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For the week of December 23 – 29, 2019

Fasten your seatbelts and let go of any attachments…this week offers a direct entry point into the greatest transformation and defining moment our planet has ever known, and everyone is responsible for what comes next.  This is a collective process, although every one of us is undergoing our own personal path of transmutation.  The key to our evolution is the conscious discipline to think with the heart, to align our thoughts with Love, and to expand our belief system of what’s possible through each and every moment.

When the mind believes in limitations, that perceived limitation is absolute.  When the mind believes in infinite possibilities through Love, any perceived limitation is an invitation to elevate, to redesign, to call forth greatness.  The choice is ours.  Our personal power and authority to think loving thoughts and to continuously stretch our paradigm through the lens of Love is amplified by divine universal power.   There’s nothing we can’t transcend, there’s nothing we can’t expand or call forth, as long as we’re living in the paradigm of Unconditional Love, which is our Christ Nature, our Cosmic Self.  

The frequency of Unconditional Love is the same frequency of purification as the violet flame, the ultimate transmutation tool gifted to us by St Germain to clear karmic patterns and the collective suffering of humanity.  The more we practice this transmutation tool of purification, we begin to embody that frequency.  Wherever we go, the violet flame is present.  It’s not our job to fix anything, it’s simply our responsibility to be present to everything, and allow the frequency of our light to transmute the current consciousness of our planet.   Wherever we go, there is Love, and the presence of Love changes the game.

When the lights are on, we can see clearly.  The shadows are illuminated, and nothing is hidden.  As uncomfortable as that might be at times, illumination purifies resistance, it clears the delayed procrastination of needing to hide anything, or carrying around dead weight as it festers within.  When everything comes to light, there is freedom, liberation, and surrender.  And when that release is met with Unconditional Love, the consciousness of the Masters, we can truly begin a new chapter, a New Earth. 

We cannot carry the weight of past sufferings forward any longer.  We must be willing to place our cards on the table, in plain sight, and clear the debris.  When we collectively bring our karmic debris to the table for reconciliation, forgiveness becomes the healing power of transcendence.  Reconciliation is a form of prayer, through meaningful declaration of who we are, what matters most, and what’s next.   Not the kind of prayer that asks for something, bargaining for an outcome…but prayer that is offered from the heart through every fiber of our being as a promise, an intention, a love note to the infinite universe and to all beings.   

Our relationship with reverence, holiness, and sacredness is important.  If we’ve never considered our thoughts as prayers, it’s time to realize the power we each hold within our own minds.   We would never walk into a holy ashram or temple and speak recklessly or unconsciously, and we wouldn’t walk through our sacred home or meditation room with muddy boots on our feet.  As we calibrate our minds like holy water, any thought or belief that emerges will hold the frequency of Love, and will be of service to All.  When our thoughts become blessings, we become conscious creators of new life, new beginnings.  

As we surrender our minds to the voice of Divine Power, Love, and Wisdom, we become the instruments dedicated to the construction of higher ground, the foundation for Heaven on Earth.  As our voices elevate from personal agenda to Unity and Oneness, the I AM messenger speaks on behalf of All, and miracles manifest faster than the speed of Light.  

The week begins on Monday 12/23 with a Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Sun Chiron stepping stone, and Black Moon intersection with the Moon’s Nodes, the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.  The Black Moon is extremely busy this week, turning retrograde midway and repeating the aspects from another perspective.  Revelations, uncovering the truth, and shedding light on what has been hidden, suppressed, or ignored…so that we can align ourselves with Divine Power and restore integrity of the highest order.  Enlightenment is healing, revelations clear the density and lighten up the context of our structures and our operating system so we can see the Truth and eliminate what doesn’t align.  The Black Moon’s intersection with the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras sheds light on two sides of the same coin.  Our karmic patterns serve in our greatest evolution.  Both are necessary, one isn’t better or worse than the other.  When we can see that every karmic pattern serves a greater potential for evolutionary awakening, we begin to uncover our greatest mastery.  

On Tuesday 12/24, Mars and Eris form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Eris manifestation, Sun Uranus manifestation, and a Sun Quaoar new cycle.  Through discomfort, we awaken to what matters most.  We can appreciate with clarity, and choose to move forward with new perspective, with fresh eyes.  Often times we take people, places, or things for granted until we are compromised in a state of tension, pain, or discomfort, and we suddenly realize the extreme value and divine presence in all things.  Everything has purpose, value, and meaning.  Through loss we experience appreciation for what was, a renewed faith in what we once took for granted.  As we awaken to the meaning and value of what’s right in front of us, we can choose to redesign, to elevate, and restore meaning in all that exists, transforming our relationship with here and now.  With a belief system that everthing is valuable, lovable, meaningful, and divine, there’s nothing to take for granted, nothing to toss aside or throw away.  When we elevate our current agreements with honor, gratitude, and appreciation, the framework becomes more sustainable, it becomes holy.  When we cherish the content in our lives, we treat it differently than when we operate from disregard, disdain, or indifference.  Even the petty annoyances transcend with divine presence.  Daily ordinary life becomes sacred practice.   

Wednesday 12/25 is Christmas Day, delivering a Vesta Orcus manifestation, Sun Varuna great eliminator, Sedna Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus MakeMake manifestation, and the Black Moon turns retrograde.   Today is a day to manifest the higher vision of Heaven on Earth.  Divine spirit embodied in physical form.  Our hearts harmonize with divine law and order, as new revelations continue to call forth our undivided attention.  There’s much more stirring below the surface, and as we listen through the lens of wholeness, we can sense and see it all.  Remember, the universal lens requires equanimity, non-judgment, and non-attachment.  The more we surrender and let go, the more we witness truths being revealed, from the deepest core.   

