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For the week of December 2 – 8, 2019

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The wormhole passage is officially activated, delivering us all through the birth canal of Truth, across the threshold to a brand new beginning, new Vision, and a brand new world.  The best way to travel through any wormhole is within the cockpit of the heart, fully surrendered, awake, and calibrated to the frequency of Love.  Anything is possible and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.  This is a time for quantum leaps and rapid expansion.  The only limitations are the ones within our own minds.    

In order to realize the expansiveness of this particular new beginning, we must be willing to let go of any attachments we might have to what we’ve become or who we think we are.  Shedding attachments to the current labels, roles, identities, and structures of how our current reality has been defined…so that a new configuration can express, a divine manifestation through evolution and awakened mastery of Love.

The clearest lens moving forward is Love… the new vision from the awakened heart.  The interpretations and meanings we’re making right now from our current events has everything to do with the next chapter we’re manifesting.  Our thoughts form the framework of possibility. New thoughts shift the old framework, allowing for new expressions to emerge.  If we’re unwilling to shift our thinking, to access new thoughts from a higher lens of Love, we’re bound to repeat the same stories, landscapes, and agendas again and again.

Our greatest expansion requires a redefinition of who we think we are, where our limits are, and the boundaries of expression.  If we’re willing to release the filters and attachments of any karmic limitations, we can literally shed the skin of our current embodiment in order to reveal our authentic light from within.  This “new skin” is the revelation of all that is holy, all that is sacred, and all that has been developing and culminating from each and every challenge, wound, and conflict.  Like diamonds emerging under pressure, our greatest brilliance and mastery emerges now as the new template of creativity.  Our evolutionary choice in this moment is to remain in the embodiment of our karmic story, OR…shed our skin, open our wings, and FLY.

If we’ve forgotten the divine truth of who we are, or haven’t had the appropriate mirrors to remind us of our mastery, now is the time to readjust our lens and call forth the memory from the cosmic library and cosmic record keeper.  This week, Mercury recovers his shadow and returns to the Light Bridge with Sedna, aligning our inner operating system and messaging system with the crystalline records of Sedna.  Ask and the download will appear, instantly.

Moving forward through this wormhole, it’s important to remember we each have opportunities for quantum leaps in consciousness, which can radically change the landscape of our story.  We are the pioneers, the authors, and the architects.   It’s our personal responsibility to renegotiate and redesign any of the historic limitations in our inner operating system and internal belief system.  We can either give our power and authority away to social conditioning, or we can hold ourselves personally responsible for our own evolution, and inspire our community to do the same.  Now is not the time to live in a limiting conversation of fear, insecurity, doubt, or judgment.  When we catch those threads of thoughts running the story, we must lovingly redirect our own energy, and remind ourselves that we always have a choice.

It might feel unfamiliar to redirect our thoughts towards a belief in something far greater than what we’ve ever known before.  It might feel inauthentic at times to take on such a powerful role within ourselves.  But if we don’t manage our own thoughts, if we don’t challenge our own limiting beliefs, who will?  We can wait for someone else to mirror back what we need to hear, but ultimately it’s time to wake up and ask for the upgrades ourselves, and be willing to expand when the opportunities arise.

The new paradigm reflects limitless potential through the Consciousness of Love.  The default setting, the internal mechanism that anything is possible through the frequency of Love.  The commitment to refine and master the consciousness of Love, as we become master alchemists in our day to day journey.  Nothing is fixed, nothing is stuck or stagnant.   The entry point to shapeshifting is Love.  Find the thread of connection through Love, elevate to Unity Consciousness, and anything is possible.  Always.

The week begins on Monday 12/2 with a Mars South Node resource, Mars North Node manifestation, then Jupiter enters Capricorn, Venus conjuncts the South Node and forms a bridge with the North Node, followed by a Sun Pallas new cycle and Mercury Pluto resource.   Mars brings our physical embodiment and motivation into a supportive relationship with karmic patterning for the purpose of initiating new actions and results.  When we can see clearly the entangled threads of conditioning, we can choose a new pattern, which delivers new results.   Our greatest expansion is truly up to us, and the more conscious we are with each still point of reflection, the more expansive our consciousness becomes.  As Jupiter moves into Capricorn, we take ownership of our divine power and authority to not only expand our own inner framework, but to expand the impact we make socially as a result of our conscious evolution.  Contagious by Love, the heart prompts a new relationship with the Earth Star Chakra, shining the light towards evolution and expansion.   When we can see clearly that every moment of perceived limitation has supported and inspired our greatest expansion, our Light becomes contagious, and our message is transformative.

