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For the week of 9/24 – 9/30

Get ready for a dynamic week ahead that awakens our infinite potential – through the power to think a new thought.  As Conscious Creators, we’re pioneering life altering transformation, using our mind/heart connection as the full blown catalyst of unprecedented new beginnings, through unity consciousness and an empowered relationship with the mirror.

In order to experience radical transformation, we must be willing to withstand the temporary discomforts of change as we let go of what was, and open to the unknown potential that is manifesting, before we can physically see the results.  Change evokes discomfort, as the status quo of the familiar structures and holding patterns are interrupted, freeing us up to choose something different and experience something brand new.


If we’re committed to following through with change and transition, it’s best to allow for some adjustment time and space as our “norms” are shifting.  Allow for the unexpected disorientation, without judgment.  Everything is connected, every thought, emotion, and action creates vibrational grooves that are recorded and stored in our physical structure, and held within the tangible structures that we live into.  Our bodies store the vibrational imprints of our thoughts, actions, and patterns, as do our homes, our familiar routines, and habits.  The consistent and familiar grounding places that we come home to, again and again, hold the calibration points of our current default setting.  In order to make an epic shift in consciousness, we must be willing to let go of any attachments to the current default settings and familiar norms.  Not that they’re bad or wrong, but they ground us to our stories and patterns.


A temporary period of unplugging from our norms can provide a powerful opportunity to establish new neural pathways for our consciousness to take root.  It can also activate deep emotional surges of loss, grief, and suffering in unexpected ways.  Like separation anxiety, change can literally feel like a part of us is dying.  The energetic connections that have sustained the old patterns come to completion, which feels like a death or separation.  Once that completion calibrates, there is empty space, infinite potential for new beginnings and expansion.  Oftentimes, we don’t allow ourselves to reach completion, because the temporary spasms, contractions, and discomfort create the desire to flinch, pull back, and return to comfort and safety of what we know.


The cycle of change reveals hidden attachments.  When we practice navigating the unknown uncharted territory, we activate higher consciousness.  A daily practice of surrender to the unknown, exploring the untapped potential, the unfamiliar landscape, can be an amazing tool for cultivating personal mastery.  The process itself will flush up our insecurities and fears, which can be eliminated and refined if we navigate consciously, from the heart.  If we remain where we always feel safe and in control, we limit ourselves.  When we remember that our true nature is change, we can acclimate to any condition and ride the waves, refining ourselves in the process.


In order to ride out the period of disorientation associated with change, we must discipline our minds to equanimity, finding the observers seat in the heart.  Witnessing with Love, thinking from the heart.   From this seat, we recognize the divinity of each moment, and unleash the infinite power to create a brand new beginning, manifesting a whole new world with our thoughts and the way we witness our current experience of reality.


The week begins on Monday 9/24 with an Orcus Pallus conjunction, a Mercury MakeMake conjunction, a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Mercury manifesting with the Earth Star Chakra (karmic node), a Sun Uranus great eliminator, and the Full Moon in Aries at 10:52pm ET, (conjunct Chiron with the Sun conjunct Mercury).  The Full Moon is preceded by the new cycle of divine wisdom that connects us into our incarnation and the reason it matters to be here, and the new cycle of communication with the higher divine laws of nature and oneness.  Our empowered feminine wholeness is required to step out of the status quo, firing new communications to liberate beyond the old stories and patterns, and rewrite the script.  We’re leaving the old behind as we awaken and rise up to an unprecedented future.


The Full Moon in Aries activates the relationship axis and the power of the mind/body connection.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Conscious Power, or Mental Power, the pioneering spark of creation from each original thought that manifests the physical reflection that we observe in the mirror.  Our thoughts take shape as structured vibration, or animated imprint of communication.  It’s important to be mindful of the thoughts we believe and give meaning to.  When we buy into something, we give it energetic weight, and we focus our attention, like watering a seed, to take root and grown.  Every thought holds the potential for creation – like a seed of life – and it’s important that we discipline our minds to focus on what matters most, from the heart, quickly releasing any attachment to what doesn’t matter, before it manifests as physical matter.   Thinking from the heart, and disciplining the mind to focus with equanimity and Love.


The greatest potential that each of us carries within is infinite power and free will to choose to believe whatever we want, and to select the quality of our conscious thoughts.  With this potential, we become the creators of our experience of reality.  If we don’t like what we’re seeing, if we don’t like the reality we’re living in, we can elevate the quality of our thoughts and change the game.  Not by ignoring what is, but by observing our current reality, to find the opportunities for awakening out of the unexamined status quo.


If we ignore our current reality and bypass by redirecting our thoughts somewhere else, we don’t actually change the game, we just operate on top of the old story, which creates density, congestion, and heaviness.  This Full Moon at 2 Aries is conjunct Chiron, and the Sun is conjunct Mercury.  We have a massive opportunity to awaken, heal, and whole through personal mastery by amplifying our undivided attention, as the awakened observer of our current reality.  Awareness is power.  We give our power away when we avoid intimacy with our current results.  By being deeply present with our current reality, from an equanimous observer’s seat – whether it’s comfortable or not, pretty or not – we can see everything clearly, and consciously choose to respond, from the heart, as a pioneering trail blazer.  This is empowered conscious creation.


