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For the week of December 16 – 22, 2019

Get ready for an eye opening sequence of events that delivers us inward, to the heart, awakening higher vision.  As the wormhole passage intensifies, this particular week activates and expands the lens of the heart, allowing us to see clearly from the highest perspective, manifesting limitless potential in the blink of an eye.

Evolution requires expansion, stretching beyond the current status quo framework of our operating system and belief system in order to access new thoughts, new creative sparks, new vision, and new ways of being.  The newness that comes online from any moment of expansion is the catalyst that awakens higher consciousness to manifest and take root.  

New thoughts can’t be isolated as mental concepts or cognitive ideas.  New thoughts arise from the heart, and need to be experienced and lived in order to be fully understood.  We must be willing to holistically practice and embody higher consciousness as it awakens within, so that it grounds and takes root within us.  If we view higher consciousness as an intellectual theory or a “nice idea” we’ll never experience the infinite possibilities that are available when we walk our talk. 

What manifests the New Earth is our willingness to awaken and expand – beyond our comfort zone, stretching beyond the gravitational grooves of convenience and familiar patterning…into a new way of being – in our mind/heart/body.  A new way of being human, and a new way of being in community, in collaborative partnership, on the planet.  

The risk of failure exists in any leap of faith.  Faith is what motivates the moment of expansion, it activates the suppleness to stretch when the ego wants to control, contract, or hold on tight to familiar patterning and terrain.  The experiential opening of the heart initiates new thoughts and beliefs.  As we open, new possibilities arise.  The greater the faith, the greater the leap.  

The realm of imagination takes shape through any mind that can conceive of the power of the heart, and is willing to see through the lens of universal vision.  When the heart dreams, it communes with the higher realms of consciousness, and those possibilities are available when we believe wholeheartedly, and take action accordingly.   

When the heart dreams on behalf of All, through the lens of Unity Consciousness, the universe responds with abundant manifestation.  When the heart dreams on behalf of All through the frequency of LOVE, the heavens respond and angels appear.   There is Universal support in the invisible space between all things physical, and when we calibrate our vision through the lens of the awakened heart, we begin to see this angelic realm, and live in harmony to commune and co-manifest for the betterment of all life on Earth.  

The heart becomes a multifaceted diamond, an instrument for manifestation, and a portal for communion with the spiritual dimension.  Having faith in this level of relationship – this mirrored reflection of the divine – matters.  What we place value on, what we intentionally practice in our daily lives, matters.  And “matter” is the manifestation of belief.  The more clearly we see the invisible realm, the more powerfully we manifest new possibilities into physical form.   

Our eyes open this week when we clear the misbeliefs from our scope of vision, like peeling away the layers of conditioning that have clogged our filters of higher imagination and dreaming so that we can see through the empty space and recognize what’s always been there, right in front of us, all along.  We never left the spiritual realm, even when we entered a physical human incarnation. Unity consciousness is the wholeness of our being-ness, above and beyond this human expression through linear time.   To live, to breathe, and to move in a physical body….as the divine light that we are….that’s our spiritual practice.  To embody our divine god-spark and give voice and legs to the intangible mastery that channels through the awakened heart – that’s the key to shapeshifting life as we know it on this planet.  

The week begins on Monday 12/16 with a Black Moon Neptune conjunction and a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone.  The Black Moon aspects this week reveal the pockets of congestion that we didn’t even realize were clouding our vision.  When we suddenly see things clearly, flashes of wisdom download in an instant, giving us new ground to walk on.  Today sparks revelations that we didn’t even realize were available to us, in the blink of an eye.      

On Tuesday 12/17, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Orcus, followed by a Ceres Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Mars manifestation, Mercury Vesta great eliminator, Venus Sedna manifestation, and Black Moon Saturn resource.  Orcus is our connection to the immortal aspect of our being, and the remembrance of why we’re here in physical form.  Being able to consciously communicate with that aspect of our soul, and then delivering new manifestations from that immortal aspect of ourSelf is a game changer.  Often times we limit our manifestations to what we believe is possible right in front of us, physically.  We work with what we have, what’s right in front of us.  As we unveil the available resources in front of us, we start to believe again in the infinite nature of the universe, and the vast possibilities that can take shape through our divine power communion with Source.  Anything is possible, we’re not limited or bound by anything…except the limitations in our own minds, in our own beliefs.  If we could each catch a glimpse of our true power, and the possibilities that exist before us right now, we would never doubt again, and we would consciously use that power on behalf of All.  

