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For the week of July 15 – 21, 2019

We’re moving into the heart of this summer’s wormhole eclipse passage. Discomfort fuels our greatest metamorphosis, and the contractions – no matter where they’re coming from – are birthing us into a higher octave of truth, from the heart. Once we embrace the truth, we can never slip back into the old blindspots and karmic loops that hold the current limitations of status quo. The truth sets us free, and as we’re delivered to the truth, our hearts open wide to reveal our inherent divine power and authority, which changes the game completely.  Nothing will ever be the same.

A whole new world is possible, now, in the palm of our hands and in the beat of every heart. Not by rearranging the content or manipulating the pieces for a different landscape or scene…but by shattering the glass snow globe structure that’s held together our current reality, in order to expand into our limitless nature and universal scope of multidimensional vision. The shattering of our old limitations can feel like a crumbling of what we’ve known, or an earthquake disrupting the safe container below our feet. But in the big picture, once the invisible framework of limitations begins to stretch and evaporate, we’re free to redefine ourselves according to our true nature, instead of the current social norms and roles we’ve been identifying with, up until now.

Our life’s story of events and experiences has shaped, inspired, and informed us into the social structure we embody and participate in today. If we could zoom out and soften our attachments to the story, and zoom into our origin point of Light, the blueprint that contains our original agreement and promise to fulfill in this lifetime, we could connect the dots and fine tune the framework that brings our expression into full blown visibility and maximum effectiveness. In proper perspective, the wholeness of our story contains every necessary spark of wisdom, mastery, and potency that we came to express and contribute to the collective story of evolutionary awakening in this moment. Nothing is by accident, nothing by chance…everything mapped out in patterns and formulas, with our individual free will at the helm in every moment. Our free will to interpret the events, make meanings and assumptions from our own inner framework of beliefs, attitudes, and judgments. When we use our free will to elevate in alignment with divine will as our divine nature, and when we consciously choose to align ourselves with the consciousness of Love, our interpretations, assumptions, meanings, and responses become the unconditional expressions of Love. Generating the conscious response of Love, our contribution becomes a new currency set in motion, in circulation throughout the planet.

The ripples of cause and effect on our planet can take a quantum leap when a mass community of conscious creators choose to align with the frequency of Love. Together, we literally generate a mass movement of energy that changes the tide, shifts the directional current to a higher octave, which elevates the status quo in our atmosphere and within the water. We cannot live in human form without breathing air and drinking water. As we transmute the frequency of energy in our air and water (through our mind/heart unification), all beings receive the new consciousness by the laws of nature and oneness. We all share the resources of the environmental elements on the planet. And knowing that Love is the most powerful frequency in our universe, Love becomes the calibrator of our environment, powerful enough to correct the distortion, to purify the pollution, and reboot the mirrored reflection of our reality.

In “Messages in Water”, Dr Emoto showed the scientific studies of the power of our emotions, and the direct impact of a calibrated experience reflected in the molecular structure of water. Lower vibrational emotions like fear, anger, or rage distort the molecular structure, leading to breakdown, disease, and dysfunction. Elevated vibrations of Love, Gratitude, and Forgiveness create crystalline molecular structures, sacred geometry like beautiful snowflakes, unique in expression, resonating with clarity and integrity. Our capacity to purify our own emotional body, to consciously clear any lower vibrational expressions or stagnant residue with the conscious attention of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness, is the key to liberating beyond chronic and karmic primal story lines and expressions, and lifting the veils to experience a higher octave through our physical earthly reality. We can purify our environment and elevate the frequency of the elementals on our planet.

