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For the week of September 23 – 29, 2019

The week begins officially with the Autumn Equinox  as we bring our whole selves fully online for a radical reboot. Just as the Equinox calibrates a still point of equality, a union of Light and Dark, we also have an opportunity to calibrate the lens of our mirror to higher law and order, restoring integrity and accuracy in our perception of ourselves and our reality.

The Sun is officially in Libra today, bringing us into relationship with the Mirrored Self – both through the mind/body relationship and also through our horizontal relationship axis, the part of our consciousness that perceives “other” or “out there”. The truth is, there is nothing really “out there”, every relationship is an opportunity to see ourselves multidimensionally through a mirrored reflection, as we come home to love, wake up to our distortions and mistruths, and heal old patterns of limitation or misqualified energy. We can’t see our blindspots unless we have the courage to look intimately in the mirror. If we’re afraid of what we’ll see, or if we judge harshly our own reflection or the expressions of others, we won’t be able to accurately see ourselves, which means we can’t awaken and realize our full potential for personal mastery.

We must practice looking in the mirror for a healthy relationship with feedback, so that we can see ourselves and unify with each other, through the lens of Love. When we judge or resist anything, we limit our perception of what we can see. We limit the relationship that exists in front of us, which means we limit our capacity for joy, connection, union, and Love. When we open unconditionally, we not only begin to see things clearly for what they are, exactly how they are, but others also feel safe enough to reveal themselves, safe enough to be seen. Intimacy – “into me you see” – requires unconditional acceptance, compassion, and a desire to see it all…the light and the dark, the pretty and the messy, the appropriate and the non-appropriate. Intimacy requires an unconditional willingness to remain present, to open. That we don’t flinch when something unexpected is revealed. We continue to open, mirroring back the reflection of unconditional Love, which nourishes and fuels expansion, new possibilities, new creation.

Remember, Love is the force of nature that sparks healing, transformation, alchemy, and unity. We don’t have to love what we’re seeing or witnessing, but if we can learn to open unconditionally AS Love, our willingness to see it all becomes a force of nature that reboots the mirror and allows us to see into the magic and mystery of the universe. Love is the key to transcending our current physical reality and seeing into the empty space of infinite possibility that exists within all things physical. Learning how to access and see between the dimensions, in the space between the space of the fabric of our current reality. That’s where mastery is realized. And it requires a powerful capacity to remain open and neutral AS the mirror of Love.

What we think we’re seeing moment to moment….whether we’re experiencing chaos, drama, bliss, pain, or beauty….can be fully witnessed with an open mind/heat, without becoming overwhelmed, overtaken, or submerged by our experience. When there’s nothing to resist, nothing to fix, nothing to make happen, we can simply be present, as if we’re sitting with our Self in the mirror in meditation. If we flinch, shut down, resist, or walk away in a moment of intimacy, we disconnect from our current reality, becoming distracted by the thoughts or projections of the ego mind. “It’s not safe to be this close, I don’t like what I’m seeing, I don’t like what I’m feeling, this is uncomfortable, this is painful”.  The ego mind can come up with a thousand different diversions to shift our focus away from the present moment, engaging into something else that holds less value than what matters most in the heart.

What resonates with the heart is Love…connection, authenticity, truth, transparency. Love requires courage.  Love isn’t concerned with distractions, diversions, comfort, or image. The more and more we align the heart and mind together, unifying our inner yin/yang energy, the more conscious we become of our thoughts and our the impact on our current reality. When we think from the heart and love from the mind, we are in synch with our true nature, which is Love. There’s nothing to hide, nothing to force, and nothing else that matters, except fully tending to the present moment with an open heart and open mind. Our distractions interfere with our perception of the current moment, which means we can’t see clearly the truth that’s right in front of us. When we can’t see the truth clearly, we don’t know where we stand, so we make up beliefs, assumptions, and projections, and fill in the blanks with what we’ve known before.