Wednesday 12/18 includes a Venus Haumea stepping stone, Juno Great Attractor resource, Ceres Vesta manifestation, Jupiter Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto resource, Mercury Great Attractor new cycle, and Mercury Juno resource.  Every piece and part of our being reflects the wholeness of our story, and when examined through the lens of the heart, that story elevates and transforms through higher meaning and divine purpose.  As our perspective elevates, our hearts stretch more and more, eliminating any blockages or contradictions that have historically distorted our gaze.  We see what we believe, and when we see through the heart, we find the faith and devotion to believe in Love.  Love is a contagious frequency that attracts and calls forth elevation, expansion and abundance, like a mirrored message of Love gone viral though our collective operating system.  There’s no going back.  Love is the message, Love is the answer, and Love is in the airwaves of our consciousness.  In a few days, Venus will move into Aquarius, truly spreading Love through the air element of the great visionary awakener.          

On Thursday 12/19, Uranus and Quaoar are manifesting, followed by a Sun Galactic Center new cycle, Sun Sedna great eliminator, Sun Haumea resource, and Mercury Neptune stepping stone.  Universal Love is the new paradigm that manifests limitless possibilities and unprecedented results.   We’re on the brink of a whole new world, and as we reconcile any previous limitations from small mindedness, we can consciously choose to change the game.  Knowing where we block ourselves is just as important as seeing how far we can go.  We’re empowered to level up through the wisdom of enlightened clarity.   

On Friday 12/20, Venus enters Aquarius, followed by a Black Moon Sedna resource, Sun Ixion new cycle, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, and Black Moon Sun stepping stone.  The awakened heart reveals the divine blueprint, the inner sacred geometry that reflects the higher purpose, promise, and truth of our soul.  The heart’s awakening illuminates these light codes like a fertilized seed sprouting new life and new growth.  We have no idea what lives within us until the divine spark awakens our truth.  Until that moment, many may slumber in dormancy.  The moment of awakening brings the heart to life in an unexpected way, like a quantum leap of consciousness that takes us in new directions, or reveals hidden dreams that are ready to be realized.    

Saturday 12/21 starts with the Black Moon moving into Aries, then a Venus Chiron resource, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Mercury Pallas new cycle, Black Moon Venus resource, Black Moon Uranus intimacy aspect, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, then the Sun moves into Capricorn activating the Winter Solstice.  Like the Michael Angelo statue of David, chipping away what doesn’t belong, in order to reveal the mastery that always existed….our hearts are uncovering and chipping away anything at all that has ever blocked our purest expression of personal mastery, for the purpose of Divine Self Realization and Awakening.  When we see ourselves clearly, in our divine perfection, all wounds are healed and we are awakened by wisdom, delivered by grace. Later this evening, the Sun moves into Capricorn, bringing our consciousness into the sign of Divine Spiritual Power, the I AM Presence.  In order to know ourselves, we must be willing to return to the expansive greatness of the Divine I AM.  Anything less is a limitation.  With Jupiter and Saturn both in Capricorn right now, it’s in our consciousness to remember who we are, and expand into our greatness as we redefine what’s possible…for ourselves and for our planet.   

And Sunday 12/22 is a Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Venus Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mars Pluto resource, and a Venus Varuna Light Bridge.   Calibrating new vision through the lens of the awakened heart….that is the active Light Bridge of Venus and Varuna.  Our awakened hearts shine light on all that we see, and all that we see is awakened by our higher vision.  Seeing the greatness in all beings, seeing the Universal Light of Divine Love in all situations calls forth new ways of being – new thoughts, words, actions, and results in our day to day events.  When we see the un-manifested potential in all things, we can shine light on the possibility, recognizing and acknowledging what’s been hidden below the surface, out of sight, out of reach.   We awaken the god spark by our willingness to see all things divine.  Suddenly, a whole new world emerges from the invisible space in between the threads of our current reality.  We call it forth, from the higher vision of the heart.  

The practice this week is see the possibilities for greatness in all beings, including yourself.  We all have our chronic stories, limitations, and imperfections.  Don’t buy into those this week, don’t subscribe to the labels and meanings of the human condition.  Instead, shift lenses and see into the invisible space and find the divine spark of mastery, wisdom, wonder, and Love.   See through the lens of the heart, and honor the sacred beauty and infinite possibility that exists before you and within you.  Verbally acknowledge what you see in others and in yourself, communicate the preciousness that shows up, and witness the contagiousness of Divine Love.      

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity.  Life is eternal.  We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.  This is a precious moment.  It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”  Paulo Coelho


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