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For the week of August 19 – 25, 2019

The week ahead is initiating and setting the stage for a major calibration that occurs the following week on the Virgo New Moon, bringing the entire lower 4 body system into a new cycle of integrity and alignment with our infinite Light, the embodiment of our god spark, the 5D blueprint and our Cosmic Self. Last week’s Aquarian Full Moon brought us into the full blown reflection of our awakened self, in a way we couldn’t ignore. That various lightning storms cleared the atmosphere of any distractions, misqualified beliefs, or disempowering expressions…in order to deliver us fully. An unapologetic awakening by fierce Love.

Aquarian energy ushers in the future consciousness, before we’ve embodied it or possibly even considered it. Aquarius interrupts the status quo, shakes us out of our habitual slumber and grooves, and sparks something we’ve never imagined, awakening a higher vision. If the awakening is too far beyond what our current belief system can hold, we may require more time and space to recognize or appreciate what’s taking shape. We may resist or rebel the initial shake up, but if we can allow ourselves to appreciate the newness that’s emerging, and trust in a much bigger process, we can surrender and allow that transformation to occur.

Resistance shows up as inflammation in the body, fluid retention, agitation, and frustration. If we find ourselves spinning right now, or feeling overly sensitive to heightened emotions or stress around us, it’s a good idea to ground the nervous system and create a release valve through the tail bone. Remember, Uranus is The Great Awakener, the ruler of Aquarius…and is currently retrograding in Taurus, which is an earth sign that grounds our consciousness into the heart for mental obedience, stillness, and centered presence. If we do nothing else this week, this would be a great practice. It matters that we stay grounded in our bodies, through our roots, and into the Earth right now as the lightning bolts of awakened consciousness are literally running through our nervous systems. Whether we understand all that’s occurring at a cellular level right now, we can at least honor the process and allows that super high frequency energy to ground and take root.

The tailbone is a release valve for the nervous system, and can help take the edge off when we’re triggered in a fight/fight/freeze sensation or overstimulation. Visualize hollow empty space within the spinal column, take some deep breaths from within that hollow empty space and gently expand the structure of the spinal column with the inhale, then imagine blowing the exhale out through the tailbone. Empty everything out, and let gravity sweep through any attachments, triggers, or residue. It’s important to remember that anything we release becomes free energy, pure potential. When we consciously release with Love, we calibrate our exhale as a love offering, from our nervous systems, grounded into the Earth through our karmic root system, the Earth Star Chakra.

The ascension process requires us to channel Light into the depths of our roots, and into the Earth for illumination and awakening. If we disconnect from this heightened state of energy, if we seek comfort by detaching, leaving our bodies, or distracting ourselves, we miss the opportunity to align our personal conduit (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies) as a divine channel for Light to enter the Earth. This week is the initiation of the upcoming Mega Calibration that truly aligns and restores integrity of our entire Lower 4 Body System, as an antenna to welcome and embody our Cosmic Self as our newly activated Light Body. The wholeness of the Lower 4 Body System includes and requires physical presence. We can’t compartmentalize or ignore any aspect of our wholeness – we need all pieces, parts, and dimensions in alignment, in union, and in divine partnership, like an orchestration of oneness.

This alignment of the lower 4 body system is the fine tuning process of our divine instrument, which is necessary in our self realization of divine mastery. In order to fulfill our divine blueprint, to manifest our soul’s promise, and to embody our awakened consciousness, we must be willing to take full ownership and responsibility for this incarnation and our current cellular expression. We’re in the midst of a quantum leap, a massive upgrade in our cellular embodiment and molecular structure. Just as the caterpillar dissolves unto himself in order to become the beautiful butterfly, unknowing and surrendered through the process of decomposition…we’re also in the midst of an epic reconstruction, resurrection, and a brand new expression that we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around. We’ll understand it as we start to experience the new emergence taking shape. This is the ultimate journey of faith, trust, and courage.

