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For the week of October 7 – 13, 2019

Get ready for a fiery week ahead, one that sparks committed action inspired by a higher calling. Neutrality and equanimity are of the essence, and that still point of perception allows for dynamic action from the heart when it’s time.  Divine timing inspires right action, in alignment with higher law, in partnership with a greater movement of energy.

Premature action can feel forced, motivated by agendas and attachments. Similarly, unconscious reactions can be unproductive, causing distraction, delays, and interference from the higher priority. We can’t know what’s coming until we ride the wave and allow divine inspiration to spark action and movement from Love, in divine timing. Trust and faith are extremely important.  Being inspired by Love doesn’t mean waiting until the environment feels safe, sweet, soft, or gentle.  Sometimes the action of Love is fierce, unapologetic, and profoundly transformational. When lightning strikes, we find ourselves awakened, catapulted into dynamic action, and that action is delivered by a higher vision or a divine guidance. The lens is Love, and the action is always motivated by Love, as Love. Remember, Love is the discerning quality of consciousness that filters out misaligned activity, and elevates to the purest expression of alignment, authenticity, and integrity.

We’ve outgrown certain scenarios of our current status quo, and we’re feeling the growing pains.  The nature of our evolution is growth, expansion, and elevation….onward and upward to the next dimension, the next lens of consciousness. Like an initiation, we’re begin called forth, rising up to the occasion, without knowing what will be expected of us or what aspects of ourselves are coming online that we’ve not met or fully realized before. Saying YES to our multidimensional wholeness, and allowing our 5D Cosmic Self (which is the timeless infinite aspect of our soul) to merge here and now with our fully functional lower 4 body system is a quantum leap and a game changer for our cellular expression AND for our personal lens of perspective. How we view ourselves within the world – the multifaceted framework constructed by various singular threads of consciousness, like a multiverse fabric or “skin” that is the form and structure of the current “me” container – is radically shifting and shedding as we expand into a greater I AM presence.

Our attachments to our personal identity through “normal” fixed routines, labels, roles, ways of being and operating, even who and what we refer to as “I” through our lens of perception…is changing. The process is disorienting, yet the purpose is not to correct every symptom and edge of discomfort to restore the old status quo or hold tight to our sense of balance.  The higher purpose is to continue saying “YES” to the unyielding expansion of our consciousness, beyond this body, beyond this framework of perceptions…as we essentially lose our self in order to expand into our greater SELF. It’s a shedding of skin and every familiar reference point known through this body, in order to embody that which is timeless, that which is formless, that which is nameless. The infinite universe, embodied in such a way that our unique spark of individuality activates creativity never before experienced, exquisite mastery that isn’t replicable in any other moment in time. All that ever was and ever will be, threaded into this cellular expression of one, on behalf of ALL, as only one can contribute.

When we each take personal responsibility for fine tuning our instruments, restoring integrity of the blueprint we came to express as, while allowing the infinite universe to breathe through our fine tuned instrument, there is magic…a symphony of magic that orchestrates a holistic creation unlike anything we’ve ever known before. When the masters play together, the collective symphony is sacred spiritual bliss. We’re fine tuning our instruments, remembering the note, the texture and quality that we came to contribute and express as, and finding our orchestra pods, our spiritual tribe of fellow masters that we came to collaborate and co-create with. There’s a divine arrangement and agreement already in tact that we’re remembering and awakening to.

Alignment and synergy is important. Alignment isn’t personal, it’s vibrational. Frequency either aligns or it doesn’t. An instrument is either in tune, or it’s not. As we find our groups, we move into conscious community, and the status quo of creativity begins to expand exponentially. Creation sparks new cycles, new expressions, new manifestations.

We’re unzipping a whole new dimension of possibility that’s always been there, but hasn’t been realized. The realization comes as it manifests, through conscious creation, through community. Similar to the philosophy of permaculture, our collective community supports expansion far beyond what any 1 person can generate as a solo creator. With proper alignment of gifts, mastery, and excellence in a diverse mechanism of contribution, there is sustainable expansion and abundant energy in motion that benefits ALL.

