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For the week of October 14 – 20, 2019

Get ready for an active week of pivotal revelations, karmic clearings, and conscious creation. We’re actively moving through the de-manifestation process – releasing old patterns, entanglements, and limiting beliefs…de-constructing the old structures and foundations that aren’t sustainable for new growth and expansion, while simultaneously sparking new thoughts, generating new movements and new possibilities for creation.

Conscious attention to our thoughts, actions/reactions/responses, and interpretations…matters. Where we choose to invest our attention, the quality of consciousness we’re committed to embodying, and the innermost thoughts we generate, endorse, and subscribe to…matters. Our thoughts literally take shape and influence committed action, producing the current reality we’re each living in.

Moment to moment, we’re manifesting and creating our reality, whether we realize it or not.  We are responsible for the thoughts we think and the actions we generate.  Whether we’re reacting unconsciously to what’s occurring around us, or consciously responding or defending what we think we’re seeing, we may be generating results that don’t align with our highest potential.  By consciously elevating our perspective to the lens of 5D wholeness, we can allow new thoughts to take shape, from the heart.  This opens up a whole new dimension of creative potential.

New thoughts are visionary in nature, from a higher dimension, awakening new perspectives never before realized. New thoughts occur as the universe pours limitlessness through our conscious minds, infusing our personal “free will” with the infinite realm of possibilities. We unleash our divine power and personal mastery when we open our minds to a higher universal consciousness, through the frequency of Love.

So much is collapsing and unraveling, and in order to allow for full resolution, it’s important that we not get re-attached or triggered by energy that’s expressing through to completion. In order to resolve the past, we must allow the wholeness to emerge and release through the light.  Resolution of karma, resolution of misaligned thoughts and interpretations, resolution of anything that’s been suspended in a holding pattern or hidden below the surface, needs permission to release and complete, without judgment, fear, shame, blame, or reactionary agitation.

Once the truth emerges, we’re free to move forward, in clarity. Liberated from the gravitational pull of karmic debris – those repetitive grooves and patterns that keep us spinning in the same direction again and again – we open to new thoughts, new inspiration, new beginnings. If we insist on operating on top of dead weight, in conflict with oppositional energy, or carrying around unresolved emotions within the framework of our own body, we eventually break down, exhaust, and deteriorate. The key to our evolution, and the key to our personal mastery and excellence, is letting go of the past in order to fully invest in and participate in new creation, now.

We learn from the past, we extract wisdom and awaken new consciousness by reflecting on our results, from an elevated lens of wholeness. Wholeness requires equanimity, a centered and neutral lens of vision from the heart, a lens of non-judgment, non-attachment, and compassion. When we are attached to what we’re seeing, when we think our current results are personal, we can get defensive, resistant, or even conflictive. The only way to see clearly, the only way to eliminate sideways knee jerk reactions that produce more karma, is to be neutral in our seat of power. Equanimous through Love. Universal vision reveals itself through this seat of power, and the highest quality of wisdom can be extracted, integrated, and calibrated into our system.

We can’t change the past, nor do we need to interfere with the process of completion as we unravel our karmic attachments to the past. Our results need to play out, the karmic cycles need to resolve without distortion or interruption as we lay them to rest.

Our relationship with accountability is important, as an experiential mechanism of witnessing the wholeness of our thoughts, words, and actions. We can’t fully know the impact of our thoughts until we see them play out, and witness the wholeness of our creations. The moment of awakening comes when we see the effects, and choose to elevate to a new thought, generating a new outcome. We can’t change the past, however with fresh eyes from an elevated perspective, our past can absolutely reveal new information, the clearer our lens calibrates to Love.

The records of our results contain infinite potential for awakened mastery and refined collective wisdom. The stories of our past experiences serve as collective medicine, allowing all to gain wisdom from our past experiences, so that we don’t have to continue living in the same patterns of karma. If we choose to continue repeating the past, again and again, we can predict more of the same, again and again, with absolute certainty. The lower ego mind wants to be right, and will generate and project what it knows well, even if it’s not in our best interest. Only by being wiling to travel in the uncharted, unfamiliar territory of our own minds, allowing a higher visionary channel within to influence and inspire awakened transformation, can we become the pioneers of a new future, a New Earth.

The week begins on Monday 10/14 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Saturn resource, Sun Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto resource, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, and Black Moon Orcus bridge. The Black Moon is incredibly busy this week, moving energy and flushing up anything hidden or buried, putting all the cards on the table for full blown revelation, uncovering the truth and resolving old patterns that may have been lurking in our blind spots. It’s important not to react to anything that’s emerging.  Simply allow it to surface,and remember anything hidden from the past is old news, even though the clarity and insight might be new. Our results don’t define us, and new information doesn’t redefine us either. We have the power to discern our next thoughts, which generates new actions and new results. When we flush up hidden pockets of bacteria or infection, we can see why our energy has been drained, and even though the clearing process might not be comfortable, it’s well worth the release and restoration of clarity, vitality, and efficiency. If we focus only on the discomfort of the clearing, we might think something is wrong, when in fact, things are moving towards regeneration and new birth of a higher manifestation.

