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For the week of September 9 – 15, 2019

Get ready for one of the most beautiful, vast, expansive weeks ahead as the upcoming Pisces Full Moon reflects the infinite miracles that exist when we align ourselves with the heart. Magic, beauty, and new beginnings are on tap this week as we calibrate the divine template for relationship and partnership in the New Earth. There is a massive shift occurring, and we’re the forerunners of a new frontier, as the full bodied expression of Love.

The Virgo Pisces polarity reflects the zoom in – zoom out lens, which is extremely important in our ability to manifest new possibilities through the consciousness of Unconditional Love. Virgo is the precision, alignment and integrity of multidimensional focus that distills and purifies everything through the refined lens of Love, and Pisces is the infinite ocean that contains every possibility, through Unity Consciousness. Through purification and alignment of our lower 4 body system, we fine tune ourselves as a multidimensional antenna, able to dial into the higher frequencies of Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.  This allows us to witness, merge with, and embody the spontaneous miracles that exist in the limitless realm of Love for All. We become walking embodiments of Spiritual Wisdom, able to channel and manifest in service to the greater good of All. Aligning our personal power and free will with a higher Divine Will, the universe can move through us in an instant, motivating and inspiring our actions. When we realize and embody our Divine I AM Presence, we recognize unity and oneness with all beings, all events, all things, and as such, we operate from a higher dimension, manifesting from the invisible realms of limitless potential. We’re not limited by what we currently see, and we’re not limited by our personal self, chronic stories, or personal resources. Through Unity Consciousness, we embody the infinite universe, and have the power to reach in and call forth anything at will, from the lens of Love and Unity.

Anytime we honor the integrity and wisdom of the heart, we calibrate our inner alignment with Love, which is unconditional and universal. Love isn’t defined by an action or an expression reserved for personal relationships….Love is a frequency, a committed state of being, a level of consciousness that expresses freely with every breath, thought form, word, and action. When we’re in tune with the frequency of Love, our instrument (the lower 4 body system) is generating the light and sound of Love, through our unique divine creative expression. Our Light is On, and the electrical current that runs through our system awakens and amplifies every cell as receptors and generators of more and more Love. We are abundant, expansive, ever lasting….and contagious and effervescent.

When we trust and have faith in the wisdom of our heart, we’re inspired and moved into right action, as the full bodied response of Love, animated by a higher consciousness. Love generates movement – whether our hearts are moved by an experience, our an experience moves us to take action. This movement of energy promotes healthy circulation. Movement of Love through Unity Consciousness becomes a viral movement that benefits All. Any time our hearts open to Love, we become generators of vital life force energy on the planet. That movement, the currency of Love, reflects the Pisces Ocean, the limitless consciousness that unites us All. The universal breath connects us all, as the air we breathe, the frequency of consciousness we share…and the movement of Love connects us all in spirit, through the fluid motion of Oneness.

The infinite ocean of Love holds the space of pure magic, where all possibilities exist, always. Past, present, future…positive or negative…what we seek, we shall find in the limitless ocean. As we calibrate and attune ourselves with the purest wisdom of the heart, we can birth miracles from thin air, we expedite our rate of efficiency and precision, and there’s nothing out of bounds or off limits…when we’re coming from the heart as Oneness, anything is possible, always. Love is the purifier, the calibrator, and the attunement that restores the universal flow of abundance for All. Love heals, transforms, and awakens…beyond our ability to plan, organize, or strategize. When the mind and heart through wisdom, we can see everything through the universal eye, awakening the One Heart. This is the template for the New Earth, equality of Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine through the heart/mind partnership and oneness.

The week begins on Monday 9/9 with a Black Moon Quaoar resource, Mars Great Attractor stepping stone, Venus Eris great eliminator, and Black Moon Varuna great eliminator. The Black Moon plays a huge role this week in uncovering and eliminating any distortions, blindspots, and limitations that may be blocking us from realizing our enlightened, infinite nature. As our hearts continue to awaken, our access to universal vision gets clearer. The process might not always be comfortable, but the outcome is expansive and fortuitous.

On Tuesday 9/10, the Sun forms a bridge with Neptune, Ixion stations direct, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Jupiter North Node (Soul Star) great eliminator, Mercury Eris great eliminator, and Black Moon Uranus resource. Anytime the Sun forms a bridge with Neptune, we gain clarity. Neptune holds the potential for enlightenment, which is our true nature, however we can get watered down and distorted when there are so many distractions and dramas to cloud our vision. The Virgo Sun distills and purifies, laser sharp, as we become the illuminated reflection of clarity, brilliance, and purity. As things become crystal clear, we know where we stand, we remember who we are, and anything that doesn’t align is eliminated by divine law and order. There is an effortless clearing when we restore clarity through higher wisdom, and that clarity allows us to expand at rapid speed. When we can’t see clearly, we’re limited, stuck, and stagnant. The moment the fog lifts, we make lightning fast adjustments and fine tunings that set us forth like a rocket into new territory.

Wednesday 9/11 is a Black Moon Juno bridge, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Mars South Node (Earth Star) manifestation, Mars North Node (Soul Star) resource, and Vesta Galactic Center great eliminator. Today is forever a day to remember in the US, and the Black Moon Juno bridge reveals our Unity and Oneness through the mirror. It’s important to remember that the heart holds the blueprint moving forward, and any new possibilities that could altar the landscape of our planet must be realized and delivered from the heart. As we lead with Love, from the heart, we manifest the New Earth.