The week begins on Monday 10/7 with a Neptune Pallas manifestation, Sun Saturn stepping stone, and Sun Great Attractor resource. Our enlightenment yields wisdom by shedding attachment to fixed labels and definitions. Gaining clarity through the process of unraveling, seeing clearly who we are when everything else falls away, what remains beyond the form and structure. The formless essence of our being, our true nature, is our identity, and our most powerful force of attracting energy that forms the reality we perceive around us.

On Tuesday 10/8, Venus enters Scorpio, Mars forms a bridge with Chiron, and Neptune forms a stepping stone with Ceres. The heart is the alchemist, the vessel for purification, transformation, transcendence, and awakening through higher vision. As Mars bridges Chiron, our physical bodies line up with any chronic wounds, stories, and the potential for healing. Our journey of healing, and every challenge along the way, delivers us to greater self realization and personal mastery. Any healing crisis can deliver us to a full blown awakening of enlightenment, if we can allow it and receive the gift, while simultaneously doing our work to elevate beyond our attachments to the outcome. The journey delivers the wisdom, and the awakened realization of that wisdom becomes embodied mastery.

Wednesday 10/9 is a Vesta Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus bridge, Venus Quaoar resource, Sun Neptune great eliminator, and Mars Varuna resource. The devotion to a higher calling, the 5D blueprint and soul purpose eliminates any fear based distractions or holding patterns. The key is to align with the aspect of Self that is timeless and immortal, that remembers from behind the veils, why we’re here and why it matters. That message is the voice of clarity that lives within the heart, the creative potential that’s ready to ignite and manifest a higher vision into current reality.

On Thursday 10/10, there’s a Black Moon North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Sun Ceres resource, Pluto Juno manifestation, and Venus Chiron great eliminator. Today is an unveiling of our choice to clear out the root system of our habitual programming in order to fully manifest the higher dharmic intention of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Without uprooting ourselves, we can elevate the consciousness that flows through our roots, and channel in a higher expression through our current story line. Oftentimes we equate radical awakenings with the need to uproot and start completely from scratch in a new scenario, and that’s not always necessary. Honoring the current root system, while transmuting via the circulatory system, infusing a higher quality of nourishment that radically transforms the current story line. Upgrading through awakened mastery and self realization in a way that changes everything at the core, without having to leave anything behind. As one transforms, we ALL upgrade and elevate.

Friday 10/11 is a Black Moon Saturn resource, Venus Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Orcus resource, then Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 11 Scorpio. The highest lens of vision comes from the awakened heart, and it’s universal. Through Unity consciousness, there is no ending, no beginning…truly no limits, which means we have access to everything – past, present, and future, with refined clarity and wisdom…Now. This upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle begins on October 31st, just after a powerful Mercury Venus conjunction in a bridge with Sedna, the cosmic record keeper. Remember, the universal lens is activated by the mind/heart union, which is a necessary ascension point. The fact that the ascension point is activated just as Mercury stations retrograde in a bridge with Sedna gives us a mega boost of cosmic consciousness to floss through our inner operating system – if we’re conscious and receptive we can reboot our entire lower 4 body system with Cosmic Consciousness. This fall retrograde cycle will yield some unprecedented revelations and elevations in consciousness. The key is equality of yin and yang, equanimity and union of mind/heart.

On Saturday 10/12, Mars forms a great eliminator with Uranus, followed by a Venus Uranus bridge and a Mars MakeMake new cycle. The Mars Uranus great eliminator is a key activation of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries tomorrow. Mars is the dispositor of Aries, and the ruler of our physical body and physical actions. We’re either consciously generating right action from the heart, or we’re reacting to external stimulus around us, and those reactions typically come from unconscious triggers and patterns that connect us to our wounded consciousness. Uranus serves to awaken those unconscious patterns and triggers, so we can be fully responsible with our energy, so that our thoughts and actions align with our hearts, and also with higher divine law and order. The Mars MakeMake new cycle brings us into a new relationship with divine will through free will. Free will gives us the individual power to choose, and when we consciously choose to align with divine power and higher guidance, we awaken a spark of mastery and creativity that supersedes what our personal ego can manifest alone. Conscious Creation requires community, and community begins with aligning our personal free will in partnership with Divine Will that benefits All. When our actions arise from this partnership, there is magic and power beyond what we’ve ever known before.

