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For the week of September 2 – 8, 2019

After that amazing Virgo New Moon stellium, our entire lower 4 body system has been recalibrated and purified. Emerging now from a blank slate, we’re stepping into the “9” month of September, and holistic integration is the name of the game. There is brand new consciousness online, resonating through our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, and anything is possible.

Transition of any kind requires a conscious letting go of what was, coming to completion, as we emerge through uncharted territory, full of brand new potential. The key to navigating transitions is to remain fully awake and in our body, otherwise we unconsciously carry the past forward, projecting it into the future, recreating the same patterns again and again like Groundhog’s Day. So often we come to the edge of a brand new beginning, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start with fresh eyes and new consciousness…and yet gravity kicks in, old muscle memory takes over.  Even though the landscape might look new, in a matter of time we’ve re-threaded the same old stories and themes onto that new canvas, believing our own habitual fabrication as if it’s real.

After an awakening, recalibration or attunement of any kind, there is a necessary period of adjustment and integration that requires time and space to fully honor. The old patterns, vibrational grooves, and status quo expressions have been interrupted…and we’re standing in a critical moment of choice. If we plow our way through the integration period on automatic pilot, continuing to do what we’ve always done, we’ll miss the portal, the entry point of new beginnings. If we reach for familiarity in the temporary chaos of discomfort or disorientation, we will only bring ourselves back to what we’ve known before.

Integration requires patience, courage, faith, and an intentional period of slowing down…a neutral pause, in order to assimilate and metabolize the fullness of the calibration. Pausing into a still point of emptiness within a high definition, multifaceted, multidimensional diamond where every possibility is available. Allowing proper time for disorientation, walking with eyes and heart wide open as the newness emerges, revealing the path crystal clear.

If we don’t have a healthy relationship with integration, we can’t metabolize and properly absorb the calibration that just occurred. Integration is similar to digestion, metabolism, and elimination, all of which occur in the solar plexus, which is where we access free will, and the choice to operate from our I AM Presence or the ego’s agenda.

The path is multidimensionally holistic. As the entire lower 4 body system calibrates to wholeness, it unifies and awakens like an antenna, becoming a fine tuned instrument of higher consciousness. That divine instrument is a merging portal for higher consciousness, the Cosmic Self, to animate, express, and embody through the lower 4 body system. It’s a coming home, a soul partnership with this body, this incarnation, and the Divine Source of universal consciousness beyond this incarnation. This moment of integration is like an inception (or divine conception) that changes the inner landscape and the physical configuration of our cellular expression. This is the beginning of our Light Body coming online. As we fully embody our Awakened Self, the harmonic convergence sparks our physical cells and DNA into a new crystalline expression.

If we interrupt this process and choose to remain in familiar territory of the known landscape, we’ll hold onto the physical expression of our karmic patterning. Our evolution is to transcend that karmic patterning, to complete that cycle and allow for an unprecedented new beginning. An example of this is in the Zen sand mandalas…the disappearance of what was, returning back to the blank slate of infinite possibility. Impermanence through non attachment. Our Virgo consciousness is like the sand along the beach, every ocean wave meets the shore and erases the etchings and residue, revealing purity, new beginnings, and a clean slate. As Light shines on the wet shoreline, the blank slate is awakened by the Light Codes of a higher blueprint, the divine coding of our soul’s communication, like a holographic overlay on the existing sand. That’s the new information coming online through our physical bodies, through our cellular expression.

The Light Codes hold the spiritual DNA and awakened blueprint of our purpose, mastery, and universal wisdom, recalibrating and rebooting our consciousness to remember where we came from, before the amnesia of this embodied incarnation. As we regain universal memory, we remember and witness the holographic union of Heaven on Earth. Both exist, both are available, now. This is the Awakening of the New Earth. Whatever is washed away by the ocean’s tides of change is simply revealing the blank slate that reveals the reflection of Light, reminding us of who we are, beyond this body, beyond this story. There is so much more than our minds can comprehend. We are pioneering the transition, leading the way through the entry point of humanity’s greatest evolution and quantum leap.

The week begins on Monday 9/2 with a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Mars conjunction (new cycle), Black Moon Juno bridge, Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, and Uranus Ceres great eliminator. The Black Moon is continuing to reveal and release anything at all that isn’t in alignment with divine law and order, leaving no stone unturned. As we eliminate the hidden residue that has been held below the surface, we release the dead weight we’ve been carrying around. The release is healing. Purging restores wellness, even if the process itself is uncomfortable. Our willingness to let go of the hidden layers of toxicity also clears our vision, allowing us to see what we couldn’t see before. Clarity of vision elevates our capacity to manifest from higher wisdom, and every unexpected awakening births us into a new dimension of truth, which yields new possibilities ahead. We’re metabolizing the hidden pockets of stagnant, dormant toxicity…and in the process, clearing out room for more and more light to embody.

