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For the week of 10/8 – 10/14

This week ahead promises to deliver us into the deep waters of the awakening heart, through relationships that matter most.  Fasten your seatbelt and keep the mind planted in the heart, and watch the revelations and insights arise from deep below the surface.  Whatever we think we’ve been seeing, or whatever we think we know is about to expand beyond our wildest dreams.

The New Moon in Libra at the beginning of the week brings relationships into full focus.  Relationships serve as our greatest teachers and awakeners, because through the perceived connection with “another”, we generate experiences.  Those experiences are either harmonious and inspiring, or our buttons get pushed and we find ourselves in full on activation of our historic projections, reactions, and impulses.   We may tend to judge our relationships as “good” if things are going well and we’re on the same page, or “bad” if we’re experiencing conflict, polarization, or disagreement.  We may even tend to make decisions to walk away or shut down if things appear to be going badly.


If we can eliminate the judgments from relationships, and witness ourselves and others in action through the lens of unconditional Love, we can see the universal patterns and story lines that we perpetuate and sustain, lifetime after lifetime.  We can also reach a higher state of self realization from an empowered observer’s perch, by owning the source of those reactions and projections, thereby shifting the story and changing the outcome.   Any elevation in consciousness shifts the story with Love.


It’s human nature to resist confrontation in relationships, and oftentimes diversity is perceived as conflict.  When our core beliefs differ from those closest to us, topics that matter to the heart can become a battle field, and over time, it’s easy to disengage and choose the shallow superficial topics of conversation than to risk stepping on an explosive hot spot.  If we continue to stand in polarization, our options are limited in relationships.  When one person’s need to be heard, seen, and understood conflicts with another’s need to be respected and right, relationships can blow up if we’re not mindful.  Anytime we experience a relationship through a lens of “I’m right, and they’re the problem”, we can be sure we’re standing firmly in a polarized perspective.   The only way to find sustainable resolution is to elevate through unity and oneness, observing through the lens of equanimity.


The practice of Unconditional Love in relationships doesn’t mean that we agree and live in unison and harmony, holding hands and swaying together in bliss.  We may never agree or see eye to eye on certain core issues or foundational matters.  We must learn to honor our differences, and celebrate diversity in order to own the expansive nature of our holistic unified expression.  Divided conflict creates aggression, violence, war, and struggle that is inflammatory and toxic.  If our vision for “world peace” means that one day we will all be alike and in agreement, that day will probably never come.  What we can believe in is a world of Unconditional Love, where we stand as the source of a peaceful environment….through forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.  The harder we push, the more we fight, the more toxic our inner and outer environments become.  We each have the power to clear and reshape our own inner landscape…not by avoiding discomfort, but by surrendering our attachments, and choosing to be the response of Love, without expectation or attachments that Love should look a certain way, or be reciprocated at all.


We are awakening to wholeness, which is infinitely multidimensional and expansive.  There is nothing “out there” that isn’t also “me”.  Personal responsibility doesn’t indicate blame or guilt, it’s empowerment to remember our I AM presence.  If I can see myself in everything, then I have the power to elevate the vibration to Love.  If I see my reflection in the eyes of my most challenging relationship, then I can soften my gaze and call myself home into my own heart, where there is infinite Love, fierce compassion, and unwavering acceptance.  Love generates intimacy, surrender, connection, and expansion.  Resistance generates inflammation, heaviness, congestion, and separation.


As long as we’re here in a body on this planet, we must find a way to collaborate.  We share the same soil, water, air, and sun.  And those elements are the reflection of our own body, heart, mind, and spirit.  How well we unify and holistically claim our wholeness within is reflected in the universal wholeness we experience in our worldview.  The only place we have 100% dominion and uncontested power to shift is within.  Our outer relationships will show us where the opportunities are to refine within.  The work is always internal.  The experience of evolution requires engagement and participation in relationships.  It’s vital at this point in time.


The week begins on Monday 10/8 with a Mercury Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon manifestation with Mercury, Sedna Black Moon stepping stone, Jupiter Eris great eliminator, and the New Moon at 15 Libra conjunct Ceres, in a great eliminator with Neptune.   Sedna is the 5D ruler of Libra in Cosmic Consciousness, and is calling forth crystal clear communication as we clear the air with Love and reveal our empowered truth.  Libra is the sign of Physical Power, relationship with the mirrored self, and the highest realization of I am You and You are Me.  Through our Libra Consciousness, we gain physical power by realizing our I AM Presence in every relationship, which takes the blame, guilt, and conflict out of every polarized situation, and restores unity, oneness, and personal power.  There are no victims in Libra Consciousness, there is justice through oneness.   Polarity resolves through right relationship with the mirror.


