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For the week of July 22 – 28, 2019

The week ahead offers a massive shift in perspective as we’re coming through the other side of this summer’s wormhole eclipse passage.  We’re traveling through the lens of gratitude, higher perspective, and Love…and that lens changes everything as we gain a greater appreciation for this journey.

The Sun and Venus both move into Leo this week, bringing our conscious awareness and the heart into the sign of Emotional Love, finding the courage to be open hearted, embracing all that we see with the heart of a lion, and in return, offering the generosity of spirit while seeing the blessing in everything. It’s important that we complete this wormhole passage with the highest lens of gratitude, and with an open heart. No matter how uncomfortable, no matter what emotions got triggered, activated, or released during these last 2 months, the higher purpose is awakening as Divine Love. And once we awaken to Divine Love, everything else falls into place, recalibrating and reorienting our entire holistic experience through the lower 4 body system.

We’re almost complete with this eclipse passage, and the upcoming Virgo New Moon a month later on August 30th serves to calibrate all of the pieces and parts into alignment with the new consciousness that’s been awakened. It’s a time of radical shape shifting and transformation, and we can trust that every change, every step is the reflection of divine order. The more we practice allowing, surrendering, and finding the blessing with gratitude, the more graceful our journey of transformation will be.

Nothing is the same, we can’t go back to the way things used to be after experiencing such profound wake up calls, realizations, and moments of enlightenment. The old structures feel like clothes that just don’t fit anymore, and while our current closet may not yet contain the new wardrobe of essentials, we can trust that it will over these next several weeks and months. We’re reconstructing the new, and the new resources may not be physically present yet, but the vision and the energetic potential exists, in technicolor vision.

The best place to be right now is in our hearts, in the seat of gratitude, recognizing that the full story isn’t complete yet, we may not be able to see the full picture, but it’s coming into focus, and the wholeness restores Love. Any missing pieces or parts will soon be fine tuned. In reality, nothing is ever missing, it’s just beyond our current peripheral vision, and will soon emerge, crystal clear. Courage, faith, patience, and strength are required now. The “meaning making” of our mental body can either see the glass half full or half empty in any moment, any scenario. It’s important to choose and commit to seeing the bright side of every situation, as a default setting in the mental body. That doesn’t mean we override our current experience or bypass any current emotions. If there’s a moment of sadness, loss, or grief, we can find the blessing in our capacity to feel our feelings, which is the only way to liberate and transcend them.

Celebration – the art of sacred ceremony – is an excellent practice right now. Finding ways to honor each moment, the dark and the light, with reverence, ceremony, and intentionality. When we bring ceremony into any situation, we elevate the vibration and infuse divine intention as ordinary occurrences become rites of passage. We can elevate and celebrate anything we choose when we place the moment on the altar of our awakened heart, and choose to see the divinity in everything. Celebration yields joy, which expands our hearts and nourishes our physical bodies with sustainable energy, vitality, and Light. After such an intense passage, we could all benefit from a universal breath of Divine Joy to replenish and restore our faith in a higher vision and purpose.

The week begins on Monday 7/22 with a Mercury Sedna resource, Jupiter Juno manifestation, and the Sun moves into Leo. Mercury is still retrograde, moving through the sign of emotional power, and Sedna offers a new lens of cosmic consciousness to interpret and receive the messages of higher communication through all that we witness and observe. It’s time for expansion through unity, and Leo energy is just the flavor of consciousness that attracts and lights up the world. In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the Sun. When the Sun is shining, we feel inspired, alive, and full of energy, joy, and vitality. That kind of energy can fuel a movement of divine Love, literally altering the frequency of energy on our planet in a heartbeat. When we All allow ourselves to shine bright like the Sun, from within our hearts, we amplify, expand, and generate waves of authentic expression, which collectively elevates the creative potential of vital life force energy circulating around and through the planet.

When we meet each moment – the darkness as well as the light – with a courageous open heart, we allow our authentic light to shine, which pours our unique contribution into the collective atmosphere, like a musical instrument playing a note in collective union with the entire orchestra. When we hold back, close off, or shut down our hearts, it’s like placing the Sun in a cold box for storage. The planet needs the Sun, all beings need the vitality, nourishment, and solar energy to function, to breathe, and to move. Regardless of what we’re feeling moment to moment, it’s vital that we learn to keep our hearts open, to continue to allow the authentic light, our divine creative expression, to release. Finding the blessing in all situations requires an open courageous heart, and that kind of heart can fuel, inspire, and motivate the world into Love. Nobody wins when we close off our hearts, especially the self. Everyone wins when we open, expand, and release our authentic offerings through the consciousness of Love.

