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For the week of August 12 – 18, 2019

Get ready for a massive awakening and expansion of the heart…in the most unexpected and unconventional way. This week delivers a Full Moon in Aquarius, reflecting the Light of our wide open hearts when we least expect it. When the heart opens, revealing our innermost truth, there is no turning back.

When the heart reveals, when the heart speaks, we can’t judge, censor, or ignore. When we try to resist or refuse the heart, we create suffering and conflict within ourselves, rebelling against and violating the very innocence, integrity, and purity of our most precious asset. We’re moving closer and closer to the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th, the massive calibration point that brings holistic alignment with the entire lower 4 body system…every piece, every part on the same page, in alignment with the higher wisdom and truth of the heart. We can’t pretend we don’t know, we can’t ignore or refuse…if we do, our path will be challenging. It’s time to honor the wisdom and the higher vision of our awakened heart. As we do, we generate a revolution of heart centered leadership that shifts the status quo and delivers new consciousness and new vision to humanity.

The heart holds the template and the blueprint of our higher purpose and promise for this lifetime. It’s the sacred keeper of our original divine codes. If we refuse to honor the movements of the heart, if we judge or resist, rationalizing with logic and reason, or insist on the comfort and convenience of our status quo, we not only deny the divine calling of the heart, we move ourselves out of alignment with our true nature, which depletes, deteriorates, and distorts our vital life force energy and spark of Light.

It’s important to remember, the heart is not erratic or emotional…the heart is crystal clear. Following the divine guidance of the heart is not the same as being overwhelmed and triggered by reactionary emotions. The heart holds refined wisdom, purity, and clarity. The more we learn to trust the divine messages revealed within the heart space, the more expansive, multidimensional, and universal our lens of vision becomes. The truth is, the entire universe is revealed within the heart. Our heart is the center of the universe, and our spiritual work is to look within to find truth, meaning, and purpose.

Last Sunday, Uranus stationed retrograde in Taurus. Uranus is the Great Awakener, the bolt of lightning that strikes when we least expect it to deliver life altering wake up calls and turning points that we never realized were available. There’s no judgment in these wake up calls…the point is that we wake up out of our slumber, out of our automatic pilot habitual grooves, and begin to navigate each moment with fresh eyes of divine presence. Uranus in Taurus is ruled by Venus, the heart. And this week’s Full Moon In Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is in a bridge with Venus, amplified by the Leo Sun. There’s no way we can miss this moment of awakening of the heart. No matter what, something unexpected will touch the heart and open it wide this week…and in that exact moment of opening, the volume of light revealed will be enough to transform and altar the game forever. Imagine seeing our brightest reflection of authentic light, receiving the downloads of your higher blueprint and spiritual DNA, like a flash of lightning, striking the core of our being, and etching those light codes into our cellular structure. The part of our consciousness that’s way ahead of our time, our future selves, are beaconing us to pay attention, to see a higher vision, Now.

The moment our hearts awaken, there’s no turning back. The moment we see our most accurate reflection of divine Light, the calibration altars our consciousness. It may take a while to integrate, to process what’s just occurred, or to wrap our heads around the brilliance of our Light, but the calibration is instantaneous. When we awaken to our Divinity, and see our reflection clearly, we calibrate that reflection into our cells, and the transmutation process begins. A beautiful gift this week is that Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow, literally hours before the Full Moon in Aquarius….so we’re able to see something we’ve never seen before, with a new perspective, a brand new capacity to receive, interpret, and integrate. The Leo/Aquarius polarity invites us to open unconditionally through intimacy….”into me you see”. Imagine holy light so bright, it penetrates and opens our heart like never before…and imagine the experience of opening so profoundly that you we never go back to living with a shallow, conditioned heart ever again.

When the heart awakens, humanity awakens. Within the heart of every human, there is a seed of Divine Love. That seed is being activated, like a time release capsule. The time is Now.

