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For the week of January 6 – 12, 2020

Get ready for a significant game-changer, a major awakening and a pivotal redirect at the fundamental core of our operating system.  The way we’ve been living, up until now, is about to shift radically.  Remember, the theme of this wormhole passage is expansion through the new paradigm.  As we expand, we require new systems and structures to support our greatest transformation and redesign.  It’s nothing short of a divine birthing process, and our willingness to trust the process is crucial.  

The events this week are calling forth higher consciousness, new thoughts that spark new responses and new outcomes, unlike anything we’ve ever considered before.   If we insist on clinging to old outdated models of status quo – no matter how well it’s worked in the past – we will only create replicas of where we’ve been in the past.  Evolution requires expansion and elevation, new consciousness and new lenses. How we interpret events around us has everything to do with our internal reactions and ripple effect communications, even at cellular level.   

When we interpret events from a lens of separation or fear, our nervous system can easily get triggered into a fight/flight/freeze response.  The need to fight, the need to prove, the need to be right.  The triggered nervous system operates on fear based messaging and communication, which can only generate action motivated by fear or scarcity.   When our lens of vision is calibrated to Unconditional Love, the context of our experience produces new opportunities, not reflex reactions.   The opening allows for expansion, vs closing or shrinking into past patterns.  The old belief that there’s not enough, simply doesn’t exist.  There is enough, we are enough, and when we remember our infinite nature, we simultaneously manifest upgraded systems and structures to harness and deliver that potential. 

New lines of communication are required.  New code, a new languaging system.  That language is universal, the frequency of Love.  It’s not personal – it’s rooted in Unity.  As we mindfully connect the dots that our thoughts are generating our reality, moment to moment, and the universe responds and reflects our patterning of thought forms instantly, we become empowered to generate original thoughts from the heart, with Love.  We can elevate our thoughts on behalf of All and send universal code to benefit all beings with each intentional moment.  The quality of our innermost personal thoughts can be the greatest act of service we can offer humanity and Mother Earth.  How we choose to interpret, respond, and initiate myself in relationship with our day to day surroundings is important, it matters.  

This week’s Full Moon in Cancer reflects the divine power of the feminine heart, Mother Earth.  All of life on this planet is sustained and supported by the consciousness of Mother Earth, and our individual hearts mirror that foundation of Love.  When we think from the heart, we give voice to the feminine.  What we speak, we give power to.  What we declare, manifests.  What we think and believe, matters.  

Each of us holds the power and authority to choose our thoughts, and speak our truth.  This simple act of mindfulness holds the power to transform the world.  We must tune in to make sure our words match the frequency of our heart, in order to manifest the highest alignment of truth, communicated from the frequency of Love.  This is how we birth our legacy for the planet, by cultivating the foundation for the New Earth.    

The week begins on Monday 1/6 with a Black Moon Ceres resource and a Black Moon Juno great eliminator.   Other than these 2 Black Moon aspects, today is a very quiet day, which is an indicator to tune inward and listen from the heart.  We’re being delivered, so there’s nothing to reach for or look for, simply remain open to the universal messages that are being revealed.  Letting go of personal attachments, we can see the bigger picture with clarity.   

On Tuesday 1/7, the Sun forms a resource with Neptune, followed by a Mars Uranus great eliminator, Mars Salacia manifestation, Black Moon Sun resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Mercury resource, and Venus Eris resource.   Clarity shines bright as physical wake-up calls clear the slate of unnecessary distractions.  It’s important to dream and manifest from the intangible realm, not limited by the current available options that we see in front of us.  We’re either reacting to what we think we’re seeing, or we’re consciously engaging from a higher lens of vision.  It’s time to manifest from our enlightened state, not the distracted triggered state.  

Wednesday 1/8 is a Mars Varuna manifestation, Mercury Neptune resource, Jupiter Karmic Earth Star Chakra conjunction (new cycle), Black Moon Vesta resource, and Black Moon Orcus bridge.  We can see and sense universally through our current physical body sensations.  The body is an antenna and a messenger, delivering important signs and indicators to pay attention to.  When we’re equanimous, in a resting state at peace, the body reveals everything, just like nature reveals the consciousness of the cosmos.  As we tune in and scan our physical sensations, we can hear, see, and know what’s occurring globally and collectively.  

On Thursday 1/9, the Moon enters Cancer shortly after midnight, followed by a Sun Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter resource, and Mercury Juno stepping stone.  We’re already in the energetic of the Cancer Full Moon, which is extremely powerful, nurturing, and intuitive.  Like a mother communicating nonverbally within her womb, we are all connected through the messaging system of Mother Earth, through our roots.  The Full Moon reflects that underground communication like a sonogram made visual on a screen.  There’s so much coming with tomorrow’s Full Moon/ Eclipse, and if we tune in, we can already feel the heartbeat of what’s there.          

Friday 1/10 delivers a Black Moon Earth Star Chakra resource, Black Moon Soul Star Chakra manifestation, a Sun Mercury conjunction, followed by the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 20 Cancer.  Next is a Pallas Sedna great eliminator, then the 2 great awakeners – Eris and Uranus – both station direct.  Lastly, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with MakeMake.   Communication from the Divine Messenger announces the Full Moon and initiates the deliverance of this massive Capricorn Stellium.  The Cancer Full Moon reflects the epic conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto, which continues to amplify throughout the entire weekend.  

