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For the week of September 16 – 22, 2019

Last week’s Pisces Full Moon stretched and expanded our context for infinite possibilities while restoring clarity to integrate necessary wake up calls and revelations. Gaining traction in our limitless ocean, we’re navigating with divine wisdom, as Love. This week downloads personal mastery through our newly calibrated mind/heart balance, giving us the capacity to not only ride the waves, but recognize magical possibilities  from a whole new dimension, through every relationship we encounter with the mirror.

When water moves, it becomes purified, and that movement generates the refined expression of Love. Whatever arises, is met with Love, and instantly purified to a higher expression as a part of one continuous movement. That movement is our evolution, and it’s not a mental body process. It’s a holistic experience, generated by the equal presence of mind/heart. When the mind is in partnership with the heart, obeying the messages and the movements of the heart, there is peace, surrender, grace, and ease. The heart is awakening, revealing the codes of our spiritual blueprint, and our organic movement is unfolding that revelation.

All particles and molecules contain the consciousness of the infinite ocean of Oneness, and as such, have infinite capacity to reflect limitless possibilities. Because anything is possible in the limitless ocean, it’s important to see clearly where we’re limited in our perspective of what we think we’re seeing. A limited perspective generates limited response, perpetuating chronic belief systems, recurring patterns, and karmic stories that don’t have much room for anything new. Our minds and eyes hold the filters of our belief system, and require constant expansion to remember our true nature.

When our minds and hearts become closed by what we experience, even if we’re justified in our response, we will narrow and harden the channels of Oneness, filtering the limitless ocean by our past experiences. Love may be present, but if a scenario looks anything similar to an old wound or core issue, our muscle memory will contract, resist, and project what we know so well from our past experiences. While we’re sure we’re right about what we’re perceiving, it’s simply mirroring the limitations and narrowings within our own minds. The only way out of that reality is to stretch our minds and hearts open, beyond our current default settings and comfort zones, in oder to see something new. The newness is the key to the New Earth, the ability to find traction through the slippery threads of inner delusions and misinterpretations.

Because anything is possible, and everything is reflecting our current beliefs and thought patterns, we find infinite ways to repeat and project our chronic stories onto new events, without even noticing. The reality we’re swimming in is a reflection of the thoughts we’re living in, both consciously and unconsciously. As we loosen our grip on what we insist is happening, we stretch our capacity to see through the universal lens of Love. That universal lens elevates our seat, refining our scope of vision, multidimensionally. We must be neutral and equanimous in order to see the threads of attachment that are manifesting the definitions and interpretations of the current reality we’re living in.

This kind of navigation cultivates personal mastery of the highest order, and requires personal responsibility for all that we believe we’re experiencing. And, this is the key to our greatest self realization…that there is only Love. Everything else is a thought generated by the mind that sparks separation. Our greatest awakening unravels the mistruth, the misinterpretations…and restores clarity, purity, and Oneness.

This week begins on Monday 9/16 with a Mercury Varuna resource, Black Moon Sun bridge, and Mercury Chiron bridge. With the support of the universal lens of higher vision, we can see clearly the revelations that are currently available, with accuracy and precision, allowing us to awaken personal mastery to heal, shift, and navigate accordingly. When we can see clearly with neutrality, with equanimity, there is nothing to think about, there is only alignment or misalignment. The mental body activates the highest meditative mind that can observe and be in an intimate relationship with the multifaceted universe, while seeing clearly and not reacting from judgments, old wounds, karmic tendencies or blind spots.  As we refine our capacity for equanimity this week, we elevate and transcend old patterns of limitations.

On Tuesday 9/17, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Haumea, followed by a Sun Eris great eliminator, Mercury MakeMake new cycle, Venus Varuna resource, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta resource, Venus Chiron bridge, Mercury Uranus great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna resource, and Juno Orcus new cycle. Unveiling any patterns or threads of consciousness that have detoured us from wholeness, we awaken from within, restoring higher law and order through our mental body for a brand new chapter of self observation through the mirror. The heart receives support, calibrating the universal lens of higher vision, revealing the blueprint and light codes of our soul’s purpose and promise. With a fire of devotion, our hearts align with the Master Healer Teacher for personal mastery and self realization as we receive the wake up calls and remembrance of our own limitlessness, our true nature, and our authentic self expression, as One with the infinite realm.

On Wednesday 9/18, Saturn stations direct, followed by Venus MakeMake new cycle, and Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone. Saturn defines the structures, roles, and identities we choose to operate as and within, and this Saturn retrograde has given us all the capacity to let go of the old identities and attachments to old structures, in order to reconstruct and re-emerge. When we attach ourselves to what we believe we’re seeing, and then form structures of operating procedures in order to keep those beliefs in tact, we can lock ourselves into powerless expressions that aren’t sustainable or even authentic. The Venus MakeMake new cycle calibrates divine authenticity and restores higher law and order through the heart, which is where the new paradigm of infinite possibilities exists.

Thursday 9/19 is a Venus Uranus great eliminator, Mars Pluto manifestation, Sun Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, and Black Moon Chiron conjunction. As the heart awakens, we eliminate any mistruths or misaligned distractions, sparking a massive transformation. As we discern our higher blueprint, we begin to manifest from that lens of possibility, unveiling our greatest mastery. We were born to remember who we truly are…the spark of awakened mastery that is unique to each and every one of us. We are not our story, we are not the reflection of what we think we’re seeing in our current reality….we are Love, and our work is to remember that, to elevate beyond the illusions and distortions from the unawakened mind, and rediscover the mystery and the divine power that is our true nature.

On Friday 9/20, the Sun forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Mercury Ceres resource, Sun Vesta manifestation, and Ceres Orcus stepping stone. Of all the revelations that are occurring this week, today’s Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge is perhaps one of the most impactful, as it restores higher law in a way that can’t be ignored. We’re ushered and birthed to the truth, fully ignited by our inner fire of devotion, and elevated by the remembrance of our infinite nature. Today is a turning of the tides, a restoration of integrity, and the deliverance of clarity and truth.

Saturday 9/21 is a Sun Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Jupiter Neptune stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns retrograde. With the Sun traveling through the master degree of Virgo, we have incredible capacity to discern from a highly calibrated lens of integrity and inner alignment, from the heart. The Black Moon Uranus intimacy aspect is felt today as a profound yet subtle awakening that we didn’t see coming, but is very useful if we can holistically integrate with clarity and precision. This is a delicate “fine tuning” that awakens a new octave of wholeness.

And on Sunday 9/22, the Black Moon revisits the subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus, followed by a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, and a Mercury Great Attractor resource. That subtle awakening from yesterday sparks again, and The Messenger elevates any new agreements, structures, and formats with this subtle shift. Anytime we fine tune and elevate our frequency, we become exponentially magnetic, attractive, and dynamic. It matters that we pay attention and invest the extra time and energy into elevating our message and our platform.

The practice this week is equanimity through meditation. Sit for 10-20 minutes each day, find your breath, and begin to scan your current physical sensations from head to toe, back and forth. Whatever sensations arise, meet them with equanimity, unconditional Love. Let go of any attachments or cravings for pleasant sensations, or resistance to any unpleasant sensations, and simply be with what is. Allow each breath, each moment, and each sensation to unfold, to release, and to reveal. Without trying to control, fix, or change anything, practice the art of sitting with what is, and in your neutrality, notice your scope of vision expands. When we meet everything with Love, more and more is revealed. When we resist what is, we limit our capacity to see clearly.

“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes. ”
― Pema Chodron

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