The week begins on Monday 8/12 with a Juno Haumea resource, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar resource, Mars Ixion manifestation, and Mercury Quaoar great eliminator. Oneness and Unity through the mirror reflects our wholeness, allowing us to clear any mistruths or judgments about separation. The new paradigm of Unity and Wholeness allows our physical body to receive and activate the higher blueprint of our 5D light codes, and that information runs through our inner operating system as the new default setting, replacing any historic patterns of 3D separation or 4D polarization. This is the beginning of the cellular transmutation, allowing our cells to reflect the blueprint of our spiritual DNA, instead of being bound to the karmic dispensation of our biological DNA.

On Tuesday 8/13, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres, followed by a Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Mercury Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Chiron intimacy aspect, and Mercury Varuna new cycle. There’s so much Black Moon energy this week, every breath is a choice point to let go, to pull back the layers, and reveal – and be birthed – into the new paradigm, into a higher vision, aligned with higher law and order. Our physical cellular structures are shifting and manifesting with a higher power, as the inner cellular network of communication is upgrading to Universal Vision, activating the communications of our multidimensional Light Body. The new capabilities of connection through our cellular structure is breathtaking.

Wednesday 8/14 is a Sun Venus new cycle, Venus Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus resource, Sun Pluto great eliminator, and Mars Sedna stepping stone. The Leo Sun in a new cycle with Venus calibrates the courage to live with an open heart, to open intimately and unconditionally. In that new octave of intimacy and the willingness to open, we not only reveal and heal the layers of scar tissue that we’ve accumulated over the many lifetimes from hurts and misunderstandings, we also open ourselves up to receive the highest records of truth calibrated into our physicality. The body is a record keeper…just like a crystal. We hold the records of our past hurts, traumas, and scars…however, when we open to Love, we heal those patterns, wiping the slate clean to receive our original soul blueprint, downloaded into our cells. When we let go of the attachments to our human skin, we can embody our Light Codes of awakened consciousness, revealing a brand new expression and a whole new way of living in the physical dimension.  Awakening to the truth of who we really are…pure divine Light.

On Thursday 8/15, Mercury and MakeMake form a resource, then Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow at 4 Leo 27’, followed by a Black Moon Orcus bridge, Venus Vesta stepping stone, then the Full Moon in Aquarius (in a bridge with Venus and in an intimacy aspect with Pluto), followed by a Ceres Varuna manifestation, Pallas Juno resource, Sun Vesta stepping stone, and Mercury Chiron manifestation. The Full Moon in Aquarius is super potent, especially that Uranus is recently retrograde in Venus’ sign of Taurus. Where we choose to plant our thoughts, our willingness to obey the heart, and our commitment to trust the communication from the heart – these are the theme of this Uranus retrograde cycle, and the Full Moon in Aquarius is awakening us to the divine consciousness that animates and expresses through the heart As Love. If we’re willing to trust and have faith, this week can be a turning point that delivers a whole new world of possibilities through the consciousness of Love.

Aquarius energy doesn’t follow the social norms or conditioned limitations of comfort, convenience, or stereo types. Aquarius energy is unconventional, ahead of it’s time, unprecedented….marching to the beat of an original drum. That drum is the heart beat of authenticity, and it can’t be fabricated, forced, or ignored. We must let the heart lead, we must stop judging or rebelling against the divine authority of the heart. When we surrender to the wake up calls for Love, we invite intimacy, which is the opening that sets us free and liberates us from suffering. Any fears we may have around intimacy are only blocking the manifestation of our heart’s truth. To live with an open heart, to allow our light to be seen, fully visible to the world, requires courage, strength, and faith. As we commit to living this way, we elevate our lens of vision, we fuel the fire of devotion to living a life worth living, a life of Unconditional Love, full blown expression, and full technicolor vision. Anything less feel suffocating, stagnating, and flat. We didn’t come here to live in a cookie cutter box of safety and security. We came to create magic, Love, and multidimensional music through the divine instruments of our authentic hearts. That kind of freedom is liberating, healing, and transcendental. Living in the consciousness of Love is our spiritual purpose…and it absolutely altars the landscape and changes the story on our planet. Love heals. Love transforms. Love unifies. Love is eternal. Love is the consciousness that unifies this incarnation with the wholeness of every incarnation, every lifetime, and every storyline. Love remembers, and Love brings us Home…as One.