Tuesday 9/3, Venus manifests with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and forms a resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Chiron forms a great eliminator with Juno, followed by a Sun Orcus conjunction (new cycle), a Mercury Mars conjunction, Black Moon Quaoar resource, Mercury Orcus new cycle, Mars Orcus new cycle, and Sun Mercury conjunction (new cycle). Our hearts are sparking new divine creation within the strutters and systems of our current reality, with the support of divine feminine consciousness. Our greatest healing (personal and collective) requires alignment with Unity, and a willingness to let go of any lower vibrational thoughts that generate separation, fear, or polarized conflict. Personal Mastery comes from a sense of personal responsibility to see ourselves clearly in the mirror in everything that’s occurring around us. By seeing ourselves clearly, we can shift our inner consciousness and begin to see that shift manifested externally. Personal Mastery elevates the mind/body relationship, and the feedback loop that the body reveals. Shift our thoughts, shift our reality…and the quantum leap beyond that is to elevate our lower 4 body system to unify with the reflection of our 5D Cosmic Self…allowing our physical body to reflect that consciousness, observed and received through our mental body. As we begin to shift our relationship with the mirror, tilting the mirror upwards 90 degrees towards Cosmic Consciousness, through the vertical axis instead of the horizontal axis, we recalibrate our cells with our highest reflection, our infinite source of consciousness.

On Wednesday 9/4, the Black Moon retrogrades into Aquarius, followed by a Pallas Varuna stepping stone and a Venus Neptune bridge. Divine feminine wisdom calibrates universal vision; the multidimensional diamond lens reveals everything clearly through Unconditional Love. The purest wisdom and compassion of the heart restores enlightenment.

Thursday 9/5 is a Mercury Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, and Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone. The newly calibrated operating system of our awakened lower 4 body system is manifesting a new structure, a new cellular expression. Our body is the record keeper, reflecting the thought forms and patterns generated from the mind and our inner communications system. With the Black Moon now revealing the cosmic records, new thought forms are being downloaded as the new framework of personal integrity. This is a massive upgrade to our infrastructure, and our cellular communications system, including the brain and messaging system.

On Friday 9/6, Mercury and Jupiter form a stepping stone, the Black Moon stations direct (within a degree of the stepping stone with Sedna who is now rx), followed by a Vesta Ixion great eliminator, Mercury South Node manifestation, Mercury North Node resource, Sun Saturn manifestation, the exact Black Moon Sedna stepping stone repeated, Sun Great Attractor stepping stone, and Venus Pluto manifestation. Our inner messaging system expands and elevates, initiating the evolutionary downloads of light codes that transform our expression, our social identity as we awaken to the truth of who we really are, and let go of the mistruths, misaligned expressions, and limitations from our social conditioning. It’s time to be who we are, from the heart…and let go of who we’re not, with love and grace.

Saturday 9/7 is a Uranus Juno manifestation, Mercury Neptune bridge, and Chiron Pallas great eliminator. This is an unapologetic manifestation of our most authentic truth, our awakened Light, becoming visible, expressing clearly. No veils, illusions or distortions. We’re stepping into our Awakened Mastery with wisdom, and allowing our Light to shine bright.

And Sunday 9/8 delivers a Sun Jupiter stepping stone, Sun South Node manifestation, Sun North Node resource, Mercury Pluto manifestation, and Mars Saturn manifestation. Integration and alignment facilitates massive expansion, as we liberate beyond the limitations of our karmic stories and manifest evolutionary leaps and new expressions. The past structures have been held together by the old thought forms, shaped and influenced by the experiences of our karmic inheritance, reinforced by the gravitational pull of the collective human story. That identity is dissolving, like the caterpillar melting into imaginal cells, awaiting the miraculous release of the transcendental butterfly. Our physical metamorphosis is well under way, our divine imaginal cells are being awakened, and the revelation of divine beauty is occurring with every breath. There is magic in the unknown, there are infinite possibilities emerging everywhere. With eyes of the heart, we can see heaven’s presence within the current landscape. As our eyes adjust, and with wisdom of the heart, we can see clearly all that exists before us and within us.

The practice this week is integration, equally through moments of stillness and movement. Find your breath, and consciously practice inhaling for the count of 4, experiencing the movement arriving, the incoming ocean wave…then hold the breath for 4 counts, calibrating the still point of fullness. Then exhale for 4 counts, experiencing the momentum of letting go, the release…and hold for 4 counts, calibrating the still point of completion and emptiness. Notice your relationship with each still point, if there is a preference towards fullness or emptiness, if there is a gravitational tendency or resistance to any part of the cycle of wholeness. Notice your willingness to completely let everything go with the exhale…if there is anything still holding on, any residue from the past that gets infused into the new inhale. Notice your willingness to open unconditionally to receive the newness, your lung capacity invites intimacy with the unknown. Let go of any judgment, and simply observe.


“Time to cash in your chips
put your ideas and beliefs on the table.
See who has the bigger hand
you or the Mystery that pervades you.

Time to scrape the mind’s shit
off your shoes
undo the laces
that hold your prison together
and dangle your toes into emptiness.

Once you’ve put everything
on the table
once all of your currency is gone
and your pockets are full of air
all you’ve got left to gamble with
is yourself.

Go ahead, climb up onto the velvet top
of the highest stakes table.
Place yourself as the bet.
Look God in the eyes
and finally
for once in your life
― Adyashanti

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