On Thursday 12/26, the New Moon in Capricorn, followed by the Neptune Juno great eliminator, and Venus North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator.   This New Moon Eclipse occurs right after midnight EST, and is fundamental in the activation of the New Earth.  We’re deep inside the wormhole passage, and this eclipse activates the first sideways elevator, the portal to a quantum leap and the deliverance to a brand new chapter, if we can allow it.  The New Moon occurs conjunct Jupiter and Quaoar, and this is a defining moment that will forever alter and expand social consciousness.   Remember, the new paradigm is Unconditional Love, and the spontaneous miracles that occur when we choose to live from this frequency.  The commitment to live with integrity by the Universal Laws of LOVE, the relentless practice of forgiveness, reconciliation, and liberation to a new beginning, a blank slate.  We must walk our talk, as the divine power and authority of a New Earth.  New laws, new agreements, new contracts, new definitions….a new way of being human, a new way of living in community, in harmony, on this planet.  As we renegotiate and forgive the old labels, historic roles, patterns, and structures, we must fully let go of the past in order to construct brand new agreements.  If we hold grudges, resentments, or unresolved hurt feelings, we can’t stand fully present in a new context of Love.  What’s being eclipsed is our outdated structures, definitions, labels, and attachments to how we’ve operated in the past, the agreements we’ve made, with ourselves and others, that need to be upgraded, revisited, or flat out forgiven and let go.  Letting go of assumptions, expectations, and social comparisons is crucial.  As we open to a new way of living – inside the skin of our awakened heart – we get to practice a new way of living in relationship with others.   The New Moon in Capricorn is an intersection point between Chiron and MakeMake, and forms a Grand Power Cross with the Moon’s Nodes.  Chiron in Aries represents our self realization of personal Mastery, and the willingness to live according to that realization, to walk our talk.  MakeMake in Libra is the initiation of higher law through the lens of relationship, the mirrored self.  As we awaken to our Personal Mastery, we see that awakened consciousness reflected everywhere, and we serve as the mirrors of awakening to All.  It’s time.   

In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn represents Divine Power and Authority, the Divine Director channeled through the crown chakra from Source.  We each have free will to honor and obey that divine channel of leadership, guidance, and authority, or we can refuse, ignore, and insist on following our ego’s agenda, pushing our limits and breaking the universal laws of Oneness and Love.  At the end of the day, we all have a choice, and Capricorn Consciousness holds us accountable for our choices.  We must be responsible for the choices we make, the investments of time and energy, and our use of power and free will.  Every choice has an impact, and every impact must be accounted for.  With the lens of unconditional Love, equanimity, and forgiveness, we can receive our lessons and make quantum leaps in the blink of an eye.  This is a time for empowerment, urgency, and personal responsibility.  When we realize the power within to alter the game, to make a difference, to change the story, we can elevate to new dimensions of consciousness, new states of being, which brings new definition to our role, our contribution, and our value.            

Friday 12/27 is a Mercury Sedna great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center new cycle, Neptune Ceres resource, Mercury Haumea resource, Sun Jupiter new cycle, Black Moon Venus resource, and the Black Moon intersects the Moon’s Nodes again.  After yesterday’s reconciliation, today is the official beginning of our greatest expansion.  The Black Moon revisits the intersection point of the karmic and dharmic nodes, recalibrating the revelations and alignments that have occurred this week, from a new lens of perspective. When we can see things from all angles, we integrate wholeness through our mental body operating system, birthing higher wisdom that can support us moving forward.    

On Saturday 12/28, Mercury forms a new cycle with Ixion, followed by a 2nd Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge intersected exactly by the Sun, then a Ceres Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, and Mercury enters Capricorn.  Today’s new cycle activates the full download of our 5D blueprint, our spiritual DNA, like computer code (light codes) downloaded through our operating system.  This is a powerful day of deep integration, realignment, and re-calibration.  In whatever way you receive the activations, and in whatever way you integrate, be gentle with yourself.  With so much “newness” coming online, our systems may need a little extra time to re-orient or reboot.  This week’s awakenings are off the charts, and it’s important to take good care of ourselves in the process.     

And on Sunday 12/29, Vesta stations direct, Mars forms a bridge with Senda, followed by a Venus Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Venus Orcus great eliminator, and Mercury Chiron stepping stone.   The fire of devotion grounds the integration of higher consciousness through our bodies.  Yesterday was a day for operating system reboot, and today is a day for physical body reboot.  As new consciousness animates our lower 4 body system, our physical body undergoes massive transmutation at the cellar level.  The Mars Sedna bridge synchs our cells with the cosmic record keeper.  The body is the record keeper of our human story, our incarnation, our karmic patterning and residue…until we change the channel and align our mental body with higher consciousness, the infinite potential of Unconditional Love, and the awakened blueprint of our souls mastery…grounded into our cellular structure.  The physical body takes longer to integrate, and as we allow the shifts to occur, we activate the embodied mastery of our awakened Self. 

The practice this week is forgiveness and appreciation.  Invite any unresolved grievances, resentments, hurts, or grudges to be reconciled and completed, so that there can be forward movement on new ground, with new beginnings, new contracts, new ways of being.  Regardless of the history, regardless of the depth of circumstance, choose to resolve, let go, and forgive, in order to free up your energy for appreciation, new beginnings, and infinite power.  When we can appreciate every moment of our experience – even the hurts, wounds, and scars – we gain power, Love, and wisdom.  Reconciliation requires forgiveness, and the integration of wisdom elevates us to higher ground.  Whether you have 1:1 conversations that need to clear the air, or sacred ceremony in private solitude to wipe the slate clean, let this New Moon Eclipse be a moment of truth, a defining life altering shift that propels you forward to new ground.  


   “There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. That realization is true forgiveness. With forgiveness, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges–the power of Presence. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.” 

― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth


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