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For the week of October 28 – November 3, 2019

The week ahead delivers a powerful activation to awaken mastery through the mind/heart connection. Mastery requires practice, and the master path calls forth greatness through any temporary periods of discomfort or pressure. We refine ourselves through unexpected moments of pressure, elevating beyond comfort and convenience.

When navigating challenging periods of transition, it’s easy to wish the pressure would let up so we can breathe and find our footing in the familiar status quo…getting back to ourselves, back to normal. When a headache arises, we want to clear it fast so we can move on with our scheduled events. When a difficult situation arises, we want it to resolve quickly so we can move forward without delay. Yet the purpose of difficult transitions are to birth us into new structures, new foundations, and new beginnings that don’t necessarily operate within the current status quo. The current containers need to be shaken up in order to expand beyond them.  To restore immediate comfort would be a detriment.

Quantum leaps occur when we elevate octaves above the current story, and refine our structures from that perspective of higher ground. We don’t need to seek struggle, however we can learn to embrace any moments of struggle that arise on the current path, and work with the wholeness of each experience to expand – honoring the divine orchestration of all elements involved. When we resist, push against, or refuse to grow through the challenge, we limit our possibilities and stagnant our creative potential and vitality.

Unexpected events are best navigated from a seat of mind/heart union. When the mind is at home within the heart – in equal partnership – there is centered peace and stillness, allowing us to observe all available options from the highest perspective of clarity. When change triggers a stress response, and the ego mind flips out trying to predict, prepare, understand, and/or prevent any particular outcome, we’re not surrendered, we’re not in union with all the elements at play, and we’re not rooted in our hearts.

That fragmentation creates a split from Self, as the triggered stress response takes over. That stress response becomes the default setting of our available options, and “fight or flight” takes over. The part of our brain that kicks in from fear can only assimilate information from the historic lens of primal fear based consciousness. Survival kicks in, and we actually stunt our growth by limiting our available choices. We may feel safe in that paradigm, finding familiar strength if we’ve mastered the art of survival in the past. However, evolution requires a quantum leap above survival. Evolution calls forth our mastery through expansion…stretching beyond the known familiar territory.

Expansion and movement through the unknown waters, the unfamiliar landscape, requires trust. If we continually go back to what we know, what feels familiar, we remain in the same context again and again. Fear evokes the need for safety…and we can either reach for familiar patterns and content for external safety, or we can develop a deeper relationship with inner trust and faith in our higher channels of communication. If we reach for safety externally, we become dependent on the status quo for our stability, which keeps us attached to the gravity of karma. By cultivating deep inner safety, sustainable peace within our own nervous system, we can truly navigate any terrain, no matter how unexpected the conditions might be.

Universal trust requires an established inner framework of safety, inner communion with a higher navigation system that we can lean on and believe in, and the ability to interpret events through a higher lens of vision. The triggered response of survival takes us to a primal navigation system, that is unable to digest light codes of higher crystalline vision. We must consciously practice activating the mind/heart union as a fundamental calibration. That mind/heart calibration brings the mind home into safe space where the default setting restores faith, trust, and safety within. From a still equanimous mind, we can observe the messages coming online through the awakened heart. This is an upgrade in partnership with our higher navigation system, through the higher channels of information.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde period will travel through the multiple dimensions, depths, and shadows of Scorpio, allowing us to examine the subconscious realms within ourselves, for fine tuning and mastery. As we clear the cobwebs, we free ourselves to unleash infinite potential to manifest a higher vision, free from the entanglements of old repetitive patterns. This journey will provide an unprecedented opportunity to reprogram our nervous systems through the conscious practice of Universal Trust, flipping the switch from the unconscious default survival mode settings to an open channeled visionary stream of higher consciousness, allowing new growth and evolution to take shape.

The week begins on Monday 10/28 with a Sun Uranus bridge, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Mercury Juno resource, Juno Sedna manifestation, Ceres Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, and Mars Neptune great eliminator. The New Moon in Scorpio is fresh in our consciousness overnight with the exact Uranus bridge occurring just after midnight ET. New beginnings of profound transformation and alchemy, activated and awakened like a lightning bolt slicing through the root system of a tree. With downloads that potent, we can’t help but notice the shifts in consciousness. It’s important not to react to the lightning strike.  Instead, we can bring our undivided attention to observe what just got illuminated. We might see that spark of awakening reflected outside of us, activating a strong devotion to choose faith and trust vs reacting in fear. Remember, change of any kind can spark a nervous system reaction of old patterning, even a change we’ve been praying for and wishing for. Our bodies will reveal where our current default threads of consciousness are coming from, so pay attention, and stay seated in the heart where all events are witnessed through universal love. New beginnings require an awakening of the patterns that keep us stuck….especially the unconscious patterns that we didn’t know where there. Sometimes our greatest resistance comes when we get everything we’ve ever wanted…and the fear of receiving kicks in unexpectedly, leading to sabotage. However the awakening occurs, choose something different, choose to come from a place of trust, and allow the response to be Love.