The week begins on Monday 8/19 with a Venus Pallas resource, Juno Sedna stepping stone, Venus Sedna stepping stone, Venus Juno new cycle, and Sun Ixion manifestation. This is truly the beginning activation of the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th. Venus leads the way, and both Venus and Pallas are involved in the holistic multifaceted conjunction of the entire lower 4 body system. Venus and Sedna were together in the brilliant and exquisite quadruple conduction back in early June with Astraea and Alcyone, and that purest remembrance of the divine feminine essence, as recorded in the cosmic library, is very much a part of this upcoming calibration. The Sun is manifesting with the 5D blueprint today, activating the records through the brilliant Light of our wide open heart.

On Tuesday 8/20, the Black Moon forms a resource with Pluto, the Sun manifests with the Galactic Center, Mars and Quaoar form a manifestation, Pallas and Sedna form a great eliminator, and Mercury manifests with the Great Attractor. The Black Moon is unveiling and uncovering necessary aspects of our transmutation process, pulling back the layers of the veils we’ve been living behind, loosening up the threads so we can release and experience a rebirth. This aspect will repeat later in the week as the Black Moon turns retrograde and backtracks. The Mars Quaoar manifestation activates the cellular embodiment of our newly expanded belief system, the new paradigm of limitlessness and oneness. Our physical bodies reflect and mirror our thoughts, beliefs, and worldview…and we take action in the world based on this belief system and overriding paradigm. The greatest spark of our evolution is the expansion and the upgrade of our new paradigm, the new thoughts available that are manifesting the New Earth. The shifting landscape is a result of our elevated frequency and the quickening of our evolution. Our thoughts create our reality, and reveal the opportunities we believe we have. Shift the thoughts, redesign the landscape, and our physical cellular expression also changes, radically. New Consciousness is the catalyst for sustainable transformation, healing, regeneration, and profound shifts in reality.

Wednesday 8/21, there’s a Sun Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Venus enters Virgo, Mercury manifests with Jupiter, and the Sun forms a resource with Pallas.  As the heart begins purification and preparation for the upcoming holistic alignment, Mercury is expanding our bandwidth for new possibilities to emerge.  A beginner’s mind is open, supple, stretchable, and pure…and aligned with the wisdom and intelligence of the heart.   This is the space we want to live from…open observant mind, able to experience, integrate, and communicate the magic that comes from an awakened heart.

On Thursday 8/22, the Black Moon forms a resource with Vesta (to be repeated later in the week), followed by a Mercury South Node (Earth Star Chakra) great eliminator, Venus Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Eris subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Juno new cycle, and Mercury Neptune great eliminator. The Sun Juno conjunction is another initiation of the upcoming Virgo New Moon calibration. Like the ringing of the bell, the sound of a Tibetan Bowl or a gong, we are being prepared, the initiation is here, and the precursor is already delivering the full blown activation. Imagine a time release capsule that allows us to ease into the alignment, rather than a sudden strict lightning bolt to the spine. We know it’s coming, and every adjustment brings us closer and closer into union within our selves through Unity. Remember, the exhale through the tailbone helps to eliminate excess energy through the  Earth Star Chakra by threading Light from our personal intentions and conscious awareness.

On Friday 8/23 the Black Moon turns retrograde, the Sun enters Virgo, then the Black Moon repeats the resource with Vesta and the intimacy aspect with Eris, followed by Juno’s ingress into Virgo as well. In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is an earth sign that represents Emotional Wisdom, the pure heart of the Divine Virgin Mother that births Christ Consciousness. Virgo is a sign of purification by Love, restoration of integrity, alignment, holistic integration, and 5D wholeness. An Earth Element, Virgo is expressed as sand…tiny specs of sand that each hold the reflection of the Oneness, yet flexible and shiftable to find alignment, to hold the shape of Oneness, to recalibrate, to honor and adjust. Virgo is the progenitor of the entire Cosmic Consciousness System, and the fact that we’re headed for an entire Lower 4 Body system calibration in Virgo on August 30th is truly profound. This is the birthing point of our purest heart, and the embodiment of that expression. It’s also the moment of divine personal mastery coming onine…not from the ego, but from the precision and divine perfection through every challenge, struggle, vulnerability, and loss. Our life’s experiences have shaped us to be the exquisite masterpieces we are today. Every event, every episode, every tear, every hurt, and every heart opening smile of joy has cultivated the sum total of who we are expressing as now, in this moment. There is nothing wrong, nothing missing, nothing lacking…all is divine beauty. As we let go of judgment, let go of wanting what we don’t have, or seeking to improve what we fear we’re lacking…we find our unique expression of personal mastery, realizing that nothing could ever manufacture or fabricate our innate divine wisdom and beauty. As we honor the truth of who we are, instead of trying to become what we think we should be, we rise up into a state of purification, birthing what only we could birth…from a consciousness of pure divine Love.