The higher dimensions are free from karmic residue. The lower 4 body system, our individual embodiment in this incarnation, holds our personal and collective connection to karma, and also reveals the portal of truth for releasing karmic debris and attachments. Those karmic loops and patterns play out in the patterns of our thought forms, which generate emotions, which propel us into action – conscious or unconscious. This particular eclipse passage along the Cancer/Capricorn polarity has activated super sensitivity to the emotions that get triggered in uncomfortable circumstances that generate karmic thought forms and reactions, revealing the blindspots where we give our power away, and actually perpetuate lower vibrational scenarios and story lines. If we give our power away in events that trigger emotions of unworthiness, insecurity, disrespect, intolerance, rage, injustice, or scarcity, etc, then those events or relationships will hold power over us to keep us small, to keep us held within the social norms and status quo of our current reality. Only by observing our active emotional triggers and reactions can we elevate in consciousness to collapse the pattern, thereby ending the cycle of suffering and karma. An active trigger is required to collapse the loop. If we give our power away in moments of active emotional triggers, of if we avoid, hide, or shy away from sensitive moments, we won’t be able to witness and observe the wholeness of the cause/effect pattern to complete the cycle. Discomfort is necessary in our evolutionary awakening. We don’t need to revisit the original trauma or the original wound (in many cases, we can’t, as the patterns arise from collective karma, beyond our personal story), but we do need to be able to witness ourselves in action as the patterns get re-triggered in current time. The trigger is the messenger that awakens us to wholeness. Wholeness releases the attachment to suffering and delivers us to Truth.

Our highest observer’s perch, when calibrated to equanimity and unconditional Love, generates the purification to cleanse and clear our emotional body each time a triggered response gets activated. As the observer of ourselves, in action, we each hold the divine power and authority to forgive any misaligned or lower vibrational expressions, and wipe the slate clean through our conscious attention and free will to choose Love. In that moment, we calibrate a new molecular structure of crystalline consciousness, in our personal air and water (the elements of mind/heart union). As we do within, we contribute to the recalibration and purification of air and water elements universally. In a conscious community of practitioners, we generate a movement of purification that altars the environment with Love. In every moment, we have a choice.

The week begins on Monday 7/15 with a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, a Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, Saturn Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Varuna conjunction, and Black Moon Uranus resource. As more and more is revealed, we always have a choice of how to respond. Anytime we consciously choose Love, we support in the restoration of divine law and order. Anytime we choose fear, doubt, or insecurity, we contribute to environmental chaos. The heart is always calibrated to Love, and as long as our hearts and minds remain open, we have access to universal vision through the lens of Love. Any unexpected revelations viewed through the universal lens of Love serve as awakenings of the highest order, elevating us to higher ground.

On Tuesday 7/16, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Venus Jupiter great eliminator, and the Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon at 25 Capricorn, followed by a Sun Eris stepping stone. The mental body ruler is still retrograde, which means we’re able to review and reflect while calibrating to the new paradigm of limitless possibilities, noticing where the old attachments and limitations exist in our thinking, and noticing the opportunities to expand with Love.
The Full Moon in Capricorn, disposed by Saturn AND also conjunct Saturn, Pluto, and the Karmic Node (Earth Star Chakra) is a powerful reboot to our current relationship with power and authority, transmuting the pre-existing attachments and structures built upon limiting beliefs that we’ve ever been powerless to our environment or powerless in certain relationships or scenarios. The truth is, the only power struggle we’ve ever faced is the one within our own selves. The struggle of the ego’s will vs divine will, the struggle that separated us from our divine authentic nature and our higher purpose and guiding Light. Our capacity to hold emotional power, to come home to our true nature, to love and nurture ourselves well, is the key to empowerment and self discipline to rise up and take a stand, to claim our worth, our presence, and our identity. When we are empowered, we are free. When we feel small, helpless, disempowered, or unworthy, we give our power away to that which we feel is bigger than us. It’s important that we remember our Divine I AM Presence, and that nothing in this universe is more powerful than LOVE. This belief holds the integrity of our vertical spine, our core alignment with Truth. This is the key to our greatest reconstruction, the reconfiguration of our purpose, and the redefining moment in the foundation of our personal agreements, commitments, structures, and boundaries. This is a moment of truth, and a defining moment that can altar the entire framework of our reality, restoring power and authority in the awakened heart.

