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For the week of December 9 – 15, 2019

Get ready for an earth-shattering game-changer week ahead!  We’re moving full throttle through the active wormhole passage, disposed by Jupiter and Sagittarius.  The theme is expansion and new growth, motivated by Truth.  It’s time to see the truth, speak the truth, and hear the truth.  The veils are lifting, and our lens of vision is being calibrated to crystalline clarity.  

Our relationship with Truth is important.  If we resist, ignore, avoid, or hide from the inconvenient truths that make us uncomfortable, challenge our beliefs, or hurt our feelings, we will repetitively gravitate towards the familiar scenarios that ultimately keep us small.  There is no expansion or new growth in that context.  There’s no freedom in that context either.  Freedom requires a healthy relationship with current reality and current results, and a willingness to expand into uncharted new terrain with awakened vision and higher wisdom, from the heart.  This is how pioneering leaders generate revolutionary movements.     

In any moment of transparency and truth telling, there is liberation, and infinite opportunity to start again, brand new.  Resistance stagnates and delays the inevitable, while simultaneously creating a false reality in the mind, projecting various possible scenarios and living them out mentally, while triggering emotional responses and cellular congestion that overlaps with current reality.  It gets dense and cloudy, difficult to see or hear with precision.  Anytime we withhold or delay out of fear, we congest our communications channels and limit the flow of new expansion.     

When we live in Truth, we surrender to the current moment, allowing ourselves to fully experience our current reality.   All channels of communication are present and attuned to the current moment, and the entire lower 4 body system is on the same page.  As we embody Universal Truth, we extract the higher wisdom from each scenario and shed our attachments, leaving it all in the past, wiping the slate clean, and moving forward, free from the mental body baggage.  We become self cleaning sustainable filters, and our bodies reflect that.  The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is the aspect of our mind/body connection that refines wisdom through the highest victory of embodied truth.  That final moment of completion is a game changer, a radical shift that has the potential to produce quantum leaps in consciousness.

As we bring that new awareness and wisdom into a new chapter, we elevate the context and activate a new paradigm.  We don’t have to continue repeating and recycling the same story with different characters…we’re liberated to move on and elevate up through higher dimensions of consciousness.  This upgrade through the portal of truth delivers an unbelievable opportunity to redefine our agreements, contracts, structures and foundations…in a way that supports, nourishes, and sustains new growth, based on the activation of our divine blueprint and spiritual DNA. 

Any time we notice the same karmic story of suffering, repeating again and again with no change in results, it’s important that we ask ourselves “What am I pretending not to see?  What am I afraid to say, or what actions am I scared to take?”  Truth activates liberation, and promotes freedom, healing, forgiveness, and resolution.  An environment of Unconditional Love will honor and hold space for Truth to emerge, even when it’s not convenient, predictable, or pretty.  Remember, the lens of higher vision is activated by the frequency of Unconditional Love.  Through the lens of Universal Love, we can see all things clearly. 

That lens requires non-judgment and non-attachment to whatever appears.  The minute we take something personally, or think that we can’t handle something, we limit our scope of vision, which limits available options, and we repeat the cycles of suffering.  Universal vision is not personal…it’s expansive and non-local.  We repeat the karmic cycles as many times as needed until we realize we are not separate from anything or anyone, which means nothing is personal.   Everything exists in Wholeness and Oneness, which means our voice can change the game at any time.        

Eliminating personal attachments diffuses the atmosphere of any emotional charge, which clears the air, lightning up the atmosphere.  In a clear vibrant atmosphere, visibility improves. As our hearts open to welcome and embrace truth, we call forth a higher dimension of clarity, as if to attract events and unexpected messengers that reveal what was historically hidden, sometimes right in front of our face.  We don’t have to work hard to uncover the Truth.  

This week’s Full Moon in Gemini is disposed by Mercury, who will be sitting at the exact degree that opened the wormhole 2 weeks ago – 4 degrees Sagittarius.  The Messenger of Truth will have the microphone and the spotlight.  If we are ready, open, and unattached, the universe can literally hand deliver the Truth on a silver platter.  What we do with it, how we respond, is up to us.  A Gemini Full Moon offers multifaceted diamond consciousness and limitless possibilities to choose from.  As long as we’re coming from the heart, all paths generate Love, and all roads lead to higher ground. 