Tuesday 7/23 is a Saturn Vesta manifestation, Venus Eris stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Ixion great eliminator, Sun Ceres manifestation, and Venus Haumea stepping stone. Our devotion to any current lessons we’re working through yields epic breakthroughs and new possibilities. The key is allowing our hearts to rise up through any discomfort, staying open to the challenge. The current challenge provides the necessary friction that sparks transformation – of the highest order. It’s important to remember the messenger is neutral. The awakening might be uncomfortable as we shake out of the status quo default setting, but the messenger (or the situation that gets our attention) is neutral. In our willingness to forgive the messenger, we remain focused on the new consciousness that’s emerging, seeing the wholeness of the situation with clarity. The wholeness reveals our blueprint, fully in tact.

On Wednesday 7/24, Mars manifests with the Great Attractor, followed by Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Saturn Juno great eliminator, Sun Quaoar great eliminator, and Mercury Venus conjunction. Today is a day for magnetic attraction and mass action in order to remove any obstacles, clean up loose ends, and liberate ourselves from anything that’s been holding us back. We can do more together if we’re clear about what we actually need. Definition and clarity are important when manifesting miracles. It’s important that our motivation is fueled by the the belief in limitless possibilities, versus fear, doubt, or scarcity. The template for conscious creation is mind/heart union, which requires our mind to surrender to the heart. The heart holds the blueprint and the roadmap. If the mind tries to logically figure things out or make a rational plan, we can only repeat the familiar patterns. We can go farther, and discover new realms, when the heart leads.

Thursday 7/25 is a Mars Jupiter manifestation, Sun Varuna conjunction (new cycle), Venus Ixion great eliminator, and Venus Galactic Center new cycle. Another powerful day of manifestation, expansion, and abundance. The Sun Varuna new cycle calibrates a higher vision through the universal lens of Love. When we see through the heart, we instantly release the distractions and illusions, and all that remains it the divine blueprint of the universe…crystal clear. There’s no confusion when we navigate from the seat of the heart. The infinite universe literally reveals itself to us, through us, from within….and there’s nothing outside of us.

On Friday 7/26, Venus and Sedna form a resource, and Mars forms a great eliminator with Saturn. In early June, just after the wormhole passage opened, Venus and Sedna formed an incredibly powerful new cycle as the divine feminine record keeper of cosmic consciousness downloaded into the earth, revealing the mirrored reflection in our hearts. Today’s resource harnesses that new cycle of consciousness, inspiring right action to recalibrate any of our current structures, roles, and definitions that need fine tuning. We have an opportunity to redesign our agreements, promises, and social identities, based on the cosmic consciousness of the heart.

Saturday 7/27 is a Sun MakeMake resource, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus bridge, then Venus enters Leo, and the Sun manifests with Salacia. Our consciousness of gratitude aligns with the higher laws of nature, our true nature, and the universal laws of oneness. As we restore harmony, we receive higher understanding of the big picture, beyond the veils, beyond our personal perspective. Venus in Leo calibrates the heart to courage and the power of gratitude. This kind of energy is contagious, magical, and blissful….creative nourishment for soul to unleash new artistry and mastery.

And Sunday 7/28 is a Juno Vesta stepping stone, Venus Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, and Sun Chiron manifestation. Our commitment and devotion to unity inspires our capacity to choose the high road, in every scenario, birthing new possibilities and releasing the old patterns, old stories, and healing old wounds. It requires a conscious choice to rise up when our old fears and wounds might suggest otherwise. The more we elevate through any challenge, the more we refine our personal mastery to lead from the heart, and unleash new creative potential.

The practice this week is to find joy, gratitude, and blessings in the ordinary moments, and to create sacred ceremony to honor the wholeness of your journey so far. Next week, the wormhole passage comes to completion with the New Moon in Leo. Begin practicing gratitude for the challenge, gratitude for the Light, gratitude for the moments of discomfort, and gratitude for the volume of Love and new consciousness that is awakening now. If there is any aspect of the journey that you’ve held in resistance or judgment, bring the light of your grateful heart to the experience now, and surrender with courage to see the blessing.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


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