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For the week of November 4 – 10, 2019

The week ahead calibrates the lens of the heart for universal vision, allowing the heart to awaken and orchestrate a new kind of movement through divine creation. There’s authentic inspiration and creativity that each soul came to manifest, a particular note we each came to play, and when we discover that note or that essence or color of being, our lives will never be the same.

We came to unleash and embody our divine mastery, and that expression can’t be logically planned by the mind. It must be released and revealed by the heart.

When the heart speaks, the world listens. When the heart moves, there is music and dance. When the heart breaks, there is expansion, opening, deepening and healing. If we try to override the heart in search for logical reason and certainty, we miss the artistry and the mystery that this life beholds. When we try to censor, organize, or tidy up our experiences so that we present a certain way, we become manipulators of our gifts, instead of embracing and realizing the universal mystery we are. Allowing our mystery to reveal and express, without any preconceived notion as to what that might look like, sound like, or move like…that’s the life of freedom.

When children learn to play musical instruments, they first get familiar with the various sounds they’re capable of making, without any regard to precision or perfection. The goal is to play, to be curious, and to be intimately connected with their instrument of choice. Through curiosity and freedom, they explore the range of possibilities, and then settle into what feels authentic. From there, they can be taught methodology and precision.

Each of us has untapped potential, a hidden gem within that is capable of universal magic, brilliance, and beauty. We are the instruments, so how do we allow ourselves to curiously explore our own unique potential, as we unlock the hidden dimensions of our most precious masterpiece?

Oftentimes we look for what we’re good at, what’s needed or wanted by those around us, as an indicator of our gifts and offerings. But perhaps there’s another dimension or a higher octave to our divine mastery. With enough time and space (and permission) to dive into the heart, we can call forth that dimension of mystery and allow it to speak, allow it to emerge and reveal. Not that we need to stop doing what we’re good at, but this awakened octave of the heart can enhance, elevate, and enlighten what we’ve already been doing.

With Mercury retrograde these next several weeks, our operating system has an intentional break, a pause from the norms, the status quo…and we have a beautiful opportunity to bring our hearts fully online as the master communicators of our instrument. If we can allow the heart to speak, to guide and navigate, we can awaken a brand new dimension of artistry and creation to our lives, that enriches our personal devotion to the embodied mystery of our soul. There is a spark waiting to be activated, a higher source of inspiration and new life waiting to be seen. The universal lens of the heart, the lens of Unconditional Love, Freedom, and Unity allows us to recognize that spark, and respond fully with our whole selves.

When the mind lets go of the need to control, the need to figure out a plan, or the need to make sense of everything in a practical context, we experience a lightened up surrender, a state of peace that allows for spontaneous awakenings, realizations, and manifestations. Letting the heart reveal new creative potential – by refining the lens of Universal Vision and calibrating the frequency of Love. This week restores the magical innocence required for divine mastery.

The week begins on Monday 11/4 as Varuna stations retrograde, the Sun forms a resource with Orcus, and Venus manifests with Varuna. Varuna is a 5D archetype, the universal eye (and the Universal “I” of the I AM presence) that allows us to see through the cosmic lens of oneness and wholeness. This lens can only be accessed from the 5D context of wholeness, which is activated by Universal Love. Beyond personal agendas, attachments, judgments, or triggers, there is a higher lens that sees everything clearly. Varuna stations retrograde, almost exactly in a grand fire manifestation with Venus and Chiron. This speaks volumes into our capacity to awaken and manifest personal mastery from the heart. A grand fire manifestation sparks new inspiration for new creation, calibrates a higher frequency of Love from the heart, and also purifies and clears away any mistruths, any misinterpretations or limiting beliefs. If we’ve ever doubted or distorted our potential for personal mastery, or the inherent gifts that live within our heart, this Varuna retrograde period is an opportunity to see clearly, to restore higher vision. As we acknowledge and “see” ourselves clearly in the mirror, we also become the awakeners of divine mastery in others.

Tuesday 11/5 is a Venus Uranus great eliminator, Mars Pluto stepping stone, and Mars Vesta great eliminator. The heart awakens higher vision, and in the process, clears away the old attachments to status quo norms and unconscious roots of unhealthy stagnation. As we awaken and elevate to higher vision, we undergo a physical transformation and transmutation, at the cellular level within our own physical bodies, and perhaps also within the structures, systems, and relationships we belong to or identify as. When we start to see the higher vision from the heart, suddenly everything becomes crystal clear, and we make more elevated choices that have the power to dramatically altar our landscape. As long as these choices are made with Love, coming from a higher devotion to our evolution, these shifts will benefit all. Nothing is ever lost, there is only freedom, expansion, and evolution of energy.