On Tuesday 9/25, Chiron and Quaoar are in a stepping stone, MakeMake and the Earth Star Chakra (karmic node) are manifesting, the Sun and Vesta are in a stepping stone, the Sun is resourceful with Varuna, and in a stepping stone with Saturn, just as Chiron retrogrades into Pisces, and Vesta is in a great eliminator with Varuna.  This is a full day of activations.  The current challenges are opportunities to stretch beyond any limiting beliefs and consciously choose a more expansive belief system.  The choice to move beyond convenience refines discipline, especially in the face of our deepest core wounds.  As we trust the process and move forward through the friction of karmic attachments, we elevate from the heart to see what we couldn’t see before.


Wednesday 9/26 is a Mars Earth Star Chakra conjunction, joining with the Black Moon, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, and a Mars MakeMake manifestation.   Now that we’ve cleared so much karmic density from our physicality through this summer’s eclipse passage, Mars is starting a brand new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra, a whole new way of being awake and empowered in our skin.  This new interface of our empowered self in our physical skin manifests with the laws of nature and the laws of one Love, as we embody our true nature.


On Thursday 9/27, there’s a Saturn and Vesta conjunction, followed by a Sun MakeMake conjunction,  a Black Moon manifestation with both Mercury and Ceres, followed by a Mercury Ceres new cycle, and a Sun Mars manifestation.   There’s a lot happening here.  Saturn brings our intentional power and authority into a new cycle with our fire of devotion, which sets a theme of inner integrity and personal devotion to living in accordance with our true nature.  As we continue to liberate and unleash what has historically been suppressed or hidden, our new found empowerment delivers a whole new cycle of authentic communication, clarity, and truth.  We’re lightening up in our bodies, letting go of what’s been congested and stale, and revealing our true colors through the transparency of our skin.


Friday 9/28 is a Chiron Juno resource.  As we move through the triggers of old wounds and core issues, we’re supported by the remembrance of Unity and the mirror of all relationships.  Our core wounds get triggered by fear and separation, and Unity is the restoration that dissolves pain and suffering from the experience.


On Saturday 9/29, Juno enters Gemini, and the Black Moon is in a resource with Eris, joining the Light Bridge, and manifesting with Haumea overnight.  Juno reveals the connection of unity through the mirror, which for Gemini, feels grounding.  No matter where we are, how far or fast our minds can travel, we are always connected, and the mind isn’t limited by time and space.  Our reflection is always present, and when the mind feels connected, there is a dissolution of fear, anxiety, and worry.  If we refuse to acknowledge our reflection, there’s pain and suffering from feeling ignored, rejected, or invisible.  The Black moon in a resource with Eris activates another release and exfoliation of anything that has been tucked away, buried, or suppressed, awakening and bringing everything to Light.  In order to stand on the Light Bridge of awakened wholeness, there must be compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance for all that is revealed, and a surrender of judgment, criticism, or resistance.  All that comes to Light is a reflection of wholeness, and nothing is separate.


And Sunday 9/30  is a Mercury Neptune great eliminator, a Venus Orcus resource, Juno Quaoar great eliminator, Sedna Black Moon stepping stone, and Pluto stations direct at 19 Capricorn.  When the mind eliminates fear, there is enlightenment and clarity.    Our hearts remember the promise we made to be here.  As we elevate our perspective in the mirror, we eliminate the lower vibrational paradigm from our consciousness, bringing our empowered self into the divine remembrance of our cosmic truth.  Pluto’s station activates the full blown manifestation of our new expression and the alchemical transformation through our highest vision.


The practice this week is to find comfort in the discomfort of the unknown.  Practice any opportunity to do something outside of the norm, to stretch beyond the default setting of your current comfort zone.  Intentionally shift something in your daily routine, like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, or taking a different route to work.  Take a bold risk this week that feels uncomfortable, like expressing your truth, risking in a relationship, revealing your heart, or taking action in the face of fear.   Let your heart be the guide, always, and tell fear to take a back seat.


Each time you stretch outside of the current default setting, you’re activating new neural pathways and operating outside of the old vibrational grooves, creating a brand new expression through your physical embodiment.  Each time you take a risk, you’re choosing something that otherwise wouldn’t  have happened, changing the game, and rewriting the script.


“Your body, which is bonding millions of molecules every second, depends on transformation. Breathing and digestion harness transformation. Food and air aren’t just shuffled about but, rather, undergo the exact chemical bonding needed to keep you alive. The sugar extracted from an orange travels to the brain and fuels a thought. The emergent property in this case is the newness of the thought; no molecules in the history of the universe ever combined to produce that exact thought.” 
― Deepak Chopra


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  1. So funny you mentioned oranges…I have been craving them, and having many breakthrough thoughts, as well! Thank you, Christine, for your loving guidance this week, and every week. Namaste.

  2. Always so happy and supported when I read your spot on words. A trip to Fiji came about rather suddenly so my next level of clarity will involve loosing a day in time and reorienting in a very different space. How lucky and grateful am I. The cosmos is happy I’m coming to float in a sea of supported love. The light in the water, the earth rhythms, the indigenous vibes, lay lines all aligning for a groovy alchemical bloom. Shifting for all in love

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