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For the week of November 18 – 24, 2019

Get ready for a week of new beginnings that spark massive change and rapid transformation, divinely orchestrated by the new messaging system of the heart.  This week, Mercury stations direct, Mars moves into Scorpio, and the Sun moves into Sagittarius…all supporting in the deliverance of our greatest expansion and preparing for the upcoming entry point of the wormhole on 11/26.


Remember that Mind/Heart conjunction at the master degree of Scorpio at the end of October, just as Mercury stationed retrograde almost 3 weeks ago.  We’ve been in a period of deep introspection, reviewing and reflecting the aspects of our consciousness that aren’t in alignment with the heart, and fine tuning our operating system through the frequency of Love.   Through that lens of Universal Love, we can see everything clearly.  The truth emerges, and more importantly, we move forward in the direction of our heart’s deepest truth.  There are no distractions, distortions, or interferences when we trust the higher vision and the voice of the heart.


The heart is leading the way.  Embedded with the 5D template and blueprint of our soul’s promise and purpose, we must allow the heart to speak while the mind listens and receives.   This might feel counterintuitive for all the times we’ve deferred to logic or reason while overriding the voice of the heart.  We must remember that the most valuable role for the mind is that of the meditative observer, from the highest seat of universal equanimity, able to discern with wisdom and clarity, interpreting the messages of the heart.


The heart doesn’t speak in words.  The heart speaks in the frequency of Love through symbols, light codes, and music.  The mind must evolve beyond man-made conceptual interpretations of language in order to receive, intuit, and assimilate the multidimensional messages being downloaded from a higher source.  This gear shift is amplified by Mercury’s retrograde journey.  The fact that Mercury and Venus were conjunct in a Light Bridge with Sedna as Mercury began his retrograde journey is significant.   The divine feminine cosmic record keeper has been downloading light codes through our operating system so that we can collaborate with the higher wisdom of the cosmos, in a language all beings can understand.


Remember, there’s nothing “out there”.  The more expansive and multidimensional our operating system becomes at interpreting frequencies of Light, the more rapidly we gain access to all expressions of ourselves. Light years integrated into each now moment of our awakened consciousness.  What used to feel separate, literally light years away, is now downloaded in an instant through the higher communications of the heart, in a way we can assimilate and digest.  The heart operates in the context of Unity and Oneness.  The mind can observe oneness, and it can also perceive separation through time and space.  The mind observes through the chosen lens of perception.  That lens is up to us.  It’s a choice.  Unity or separation.


Choosing the lens of Love and Unity, and committing to that reference point of higher vision, we begin to witness rapid transformation and transmutation through the physical dimension.  What we think we’re seeing, actually shifts, as we alter our lens.  Not by changing anything “out there”, but by shifting the way we’re viewing everything, from within.   By understanding this, we have the power to shape shift anything in a nanosecond.


Our commitment to accessing a higher lens of vision will direct us to the downloads and interpretations available within the heart.  From there, it’s up to us to honor, receive, trust, and obey.  That’s our practice as we navigate the most epic portal of change and transformation we’ve ever known.


The week begins on Monday 11/18 with a Mercury Orcus resource and Jupiter Haumea resource.  The Great Messenger retrograding through Scorpion reaches the far out-of-body realms as we collectively expand to the realization of wholeness.  Only by perceiving communications that appear to be beyond us, can we fully own and realize that we are so much more than this body.  As our awareness expands beyond the limited self, we awaken to our Infinite Self, our Cosmic Self.  This is the greatest awareness that inspires transformation in our collective consciousness.  When we believe ourselves to be finite, small, and separate, we feel limited in our capacity to make a difference.  When we view ourselves as a part of the wholeness of the universe, we feel empowered to take care of our universe the way we take care of ourselves.  There is no separation.  Wholeness is Wellness, and the way we heal our planet is by realizing that our environment is our reflection, not separate from us, and certainly not beyond our control.  As we elevate our understanding of holistic wellness, we practice holistic self care through our awareness of universal oneness.


On Tuesday 11/19, there’s a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, then Mars enters Scorpio, Jupiter conjuncts the Galactic Center, and the Sun forms a Light Bridge with Sedna.  Mars in Scorpio brings the physical body ruler into the realm of transmutation, death and rebirth, and the potential for shapeshifting through alchemy.  We are not bound by anything physical, unless we subscribe to the labels, meanings, and attachments that we assign to our physical reality.  Labels are stepping stones, not end points.   Definitions help us to see things clearly, so that we can move forward.  If we can remember that everything physical is 99.9% empty space, we can navigate through the empty space with conscious presence as master alchemists.  Love is the frequency that altars our current reality into a higher vision.  When the actions we take are motivated by Love, the outcome will eventually deliver the manifestation of Love.  This kind of navigation requires a higher scope of vision beyond the physical eyes, to see beyond the veils of projection and illusion, and remain intimately connected to the spiritual dimension within the physical.  There is no separation.  Everything physical contains spirit.  God is everywhere, which means Love exists in all things.  It might not seem obvious on the surface, but remember – there is nothing physical that doesn’t also contain empty space…and that empty space is pure potential that manifests through the eyes of the observer, according to the lens.  We each have the power to shape shift through our commitment to living through the lens of Love.  Period.