Wednesday 7/17 is a Black Moon Orcus bridge, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Venus Saturn bridge, Vesta Great Attractor great eliminator, Sun Haumea stepping stone, Ceres stations direct at 0 Sagittarius, then a Venus Pallas stepping stone, Venus conjuncts the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) for a new cycle, and Ixion conjuncts the Galactic Center. There’s a lot happening today, most importantly the exact bridge with Venus and Saturn, resonating powerfully the essence of yesterday’s eclipse/ Full Moon. In 5D, a bridge unifies that would otherwise feel separate or in conflict, especially in 3D. In 3D, the heart is opposed, even victimized, by power and authority. In 5D, they are One. This is the most fundamental paradigm shift of the New Earth. Ceres stationing at 0 Sagittarius delivers us to the truth, and the greatest victory that comes from slicing though the illusions and karma, in order to start a new game, on New Ground. Venus starts a new cycle in conjunction with the Soul Star Chakra, our dharmic doorway of our evolution, and the remembrance of our higher blueprint, the “why” of our incarnation.

On Thursday 7/18, Pallas intersects the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), followed by a Mercury Ceres manifestation, and a Venus Neptune manifestation. Divine wisdom holds the balance of neutrality, allowing us to see that every path, every step, is necessary in our journey of wholeness. The tension rod of karma/dharma is necessary in our soul’s evolution, and as we manifest new ways of thinking, we also manifest higher dimensions of enlightenment, from the heart. An enlightened heart comes from the journey of wholeness, not from an either/or context of karma vs dharma. The tension of our whole experience, the contrast of where we’ve been that inspires our desire for growth, is what continuously clears the lens of the heart, burning away more and more layers of residue with each still point of integrated wisdom.

Friday 7/19, Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Ixion, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center. The Messenger is moving into the sign of emotional power, allowing us to observe our most sensitive emotions and core issues for the purpose of empowerment. We continually have a choice to align with our higher purpose and Love, or collapse in fear or doubt. The more we choose Love, the more empowered and super charged we become.

On Saturday 7/20, Jupiter and Vesta form a great eliminator, Juno manifests with the Great Attractor, the Sun manifests with Sedna, and Eris stations retrograde. The fire of devotion for expansion and abundance inspires us to continually choose Love and stretch beyond our past fears or limitations. Expansion creates unity, and a commitment to unity makes us more and more energetically magnetic and dynamic. When we come from a context of All vs me, our energy expands exponentially, and we remember our cosmic greatness, beyond this lifetime. As Eris stations retrograde, we may feel the inner rumblings of the need to let go of any outdated beliefs or attachments that have kept us from realizing our greatest potential. These contractions serve as release valves as we awaken from the inside out, and shed the confines of our old skin in order to be free in our unlimited expression of universal Oneness.

And Sunday 7/21 delivers a Venus Pluto bridge, Sun Mercury conjunction, and Neptune Pallas great eliminator. The Venus Pluto bridge is the completion of the Full Moon/ Eclipse, the final death/rebirth moment of alchemy. Remembering the journey of the caterpillar to realize a new expression of the butterfly, there is moment of truth where there is nothing but confusion, unrecognizable potential, structureless and formless goo. That moment of unrecognizable goo is the divine moment of pure potential and enlightenment….the moment of awareness that anything is possible, and nothing is bound, stuck, or limited. When all options are available, and nothing has been defined or written in stone, we remember our true infinite universal potential as Everything. To live with this remembrance, every day, always, is to live with the divine power and authority of the heart. The power to shape shift, the power to transform, the power to die and then be reborn into a brand new expression of the divine nature of Love….to live between the veils, unattached to definitions and structures, free to ebb and flow…this is freedom…and this is the nature of Love.

The practice this week is to breathe, and find your heartbeat in the souls of your feet. No matter what is occurring, no matter what emotions get triggered (remember it’s a gift to be triggered emotionally this week), find your breath, find your feet, and find your heartbeat. Stay grounded in your heart. Stay in your body. And stay in Love.

“Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.”
― Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul


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  1. Thank you Christine. Your posts are a lifeline to me. A moment of clarity and confirmation that all is well in the midst of great discomfort. I’m grateful for your work and service to the one. In love, reverence and gratitude, Jana.

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