On Wednesday 11/6, Venus forms a resource with MakeMake. Today restores higher law and order, from the truth of the heart. Anything that has been misplaced, misunderstood, or misaligned will be supported in right relationship with universal truth. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and we can spend hours, weeks, years, or lifetimes grieving what didn’t go the way we thought it should. MakeMake reveals the higher law and order, from a universal cosmic lens of wholeness. When our personal heart can’t understand, it’s important to elevate to a universal seat, and see the divine orchestration behind all events. From a universal lens, nothing is personal. There is only Love, and there is only evolution.

Thursday 11/7 is a Ceres Haumea resource, Pluto Vesta manifestation, and Mercury Eris great eliminator. We’re being birthed by the truth of wholeness, which elevates our perception of everything and transforms our worldview. Today is a day to find compassion and unity through any discomfort or disturbance. Anything that sparks massive transformation is a gift, regardless of how it looks on the surface. Remember, births are messy, and transformation brings us into relationship with uncertainty and unfamiliar territory. As we practice devotion in the journey of transformation, everything is a gift that fuels our inner fire.

On Friday 11/8, Pallas enters Sagittarius, Ceres conjuncts the Galactic Center, followed by a Sun Saturn resource, Sun Neptune manifestation, Sun Black Moon manifestation, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Saturn resource, Ceres Ixion new cycle, and Saturn Neptune resource. Pallas is the archetype of Divine Feminine Wisdom. Entering the sign of Sagittarius, she brings us into the realm of truth seeking. By cultivating higher wisdom, we slice through the illusions, dramas, and distortions, able to elevate up to a new game, on higher ground. Clarity emerges when divine wisdom speaks truth, calling a spade a spade, pulling up the rugs and opening up the curtains. Everything in plain sight so we can see clearly what we’re dealing with, what we’re buying into, and what we’re believing in. These moments of clarity have the power to birth the higher octaves of what really matters most. When we see the cycles of distractions and dramas, we can choose to start again and change the social structure completely.

Saturday 11/9 is a Juno Quaoar stepping stone, Chiron Juno bridge, Mars Eris bridge, Ceres Sedna great eliminator, Chiron Quaoar stepping stone, Venus South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Venus North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator, and Mercury Pluto resource. The new paradigm of the New Earth is Unity, the community of One through Wholeness. We have a lot of healing to do on this planet. It’s important to remember, we awaken by recognizing ways we’ve not been living in wholeness, and choose to step again, elevating through every experience along the way. We become the conscious creators of a New Earth by mindful walking the current ground, step by step, and transmuting every experience with Love. Embodied Wholeness, as a human being on this planet, means that I’m a part of everyone I meet. When I see another, I’m seeing a part of myself, meeting my divinity, either manifested or unmanifested. My words and actions can evoke mastery and Love, or affirm old patterns of karmic separation. The choice is mine.

And Sunday 11/10 is an Ixion Haumea resource and Mercury Vesta bridge. The wholeness of who I am includes the 5D blueprint of personal mastery I’m here to embody. It matters that we commit ourselves to honoring that blueprint, to activating the light codes of our divine seed into our current operating system, bringing Light online through our embodied existence. As we do, we elevate the wholeness of our planet. My awakening benefits All. My willingness to recognize my own limitless brilliance allows me to also recognize and honor yours. What I choose to see through my lens of vision determines what’s possible in my worldview. If I call forth Love and Truth, I will see Love, even through the opportunities to awaken and generate Love.

The practice this week is to calibrate the universal Lens of Love within the heart. Please listen to this week’s Weekly Calibration, found in the weekly audio portion of the Members Portal of the site. Bring your undivided attention into the heartspace, and allow the structure of the heart to awaken as a multifaceted crystalline lens. Looking out, allow your light to generate Love all around you, revealing universal truth in all directions. Then allow that lens to become a mirror, reflecting your 5D blueprint and the light codes of your divine personal mastery, allowing you to see yourself clearly through the lens of Love. Feel yourself being fully awakened by the reflective power of that Universal Lens of Love.

“True love is a non-personal miracle. It is the nature of reality itself. It is the natural and spontaneous expression of the undivided divine self.” – Adyashanti

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