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For the week of November 11 – 17, 2019

Welcome to the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey, installing a new lens of vision that changes the entire operating system, and adjusting the framework of filters that assimilates interpretations of available meanings and messages.  How we interpret our life events, how we perceive the world around us, has a direct impact on the state of health of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  When we live through the lens of Universal Love, our experience is very different than when we don’t.  Same events, same scenarios….yet different meanings, interpretations, motivated actions, and possible results…including our cellular expression and nervous system default setting.
The week literally begins with Mercury’s transit across the Sun, visible for all to see.  The next Mercury transit won’t occur until 2032, 13 years from now.  If we consider an entire 13 year cycle, a cycle of Cosmic Unity and Oneness…today sparks a new way of communicating through the wholeness of our multidimensional Universe.  The Universal language is Love, through the frequency of light and sound.  As we shift our lenses and filters to receive messages of Love through every event, moment to moment, we can receive divine navigation signals that support in the deliverance of the New Earth.  Love awakens new possibilities.  Love reveals the divine codes of our soul’s blueprint.
When moving through transition, uncertainty, or learning anything new, human beings are conditioned to either be motivated by fear and pressure or by love and encouragement.  It’s been scientifically proven that motivators of love and encouragement elevate the possibilities for sustainable new growth, new expression.  The nervous system remains healthy and pliable, which accommodates greater leaps of consciousness.  If we’ve been conditioned to learn, grow, and expand based on stress, pressure, conflict, or fight/flight response, our nervous systems eventually reach a breaking point or an edge.  In that breaking point, crystal clear communication isn’t available, and our messaging system burns out.  Our inner messaging system becomes depleted and exhausted.
The nourishment for new growth is Love.

If we’ve historically thrived in situations of extreme stress, pressure, or fear, our lens of vision may reflect a need for pressure, comparison, competition, judgment, etc as a motivating factor.  The nervous system, and all of our inner communications, carry an acidic edge to this quality of message.  Since our bodies are mostly water, that acidic edge to our inner messaging system creates inflammation and acidity, which also distorts the crystalline molecular structure of our water molecules.  As we practice shifting the conversation, first by altering the lens of our experiences to be motivated by expansion, new growth, and a higher vision…we can allow for a higher octave of navigation guidance from a higher source of divine authority, and tap into the motivation to manifest something brand new, never before seen in our current reality.
The motivating force of fear comes from an ego voice of authority, whereas the motivating force of Love and the sustainable curiosity for new growth and a higher vision comes from the heart, in communion with spirit and our divine guidance.  The choice this week is:  Which voice or impulse do we tune into as our default setting?  Which voice has been dictating the current flow of incoming messages in our water up until now?   We each have the conscious power to choose, and to the authority to change the channel, thereby elevating the conversation, which altars the method of motivation and reconfigures the interpretations of our moment to moment experiences.
So often, we go through the motions of our day to day experiences, not even challenging the lens and filters we’re looking through or perceiving events from.  We get accustomed to elevating the best we can through the current framework, without even realizing our own blindspots and opportunities to reconstruct our lens.  There are infinite options of multifaceted lenses to perceive our current reality from.  If we get attached to one point of view that doesn’t serve us, that doesn’t generate abundance, joy, love, and expansion (and most importantly, health and wellness), then perhaps it’s time to choose again.  The process is multidimensionally fluid, like learning to breathe under water.  As with any adjustment to vision, a slight change can create temporary disorientation, yet with conscious practice, the integration can reveal new dimensions of possibilities.
This week delivers a Full Moon in Taurus, and the conversation that “where we choose to plant ourselves” matters.  That conversation speaks to the lens of consciousness we choose to live from, and the willingness to obey the heart completely.  Mind the heart.  As we consciously choose to think from the heart, we tend to the heart with our undivided attention.  That shift in where we place our attention manifests in new vision, and new growth.
The week begins on Monday 11/11, with a Venus Orcus stepping stone and a Sun Mercury conjunction.  The number 11/11 is a double master number, which also speaks to the mastery available with today’s Mercury transit across the Sun.  The Messenger is revealing himself, crystal clear, illuminated by the Scorpio Sun for profound transformation at the most personal level.  Today is a game changer for our inner operating system, and the capacity to deep dive through the realm of infinite lenses in order to choose again, and witness resurrection and rebirth in an instant.  When we can see crystal clear the transit of our inner operating system, the threads of communication that are occurring deep within our own hidden realms of subconscious patterns, we can shed light and awaken new possibilities.  We can’t shift what we can’t see, but once we see it clearly, we can generate a quantum leap in consciousness.