On Thursday 9/12, Venus forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, followed by a Venus Vesta manifestation, Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Mars Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus bridge, Mercury Vesta manifestation, Venus Sedna manifestation, Ceres Juno stepping stone, and Mercury Sedna manifestation. The heart is stepping up again to lead the way today, manifesting with the fire of devotion that allows the Mind to witness new awakenings coming online from within. Remember, the mind can’t generate anything new, however, the mind can observe what’s unfolding, and witness the newness coming online, as the higher blueprint integrates through the operating system as the new default setting, supported by the newly upgraded paradigm. We are aligning and integrating in preparation for the greatest expansion and physical transmutation ever experienced in human consciousness.

Friday 9/13 is a huge Mercury Venus conjunction (new cycle), followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource, Sun Pluto manifestation, Juno Albion manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Earth Star) resource, and Black Moon North Node (Soul Star) manifestation. The Mercury Venus new cycle is the template for divine creation of the New Earth. Mind and Heart in equal partnership, balanced, whole, and unified at the master degree of Virgo, calibrates the ability to discern the messages from the heart, and take action accordingly. The heart leads, revealing higher wisdom and truth, and the mind discerns and communicates efficiently, honoring the wisdom of the heart by responding as Love. When the mind is at home, at ONE with the heart, there is partnership, union, and a full activation of the Yin/Yang. The mind/heart union is an activation point for ascension, and at the master degree of Virgo, that ascension point delivers us directly to Christ Consciousness, as we open the door to radical transformation through our cells and DNA for ourselves and the planet. We are not bound to the stories of our karmic root system that express through our ancestral DNA…we have the capacity to integrate the wisdom and release the physical embodiment, recalibrating our embodiment to our higher universal truth, which is Love.

On Saturday 9/14, the Full Moon in Pisces occurs just after midnight ET, with a Mars Neptune bridge shortly after. Then Mercury enters Libra, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, then Venus enters Libra, followed by a Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Mars bridge, then Quaoar stations direct, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with Quaoar. Today is truly remarkable. In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents Spiritual Wisdom, the limitless realm of Unconditional Love where all things are possible, and all possibilities exist, in a formless fluid state of universal oneness. Pisces is disposed by Neptune, which not only forms a new cycle with this Full Moon, but also is conjunct the Black Moon, in a bridge with Mars and the Sun. The implications are HUGE for the unveiling and realization of our enlightened embodiment as Love. As we see ourselves clearly in the mirror through this Pisces Full Moon, all of our physical cells are calibrated to Christ Consciousness, which is the embodiment of Divine Love and Spiritual Wisdom. Jupiter holds a powerful still point, intersecting the Sun/Mars conjunction and the Moon/Neptune/Black Moon conjunction. Jupiter represents expansion of social consciousness, and as we calibrate to our awakened enlightened self, we instantly expand through the truth of our limitless I AM Presence. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we are limited, that we aren’t equal to our concepts of spiritual power, love, and wisdom…yet in reality, we’re meant to remember that we are that, we all have the capacity to embody Divine Mastery. It’s in our spiritual DNA, it’s in our cellular blueprint. It’s in every one of us, we’ve just forgotten. Enlightenment is our natural state, and we are all created with infinite potential to express as Love, unlocking the mysteries of the universe, and manifesting miracles through the blink of an eye. As we allow our own belief system to stretch and expand, we remember our true nature, and we begin to see ourselves clearly, and everything changes. We are the ones we’ve been searching for, and now is the time to awaken. Whatever stories or beliefs have been been holding us back or clouding our vision, the fog is lifting, and we begin to take our seat, fully empowered, fully awake, and fully embodied. It’s a whole new world.

And Sunday 9/15 is a Venus Quaoar stepping stone and a Black Moon Pluto resource. The heart elevates and expands to reflect the infiniteness of the new paradigm of the New Earth, and the blueprint to our metamorphosis is revealed. There’s no turning back, we’re in the greatest process of radical transformation, and it’s happening now.

The practice this week is to stretch beyond any historic or chronic limitations or beliefs, and allow yourself to remember who you really are. The only limitations that exist are in our minds. Notice when a limiting thought arises this week, and hold it with love. Then ask yourself if that limiting thought is the absolute truth, or if there’s any other possibility? Let your mind open and stretch, beyond what you’re current belief system is reflecting, and call forth new possibilities. This is a week for radical transformation, spontaneous miracles, and unexpected manifestations through the consciousness of Love.

“When we inhale, the air comes into the inner world.
When we exhale, the air goes out to the outer world.
The inner world is limitless, and the outer world is also limitless.
We say “inner world” or “outer world” but actually,
There is just one whole world.”
― Shunryu Suzuki

*Please join Christine LIVE every Monday morning at 7am PT/ 10am ET for the new Weekly Audio Calibrations.  Zoom conference link is available through the member’s portal.  Recordings will post regularly each Monday in the member’s portal under “Audio Files”.  

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  1. Thank you Christine for your profoundly healing work! I listened to your full moon meditation-calibration this morning, again, and am so grateful that you are now offering the weekly calibrations live. Your living/breathing, mind/heart/body/spiritual visuals transcend any other meditations I’ve experienced. With infinite gratitude and blessings, Yvette

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