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For the week of October 21 – 27, 2019

We’re stepping into the Via Combusta this week, the melting pot of alchemical transformation and multidimensional shape shifting. Change is key, and every transition reveals an ending and a beginning, requiring nothing short of complete surrender. If we want to manifest a higher awakened vision, we must be willing to let go of our attachments to the way things currently are.

Those attachments include our perceptions of what we think we’re seeing, the lens we’re currently looking through. Transformation requires changing the lens and the cleaning the filters, in order to see a new possibility emerging that we’ve never considered before. That moment of awakening prompts the newfound belief in unmanifested potential. When we step fully into that new belief, we embody new thoughts, and the alchemical transmutation process begins.

Transformation isn’t about tipping our toe in the water of something a little different, and then inching our way towards newness while still clinging to the familiar for stability. Transformation requires a full letting go, a complete melting down or dissolving of what was, until there’s nothing left. In the nothingness of emptiness, often referred to as the “Dark Night of the Soul”, all possibilities exist. We return to the darkness of the divine feminine void, the rich fertile soil of new growth. When we let go of all we’ve created and all that we’ve become, we can see the newness of divine resurrection, a brand new expression. Not a continuation of the old, but a complete and total new birth.

When the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, it doesn’t go through stages that resemble the final outcome. It doesn’t keep parts of the old in tact while “trying on” wings to see if it feels good or looks right. The caterpillar completely dissolves unto itself. In relinquishing any attachments to the old identity, the caterpillar steps through a doorway that feels (and even looks) like death…only to be reborn in the most unexpected, miraculous, beautiful new life. The magic of creation, the magic of transformation, the magic of rebirth…this is the dimension we’re stepping into this week.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Wednesday, bringing our consciousness into the multidimensional realm of alchemical transmutational metamorphosis. Scorpio is a water sign that insists we dive deep into the mysterious hidden realms of ourselves that we typically don’t tread lightly in. As Wilbert Alix, the creator of Trance Dance, says “Beings transform in the dark and grow in the light”. The true magic occurs behind the scenes, in the underground uncharted waters where nobody is looking. The deepest and most profound healing and evolution occurs in the silent messy organic moments, undesirable on the surface. Nobody plans ahead to deep dive into darkness, these kinds of journeys come unexpectedly…and they always deliver earth shattering brilliance, awakening, new growth, new vision, and new creative potential otherwise unavailable. Only by having the courage to go deep into the unknown, can we fully understand our limitlessness and our potential for greatness.

Human tendency is to establish well defined grooves of mastery, knowing ourselves so well that we could literally operate heavy machinery in our sleep. There’s value in that path of evolution, from innocence to mastery, until that mastery needs a new filter to expand and express through. If we insist on sticking to what we know so well, what we can do in our sleep, we become prone to sleepwalking, numbing out, and going through the motions. When things are too familiar, we check out, assuming things are still status quo moment to moment. We fall asleep at the wheel. Until the moment that shocks our system when something is different, unrecognizable, unimaginable. Not what we planned.

These moments of unexpected turbulence are actually a gift, from our higher self. Shocking us awake and jolting us upward into an initiation of transformation. Not because anything is wrong, simply because IT’S TIME to evolve. If we never experience major life initiations, we remain attached in the tiny groove of familiarity, living eternally in the same repetitive groundhog’s day. Life delivers us to the next level, if we’re willing to participate. Life initiates us. We don’t plan for this in our quarterly spreadsheets and yearly accounting reviews. Life delivers us in divine timing, when we least expect it. Our job is to surrender and say YES…from the heart. Trust and Faith are of the essence.

The week begins on Monday 10/21 with a Sun Sedna great eliminator, Juno Vesta manifestation, then the Black Moon turns retrograde near the degree of the recent Full Moon in Aries, followed by a Mercury Pallas conjunction, Venus Neptune manifestation, Mars intersection with the Nodes, and Black Moon Venus great eliminator. There are a lot of “great eliminator” aspects this week, which always reveals a choice point, a fork in the road. The choice is always love or fear, unity or separation. We don’t need to know the outcome, or even the next step…but the context of every transition is important, and we always have choice and power from that lens. There’s an important theme all week long that reverberates the Grand Power Cross from last week, with the Black Moon, Mars, and the Nodes (karmic and dharmic). There is wisdom in every experience, if we can distill through the heart and find the nuggets of gold.

On Tuesday 10/22, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Neptune, followed by a Mercury Eris great eliminator. The subtleness of the Black Moon and Neptune is important, because so often we’re looking for the neon signs to show us what we need to see. Enlightened clarity is available, but we need to soften our gaze to feel into it. It’s not so obvious. The inner messenger will reveal to us what’s in alignment and what isn’t. Look within for the awakenings and indicators of truth. When we can’t see clearly through the motives and agendas of others, we can always feel into our inner messenger for feedback and navigation support. Energy doesn’t lie, and our bodies are personal feedback messengers to awaken internally instead of trying to figure things out externally. Navigation becomes much more efficient when we tune inward for direction, while staying intimately connected to all that’s occurring around us.