Tuesday 11/12 delivers a Sun Vesta bridge, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, followed by the Full Moon in Taurus, Chiron Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Saturn resource, Mars Jupiter resource, Uranus Varuna stepping stone, and Black Moon Mercury manifestation.  The Sun Mercury conjunction lights our inner fire of devotion through this Full Moon event, creating a powerful bridge of rich vital nourishment through our communication channels.  Imagine receiving personalized love notes, downloaded just for you every single day, and the quality of inspiration for new growth and new life that sparks as a result.  The Full Moon in Taurus is disposed by Venus, the heart.  When we are loved, we grow.  When we come from Love, anything we express becomes the generative seed of more Love.  When our innermost thoughts originate from the heart, we grow ourselves with Love, and we become sustainable sources of Love throughout our community.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Mental Body Love and Conscious Obedience.  Obeying the heart, minding the heart.  When the mind surrenders to the heart, the mind is at home, at peace, and all is well.  When the mind is in conflict with the heart, in a power struggle, resistant or refusing, there is chaos in the nervous system, and our inner channels of communication get congested and distorted.  It’s hard to see clearly when the mind is in resistance to the heart.  The lens of Universal Love is within the heart, and the only way to access is through mind/heart communion and partnership.  Taurus represents the Tree of Life, the sustainable source of vital nourishment that circulates Love through the soil, through the underground networks of communication, as well as through the trunk, and into the offerings of fruit, leaves, resources, and shade.  Taurus consciousness holds sacred space for profound transformation and alchemy to occur.  When we consciously plant ourselves into the sacred space and safe container of the heart, we awaken the universal lens of Love.  Able to see clearly, we can navigate anything from the safety of Love.  Our nervous systems remain solid, rooted and grounded in the heart.  This is the foundation of the New Earth, and the new leaders of the Earth.
On Wednesday 11/13, Venus conjuncts the Great Attractor for a new cycle, followed by a Mercury Saturn resource, Sun Pluto resource, Mercury Neptune manifestation, and Black Moon Vesta resource.  The ruler of yesterday’s Full Moon, the heart, starts a new cycle with the Great Attractor, which opens up infinite new doorways for new growth, new potential, and universal expressions and manifestations of Love.  If we’ve been experiencing limitation or restriction in our ability to communicate Love, that starts to shift now.  Restrictions formed from misunderstandings, illusions, or distortions begin to clear and reveal the true meaning, the higher intention.  Love can’t hide or be denied.  Love always reveals, and has the power to heal, restore, and renew.  As long as we’re not attached, Love is infinite, timeless, and immortal.
Thursday 11/14 is a Black Moon Pluto resource, Black Moon Sun manifestation, Mars Haumea new cycle, Venus Neptune stepping stone, Mars resource with the Galactic Center, Uranus Juno great eliminator, and Juno Varuna resource.  Our lens of higher vision is calibrating to Unity, which means we’re clearing out the filters of anything that has ever kept us separate.  The truth is, there is no separation, we are all unified and connected, and our diversity breathes life into the wholeness of all.  As we honor our individuality, we can see our impact on the collective, and the threads of connection that weave through us all.  We begin to flower as we open universally, spreading our seeds of new creation with the fragrance of Love.
On Friday 11/15, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, followed by a Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Mars Ixion resource, Mars Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna resource, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Sun Eris great eliminator, and Ceres enters Capricorn.   Through our individuality, we expand into our soul’s higher blueprint for divine creation.  We can’t contribute our gifts and mastery if we hold ourselves back or compare to the social norms or standard templates.  As we reveal the hidden limits and blocks to our full expression, we liberate and unleash our divine truth, and are delivered through a higher divine power and authority.   The discomfort of living in skin that doesn’t quite fit, sparks contractions that birth a new evolution and divine expression of our authentic nature.  As we awaken, we shed the old skin and the old limitations, and reveal our greatest Light – vibrant, brilliant, and pure.
Saturday 11/16 is another huge Black Moon day, starting with a Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone,  Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Juno bridge, Venus Vesta great eliminator, and Black Moon MakeMake bridge.   The theme today is the moment to moment practice of unveiling personal mastery, elevating up to a higher perspective, and manifesting with higher wisdom through the lens of universal Love.  Everything is possible, always…through the frequency of Love.  From that lens of higher vision, we can see clearly the unifying bridge of divine law and order.  Nothing is outside of us, the path is revealed within the heart.
And on Sunday 11/17, the Black Moon intersects the Nodes, revealing a stillpoint between the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras, followed by a Uranus Pallas great eliminator, Ixion Sedna great eliminator, Pallas Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, and Black Moon Mercury great eliminator.    The Black Moon still point intersects the Nodes, which gives us powerful choice over our DNA programming.  Our conscious thoughts matter, and we have the power to choose.  We can elevate and align with our divine spiritual blueprint, which reveals the encoded records of our higher programming and our true nature, which is Love.  The embodiment of Unconditional Love takes shape through our thoughts, words, and actions…beginning with the remembrance that we are Love, and that we are divinely enough, exactly as we are.  There’s nothing to prove, nothing to change, nothing to figure out…simply allowing ourselves to BE our unique expression, as only we can.
The practice this week is a walking meditation.  If possible, practice barefoot on the Earth.  First, take some deep breaths, and bring your undivided attention into your physical body.  Feel your heartbeat in the souls of your feet, and feel that heartbeat plugged into the Earth.  Then place your hands over your heart, and feel your heartbeat though the palms of your hands.  With grounded presence in the heart, inhale and take a step with your left foot, breathing in Love. Feel your heart receiving Love, and say to yourself “I am Loved”.  Then as you exhale, take a step with your right foot, and say to yourself “I am Home”.  And feel what it feels like to mindfully walk the Earth, rooted and supported in Love.  Every step fueled and motivated by Love.
“The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others, or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me.” ― ram dass       
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