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For the week of December 30, 2019 – January 5, 2020

We’re at the midpoint of this eclipse/wormhole event that’s ushering us all across the threshold of a whole new world.  The halfway point overlaps old with new, revealing a portal of infinite possibilities for awakening and expansion.  While there’s still so much more to be revealed, the new vision is emerging clearly enough to step forward on new ground.  This week marks the transition into 2020, a new foundation rooted in higher vision.  Although time is fluid and the threshold has been available for quite some time, the exact activation of this New Year holds special importance for us All. 

The journey of evolution awakens higher consciousness by elevating our scope of vision to Universal Love.  As we calibrate the lens of Love, from the heart, we manifest a whole new world by seeing the world through the eyes of the heart.  The context (or lens) of our vision is what determines the new forms, structures, agreements, and contracts that we’re willing to live by in order to manifest higher ground.  We’re navigating a contextual shift, embodying a new paradigm, and experiencing a dimensional shift of consciousness in the process.  

When vision is dictated by the lens of the awakened heart, our divine blueprint and higher purpose lead the way, motivating right action that delivers new possibilities.   When our vision is dictated by lower vibrational distractions, ego agendas, or historic tendencies, we can only see where we’ve been before, and our lens is distorted and limited by historic assumptions and projections.  There are no new possibilities, other than the re-arrangement of familiar content.  Same story, different characters.  

The available quantum leaps in this wormhole passage deliver a contextual shift, through the surrendering of old patterns of giving our power away, playing small, and holding ourselves as separate.  Our evolutionary leap is the full bodied remembrance of our limitless potential, the immortality of our soul, and the universal wisdom we all have access to.  This empowered belief eliminates the old cycles of powerlessness and separation.  New beliefs inspire new thoughts, which produce new actions, behaviors, and results.  

The key is to root our selves through the heart.  That is the foundation of the New Earth.  From there, look for the newness, the opportunities to expand and elevate.  And integrate wisdom from the times when we lost belief, lost authentic power, or lost access to higher vision.  Authenticity is our precious resource, our fossil fuel, our contribution.   The unique God Spark that lives within each of us.  That’s the aspect of ourselves that’s limitless, authentic, and infinite.  And that’s the aspect of ourselves that holds divine power and universal wisdom.  That spark is like a match, igniting creation, sparking the potential for a brand new world.  As light workers and torch bearers, that’s the flame we carry within our hearts to lead the way.

The week begins on Monday 12/30 with a Sun South Node (Karma) new cycle, Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Mercury Uranus manifestation, and Black Moon Chiron conjunction.   A new cycle with the conscious awareness of our I AM presence clears the patterns of karmic entanglements from times we may have felt limited, out of control, or over-powered.  Capricorn karma, especially the ancient stories held deep within the root system of this planet, reveals generational collective stories of the misuses of power and authority, the misaligned properties of control, ego, righteousness, and forced agendas that limit, humiliate, or enslave others.  Whether we’ve played out these karmic patterns within ourselves at anytime within this lifetime, or whether we’ve participated karmically through collective stories, we can all identify with examples of where this consciousness has been at play again and again throughout the history of our planet.  As we awaken our I AM presence, we access the divine authority to choose Love, to elevate the game, and forgive/heal/resolve old wounds. 

Tuesday 12/31 is a Mercury Quaoar new cycle, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, and Venus forms a resource with the Great Attractor.  Mercury disposes our inner operating system, and the new cycle with Quaoar upgrades our cellular communications with the new paradigm of limitless potential.  As we erase old patterns of limitations, we simultaneously expand our scope of higher vision.  Our belief system creates a set of filters that determines available thoughts.  The more expansive our belief system is, the more infinite our capacity to think new thoughts, which changes the game completely.  As we think with our hearts, our hearts become cosmic attractors, like magnets calling forth a higher vision.  Nothing is off limits, nothing is out of reach.  If the heart can think it, it already exists.  The moment a thought form takes root, the universe responds with attraction.  