Wednesday 10/23 is a Black Moon Saturn resource, the Sun enters Scorpio, and Mercury forms a bridge with Vesta. The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio is huge, especially given the recent and current aspects involving Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node. Pluto is the dispositor of Scorpio, and is the archetype that ushers us beyond the veils, through the curtains into the infinite realm of unknown potential, into the darkness that has yet to be awakened or illuminated. The journey of death/rebirth, the resurrection, is initiated by Pluto. Collectively, our planet is in a pivotal moment of transformation and evolution. This month of Scorpio will teach us all, by personal experience, how to travel through the unknown darkness and infinite potential in order to resurrect and birth the New Earth. We must learn to surrender and trust the process, and to be devoted to a higher channel of communication from the heart. We will come through the other side, and who we become in the process is what’s most important. Our current journey is transforming us, in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

On Thursday 10/24, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Mars (repeating the calibration from last week’s Grand Power Cross with the Nodes), followed by a Pallas Eris great eliminator, and and Black Moon Orcus great eliminator. Remember, our greatest power comes from the choice to respond consciously to all that’s occurring, and to let go of the karmic tendencies that come from unconscious reactionary impulses. We each have the power to rewrite the script, to heal historic wounds and scars, by choosing from a blank slate in each moment, fully aware and fully awake. Wisdom has the power to awaken forgiveness, which wipes the slate clean and restores freedom. Freedom to start again, to choose something new, to spark a new creation, or to walk away from an expired pattern.

Friday 10/25 is a very important day. The Black Moon intersects the Nodes exactly, followed by a Sun Quaoar resource, Venus Pluto resource, Jupiter Ceres new cycle, Sun Chiron great eliminator, and Mars Great Attractor resource. The highlight today is the Jupiter Ceres conjunction, in the sign of the Truth Seeker. Ceres is the midwife who ushers in the changing of the seasons, birthing new consciousness when it’s time for a new expression. Jupiter is the expansion of social consciousness, the abundance and benevolence that comes from truth. This is an epic new cycle, a period of deliverance through higher Truth, a movement powerful enough to change the game completely. Social change that prompts expansion, that opens the collective consciousness to a higher vibration of truth, to see through the illusions, and consciously choose to elevate to a new dimension, a new possibility, a new beginning. This moment of truth changes everything, and remember change always includes a death and a rebirth. This moment of truth prompts a massive transformation.

On Saturday 10/26, Juno forms a stepping stone with Ixion. Unity consciousness, reflected through the mirror, elevates us towards the higher purpose and blueprint of why we’re here. That 5D blueprint is the original contract and agreement that each soul made to be here now, to participate in this epic reconstruction of the New Earth. As we awaken to Unity, we can see that it matters that we’re all here, every role, every part, every contribution is important…whether harmonious or antagonistic, every contribution, every role is vitally important in the awakening of higher consciousness. We don’t awaken when it’s comfortable and convenience. We awaken, we step into heroic greatness, when there’s reason that prompts us to a higher calling. As we look around our entire global landscape, there are infinite catalysts prompting that awakening to our higher blueprint.

And Sunday 10/27 is a Juno Galactic Center stepping stone, Mars Saturn stepping stone, Venus Vesta bridge, Sun Varuna stepping stone, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, and just before midnight EST, the New Moon in Scorpio. Yesterdays elevation towards our divine blueprint takes another step up to galactic importance. Today is a day for massive elevation – rising up into our power, aligning with the highest devotion of the heart, and choosing a universal lens of vision, calibrated to the highest order through divine Love. Just before midnight EST, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs in a bridge with Uranus, the great awakener. This New Moon initiates a very potent awakening that manifests a higher vision on Earth. It’s not up to us to decide what that new expression looks like, remember the caterpillar had no idea what beauty would emerge through the butterfly. It’s important to trust the process. Whatever prompts the awakening, say Yes, and surrender to the journey.

The practice this week is blindfolded movement. Find a safe space, like a living room, yoga studio, or backyard. Make sure you know and trust the environment, and then blindfold yourself, or simply close your eyes. Start by taking some deep breaths, find your feet, and simply listen. Let your body be moved by the organic and authentic rhythms that are awakened from within. Letting go of what you’re seeing “out there”, allow yourself to deep dive inward, into the darkness, into the vast infinite space within. Practice for 10 minutes a day, shifting channels, shifting gears, and tuning inward for navigation and guidance. Trusting your feet, trusting your heart, and listening within for the next steps.


“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.”
― Adyashanti


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