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For the week of August 26 – September 1, 2019

The week ahead delivers one of the most integral alignments and restorations of personal integrity, wholeness, and alignment that we’ve ever experienced, or even dreamed of. The Virgo New Moon on Friday attunes the entire lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical), plus Juno and Orcus, all in a bridge with the Black Moon, and manifesting with Uranus…this is the radical unveiling of our immortal, infinite, and unified 5D Cosmic Self, calibrated and aligned within our cellular structure and physical embodiment. Moving forward, the only question is whether or not we’re in alignment and integrity with the wisdom of our awakened heart. We’re either aligned with Love, or we’re not, and we can see it, feel it, and hear it consistently throughout our personal holistic system. Our willingness to honor and discern the inner wisdom and the voice of the heart is what matters most.

Virgo consciousness is the sign of purification through the refined wisdom of the heart. When we distill each moment and experience through the ultra refined lens of Emotional Wisdom, we call forth our purest reflection in the mirror, birthing the manifestation of truth. Virgo is the calibrator that holds the precise attunement of the frequency of Love, like a tuning fork calibrating the environment, or like an oboe tuning an orchestra. The most distilled quality of anything holds the resonance and remembrance of divine wisdom. The process of filtering, fine tuning, honing in on the mastery and precision…these all require dedication, discernment, integrity, and a high commitment to excellence…not as materialistic perfection, but as a divine offering from the heart that holds the highest vibration of intention. Purity of the heart overrides any flaws, mistakes, or incongruencies. Purity of the heart elevates and transmutes everything to the highest frequency of Love, resulting in the most divine offering…even with imperfections.

Virgo brings us into relationship with our lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical), and the necessary integration of each and every part in relationship with the whole. We cannot thrive in a system that runs on compartmentalization, separation, or bypass. In fact, our lower 4 body system is aligned with the fibonacci spiral sequence, found consistently in all of creation, all throughout nature. All physical of life begins with spiritual dimension, then mental, emotional, and the final manifestation is the physical expression. When we honor this spiral sequence as a flow of consciousness, we honor our path of spiritual evolution and can actually see how every experience along the way (good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant) is cultivating universal wisdom that transcends time and space and purifies our entire holistic system.


We are the embodied expression of our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions, resonating with the consciousness of this lifetime, in this incarnation. AND, we each have the capacity to unify, whole, and calibrate our lower 4 body system with the frequency of Love (attuned to Christ Consciousness) which is the key that opens the gateway to 5D Consciousness. When we are the living, breathing expressions of Love…thinking with our hearts, loving with our minds, and living with the integrity of our mind/heart unification, we access the rainbow bridge that unifies our lower 4 body system (our current incarnation) with the infinite, immortal aspect of our Soul’s consciousness, which is ever present, ever lasting Light. The fully integrated, aligned, and attuned body,heart, mind, spirit becomes an antenna or a highly tuned instrument for our Cosmic Self (Christed Self) to unify and embody.

The physical body is a record keeper, holding the vibrational imprints of every experience we’ve ever lived through. Every cell holds and reflects the consciousness and the recorded memory of this lifetime. Muscle memory activates past unresolved experiences as if they were current, in the moment they get trigger by a stimulus. The body never lies, and energy reveals truth. We might try to compartmentalize our truth or wall off our connections to past painful traumatic events, but the body reveals those walls, and compartmentalized energy doesn’t breathe well.

Our bodies also hold the records of wisdom, power, strength, and Love that we’ve experienced and calibrated throughout our lifetime. Similarly, as we unify with our 5D Cosmic Self, the aspect of our infinite, immortal soul, we gain access to the records of infinite universal wisdom, mastery, power, and Love from all of our incarnations – past, present, and future. As we surrender the karmic attachments and gravitational pull to our repetitive loops, patterns and identities, we liberate ourselves to remember the true nature of our heart, and the infinite potential for Love. We are not bound to any pattern, limitation, or experience. We are not bound by the karmic circumstances that hold the story line of our incarnation. We are free to awaken and remember the mastery and wisdom we’ve experienced over many many lifetimes, and call that forth now, in this moment…for embodied oneness, here and now.

We’ve considered the power of holistic integration of mind, body, and soul, and we’ve explored the implications on our physical health. Now, as we explore the possibilities of multidimensional integration beyond time and space, beyond our current incarnation, we become the embodied expression of the multiverse of wisdom, power, and Love. The implications of THAT to our physical health are substantial. Anytime we calibrate or attune ourselves to a universal frequency of Love, our cellular structure transmutes the old holding patterns and expressions and elevates to new possibilities, with unprecedented and uncharted implications. There is no limit to how expansive and fine tuned our cellular expression can be, nor to the upgrades available through our physical body and physical health. Consciousness is the new medicine, and there are no barriers, edges, or limits to how far we can evolve and transcend our current expression. The body is consciousness, manifested in physical form. As we continue to evolve at quantum speed, we awaken new octaves of mastery and wisdom through our physical body. We have no idea what we’re truly capable of…yet.  And we have no idea of our full mastery and greatness…yet.