Remember, the messenger is neutral, the message is what matters, and the wisdom that emerges from within the heart is key.  We have infinite choice of how to respond.  In the midst of a wormhole passage when anything is possible and anything can happen, it’s best to take the high road and operate with trust and faith that everything occurring is ultimately prompting our greatest expansion and opening new doors for a sustainable foundation in the New Earth.  There’s nothing to resist, nothing to fear.  With open eyes, open heart, and open mind, let it all come so we can let it all go, finally, as we start again on a new foundation of Truth.  

The week begins on Monday 12/9 as Mercury enters Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Mars manifestation, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Mars Vesta bridge, Pallas Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus bridge, and Black Moon Juno great eliminator.  The Messenger, and the ruler of our inner operating system and cellular communications, moves from a water sign of profound transformation into a fire sign of truth telling.  Anything at all that has been cloudy, murky, or disorienting is called forth and delivered.  It’s our choice of how to respond and move forward.  There’s a lot of unexpected revelation this week as the curtains open and the rugs are pulled back.  It may even be a bit more than we bargained for.  The Mars Vesta bridge keeps us aligned and grounded in the fire of devotion, so the more fuel for the fire, the more purified, light, and free we feel in our skin.  Ultimately, this truth telling lightens us up to a whole new expression of ourselves through the mirror.     

On Tuesday 12/10, Mercury and Chiron form a manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Ceres resource.  Mercury is extremely active this week, and the manifestation with Chiron sparks amazing self awareness and realization of personal mastery.  Remember, as we activate core wounds for healing, we develop strengths and mastery otherwise unaccessible.  Nothing is to our detriment, everything supports our self realization and personal growth, if we make the conscious decision to view all scenarios as opportunities for expansion.  We are being delivered through this evolutionary process, and every contraction births diamond consciousness in the most profound and unexpected ways.  Trust and have faith that there’s nothing too big or too challenging, the moments of revelation and resolution will come in divine timing, and can’t be forced or rushed.       

Wednesday 12/11 is a Venus Saturn new cycle, Mercury Uranus great eliminator, Pallas Great Attractor new cycle, then Orcus stations retrograde, followed by a Mercury Varuna manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Karmic) resource, and Black Moon North Node (Dharmic) manifestation.  The heart moves through the Capricorn stellium this week, and as the heart leads the way, the heart is seeding the soil for the new foundation that’s coming.  Some of the old foundational patterns will be shaken up (or jack-hammered) to allow for recycling and new growth.  Wisdom attracts new possibilities, inducing an activation point, like an octave jump that elevates the playing field.  Every upgrade sparks new vision, like calibrating lenses at the Eye Dr.  “Better 1, Better 2?”  “Better 2, Better 3?”   With new lenses we can navigate with clarity, and distinguish old patterns and threads from new options and possibilities.  Evolution requires higher vision.           

Thursday 12/12 is the Full Moon in Gemini, just after midnight ET.  Then the Black Moon changes direction and Chiron stations direct.  This Full Moon is fascinating on so many dimensions, typical Gemini style.  In 3D, Gemini is referred to as the twin, in conflict or opposition with self, usually the mind opposing the heart, on polar opposite threads.  And that may feel familiar when things appear cloudy or confusing.   In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign of Mental Body Wisdom, the diamond mind that unifies with the heart to activate diamond consciousness.  When the mind partners with the heart, the unification is a multifaceted prism, or a diamond, of pure wisdom.  From that still point, which is also an ascension point, the heart reveals the truth and the mind can observe it clearly.   Universal Vision awakens as the meditative mind is rooted within the awakened heart.   Mercury rules the Gemini Full Moon, and transiting Mercury sits at 4 degrees Sagittarius, which is the degree that opened the wormhole on November 26th.  This entire wormhole passage is a massive ascension point activation for those who are ready and aware.  Mind/Heart partnership, equality, and unification are of the essence.  Allowing the mind to meditate within the heart, deferring to the wisdom that emerges within the heart, from an equanimous seat of non-judgment and non-attachment.  From that still point, the infinite Universe is fully accessible, fully available, and crystal clear.  There’s nowhere to go, no “right way/ wrong way”, no decisions to make.  The truth is clear, and the heart dictates the actions, responses, and choices.   The mind can rest, and defer to the heart.  Equanimity doesn’t mean we don’t take action.  Equanimity is what allows crystal clear communication from the heart to motivate right action.  When the heart speaks, there is movement.  Uncensored, uninhibited, unedited.   Freedom of speech for the heart to reveal the mastery within.  Chiron’s station calibrates the creative spark from the Master within the Awakened Heart.        

