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For the week of August 5 – 11, 2019

We’re officially out of the wormhole passage and fully inside the Lion’s Gate. Walking our path with an unconditionally open heart symbolizes the courageous leadership of a Lion. This is oftentimes our greatest challenge and certainly our greatest gift as Light Workers on the planet at this time. The spiritual path is not for the faint of heart.

It’s not easy to be in a human body, connected to the human story, feeling the feelings that rise and fall each moment, and navigating the triggers of anger, sadness, and rage while witnessing current events. We stretch, strengthen, and develop mastery through the moments of unexpected challenges through the unimaginable. The transformation of Carbon to Diamond doesn’t occur without tension, pressure, and discomfort. When transformation occurs at the heart level, when the heart awakens, nothing will ever be the same.

Conscious Leadership is movement from the heart, fueled by emotion, oftentimes when we witness something occurring that needs to be interrupted.  Anger metabolized properly can be elevated toward a higher purpose that generates right action, in alignment with universal vision, from a lens of Love.

There’s a difference between the unexamined emotional body of the lower 4 body system, and the higher communication system of the awakened heart. Remember, the heart holds the blueprint of our soul’s promise, contract, and agreement to fulfill in this lifetime. That blueprint is awakening now, and that awakening might come from an unexpected or unimaginable event that takes us by surprise and sparks some unfamiliar emotions. When we find ourselves in the midst of massive movement, initiated by the heart, and fueled by a greater power that’s animating, informing, and inspiring our actions, we need to obey and trust that calling. If we find ourselves in an emotional outburst of blame, victimization, and resistance, that’s not the higher intelligence of the heart…that’s a triggered pattern of emotional debris that needs attention to properly express, release, and revolve.

As Light Workers and Conscious Leaders, we can’t be reactionary and irresponsible with our emotions. We need to understand the difference between the patterns of old karmic wounds, and the consciousness of the awakened heart. The consciousness of the triggered wound can’t generate new possibilities beyond the pattern of that wound. Only the awakened heart can access the highest seat of vision through the 5D lens of Love. If we’re triggered by a past personal story, or if we’re witnessing a current event that’s triggering a past wound or injustice, we’re limited in our ability to discern and observe the full picture. When we’re seated in equanimity and can see the wholeness of the situation, we can be divinely guided to take massive action, as a conduit of Love in Action. Our current emotions, and the volume of collective emotions, can be metabolized through our system as fuel, sustainable energy on behalf of All.

The shift from 3D to 5D consciousness is a gear shift from separation consciousness (me vs you, or us vs them) into Unity Consciousness, which is We, All, One. 5D consciousness is only accessible through the lens of wholeness, which requires an elevated perspective above the personal story into the universal picture. The Universal Story isn’t personal, but it does matter. Every life matters, and every life is a reflection of All, including the Divine. When a life is lost, all are impacted. The whole of our collective consciousness is affected.

If it only matters when the story hits close to home, it might be important to take a look at what you consider your “home” to be. We’re all in this together, we’re all living on the same planet, breathing the same air, drinking the same water…mirroring the collective unconscious through unresolved patterns of wounds, hurts, misguided outbursts of emotions, anger, and fear. No matter what our personal story is, there is universal truth playing out in every story that hits home. Somehow, we can all relate to every event that’s occurring on this planet right now.  Every child is our child.  Every precious resource is our legacy for the children.

The key is to stay centered in the heart, and stay connected to the divine flow of awakened consciousness, the circulation of Love. When it’s hard to see evidence of evolution, we must amplify the circulation of Love. We can’t close our hearts, shut down, or lose hope when times feel heavy or intense. Those are the heavy lifting days of strength training, accessing the courage of the Lion to keep our hearts wide open, as the vessels and sacred keepers of the purest frequency of Love that literally expresses and circulates with every conscious breath, every step, and every connection. Now more than ever, we must walk our talk, and Live as Love…honoring the awakenings that occur from within, trusting the messages that arise from the heart, and having faith in the unfolding of every moment. This week, Jupiter stations direct and Uranus stations retrograde. Social consciousness is about to expand exponentially, through the awakenings that come when we least expect it. What matters is that our hearts awaken and move into right action. When the heart awakens, there is massive transformation, and the world will never be the same.

The week begins on Monday 8/5 with a Mercury Haumea stepping stone and Black Moon Vesta stepping stone. Mercury is holding the intersection, or calibrating the still point of equanimity, calibrating the Light Bridge of Awakening into our observer’s minds and inner operating system. The Eris Haumea Light Bridge will soon be deactivating, yet this incredible lens of 5D vision is forever calibrated in our own operating system as the new default setting of Unity, Wholeness, and Ascension. This entire week is activating our innermost fire of devotion in unexpected ways that are soon to be discovered.

On Tuesday 8/6, the Sun manifests with the Great Attractor, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra). The Leo Sun manifesting with the Great Attractor is like infinite Light attracting itself instantly, exponentially. Light attracts Light, and Light multiplies infinitely when the opportunity for expansion and awakening are on tap. The Black Moon is revealing an important choice of evolution through our current emotions, as long as we’re willing to elevate the emotion and awaken beyond any historic attachments to wounds of suffering. We’ll have an opportunity to revisit this choice point on Thursday when the Black Moon turns direct.