On Friday 8/16, Juno and Ixion form a manifestation, Mercury and Uranus form a stepping stone, followed by Venus Eris manifestation, Pallas Ixion resource, and Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone. As our hearts awaken, we collectively contribute our higher blueprint to the Unity blueprint…the divine quilt of multidimensional sound, light, and color…the fabric of our interconnected Oneness. Both the mind and heart undergo a massive awakening today…the mind is required to elevate to a higher road of interpretation and meaning making, beyond the old habitual assumptions and projections. And the heart sheds any of the old skin or vibrational residue that has ever held the muscle memory of limitation, contraction, or the need to hide. Wisdom of the heart connects us back to the original blueprint, and that higher wisdom expands our experience of social consciousness, revealing the role we each play in the collective story of awakening.

Saturday 8/17 is a Black Moon Saturn resource, Venus Haumea resource, Sun Eris manifestation, Juno Galactic Center manifestation, and Mars enters Virgo. More revelations about our greater role, purpose, and identity from the heart’s perspective of Wholeness, as we continue to shed the old skin of our previous identity, expression, and consciousness. We’re manifesting from Unity, which transcends the personal story of conditions, limitations, or separation, as we realize we have access to Everything, through Everyone. We are One. If we’ve ever felt like we didn’t belong, or that we didn’t fit in, or weren’t enough…those old thought forms are expiring, and the old cellular expressions are being recalibrated. As Mars enters Virgo, we’re undergoing a very physical purification process, literally cleansing and recalibrating our cellular expression by the wisdom of the Divine Heart. Love is the calibrating force, the tuning fork.

And Sunday 8/18 is a Black Moon South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Black Moon North Node (Soul Star) manifestation, Sun Haumea resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Pallas Galactic Center resource, Venus Ixion manifestation, Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge, and Venus Galactic Center manifestation. As we uncover any suppressed energy in our collective roots, we simultaneously manifest from the available Light of our Soul Star Chakra, amplified by the Light of Wholeness. As the Lion’s Gate has come to a close this week, we are left with the clarity of enlightened wisdom and revelations from the heart about our higher truth, our purpose, and our divine blueprint. The Light Bridge of unmanfiested potential from the high road is wide open and accessible, and our hearts are leading the way to unprecedented opportunities. Anything is possible, there are no limits in the consciousness of Love.

The practice this week is to open your heart, unconditionally. Notice the times when your heart wants to shut down, disconnect, hide, or retreat. Notice your inner conversation when the heart reveals a truth…do you censor, justify, override, or resist? Or do you honor, trust, have faith, and follow through? Tune into your heart, and listen. Practice intimacy within your own heart, be curious, be respectful, and see what you can see that’s brand new. Listen for what you’ve never heard before. Open to what you never expected your heart would reveal. Intimacy begins with Self. Being open, curious, and willing to see all of you, being willing to listen to your own deepest truths, and honoring the inner messaging system, without judging, resisting, disconnecting, or turning away. This is a life changing week, an opportunity to fully awaken through the heart to the infinite possibilities through Love. Practice the opening, and practice saying Yes.


“A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for every flower. You didn’t have to struggle to make your face different than anyone else’s on earth. It just is. You are unique because you were created that way. Look at little children in kindergarten. They’re all different without trying to be. As long as they’re unselfconsciously being themselves, they can’t help but shine. It’s only later, when children are taught to compete, to strive to be better than others, that their natural light becomes distorted.”
― Marianne Williamson


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