.  When we think from the heart, we lay new tracks and set new foundations in our neural-network, initiating a light grid structure for optimal heart messaging and connectivity, which ultimately calibrates a higher lens of vision.  This upgrade to our inner operating system is a quantum shift that manifests as high frequency crystalline communications through our cellular matrix. 

In order to establish this new grid of communications, we must interrupt our current programming.  The unplug/reboot process can take a minute or a day, or longer, and can get triggered by any disruptive conversation that seemingly comes out of left field.  A momentary disconnect is needed in order to power down the system, defrag the old patterning, and bring online the new circuitry. 

Teamwork and efficiency of the mind/heart connection is absolutely necessary.  That mind/heart union was calibrated at the end of October when Venus, Mercury, and Pallas conjoined at the master degree of Scorpio, in a Light Bridge with Sedna, the day before Mercury went retrograde.  Since then, the heart has moved forward into new territory, while the mind has transformed into a metaphysical portal and receptor for our ultimate transmutation.  Interestingly, this week Venus moves into Pisces (the infinite realm of spiritual wisdom and unconditional Love), Mercury moves into Aquarius (an air sign that awakens higher vision and sparks innovation in our technology and communications), and Pallas moves into Capricorn (delivering feminine wisdom through the channels of Divine Power).   This is a massive opportunity to re-calibrate and integrate the newness that’s coming online, and to experience the new foundation within our unified mind/heart operating system.  This is the new platform for conscious creation and divine manifestation.  

The week begins on Monday 1/13 with a Saturn Ceres new cycle, Mars MakeMake resource, Sun Pluto new cycle, Sun Saturn new cycle, Sun Ceres new cycle, then Venus enters Pisces, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Eris, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Quaoar.  These are some heavy aspects, however when Venus moves into Pisces, we have the opportunity to shed our attachments to form and structure as we expand through the infinite ocean of wisdom.  Any chance we get to remember our infinite nature, beyond labels, definitions, time and space, we recalibrate our holistic system to the limitless possibilities that exist through the frequency of Love.  Beyond definition, we are formless, infinite, and universally whole.  We can reinvent ourselves anytime we come home to the truth of who we really are – infinite limitless Love.  We are not bound by anything in this physical dimension, and we’re not limited to the definitions of our current roles and agreements.  It can feel like a breath of fresh air to allow the attachments and definitions to dissolve as we return to Love, remember who we are, and then choose to re-engage from a state of renewal and expansion.  That moment of reboot is the opportunity for expansion through our limitlessness.       

Tuesday 1/14 is a Ceres Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Mercury Sedna manifestation.   The atmosphere of the old foundations can be a bit turbulent today, by design.  That sensitivity in the atmospheric pressure reveals the opportunities for new growth and higher alignment.  The only way to see these opportunities is to remain equanimous to what’s occurring, in the natural seat we can see it all, including our internal triggers.  The disruptions are contractions in the birthing process, necessary and productive.   As we soften through any moments of resistance, we can allow the greater movement to occur, stretching us beyond our current framework of status quo.   

On Wednesday 1/15, the Black Moon forms a resource with Venus, followed by a Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Mars North Node great eliminator, and Venus Uranus resource.  As we elevate our operating system to a higher octave of 5D wholeness, our physical structure and cellular expression shifts.  This is a physical aspect of the defrag process, eliminating old physical pattens of cellular expression while upgrading to higher vibrational possibilities.   Again, any shift from status quo to new expression will facilitate moments of discomfort and redesign.  It’s important to honor the whole process and tune into the heart.  

Thursday 1/16 is a Pallas Ixion new cycle, Venus Varuna great eliminator, Saturn Eris stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns direct, Venus and Quaoar form a resource, and Mercury moves into Aquarius.  Downloading the wisdom of our higher blueprint and purpose, we become equipped to elevate and fine tune our internal framework of personal contracts and agreements.  We may find that certain agreements or contracts simply don’t fit anymore, and even though there’s nothing wrong, it’s time to elevate and reinvent.   As Mercury moves into Aquarius, we gain access to innovative shifts and visionary attunements in our operation system.  We also gain the gift of not taking things personally.  When it’s time to evolve, we must respond and move forward.  Evolution isn’t personal, and there can’t be personal attachments that hold us back in a status quo paradigm.  Evolution and innovation are non-personal, and Unity Consciousness (Non-Local Consciousness) is essential.   

On Friday 1/17, there’s a beautiful Sun Sedna manifestation and Mercury Chiron resource.  We all have access to the source of Divine Power, and our greater I AM Presence gives us each the authority to manifest higher ground as a new foundation.  We heal old wounds by self realizing and remembering our true nature, which alters the entire framework of our inner operating system.   That higher ground begins within the constructs of our own minds, and it’s a massive game changer.    

Saturday 1/18 sparks a Mercury Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus resource, then Pallas enters Capricorn, followed by a Sun Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Varuna Light Bridge, and Black Moon Quaoar resource.  Another incredible day of adjustments through shake-ups that stimulate elevation to higher ground.  Every moment of challenge, surprise, or discomfort is an opportunity to get present within the heart, then take a quantum leap in consciousness to see with new eyes.  The Mercury Varuna Light Bridge is that quantum leap of higher vision, and it has the power to expand and redefine our perception of reality.   

And on Sunday 1/19, Venus forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Venus conjunction, Black Moon South Node resource and Black Moon North Node manifestation.   There’s a lot of Black Moon activity today, a lot is revealing and releasing, unclogging the filters and lens of our own heart.  We get our feelings hurt when we take things personally, and the accrual of hurt can clog or congest the heart, preventing higher truth from shining through.  As we unclog the filters, we remove the attachments to old debris, uncovering the lens of the heart, and ultimately manifesting a generous current of nourishment, restoring our circulation of Divine Love through the heart.  Where we’ve blocked ourselves from feeling Love, we can now release, open, and expand to the vital nourishment that’s always been there, right in front of us.  

The practice this week is to embody the formless, limitless nature of the heart.  Find your breath, and find your heart.  Allow the inhale to open the heart, as the exhale clears the space and dissolves the structure.  After a few breaths, imagine the heart expands to reveal your limitless nature, the vast ocean of Love.  Inhale the frequency of Love, and exhale your greatest expansion, beyond any limitations or attachments.  Let yourself experience freedom as you stretch beyond time and space.  Then unify that expansive freedom into your physical structure, and allow yourself to embody the limitless nature of your heart.   

“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. 

There are not more than five primary colours, yet in combination

they produce more hues than can ever been seen.

There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of

them yield more flavours than can ever be tasted.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War   


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