On Monday 8/26, Pallas enters Scorpio, Mercury and Eris form a manifestation, Venus and Uranus form a manifestation, followed by a Mercury Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Haumea resource, Juno Quaoar manifestation, and Black Moon Neptune conjunction. Pallas represents divine feminine wisdom, and Scorpio consciousness activates our potential for transformation, shape shifting, and the cycle of death, resurrection, and rebirth. This sets a major theme for the week…along with massive awakenings at the Mind/Heart level. Remember, ascension occurs at the mind/heart merging point, the union of yin/yang and the root of our lower 4 body system. Quantum leaps can occur when we’re willing to awaken through this union. This entire week holds a lot of manifestation energy, which is harmonious, and also sparks the potential for creation and transformation. Our ability to see ourselves in the mirrored reflection of oneness is the key to manifesting unprecedented shifts through an expansive new paradigm and limitless worldview. .

Tuesday 8/27 is a Chiron Ceres manifestation, Black Moon South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Black Moon North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, Mercury Ixion manifestation, Vesta Haumea great eliminator, and Mercury Galactic Center manifestation. This is the birthing point of personal mastery. The Black Moon Earth Star reveals our karmic story, limitation, and historic patterns for insight and support, while the Black Moon Soul Star manifestation allows us to transcend that original story and manifest unprecedented evolutionary potential. Once we see the historic patterns clearly, and honor the truth emerging, we are empowered to choose something different, to evolve and transform through the recognition of a higher vision and a higher blueprint of our life’s purpose. Today sparks devotion to the wholeness of our journey, and clarity of what we can actually manifest when we magnify our intentions for evolution.

On Wednesday 8/28, there’s a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, Mars Uranus manifestation, Sun Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn resource, and Sun Ceres stepping stone. The same themes showing up in different ways. Remember, everything holds and reveals the truth of oneness, each perspective reveals a different lens to look through. Choosing the high road is important today. We’re awakening at the physical, personal level…noticing our actions (or reactions) and the impact we have when we choose to elevate and transcend the old wounds and triggers. We’re not bound to the definitions, identities, and labels that we (or others) may have been hiding behind for a very long time. It’s important to allow for something new to emerge, new expressions to take shape. If we hold onto our judgments or projections about who we think we are, or who we expect others to be (good or bad), we can’t fully recognize or receive the new potential being birthed everywhere. We must elevate out of our judgments and assumptions in order to see something new…and perhaps that newness has been there all along, we just couldn’t see beyond our historic fixed attachments.

Thursday 8/29, Mercury enters Virgo, Sedna stations retrograde, Mercury forms a resource with Pallas, then Mercury and Quaoar form a manifestation, followed by a Pallas Quaoar resource, and Sun Uranus manifestation. Mercury is the last of the personal planets to move into alignment for this incredible calibration tomorrow. The mental body ruler in Virgo aligns the mind with the emotional wisdom of the heart. Typically when our minds are at odds with our hearts, the mental body is stuck in logic or ego, and not tuning into the refined wisdom of the feminine heart. A wise awakened heart trumps ego logic any day. Wisdom is timeless, universal, and a reflection of feminine maturity, acquired through experience and patience. Mercury in Virgo can ground our mind and our communications with a higher frequency of discernment, which elevates our messaging system to the universal language of Love. Today prepares our inner messaging system, and awakens our higher consciousness, to receive the new calibration coming tomorrow.

Friday 8/30 begins first thing with a Black Moon Venus bridge, then a Black Moon Orcus bridge, followed immediately by the New Moon in Virgo conjunct all the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun and Moon…plus Orcus and Juno) and manifesting with Uranus. The Black Moon unveils the heart and also our connection to the immortal aspect of our soul, the doorway to unity with our higher Cosmic Self. This wide open heart is ready to receive the purest calibration from the New Moon.

