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For the week of July 29 – August 4, 2019

The summer’s wormhole eclipse passage is officially unraveling and deactivating, delivering us through the lens of gratitude to a brand new beginning, powered by Love. What a ride these past 2 months have been, literally bringing us to our knees, bowing in reverence within the heart.  There’s still more to the picture, as revelations come like waves from the limitless ocean.

As vast as our consciousness is, we’re expanding even more, with every new revelation. This fluid motion of the unconscious waves rising up to the surface as our awakened consciousness dives deep, keeps us moving in an overflowing infinity pattern. The more we awaken, the more we see, the more aware we are of even more revelations. We’re finding our groove in uncertainty, the ebb and flow of divine creation, and the magic that can only be accessed from an open heart full of faith. When the heart leads the way, we enter the realm of universal possibility and limitless potential. That’s the cutting edge, the front line of new terrain, where stars appear seemingly from thin air, and we find ourselves as the pioneers of a new dimension on Earth.

Letting go of everything we think we know, remembering that the certainty of the mind simply holds the reflections where we’ve been and the consciousness of the lens we’ve been living through, up until now.  It’s time to upgrade and recalibrate our lens to match our newly awakened consciousness. This is a whole new chapter, a brand new story. If we even try to think we know what happens next, we’re limiting ourselves. The best seat is the one of innocent neutrality and curiosity. The more we awaken, the more we realize we don’t know. And the space of “not knowing” reveals hidden dimensions and new opportunities. It’s time to surrender the ego’s need to be right, so that we can meet ourselves and each other in a new Light.

Everything is changing, rapidly. How well we let go of past attachments to old identities, forms and structures impacts the rate of motion and ease of fluidity where we find new expressions, forms, and structures already in existence. If it feels like time is moving fast or slow, remember it’s both. When we’re in the flow, it feels like time stands still, and yet our overall rate of motion increases, with ease. Letting go, in order to be moved, danced, and inspired. It’s the way of the feminine.  In heartfelt stillness, there is profound movement.

Surrendering to our true nature, divine power, and awakened mastery, we can allow a new consciousness to animate and embody our skin, from the heart. No longer driven by the stories and conditioned patterns of our past karmic wounds, we’re free to rise up and resurrect as our fully embodied 5D blueprint and spiritual DNA. Honoring our 3D roots as the gateway to embodiment, we celebrate and give thanks to every piece and part of our history that reminded us why it matters to evolve and transcend. Honoring the shadow and the Light, both are equally important in the journey of evolution. The unconscious made conscious, and the conscious embracing what was once hidden, lost, or forgotten. When we meet each and every part of ourselves, and our collective unified story, with a wide open courageous heart, we become whole through Love, purified of our transgressions and unconscious ignorance. Wisdom of the Heart is a passage that completes the story, healing the fragmented pieces and parts while restoring alignment, integrity, and oneness. Such wisdom requires courage to come home to our heart, to fully embody and lead from the lens of unity consciousness, the highest vision from the heart.

When we choose to see the Light in another, and let go of what we think we know or the need to process or analyze based on past imprints or previous insights, we open ourselves up to behold and receive the divine mastery and magic, expressing before us in this new moment. We can meet the divine within humanity, and establish a new framework for relating with each other as pure Light beings, embodied in physical form. Our eyes will see what we’re looking for, through the lens of our current state of consciousness. As we calibrate our lens to Unity and Love, the Divine ONE is revealed before us, in All.

We’re officially in the Lion’s Gate, in the heart of our Leo consciousness, which amplifies our Light to shine like the Sun, and to communicate with each other and the Cosmos through our most divine language of Light Codes. There is no illusion, distortion, or confusion when we stand in the Light, as Light, and radiate our Truth, crystal clear. It’s time to see ourselves and each other clearly, not as we believe each other to be from past human experience, but as the awakened divine expression that we infinitely ARE. The greatest unveiling is awakening to the Truth of who we really are…infinite Light, infinite Love…Amitabha.

The week begins on Monday 7/29 with a Mercury Eris stepping stone (2nd of 3), Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Neptune Juno great eliminator, Mars South Node great eliminator, Sun Uranus stepping stone, Venus Varuna conjunction (new cycle), followed by a Black Moon great eliminator with both Venus and Varuna. Our inner messenger is awakening by shedding the old lenses and filters of interpretation and meaning, and upgrading to the highest lens of universal vision from the heart. The heart holds the new paradigm of limitless potential through Love. When we see the world through the lens of Love, there is infinite possibility, and all is revealed, crystal clear. We each have the opportunity to choose the lens of awakening or the lens of karmic suffering. The heart naturally calibrates to Unity Consciousness, oneness through Love. As we embody this lens, our experience of physicality shifts, transcending the karmic condition, and intimately ascending through spiritual dharma, the evolutionary doorway that restores union with the heart and remembrance of Divine Love.

On Tuesday 7/30, Neptune and Vesta form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, and Mars Neptune great eliminator. Today’s energy is very supportive of nourishing for the enlighten devotion to living in a new paradigm, a limitless belief system birthed through Love. The limitlessness of Love is the key to enlightened physicality. We embody our Light when we practice living as Love. It’s a choice, moment to moment…not a formula or a quick fix. Living as Love is a lifelong journey of enlightenment, with no attachments, agendas, or expectations. This kind of journey reveals the mysteries of the universe, in the most unexpected places.