Saturday 8/24 is a Ceres Salacia manifestation, Venus Mars conjunction (new cycle), Mercury Pluto great eliminator, Sun Quaoar manifestation, Venus Salacia great eliminator, Venus Ceres stepping stone, and Mars Salacia great eliminator. This is a huge day of deliverance through the invisible realms.  Like memories of oceanic waves, still held within a sea shell, that template reminds us of our true nature, through a familiar resonance and remembrance that reveals the future expression we’re awakening to now. Nothing is ever lost or forgotten.  In 5D consciousness, all timelines are available, all lifetimes, expressions, wisdom and mastery are available now. The most divine records and remembrances are coming to life in our conscious awareness. Venus and Mars, together, are the co-rulers of the Divine Feminine. The embodiment of the heart leads to new possibilities. We’re being delivered to that embodiment now.

And Sunday 8/25 is a Venus Chiron great eliminator, Mars Ceres stepping stone, Ceres MakeMake resource, Black Moon Pluto resource, and Mars Chiron great eliminator. Chiron is the ruler of Virgo, the dispositor of the upcoming New Moon calibration, and represents the Master Healer/Teacher. Chiron is the rainbow bridge that connects and unifies the lower 4 body system with the infinite immortal self, the Christ Self and the Cosmic Self. Chiron takes us through the eye of a needle, moving through our most vulnerable challenges, the moments that confront our mortality, or limits of being human, and the suffering we endure thorough the human experience. Every challenge, every healing crisis, is an opportunity to refine our personal mastery. We learn by experience, and we awaken mastery by embodying our challenges and cultivating wisdom with every conscious step. As we step into our individual roles of Master Healer/Teacher – in our own rite – we surrender any attachments to the suffering, the chronic blueprint that delivered the experiences to cultivate our greatest wisdom. We are not our wounds, we are not our stories…but our wounds and stories have cultivated and refined us into our personal mastery, and for that, we give humble thanks and gratitude. This ceremony of acknowledgment and humble gratitude delivers the ultimate initiation into the appreciation and respect for higher law and order of the universe.

The practice this week is to receive the initiations as they come. Practice breathing through your spinal column, and exhale through the tail bone, releasing and eliminating any excess energy through the Earth Star Chakra. Remember, there will be several opportunities to discharge excess energy by grounding and unifying the Lower 4 Body System. Take a walk each morning, barefoot on the earth, and feel your heartbeat in the souls of your feet. Allow your footsteps to be love offerings to the earth, as you exhale through your feet, letting go with Love, and finding gratitude for the connection, the oneness, the unity. Find the hollow empty space within your spinal column, and breath through your spine at least once a day, especially if you find your nervous system is sensitive or over stimulated with downloads or excess energy. Imagine lightning – the Light of Awakened Consciousness – flossing through the nervous system, clearing out the root system and grounding into the Earth. As we unify our Lower 4 Body System, we activate our holistic body as an antenna for higher consciousness, clearing what we no longer need, and opening the space for our Cosmic Self to embody our cellular structure. There’s a lot of transformation and transmutation occurring at the cellular level this week. Trust, allow, and have faith.

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again. ”
― Pema Chödrön

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo Lunar Calibration Teleconference on 8/30 will be available to ALL.  Please check the link at the bottom of next week’s Navigation Report for dial in information, and join the Live Calibration Event!  Friday 8/30 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET.  


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  1. Morning. Wonderful, expansive and grounding as always. I was out hiking yesterday in amazing colorful wildflowers. The colors so brilliant and overwhelming, the vibration frequencies. I stopped to take it in and breathed down thru me into my earth star chakra to ground. As I did I could see this diamond point drill like spiraling down my spinal cord and into the earth core. Then my cosmic star chakra sparkled. Lovely connection.
    Sending love Lisa Tichenor

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