Wednesday is New Years Day, 1/1/2020.  The beginning of a new decade, the calibration point of higher vision, and the foundation of the New Earth.   Jupiter forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, followed by a Vesta Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Mars manifestation, Pallas Eris manifestation, and Black Moon Ixion stepping stone.  Quite fitting that the New Year launches with Jupiter and MakeMake, benevolent expansion through higher law and order.  This is a fortuitous sign for all of us.  There’s a fire of devotion that sparks our soul’s remembrance, beyond this incarnation.  The recognition of our infiniteness is important, it inspires participation and connection with the non-tangible realms.  This is a year to look up and go deep, to connect beyond the superficial, beyond just the physical, to peel back the layers in our scope of vision, and see what’s right in front of us.   Unification and Oneness include the spiritual realm merged within the physical realm.  When we can see it all clearly, without separation, we realize we are home and we are loved…right where we are, as we are.  We never left.      

On Thursday 1/2, Mercury forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, followed by a Mercury Jupiter new cycle, Mercury Albion manifestation, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Sun Orcus manifestation, and Sun Vesta manifestation.  Our inner operating system is active this week, stretching and expanding to upload the new paradigm.  With an open mind, we can see new potential where we may have felt stuck or limited before.  The sense of liberation that rushes though our system is inspiring, and it elevates the quality of our thoughts, attitudes, and overall interpretations.   Like infusing sunshine through our mental body, unclogging the lens of wholeness, suddenly we can see the multifaceted brilliance of each moment, and abundance flows freely through our high vibrational thoughts.  It’s like an electric jolt of energy that raises our overall vibration.  

Friday 1/3, Mars enters Sagittarius, Mercury forms a new cycle with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), and Venus manifests with Juno.  Sagittarius is where we clear our karma, end the drama and illusions, finish the game and wipe the slate clean.   And we clear our karma through the physical dimension.  This transit of Mars in Sagittarius is an ultimate clearing, prompted by an overriding intention to clear the collective roots and elevate the game on behalf of All.  As the mind calls forth resolution, the body will clear.  It’s important to remember that the Earth Star Chakra holds the roots of all karmic storylines and all ancestral lineages.   As we clear our roots, till the soil, and prepare a new foundation, we automatically call forth and transmute anything unresolved or outstanding.  

On Saturday 1/4, there’s a Jupiter Albion manifestation and a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone.  Today is a magical day for reaching beyond the veils into the realm of unmanfiested potential.  Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of thin air, we each have the power to manifest miracles, to instantly precipitate abundance on behalf of All.  There’s wisdom to be gained from that kind of manifestation, and the greater our belief, the more solid our experiences become.  

And Sunday 1/5, MakeMake stations retrograde, followed by a Varuna Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Eris intimacy aspect, Black Moon Pluto resource, Mercury Orcus manifestation, Mars Chiron manifestation, Mercury Vesta manifestation, and Black Moon Saturn resource.  Anytime a planet stations retrograde, that aspect of our consciousness turns inward towards Source.  MakeMake is the 5D archetype of higher law and order, the universal principles of Love, Unity, and Oneness.  Today is a day for subtle 5D frequency shifts and attunements.  Clearing out the filters of our belief system, fine tuning our cosmic lens of vision.  Awakening through threads of discomfort to realize our mastery and the importance of our God Spark.  Communicating with the immortal realms, beyond this incarnation, to inspire new growth, expansion, and elevation.  Personal healing that leads to the refinement of personal mastery through all the lessons and initiations we’re currently experiencing.  Today is full of insights, awakenings, and new growth.  Not in a loud, bold kind of way…but in a subtle, refined, elevated way.  Pay attention, slow down and listen.     

The practice this week is to ground though the heart and elevate to listen.  Take some deep breaths into your heart, opening with the inhale, clearing the air and letting go with the exhale.  Then imagine the heart expands as the new skin, the full body structure.  Inhale and stretch the heart through the souls of the feet, then exhale and expand through the hands and fingers.  Grounding every breath through the heart, through the feet, and expanding through the chest, arms, and hands like opening up your wingspan.  Follow the breath and the expansion, and listen.  Keep a journal each day reflecting the messages received.  

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” ― Meister Eckhart  


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