What happens when we eliminate the distractions, bring our undivided attention into the current breath, from the heart, and see what’s right in front of us though the lens of acceptance? The earth shifts, our landscape changes, and there is a revelation of clarity that emerges before our eyes. The gift of being able to see between the lines, see beyond the veils, and hear through the empty silence of what’s not being said…that’s the gift of mastery. And it requires an interruption to our normal automatic pilot responses and assumptions, in order to see the big picture as it unravels. And as we open more and more, unconditionally, we begin to meet our current reality with Love, becoming powerful agents of alchemy and transformation. We can only shift what we’re willing to be in relationship with, and we can only shift by owning our universal reflection in all that we see. If we give our power away, if we fall victim to our reality in any way, we lose our seat of mastery, and become calibrated by our historic limitations and chronic patterns.

The week begins on Monday 9/23 with the Autumn Equinox, a Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, followed by the Sun’s ingress into Libra, then a Chiron Salacia new cycle, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, then Vesta stations retrograde, and the Black Moon manifests with Varuna. The still point of truth is powerful enough to recalibrate our entire lens of reality. As we let go of any distractions, interferences, and illusions, we can move into the shadows with the light of our awakened consciousness, illuminating the darkness with Love. The Equinox signifies the journey into darkness for the upper hemisphere, we we move towards winter, shorter days and longer nights. Our willingness to see ourselves clearly in the darkness of our private innermost shadows is important. When we’re alone in the company of only ourselves, we can see the hidden dimensions that aren’t readily available on the surface or in the bright shining sunlight. Our capacity to look, to see, and to Love ourselves in this intimate relationship, activates a profound opportunity for self realization and personal mastery. When we know ourselves inside and out, through our deepest shadows and most powerful gifts of Light, then we can see the world around us clearly. We can truly be a force of unconditional Love for All Beings.

On Tuesday 9/24, there’s a Pallas Orcus resource, followed by a Mercury Neptune great eliminator, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Sun bridge, Vesta Sedna conjunction, Mars Eris great eliminator, Saturn Juno manifestation, Mercury Jupiter resource, and Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone. Today requires a willingness to see into the higher realms of our mental body operating system, our higher paradigm, and the possible library of all possible thoughts and beliefs that we have to choose from in any given moment. If we can see clearly that we always have a choice in our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, we can begin to see where we limit ourselves, and where the opportunities are to elevate and step up to a higher lens of perspective.

Wednesday 9/25, Juno forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, Venus and Saturn form a stepping stone, followed by a Venus Great Attractor resource, Chiron Varuna manifestation, and then Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras) for a perfect still point calibration. Revelations abound from our experience with the mirror, uncovering more and more from the limitless ocean of Unity Consciousness and Cosmic Spiritual Wisdom, and where we forget our own limitless nature. The heart knows that we aren’t bound to any circumstances, wounds, stories, or barriers…and the heart holds the still point of clarity to see the path of karmic circumstance to evolutionary expansion. The entire path requires navigation from the heart. The karmic/dharmic path is like a tension rod of polar opposite perspectives, and the wisdom that holds the entire tension rod is the universal understanding that we are limitless, always. Through our limitlessness, we can use any challenge to refine personal mastery, to self realize, and thereby transcend all karmic wounds.

On Thursday 9/26, there’s a Black Moon Sedna resource, Black Moon Vesta resource, Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Sun Chiron bridge, and Sun Varuna resource. Sedna (the 5D dispositor of Libra) is the divine feminine Cosmic Record Keeper. Just as a record keeper is meticulous with her clarity and accuracy, so is the Libran mirror, calibrated with precision that allows for the highest remembrance of self realization, through the reflection of reality. Waking up beyond the illusion requires the ability to see clearly the actual illusion itself, so that it does’t have power or weight moving forward. Clearing the illusions, distortions, and misbeliefs from our inner operating system sets the stage to begin to truly awaken to what we’ve never been able to see before.