Wednesday 7/31 is a Mars Vesta stepping stone, Venus MakeMake resource, Venus Salacia manifestation, Pluto Pallas stepping stone, then the New Moon in Leo that officially ends the wormhole passage, and Mercury stations direct just 45 minutes later at 24 Cancer. Today is an epic day of transition, transformation, new beginnings, recalibrating our lens of perception to Love, gratitude, and empowerment, from the heart. Moving forward, it’s a whole new world. This new lens gives us the elevated perspective that restores divine order and allows us to commune clearly with the invisible realm, where every possibility already exists.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, the calibrator of Divine Love through the emotional body and the heart. Leo is a fire sign that shines bright, like the Sun. The Sun belongs in Leo, feels at home, and is comfortable standing on center stage, generating Love for All. The New Moon is a new beginning from this lens of consciousness. The courage to walk with an open heart, to welcome every being, every experience, and every moment with gratitude, humility, and reverence, always in relationship with the divine miracle and blessing of Life. This is the way of the spiritual warrior, the one who gives selflessly by Being Authentic. The most humble act of service is to give freely and fully what no one else could ever offer….the unique spark of divine light that comes through the individual. As we give ourselves permission to shine, to be seen, to take up space, we become the living breathing revelation of Light. Light codes are revealed through our hearts, as we express freely to the world. It’s as if the record keeper of the cosmos inscribed a line of code in each of us, and as we awaken and reveal our script, we compete the bigger picture of the story of the Universe. It matters that we show up, and that seek the light in others, in community. Our light awakens and inspires the whole to come home to Love.

On Thursday 8/1, we transition into the “8” vibration of August along with a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Venus Chiron manifestation, Black Moon Ixion resource, and Sun Albion stepping stone. The number “8” symbolizes power, abundance, and sustainable energy through the infinity pattern of the figure 8. The universal ebb and flow through divine equality and equanimity maintains abundance, in motion, infinitely. No beginning, no end. Above and below, within and without. Love calibrates the still point that unifies yin and yang in the ever flowing communion and creation of Life. What was hidden comes to light through the infinity pattern of momentum. All things return to the light, all things return to Love. All things return to the origin, and then express again with freedom. The Black Moon is revealing the cosmic Light Codes inscribed in our individual beings, as well as the 5D blueprint of our soul’s promise in this lifetime. This vital information is revealed through the heart, where personal mastery manifests. Every heartbeat is a reminder of the current blessing of this life, this incarnation, this opportunity to manifest our promise – as only we can – as our love offering and legacy to All.

Friday 8/2 is a Venus Uranus stepping stone, and a Black Moon Haumea manifestation. The awakened heart can see the big picture and the wholeness of all things. When we get unexpectedly triggered by events and emotions, we lose our ability to see the big picture. Charged emotions and unexpected triggers bring us back to the lens of the personal, which is limited in perspective. Once we awaken through the shock of any unexpected events, we can elevate to the universal lens of wholeness and see all perspectives, all sides, and all available options…and without needing to pick one or the other as right or wrong, we have access to ALL, simultaneously.

On Saturday 8/3, Mars and Juno conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Eris resource and a Mercury Eris stepping stone (3rd of 3). The new cycle of Mars and Juno is a beautiful new beginning in our ability to perceive oneness through our individual skin. Historically we’ve identified with separation consciousness through our physicality, as our skin separates us from each other, and holds the perceived container of me vs you. As we embody our hearts, we connect through our reflection. Seeing ourselves in each other, we unify through the mirror. Today is the final Mercury Eris stepping stone, which manifests as a significant disruption to our old status quo operating system and the old lens of vision. We’ve shattered the old lens completely, and there’s no going back.

And on Sunday 8/4, the Black Moon and Pallas form a manifestation, followed by Mars Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Mars bridge, Black Moon Juno bridge, Black Moon Pluto intimacy, Venus Albion stepping stone, and Pluto Juno great eliminator. Another radical day of physical transformation, simply by choosing the lens of Unity, and allowing our divine truth to emerge in the mirror. We become master shape shifters by accessing the wisdom and permission to choose how we wish to see the world. When we choose to see the world through the consciousness of Love, suddenly everything changes. When we choose to see ourselves in the mirrored reflection of others, and we open our hearts to connect with the divine, the invisible aspect of Light beyond the veils, we see divine Light manifesting and revealing right before our eyes. If we choose to see separation, we can see that too…it’s all up to us, and the lens we’re choosing to look through.

The practice this week is to live and embody the meaning of the word “Namaste”. The light in me acknowledges and sees the light in you. The divine spark in me honors that which is divine and holy in you. As I see you clearly, I see myself, and reclaim my wholeness, as Love. Every piece and part is worthy of Love and worthy of Home. As I greet myself with Love, I am Home, I am Whole, and we are One.

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

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  1. Christine – Epic poetic cosmic inscriber. Grateful for your clarity and just beautiful vision.

    Looking forward to picking up the pieces in a whole new flow. Reconnection and moving on. Sending love. Lisa

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