Tuesday 12/3 is a Ceres MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Mars resource, and Haumea Sedna great eliminator.   Every moment delivers an opportunity to rise up and take the high road, to align with divine law, and to elevate through our authentic nature.  There’s great support today to show up as the full blown embodiment of the heart, and when we let our heats shine, our actions generate Love.  Anything that might trigger fear, insecurity, or doubt is simply an invitation to elevate, to align with our truth, and to come home to ourselves in crystalline clarity.   

On Wednesday 12/4, Venus forms a stepping stone wth Juno, followed by a Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Mercury Eris great eliminator, and Sun Orcus stepping stone.   The heart elevates to Unity, communicating through the universal language of Love and Truth.  This kind of elevation might trigger some discomfort at times, but the contractions are simply the shedding of old skin and old attachments.  The surrender of old skin reveals our infinite immortal truth, and the reasons why it matters that we’re here, now, in this particular incarnation.   

Thursday 12/5 is a Black Moon Pluto resource, Venus Orcus manifestation, and Vesta great eliminator with the Great Attractor.   Transformation of any kind requires a death or ending of what was, in order to emerge brand new from the infinite realm of possibilities.   As we uncover the hidden limitations and holding patterns, we unleash our greatest capacity for new beginnings.  Our authentic light is magnetized when we release old fears and doubts, remaining devoted to Truth and Freedom.  Our light attracts and multiplies like a powerful force of nature.   

On Friday 12/6, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Vesta, then conjuncts the Great Attractor for a new cycle, followed by a Pallas Orcus stepping stone and Venus Vesta manifestation.  That magnetic force of nature from yesterday amplifies even more today for a powerful new cycle.   When we radiate our truth, we shine brilliantly as a vital source of Wisdom, Love, and Power, manifesting from the trifold flame of the heart.         

Saturday 12/7 is the Mercury Sedna Light Bridge as Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow, followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource and Mars Orcus resource.  As Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow, we have an amazing opportunity to recalibrate our operating system with the crystalline records of the cosmic library.  With that multidimensional Light fully online in our consciousness, we witness newfound clarity and high definition as the embodiment of our 5D Cosmic Self.    

And on Sunday 12/8 the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune, followed by a Ceres South Node conjunction, Black Moon Sun stepping stone, Venus Neptune resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Venus resource, and Jupiter Chiron stepping stone.  Elevation offers clear perspective as we’re birthed through the karmic node and Earth Star Chakra.  That elevated clarity offers an enlightened perspective of the heart’s evolution.  When we see clearly that every step along the path, by design, supports our greatest unfolding, our greatest mastery, and our greatest remembrance of Truth, we unfold ourselves through the heart, walking in a brand new way.   

The practice this week is meditation, allowing the crystalline downloads of Sedna to calibrate through the personal operating system.  Sit in quiet meditation, breathing in and out through the nose, witnessing the unification of each breath into physical matter, feeling the physical sensations of breath in motion.  Then imagine inhaling crystalline light in through the crown, calibrating the brain and nervous system with crystalline light codes from the cosmic library, and allow that crystalline consciousness to floss through the spine, releasing through the tailbone and grounding into the earth.  Allow your spine to be an active antenna, receiving higher consciousness through your vertical axis, circulating from crown to root.  As our inner communications system synchs up with the Cosmic Record Keeper, our internal dialogue elevates by nature, giving us access to new thoughts, as well as the crystal clear blueprint of our 5D Cosmic Self.  Any misaligned thoughts, beliefs, or patterns can be discharged and released as we upgrade to a higher frequency.   


“The heart is

A thousand-stringed instrument

That can only be tuned with


~ Hafiz


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