Friday 9/27 is a Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Mars bridge, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, and Venus Neptune great eliminator. Continuing to uncover any historic blockages and distortions, we’re now revealing the soul’s 5D blueprint, and aligning that into the physical body for cellular recognition and awakened embodiment, which begins to rapidly clear and eliminate anything that doesn’t align. There’s a whole new dimension of awakened consciousness coming online, and not only can we feel it in our cellular bodies, we can also feel the movement of awakened clarity and efficiency through our actions.

Saturday 9/28 is the New Moon in Libra, conjunct MakeMake, followed by a Mars Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, and Venus Jupiter resource. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra represents physical power, and the highest realization that comes from a healthy relationship with the mirror. “I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME”…there is no separation. What I perceive as my “outer reality” is a reflection of my inner landscape. If I wish to shift anything “out there” I must be willing to look within, and only within, with Love. All evolution, healing, and transformation occurs by looking within…there’s nothing to fix out there, there’s nothing out there.

This Libra New Moon is a new beginning, calibrating the mirror to Higher Law and Order – in a bridge with Chiron for awakened personal mastery and self realization, beyond the old perceptions from wounded consciousness or chronic misaligned beliefs, for radical healing of the highest order. When our mirror isn’t accurate, our perceptions become distorted, we can’t see things clearly, which means we can’t see ourselves clearly. We can’t possibly know our true selves if the mirror we’re looking into is inaccurate. When our lens is calibrated to Universal Love, we can see clearly…without judgment….honoring the truth as it’s revealed. The New Moon will reveal any resistance to seeing what we don’t want to see, or resistance to acknowledging what’s been historically uncomfortable, and that must now be stepped through in order to evolve, transcend, and transform. We cannot live sustainably if we’re refusing to look within and see ourselves through the lens of Love…not that everything must always look lovely, but we must be willing to meet what we see with the consciousness of Love….that’s the key to activating the mirror of highest self realization

What we resist, we can’t know, we can’t see it clearly, we can’t be intimately at one with…we push away, make wrong, and create polarized drama through relationship. When we surrender, soften, open up to welcome in our reflection, then we can practice love in action, which heals, transforms, and transmutes everything. We become the masters of our reality….not by controlling, forcing, or regulating our reality, but by telling the truth about what we see in the mirror, and learning to embrace our reflection with Love. There’s nothing we can ever see “out there” that we don’t also have the capacity to know intimately within. There’s nothing we can ever witness that we don’t also have connection to, in some universal thread of consciousness. Our evolution and ascension requires unity, relationship, and communion, as One.

And on Sunday 9/29, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Uranus, followed by a Mercury Eris bridge, Chariklo stations direct, and Mars forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center. Today is a day for wake up calls, revelations, and life altering insights. No matter how unexpected the awakenings are, there is new found stability in any physical shifts that are occurring. Any physical shift is a necessary reconstruction step in the deliverance of new ground, and a New Earth.

The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation. Spend 10 minutes sitting in a full length mirror each morning, and be fully present with yourself. Allow your heart to open, unconditionally, as you look into you, and meet yourself with Love. Let go of any judgments, expectations, distractions, and assumptions, and see yourself with fresh eyes, as if you’ve just met. See what’s obvious on the surface, and see what’s not so obvious, look into your soul and feel the resonance of your current energy expression. Listen for what needs to be acknowledged, seen, or received….even if it’s not what’s expected or “normal”. Be with yourself, practicing intimacy in the mirror, seeing into your eyes, into your heart, into your mind, and into your spirit…both the tangible and the intangible. Practice this daily, and journal about any messages or feedback you receive from the mirror. Then notice how you witness that universal feedback showing up in your world around you throughout the day. There are others in your life mirroring the exact same universal themes, maybe in different scenarios, different expressions. The themes and the feedback are the same.

“You have no idea how hard I’ve looked for a gift to bring You. Nothing seemed right. What’s the point of bringing gold to the gold mine, or water to the ocean. Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient. It’s no good giving my heart and my soul because you already have these. So I’ve brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and remember me.”― Rumi

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