Wednesday 11/20, Chiron forms a stepping stone with Ceres, followed by a Venus Eris manifestation, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, Mercury stations direct at 12 Scorpio, and Jupiter forms a great eliminator with Sedna.  Chiron reminds us that our greatest wounds and vulnerabilities reveal our potential for personal mastery.  It’s important now that we step into our awakened realization of that mastery, and allow ourselves to be delivered to a higher octave of our being.  We’re being called forth, and the heart is harmonizing with every edge of discomfort that moves us through the birth canal.  Nothing is meant to punish us or hurt us…every contraction sheds the old skin, revealing our Light and removing any obstacles, attachments, or entanglements along the way.  Mercury stations direct today, which means we’re ready for a massive gear shift that moves us forward, expanding like never before.  Expansion can trigger fears of the unknown, so it’s important to trust as we stretch beyond our current comfort zone in order to realize the newness that’s coming online.


On Thursday 11/21, Mars and Chiron form a great eliminator, Jupiter conjuncts Ixion for a new cycle, and Ceres conjuncts Quaoar for a new cycle.  The upcoming transformation requires committed action from a lens of Love, as we eliminate any of the conditions or fear based limitations that used to hold us back.  We are not bound by any limitation, unless we subscribe to it and believe it.  What’s most important now is believing in our soul’s blueprint, our divine truth, and the new paradigm that’s being birthed through every leap of faith.  We’re igniting the foundation of the New Earth.  True pioneers of an expansive belief system rooted in the frequency of Love, where all things are possible.  When we live from that belief, we stretch through every moment, making use of all that’s available to us.  We take risks, we make quantum leaps, and we thrive in abundance.  We live large, from the heart, and that frequency of energy is contagious, inspiring, and sustainable.


Friday 11/22 is a Saturn Vesta manifestation, Juno MakeMake new cycle, then the Sun enters Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone and Mars Quaoar resource.  With divine power and authority, the fire of devotion sparks creative potential.  When we manifest on behalf of All, we align ourselves with universal law and order for an unprecedented beginning and a new chapter.  As the Sun enters Sagittarius, our consciousness moves into the Fire element that wipes the slate clean and prepares for a new beginning.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the bonfire that burns away all that is impure, releasing the purity of spirit, and returning the rest to dust.  Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker, and the ultimate victory when the truth sets us free.   We clear karma from the Sagittarius aspect of our consciousness, and by clearing karma, we finish the game.  There is completion when truth is revealed, and that completion creates the opening for a brand new beginning.  When we repeat the same cycles and patterns again and again, nothing changes, nothing resolves.  Sagittarius sets fire to the cycles of repetition, the illusions that entangle and distract our perception of truth.  The truth is, there is only Love.  Everything else is distortion, fear, unresolved wounds, and misunderstanding.  If we continue to believe that our truth is the wound, we will never transcend and heal.  We remain stuck within the patterns of pain and suffering…until we awaken and release ourselves from the illusion, returning back to Love.


On Saturday 11/23, Mercury forms another resource with Orcus (now moving direct), followed by a Mars Ceres resource, Pallas MakeMake resource, Haumea Galactic Center resource, then Venus conjuncts the Galactic Center for a new cycle, Venus forms a resource with Haumea, Venus forms a great eliminator with Sedna, Venus conjuncts Ixion for a new cycle, and the Sun manifests with Chiron.   Today is the repeat aspect from Monday, as the “out of body communication” ushers us back into our body, to this expression of our incarnation.   As far out as we’ve stretched our minds through Mercury’s retrograde journey, we’re now integrating that expansion into our inner framework and operating system, allowing for massive upgrades in our multidimensional messaging system.  There’s a lot happening at the heart level today, and remember, the heart is the new messenger, the heart is leading the way.  A new cycle with the Galactic Center and with Ixion as we manifest the truth of our personal mastery through self realization.  This is a day of quantum leaps and massive personal upgrades, for those who are committed to receiving the downloads from the heart.  There’s a new way of tuning in, and a new frequency of communication coming online through the heart.  It might take a minute to calibrate, and the heart might skip a few beats while integrating the new codes.


And Sunday 11/24 is a super powerful Venus Jupiter new cycle, Mars Uranus bridge, and Mars Varuna stepping stone.  This Venus Jupiter new cycle occurs in an intimacy aspect with the recent Venus/Mercury conjunction that initiated Mercury’s retrograde journey.  And even more interesting, Jupiter is the ruler of the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius that launches the winter wormhole eclipse passage on Tuesday 11/26.  This Venus Jupiter conjunction is extremely beneficial and meaningful for the journey ahead.   If we’re willing to trust the heart and allow our hearts to expand wide open, we not only gain universal vision through the lens of Love, we also activate the theme of the entire wormhole which is expansion and surrender through the heart.  We are calibrating the new vision for 2020, restoring our lens of Universal Vision through Love.  This is the entry point, this is the moment of truth.  The Mars Uranus bridge will deliver an unexpected wake up call to get our attention.  Love is the answer.  Love is the Lens.  Love is the way.


The practice this week is to let the heart lead and let the heart speak.  Defer to the wisdom and the truth of the heart. Take a few moments each day to journal.  Uncensored, unedited, let the heart reveal your deepest truth and current conversations.  If you notice any threads of fear, doubt, or limitation in your journaling, simply tune in, and choose to elevate that thread to a higher conversation of trust and faith.  Ask yourself “How would Love respond to this thread of fear or limitation?”  And let Love respond, from your heart.  Be your own coach, be your source of inspiration and motivation.  Gently notice when there’s fear, and consciously choose to channel the voice of the heart.  We are expanding beyond our current limitations, and Love is the frequency that guides us in that journey.


“This is what we call love. When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there’s no need at all to understand what’s happening, because everything happens within you.”
― Paulo Coelho


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