This New Moon in Virgo is an incredibly special divine attunement and whole body communion with our higher self, through our awakened heart, and the consciousness of our Christed Self. In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of Emotional Wisdom, and holds the highest purification and discernment through the consciousness of Unconditional Love. Virgo is the progenitor of the Cosmic Consciousness System, the reflection of Mother Mary, the divine virgin mother who births Christ Consciousness. The New Moon brings home all of the personal planets for an entire lower 4 body system alignment and calibration, as a new beginning and an opportunity to unify through wholeness, not only Unity Consciousness through this incarnation, but universal Unity of past, present, and future. This is the ringing of the bell, the gong, the Tibetan Bowl…however it manifests for each individual person….as a new birthing point of the highest order. We’re coming home to our purest distilled wisdom of the heart, and moving forward, with integrity, intention, and honor. The affirmation for Virgo is “I honor myself”…and when we honor our heart, unconditionally, there is divine mastery all around us and through us. When we honor the wholeness of our lower 4 body system, we become an active conduit, a divine instrument, in service to the stream of consciousness that flows from the ascended masters and beyond. The polarity of Virgo is Pisces, which is the infinite realm of limitless potential. The ocean of Unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness. When we honor the integrity of our lower 4 body system, we become the channel for the infinite ocean to flow through us, expressing in physical form. This New Moon is manifesting with Uranus, the great awakener, and the ruler of the Aquarian Age. This moment is birthing a radical shift in consciousness, a quantum leap into the embodied Cosmic Self, the embodied Mastery of our Awakened Wisdom. Everything changes as a result. We’re grounding higher consciousness into our cells and into the earth, and as a result, awakening the current status quo with a new octave of light. The New Moon in Virgo is disposed by Chiron, which is the key to accessing the Rainbow Bridge that unifies our lower 4 body system with our 5D Cosmic Self. Now is the time to unify…collectively, and also personally, through our own channel of personal mastery through the many lifetimes of wisdom we’ve accumulated and experienced. The potential for healing, evolution, transformation, and new expressions is off the charts. And most importantly, there’s nothing to force, fix, or make happen. This is an organic alignment occurring within each individual, at the most personal level.

On Saturday 8/31, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Mars, Mercury and Chiron form a great eliminator, and the Black Moon forms a bridge with the Sun. More revelations through our physicality are unfolding, and the veils are lifting from our very consciousness. It’s as if the lenses are being cleared of any filmy residue, and misqualified beliefs or attachments, or anything that’s ever skewed or clouded our clearest perception of wholeness and truth. Cleaning the mirrors and the windows, we’re recalibrating our lenses to the purest frequency of Love, and cleaning out our filters from any historic judgments, attachments, or projections. When we see clearly, from a blank slate, we eliminate the triggered projections and muscle memory of old historic wounds and scars. We truly are standing at a blank slate. Love transcends anything and everything. All that remains is the purity of Love and the vibrational resonance of universal wisdom.

And Sunday 9/1 brings us into a “9” vibration month of September, the vibration of completion, and the integration that occurs through transitions, navigating the endings and new beginnings, the fluidity of change, and the purification that wipes the slate clean as we start again, birthing something new. Today delivers a Mercury Ceres stepping stone, Mercury Uranus manifestation, Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge, Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Mercury bridge, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Venus Saturn manifestation, and Venus Great Attractor stepping stone. There’s a lot happening today, almost too much to wrap our heads around. The most important thing to remember is that any significant calibration will continue to resonate for several days, and then the integration process begins. As we move into this “9” vibration, it’s important to allow the New Moon calibration to work through our entire lower 4 body system, and trust the process without any expectations, judgments, or assumptions. This will take a month to fully integrate into our system, and throughout our multiverse. There’s so much occurring that we can’t even see yet, and we don’t need to attach meaning to anything just yet. There are ripple effects taking place, old attachments unraveling and disintegrating, new neural networks and pathways firing up, a complete overhaul and transmutation of our cellular expression and physical health. None of this happens overnight, and sometimes we can spark a temporary healing crisis. If too much is releasing too quickly, or too much newness coming online before the old has completely resolved, our system may get a bit backed up for a minute. Self care is of the essence. Take good care, rest well, drink plenty of pure water, and eat what your body needs for fuel. Be mindful that the historic protocols for self care that have been the status quo up until now, may not work anymore. Everything is changing. Prepare to meet yourself where you are, in this moment…not judging where you are today compared to where you have been before. We’re in transition, so let it come, and don’t assume you know how to “do this” yet. Let it come, and let go.

The practice this week is to honor the wholeness of all that is unfolding and occurring, around you and within you. Honor your heart and the truth that is emerging, and be willing to live in alignment with the heart in every domain, unconditionally. There’s nothing to force, nothing to fix, nothing to make happen….simply allow the veils to lift, clarity to emerge, and find yourself in alignment with your heart. Let go of the need to understand, the need to control, or the need to manage or orchestrate events. Trust that you will be delivered to your highest truth and highest alignment, and moving forward, honor that divine integrity in all that you do.

*** Please join me this Friday evening for a very special Virgo New Moon LIVE Calibration Teleconference Event. 6pm PT/ 9pm ET.  See details below.  And stay tuned for exciting new announcements coming this week.   

“The willingness to reach inside every part of yourself opens the door to total understanding. You place your entire identity on the line, not just an isolated part. This may sound daunting, but actually it’s the most natural way to approach any situation. When you hold some part of yourself in reserve you deny it exposure to life; you repress its energy and keep it form understanding what it needs to know.”
― Deepak Chopra

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo Lunar Calibration Teleconference on 8/30 is available to ALL.  This Friday 8/30 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET.   The dial in number is 712-775-7035 and the participant code is 349823#.  All participants will be in “listen only” mode.  The recording will be posted online after the event.    



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