And Sunday 10/13 is a Sun Jupiter resource followed by the Full Moon in Aries, and a Vesta Haumea great eliminator. This Full Moon in Aries is a dynamic spark of creative potential, ready to ignite as the full blown reflection of personal mastery, mirroring the realization that we are masters and creators of our reality. Through unity consciousness, we have access to everything, always. Fully supported, fully connected and empowered…we each hold the power and the privilege to choose our thoughts. Whether we’re consciously choosing, or unconsciously reacting and projecting, we each hold power and authority within. Our relationship with ourselves, the moment we generate a thought, is crucial. Our awareness of ourselves, and the thoughts we’re generating, matters. Thoughts take shape, thought forms reflect through our cellular expression. Our thoughts send a frequency through the ethers, and whether we speak or not, whether we act on our thoughts or not, our thoughts still matter. The universe, as we perceive it, is a reflection of the thoughts we think. Period.

If we truly want to birth a new reality, to manifest a New Earth, we must consciously discipline ourselves to think loving thoughts, from the consciousness of our awakened heart. When we think from our heart and love with our mind, we’re living in the ascension stillpiont of unity consciousness. What a remarkable place to live! This ascension point activates radical cellular transmutation as we embody our divinity. Mind/Heart activates an elevated expression of Spirit/Matter. Embodied Spirit, fully conscious, fully awake. This is the quantum leap of our human evolution.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Body Power, a fire sign that represents the spark of creation. Everything begins with a thought. We are creating our reality now…with every thought, interpretation, assumption, attachment, belief, judgment, response, and affirmation. The more consciously we discipline our minds, the more we use and exercise our divine power to choose Love. The greatest untapped potential of humanity is the power of conscious thought. When we eliminate the unconscious distractions, the activities and attachments to drama, lower vibrational “white noise” fillers that numb down our consciousness, we give our minds the empty space to create something new, unprecedented, and pioneering. We either subscribe to the social norms and collective thinking, or we generate new thoughts, allowing space for divine inspiration, creative potential to spark and take shape. When we open our minds to Love, our minds become conduits in service to ALL though the frequency of Love, and any thoughts that arise from Love benefit All beings. We can consciously elevate the vibrational frequency of our planet by choosing Love through our thoughts, and by surrendering the need to chase distractions and dramas with our precious mental resource.

The power to create, literally in every moment, every breath…leads the question “What are you creating today?” What are you creating in this very moment, from the quality of consciousness that’s inspiring and forming your thoughts? And which thoughts are you investing in, which thoughts do you validate and affirm by repeating again and again like a mantra? Are your mantras in alignment with what you choose to create with this breath, this life, this moment? What matters most, and are your thoughts, words, and actions aligned, from the heart? If the current reality doesn’t match the inner landscape of the heart, then come back to the thoughts. And invest some undivided attention into upgrading the quality of thoughts that run in the background as the default setting.

The practice this week is to observe your inner thoughts. From a neutral space of non-judgment, imagine turning up the volume within the stereo of your own mind, and simply listen. See what you can see, and find the opportunities to elevate, to fine tune the inner conversations. Notice the first thoughts of the morning, the moment you first regain consciousness after sleep. And notice the final thoughts of the day when you lay your head on the pillow to rest and reset. Choose a mantra or a chant to repeat throughout the day, to discipline your mind and reset the frequency of your channel. Or dedicate a prayer each morning, and come back to that intention throughout the day.  Meet yourself with Love, always, and notice the opportunities to shift the inner landscape of your thoughts.

“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
― Rumi


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