Tuesday 10/15 is a Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Venus Albion light bridge, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Neptune manifestation, and Black Moon Sedna resource. Another day of revelations, uncovering deeper matters, and rising up to see the higher perspective of wholeness. When we let go of anything that’s been suppressed, we lighten up our heart to manifest new possibilities that have always been there, but may have felt out of reach. The heart holds infinite potential to create, and those possibilities already exist in a non-tangible dimension. Once we clear the space within, we can embody that potential, and call forth a whole new manifestation. These threads of possibility exist in the higher realms, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. Our ability and willingness to commune through our higher visionary channels allows us to ground that energy into physical form. Belief in the invisible realm sparks the manifestation of new forms and structures that have never before been actualized. Once manifested, these new forms hold the remembrance and familiarity of our dream state, almost like a deja vu as we recognize our visions in tangible physical reality.

On Wednesday 10/16, the Black Moon moves into Aries, sparking a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone. In order to access new thoughts, we must uncover the threads of consciousness (our blindspots) that have generated our current results. Then follow the threads back to our higher belief system, expanding through our new paradigm of infinite potential to be as limitless as the universe. From that space, anything is possible, always. Any limitation in our thinking is simply a reminder to return back to our limitless nature, and start again. We don’t need to use our mental body power to think our way through perceived challenges, we just need to remember that we are limitless.  Untangle any attachments to limiting thoughts, and allow new perspectives to come in through the next inhale as divine inspiration.

Thursday 10/17 is a Black Moon Chiron conjunction, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Sun Eris Light Bridge, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Pluto Pallas resource, Mars Albion great eliminator, Venus South Node (karmic Earth Star Chakra) resource, Venus North Node (dharmic Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, and Venus Orcus resource. Any temporary healing crisis is an opportunity to unclog our filters and allow the inflammation and congestion to resolve. If we keep our filters clear, and awaken through any moment of discomfort, we can gain infinite wisdom. Releasing the weight of old attachments, we carve out space to embody new potential.

On Friday 10/18, there’s a major Grand Power Cross. The Black Moon forms a bridge with Mars, in an exact cross with the Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras). Juno and Eris form a great eliminator, followed by a Sun Vesta great eliminator, and Black Moon Orcus great eliminator. Today’s Power Cross is a huge activation and initiation from last week’s Full Moon in Aries. Mars is the dispositor of Aries, and governs our physical body, the ways we move, and the energy that motivates and inspires our actions. The power cross of the Black Moon, Mars, and the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic) gives us a full blown opportunity to calibrate right action in a way that liberates and releases karmic debris while initiating right action to manifest our dharmic potential for evolution. When we give our power away, we generate actions that perpetuate karmic cycles and produce lower vibrational energy expressions through our physical body and the physical Earth. When we own our seat of power, choosing to think with our hearts, we can elevate beyond any current repetitive loops or karmic expressions, transcending the current story by manifesting new creative potential. We all have the power to choose our thoughts, our state of consciousness, and our actions. As we hold ourselves and each other personally responsible for living from our own authentic seat of power, through the frequency of Love, we collectively become powerful pioneers and creators of the New Earth.  We all have a vote, we all have a voice, even if it’s simply in the way we own our power through each breath and footstep.

Saturday 10/19 is a Black Moon Venus great eliminator, followed by Mercury Pluto resource, Sun Haumea conjunction (new cycle), and Black Moon Saturn stepping stone. Clearing out the heart space of any residual fears, doubts, or insecurities, we’re free to hear the communication of the awakened heart, which is the seat of equanimity that allows us to ascend through wholeness. The Sun Haumea conjunction is a new cycle that reboots our consciousness and our physical power to the 5D Light Bridge of wakening through Wholeness. There’s nothing more important than choosing this lens of vision and choosing to embody this seat of consciousness. This is the portal of unification and oneness through relationship with All.

And Sunday 10/20 is a Venus Saturn resource and Sun Ixion resource. This is an important day for the restoration and remembrance of who we came here to be. Remember, the heart holds the blueprint to our authentic expression and purpose in this lifetime. The heart holds power and authority moving forward, and as we honor the truth of the heart, we awaken to the 5D sacred geometry of our individual seed of life.

The practice this week is to find the still point of mind/heart by consciously threading each breath into the heart for grounding, then exhale that breath by threading through the circulatory system, nourishing every cell, muscle, organ, and bone, generating a movement of Love within.

Connecting the dots of conscious breathing into the heart, and right action, sparking Love in motion through the inner landscape. Feel the conscious movement of divine inspiration coming in, and divine action moving from the heart. Let your thoughts, words, and actions be inspired from the heart, allowing new thoughts to arise from Love, prompting new actions and new results.


“I want to know if you can see beauty even when it’s not pretty, every day,and if you can source your own life from its presence.”
― Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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