This New Moon in Libra conjunct Ceres truly is a new beginning as we’re delivered to our most awakened relationship with the mirror that restores divine power in all relationships.  It’s important not to buy into the lower vibrational residue that is still expressing.  Where we place our focus, we give our power.  The most impactful place to invest our attention is in calling forth the I AM Presence of Love as a daily practice, no matter what shows up on the surface.  The physical dimension is purging, exfoliating, and dying to the old structures.  Our power lies in new creation, new consciousness, and new manifestation…as we elevate onto the awakened Light Bridge of unity consciousness.


On Tuesday 10/9, Mercury and Chiron are in a great eliminator, the Black Moon is manifesting with Haumea ( accessing the Light Bridge), Venus and Orcus are in a resource, Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury and Quaoar are in a resource, and the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Jupiter.  Mercury governs our operating system, nervous system, and inner cellular communications.  We have a choice to communicate and react from fear, which induces inflammation and suffering, or we can choose to be the response of Love, which activates our personal mastery, and clears any physical conditions of inflammation or congestion.   The more we choose Love, we elevate onto the Light Bridge, empowered and connected through the heart.  Mercury in Scorpio access our deeper communications, below the surface, through a more metaphysical channel of intuitive sensitivity.  Things may not be what they appear on the surface, and it’s best to not make assumptions or projections when we don’t readily understand something.  Trust in Love and allow all communications to be revealed in divine timing.


Wednesday 10/10 is a Black Moon Eris resource (activating the Light Bridge again), followed by a Mercury Juno great eliminator, a Mercury Uranus bridge, and Venus Mars stepping stone.  Any temporary discomfort is a catalyst to elevate to the Light Bridge of wholeness and unity, letting go of any doubts, separation, anxiety, or fear….and awakening to higher consciousness.  The surface level story isn’t important, it’s the awakening that matters.  Keep your mind centered in Love, and remain in your heart, no matter what’s occurring.  Discomfort sheds the old skin and old attachments, revealing awakened Light from within.


On Thursday 10/11, Mercury forms an intersection with the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), Mars and Orcus are in a great eliminator, Mercury Varuna stepping stone, a Black Moon intimacy with Pluto followed by a great eliminator with Pallas, the Black Moon manifests with the Sun, and Pluto manifests with Pallas.  The mind is the still point, holding the balance between yin and yang, heaven and earth, and the flow of communications in both directions is Love.  We travel our root system above and below, within and without, through the still point of the equanimous mind.  Equanimity brings us to the highest scope of vision, the highest observers perch, where we can see beyond the veils into the most intimate connection to the doorway beyond this lifetime, at the threshold of infinite wisdom.


On Friday 10/12, Juno stations retrograde, followed by a Sun Pluto stepping stone, a Mercury Saturn resource, and a Black Moon Ceres manifestation.   Juno is very much connected to Libra in 5D and the realization of the mirrored Self through Unity Consciouses.  The fact that Juno begins an inward retrograde journey within the Libra New Moon week is quite profound.  Oftentimes, our relationship with the mirror is distorted by attachments to surface level appearances that we think we’re seeing, and mental body projections and judgments about that reflection.  Juno’s retrograde journey is taking us much deeper into the mirrored reflection, allowing us to see the depth below the surface, the intangible essence of our true nature, our divinity.  Imagine looking in the mirror each morning and connecting with your divine connectivity to All, the inherent beauty of pure consciousness.   And imagine how your relationships would shift if you could allow yourself to realize that fully embodied divinity, and share with others through intimacy and unity.   We’re learning a new way of being in our skin, of allowing our awakened light to embody our cells, to participate fully in our relationships, through our physicality.


Saturday 10/13  is a subtle intimacy aspect with Black Moon and Neptune, and then Black Moon conjuncts Mars.  The empowered aspect of the feminine is revealing enlightenment through a very subtle unveiling.  We don’t have to prove enlightenment, it’s an effortless ease that is evident through surrender.  For anytime we’ve used our anger to push through or force ourselves to be heard, this is a day to remember the power in divine feminine subtlety.  Sometimes intuitive graceful fluid movement can move mountains with ease, like the divine flow of a river that changes the landscape and carves out new grooves for the future to follow.


And Sunday 10/14 is a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, a Venus Vesta resource, and a Black Moon Vesta intimacy aspect.  This empowered movement of feminine grace reminds us why it matters, why we’re here, and that there are many ways to manifest our soul’s promise, as long as our hearts are fueled by devotion.


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  Practice sitting with Self for 10 minutes a day, in the reflection of a full length mirror.  Soften your gaze, and allow your vision to come from the heart.   Notice if there’s any resistance, judgments, or projections, and continually come back to Love as you clear the filters from your relationship with the mirror.  Let go of what you think you’re seeing, and allow your heart to connect with your reflection.  Practice equanimity, unconditional Love, and compassion.  Not looking for anything in particular, let go of any expectations or attachments.  Allow pure divinity to be revealed, and practice seeing that reflection of Light in others throughout the week.


‘Nothing ever exists entirely alone. Everything is in relation to everything else.’
– Buddha 

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