On Friday 12/13, Mars and Neptune form a manifestation, followed by a Black Moon North Node manifestation, Black Moon South Node resource, Venus Pluto new cycle, Mercury MakeMake resource, and Juno Vesta great eliminator. Friday the 13th typically has an ominous projection, however today is a day for enlightened action, motivated by clarity.   If there’s been confusion or delays around certain events, the fog lifts and conditions are favorable for forward movement and conscious action.   From this newfound clarity, we can course correct if needed to realign with higher truth and wisdom.  It’s important to trust the heart implicitly, and not doubt the messages that arise from that divine voice of inner authority.  When it’s time to let go, walk away, or release something, the heart knows, and the heart will induce right action.  If it’s not clear, be patient.  There’s nothing to rush or force, divine timing always delivers higher order.        

Saturday 12/14 is a Venus Eris stepping stone, Jupiter Quaoar new cycle, Black Moon Ceres resource, Mercury intimacy aspect with the South Node and Mercury great eliminator with the North Node.  As old foundational pieces shake loose, find the stepping stones to navigate with new awareness and new consciousness.  Every shake up reveals a new insight, and illuminates the path of evolution.  This is a significant day in the expansion of Social Consciousness through the New Paradigm.   New thoughts spark new actions, new ways of being….creating new possibilities and new results.  As we awaken from our karmic conditioning, we see clearly the need to shift, and the options for new ways of operating.  These new thoughts and actions have social impacts on our collective consciousness, changing the conversation on our planet forever.  

And on Sunday 12/15, the Black Moon repeats the bridge activation with Orcus, followed by a Sun Eris manifestation, a Black Moon Vesta resource, Neptune Pallas stepping stone, Jupiter Uranus manifestation, and Black Moon Juno great eliminator.  Any moment of discomfort, discord, or disharmony is an awakening of higher truth, if we have the consciousness to receive it.  Today is a day for forward movement, liberation and freedom through the moments of discomfort, like shedding old skin, purifying it into the sacred fire, and learning to fly, weightless and free.  Social norms are being interrupted, called out, and shaken up as we stretch the fabric of our collective skin and elevate to new dimensions of Wisdom and Unity.   Every stretch of the fabric reveals more and more layers of hidden congestion, which now has room to breathe, purge, and clear.  While the process might be uncomfortable at times, it’s the most profound pore cleansing of collective skin that regenerates the fabric of Unity, eventually restoring integrity, transparency, and Love.  It’s a process, and it’s already activating.  

The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation.  Light a white tea-light candle, and find a paper and pen.  Set your timer for 10 minutes.  Bring your undivided attention to the flame, imaging that flame is the light of truth that lives within your heart.  Nothing else matters.  For 10 minutes, practice disciplining your mind to stay present with the flame.  Anytime your mind wanders, gently redirect and bring yourself back to the flame, and make a hashmark on the page.  Each time you come back to the flame, give yourself a point.  Staying focused and present on the flame, letting go of distractions and interferences.  The hashmarks are indicators that your mind was present, and you chose to start again.  There’s no “good score”, that’s not the point.  Stay disciplined in your mental body practice this week, stay attuned to Love, Truth, and Wisdom….and let everything else go.  

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” ― Mahatma Gandhi 


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