On Tuesday 10/29, Venus conjuncts Pallas, followed by a Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Ceres Eris manifestation, Black Moon Quaoar resource, and Jupiter Vesta great eliminator. The wise heart calibrates a new alchemical cycle of transformation as old wounds come to the surface for resurrection and refined healing. We’re birthed through inner discomfort to uncover and remember our limitlessness. Through this doorway of remembrance, we access the committed devotion to expand. Expansion requires courage, and the willingness to trust the process without resisting the temporary contractions of discomfort.  Contractions generate movement and expansion.

Wednesday 10/30, the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, Mercury conjuncts Venus at the master degree of Scorpio, Venus then forms an exact bridge with Sedna, and the Black Moon forms a bridge with Juno. This Mercury Venus (mind/heart) conjunction, the day before Mercury stations retrograde, is extremely powerful. And the triple conjunction with Pallas, Divine Feminine Wisdom, is even more important. The template for equality of yin and yang, and the higher wisdom that comes from that lens of unity, is a powerful starting point for Mercury’s retrograde journey. This calibration point is in a bridge with Sedna, the Cosmic record keeper, downloading the universal records into our personal operating system, giving us all equal access to universal wisdom. There is no separation, which means we all have equal rights to Cosmic Consciousness and the Universal Lens of higher vision.

On Thursday 10/31, the Black Moon manifests with Mercury, Venus, and Pallas, find resource with Sedna, forms a stepping stone with Ixion, and a great eliminator with Haumea. Then Mercury stations retrograde at 28 Scorpio, followed by a Mercury Sedna bridge, Venus Juno resource, and Ixion Galactic Center new cycle. Just before Mercury stations retrograde, there is quite a massive uncovering that reveals new wisdom through the mind/heart connection. This revelation of new wisdom will be threaded through our inner operating system, as brilliant light uncovering any hidden shadows or blindspots. Imagine rinsing out our inner operating system and nervous system with the light of higher wisdom. Washing away any dormant mistruths or misinterpretations that have generated misaligned communication patterns. This clearing literally dissolves the inaccurate interpretations and misaligned patterns into imaginal cells of infinite possibility, calibrated to wisdom, awakening new dimensions of potential for our 5D blueprint to manifest. This is the clearing that allows for new possibilities to take shape, within the framework of our own minds.

Friday 11/1, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres and Jupiter, Venus enters Sagittarius, and Black Moon forms a resource with Vesta. More unveiling that prompts the deliverance of new social consciousness. As the collective consciousness become more aware of our current results, there is a massive movement towards truth that elevates the game of participation on the planet. Once we know what’s occurring behind the veils, we can never pretend to fall back asleep again. The momentum of elevation fuels our collective evolution. The more we know, the more we care…and the more we care, the more devoted we are to taking good care of ourselves, each other, and our environment…locally, globally, and cosmically.

On Saturday 11/2, there’s a Jupiter Eris manifestation, Mercury Pallas conjunction, Black Moon Pluto resource, Pallas Sedna bridge, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, and the Sun manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) while finding resource with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra). Our social consciousness expands through disruption and disharmony, which serves in activating higher wisdom and new ways of thinking. Transformation comes from disruption of the status quo, prompting new possibilities otherwise unavailable. Our consciousness – where we choose to focus, our higher lens of vision, and where we root ourselves – has the capacity to unlock dharmic doorways of manifestation that changes the outcome of our global story.

And Sunday 11/3 is a Venus Chiron manifestation and Juno enters Libra. The heart holds the key for healing, wholing, and personal mastery. When we’re willing to pass through the eye of the needle with an open heart of Love, anything is possible, anything can transform, and the infinite power of alchemy breathes new life through every moment. When we choose to see Love in the invisible empty space around us, our reality reflects a higher vision of Love, taking shape and manifesting in physical form. As we embody the infinite potential of imaginal cells, we become the master alchemists, with the power to shape shift anything with Love.

The practice this week is mind/heart union as a default setting. Notice the times when the mind gets triggered by worries, fears, doubts, or a limiting “I can’t” statement. Notice when the mind runs forward in a thousand different directions trying to find the right plan, right path, right answer. Take a deep breath, bring the mind back home into the limitless realm of the heart, take a seat, and get grounded into the sacred space of Love within. Feel what it feels like as the mind finds nourishment, safety, support. Feel what it feels like when the mind is rooted, stable, still. Imagine roots of a tree, deepening into the heart, circulating the nourishment of Love. Feel a release through the nervous system, exhale and let go through the tailbone. And from that centered space, let your mind open, multidimensionally, to see through the universal lens of Love. From the limitless realm of Love, let your mind become an imaginal cell of possibility, and watch the downloads of Light awaken through your operating system.

“The caterpillar is a necessary stage but becomes unsustainable once its job is done. There is no point in being angry with it and there is no need to worry about defeating it. The task is to focus on building the butterfly, the success of which depends on powerful positive and creative efforts in all aspects of society and alliances built among those engaged in them.”
― Elisabet Sahtouris

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