Wednesday 8/7 is a Sun Jupiter manifestation, the Black Moon turns direct, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Saturn. The Leo Sun is a contagious generator of Light, and manifesting with Jupiter yields super generosity, and high impact service that expands social consciousness. Typically generosity of this kind appears when there is a need that sparks attention, or when unexpected abundance appears needing direction for proper movement and impact. It doesn’t do anyone any good to keep our most valuable resources hidden away or locked up in a box. The time is now to give what we can give to make a difference on the planet…even if that gift is our time, our leadership, or our Voice.

On Thursday 8/8, the Black Moon forms another great eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Mercury and Ixion form a great eliminator, followed by a Mars Pallas resource, Venus Great Attractor manifestation, Venus Jupiter manifestation, and Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator. This is the repeat aspect from Tuesday, the choice point of evolution through our emotions that serves as a messenger of our higher purpose and blueprint. Our emotions can be powerful messengers that inform and inspire right action from refined wisdom.

Friday 8/9 is a Mars Eris manifestation, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Mercury Sedna resource, Pallas Eris bridge, Pluto Vesta manifestation, and Mars Hauema resource. Mars and Eris can either be reactionary, explosive, and disruptive or fiercely powerful and forward moving…it all depends on the current consciousness of the individual. It matters that we’re awake and responsible in our seat of power within the heart today (and always). The moments that prompt massive awakenings where there’s no turning back, also stimulate a fire of devotion to move forward and not look back. If we have faith in ourselves and our higher messaging system in those moments, we can allow ourselves to move into right alignment, and trust that all is well, and all is as it should be in the big picture of wholeness.

On Saturday 8/10 the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Vesta, followed by a Sun South Node (Karma) great eliminator, Sun Neptune great eliminator, Black Moon Juno bridge, and Black Moon Eris resource. The more we choose to elevate and evolve through our fire of devotion, the more karmic debris we clear, literally liberating ourselves beyond the historic patterns and attachments of historic scenarios, and rising up to new octaves of clarity, awakening, and oneness. Moment to moment we have a choice, to be triggered by old wounds, and repeat the story line from an historic lens of perspective, or to elevate through our seat of Unity and see things through the lens of enlightenment. We can be equally passionate about either choice, however our inner fire of devotion truly moves mountains when we make the quantum leap towards evolution vs karmic stagnancy.

And Sunday 8/11 is absolutely HUGE….Venus South Node (karma) great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, Juno Eris manifestation, Black Moon Mars bridge, Jupiter conjuncts the Great Attractor then turns direct for a massive new cycle, Albion stations retrograde 1 minute after the Jupiter station, Venus and Neptune form a great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Ixion resource, Pallas Haumea new cycle, Mercury enters Leo, Uranus stations retrograde, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Sedna. Bottom line, social consciousness is ready for a quantum leap, and that can only happen when the leaders of new consciousness become visible by walking their talk and illuminating the world with new possibilities and vital life force energy. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Mercury entering Leo brings our inner messaging system, our default setting of interpretation, meaning, and worldview into the Light of the Sun, the realm of emotional Love, and the courage to Live with an open trusting heart. The Lion’s Gate, and Leo energy, is the embodiment of conscious leadership, leading with courage, leading from the heart, leading as Love, through the unconditional expression of our most authentic Light. In whatever way we shine, it’s time to shine, as an offering to All. How we see ourselves, the role we believe we play in the larger human story of evolution, is expanding…if we can allow ourselves to fully awaken and realize that our thoughts matter, our actions matter…and our willingness to BE LOVE matters. Uranus stations at the end of the day, and anything goes. With Uranus energy, we can trust that higher consciousness will ensue. There is nothing random or meaningless in Uranian or Aquarian energy. The unexpected spontaneity of lightning bolts and wake up calls ALWAYS serves the higher purpose of Awakening Humanity to LOVE. Get ready for the unexpected, and get ready to shake up the status quo in order to evolve into the next chapter of awakened social consciousness….for the good of our planet, our resources, our environment, and each other.

The practice this week is to keep your heart open, unconditionally. Pay attention to your breath, notice the times when you might tend to hold your breath, shorten your breath, or compartmentalize your breathing by tightening up other parts of the body. The breath and the lungs are connected through the heart chakra. When we limit our breathing, we limit our capacity to receive and generate universal Love. Be mindful of your breathing, and make it a practice to expand your lung capacity as you expand your heart’s capacity for Love. One of the simplest ways we can impact social consciousness is through our conscious breathing. Notice how your breathing affects the energy in a room full of people. If you catch yourself restricting or tightening up in certain situations, pay attention, and then consciously open to the fullness of each breath, and allow your exhale to empty out your lungs and clear your heart. Then invite in more and more fresh oxygen, more and more Love, in through each inhale, so that you can circulate it fully as you let go. Notice if others in the room start to open up, lighten up, or become more expressive. Oftentimes we underestimate our personal power through conscious presence and the simple art of breathing. Strengthen your Lion’s Heart to open unconditionally, and expand your capacity to generate and receive Love, with courage, faith, and sustainability.

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
― Paulo Coelho


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