In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer represents Mother Earth, Emotional Power, and the core of our root system, our tribal ancestral lineage.  The Capricorn polarity is our connection to Source, Divine Power and Authority.  As above, so below.  Together, this polarity is the vertical axis of our formless consciousness, above and below, unifying heaven and earth.  The still point in the middle is the Awakened Heart.  Our Christed Self embodied on Earth, grounding higher consciousness through the heart, circulating underground to nourish All beings. 

For so long, humanity has misconstrued power and authority, overriding the laws of nature, the universe, and oneness in order to build and manifest forms and structures upon the earth that serve the convenience of man, disrupting nature’s harmonics, and forcing change to our environment, our natural resources, our communities, our home, our health and wellness.  We’ve forgotten that the planet is our home, a divine reflection of heaven, and that we all belong.  Arrogance has created conflict, war, and suffering, and in response, we’ve collectively tried to “fix” our problems, making blanket assessments of what’s right or wrong, establishing man made laws to govern and control. 

This Full Moon is a full blown reflection, from the womb of Mother Earth, showing us what we’ve birthed, what we’ve created… prompting a reconciliation, an accounting resolution to correct our misuse and abuse of power, to restore abundance, nourishment, and vital life force energy on this planet…not just for some, but for all beings.  The currency on this planet, the currency of nature and the cosmos is Unconditional Love.  Those who speak the universal language, can expand, thrive, and grow infinitely, unconditionally.  It’s our spiritual inheritance, and as a species, we must awaken and evolve in order to remain.  

The Moon is dignified in Cancer, and she is fierce abundant Love….for family, home, and community.  We are ONE community, ONE family, ONE LOVE.  It’s time to wake up, take responsibility, and choose to be good stewards of our planet…the same way we hold divine holy reverence for our connection to God and the afterlife of heaven.  There’s no separation.  Both are here, now.  If we think somehow we’ll meet God when we die, it’s time to open our eyes to the God that lives within every being here on this planet.  We can’t trash our planet and our bodies and believe that somehow this doesn’t matter, that what comes next is the golden arch.  What matters is what’s right here, right now.  And every breath is sacred…both brand new, and a continuation of the last.  It matters that we take good care of ourselves and and our home.  Everywhere we go, we’re home, and we’re fully responsible for the footprints we leave behind.           

On Saturday 1/11, Venus forms a stepping stone with Sedna, then Pallas initiates a new cycle with the Galactic Center, followed by a Venus Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, Venus Pallas resource, Venus Haumea manifestation, and Mercury Ceres new cycle.   Sedna is the record keeper of the heart, the crystalline record keeper and librarian of our cosmic lineage of Oneness.  We’re initiating a new chapter of divine wisdom, downloaded from the cosmic records.  As above, so below…the ancestral root system on Earth can calibrate to clarity and wholeness through the reflection of Oneness in the cosmos.  Any conflict or karmic patterns we’ve experienced in our carbon footprints can be recalibrated to our higher crystalline frequency of wholeness.  This is the beginning of the deliverance of a New Earth, the calibration of our mirrored reflection, through the lens of Universal Love.       

And on Sunday 1/12, the Capricorn stellium is fully activated with a Mercury Saturn new cycle, Mercury Pluto new cycle, Mercury Eris stepping stone, Saturn Pluto new cycle, Albion MakeMake great eliminator, Venus Ixion resource, and Pallas Haumea resource.  The frequency shift to Love is the calibration that altars our current forms, structures, agreements, and identities, literally shape- shifting our experience of reality to a new landscape, through a new lens. With fresh eyes, the landscape emerges, crystal clear.  Everything looks different, and our journey of re-orientation begins, as if we’re meeting ourselves and each other for the first time.   When the caterpillar emerges as the butterfly, it can appear as 2 separate beings.  However, they’re the same essence, the same wholeness, the same seed.   It’s important as we meet ourselves and each other for the first time, that we not project or compare to the old appearances, the old archetypal energies, roles, or attachments.  Resurrection is a new expression.  Same soul, new embodiment.   New consciousness.  New beginning.  Wisdom remains in tact, lenses recalibrated, and a whole new world begins.  

The practice this week is to ground through the heart, and listen through the body.  Like a snake shedding skin, you’ll know when and how to move.  Bring your attention inward this week, and look within for clarity, newness, and awakening.  What’s changing “out there” on the surface is simply reflecting the new alignment and calibration of higher vision within.  Let your body be the antenna, the instrument of navigation.  Trust what you sense when you’re still and at peace.  Nurture yourself to peace if you experience triggers of reactionary patterns.  And remember, wherever you are, you’re home, you belong, and it’s your responsibility to be the elevation of LOVE.  

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer. In that kind of relationship you have enough love, strength and awakening in order to change your life.

Fear, separation, hate and anger come from the wrong view that you and the Earth are two separate entities, that the Earth is only the environment. That is a dualistic way of seeing. 

So to breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it, realise you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth. Not to cut the tree not to pollute the water, that is not enough.

We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things. When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born. That is the meaning of love, to be at one.”   ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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