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For the week of July 8 – 15, 2019

We’re at the midpoint of this summer’s eclipse wormhole passage, Mercury is officially retrograde, and the earth is literally shifting below our feet. We’re experiencing the powerful mind/body relationship, not only that our thoughts generate our results, but that right alignment with the heart elevates us to higher ground in the blink of an eye, and literally produces new cellular structures and manifests new possibilities.

As we shift our way of thinking, new thought forms arise from the heart, motivating new actions, and promoting new results. Any shift in thinking produces profound realignments within our operating system and cellular structure, and every relationship recalibrates and adjusts accordingly. The whole is affected by each of its parts, and the collective consciousness of the planet expands, elevates, and adjusts anytime anyone awakens or chooses Love.

Last week’s Venus Quaoar Light Bridge aligned the emotional power of the heart with the divine power of the new paradigm, and literal earthquakes resulted from that quantum adjustment. We’re delivered to higher ground any time we elevate through the consciousness of the awakened heart. The old forms and structures begin to shift, exhaling the energy that’s been held in place for as long as those patterns have been in tact.

The heart holds the blueprint for our soul’s authenticity and our true nature. As we allow our thoughts to arise from that consciousness, those new thought forms manifest new results, previously unavailable. If we insist on moving forward based on the past, what we think we know from the mind’s perspective only, we perpetuate the same landscape. New experiences arise, but operating by the same historic patterns, generate the same end game results. History repeats itself, until there’s a quantum shift, a gear shift in our internal operating system, from ego mind to awakened heart.

When we use our free will to embody and animate the heart as our divine source of power and authority, we open unconditionally to new unprecedented landscapes and manifestations, beyond our wildest dreams, and beyond what the mind can comprehend. Heaven manifesting on Earth, in a way that shatters the current status quo and social norms of our current condition. The heart holds the remembrance of Union as Love….beyond any veils of separation, beyond any fears, doubts, or insecurities. An empowered heart awakens through Love, and becomes the calibration of holistic oneness, that then calibrates universally with All beings in a symphony of magic.

The gear shift from mental body thinking to heart centered leadership allows movement and alignment with ease, almost without even the need to speak. Matching frequencies unify, and unresolved frequencies fall away, releasing the karmic ties of magnetic gravity and patterned repetition. Liberation and freedom come from the heart, not the mind. The purpose of the mind is to refine as the ultimate meditative observer, fully present, still, focused, and fine tuned as a receiver, through multifaceted multidimensional channels of input and output, through the universal lens of Love. That kind of refined attention, harnessed through the awakened heart, reveals the entire universe, in cosmic wholeness and cosmic consciousness.

Any time we’re triggered by an emotional charge, we lose our seat of neutrality through the universal lens of Love, and become engaged in a personal “local story”. From our local consciousness, we can’t observer wholeness from a cosmic lens, we can only witness through the personal filters of our current limitations and emotional experience. As we honor and allow that experience to resolve, to come to completion, we purify our filters, returning to the clearest mirrored reflection, which moves us into right action vs reaction. Emotional wisdom, maturity, and refinement motivates conscious response, actions that elevate and manifest new ground. If we don’t honor our personal emotionally charged experiences, we may continue cycling through knee jerk reactions that manifest history repeating itself…either by unconscious reactions, or conscious detaching and avoiding. We can become very adept at spiritual bypassing, pretending to rise above emotional situations while disconnecting, avoiding, and ignoring what’s being triggered deep below the surface. It doesn’t do anyone any favors by mentally thinking our way to the high road, if our bodies are housing the suppressed emotional activity that becomes stuffed and locked within our cells and organs.

If we’re triggered or charged by anything, it’s important to honor the experience, and take ownership for our trigger, so that we can infuse the light of our awakened consciousness into the experience, and transmute the emotional response with Love, thereby resolving the patten by witnessing it, instead of resisting, refusing, or turning away. Our spiritual work is to tend to our lower 4 body system, and be the caretaker of the unconscious reactions that get triggered moment to moment. Those triggers are gold mines of possibilities waiting to be harvested and transmuted into Love. If we think the spiritual path is void of shadows, if we think we “should” arrive at a place of never being angry, hurt, or upset, we’re judging our own human experience as less than our divine nature of Love. Love responds, unconditionally, no matter what. Disconnect, avoidance, and resistance blocks the divine consciousness of Love from reaching the very core wounds that prompted the emotional reaction to begin with.

Holding space for ourselves as these Cancer/Capricorn eclipses clean us out, stretching out the old filters, attachments, and status quo limitations of our historic patterning and programming, allows us to fully liberate and reboot, shifting the channel to “Present, from the Heart”. New beginnings and the New Earth manifest from the new thought forms that arise from the awakened heart. This is the shift that changes the landscape and altars our frequency, inspiriting new actions, new behaviors, and new choices, that up until now weren’t available in our mental body operating system. It’s a whole new world.

The week begins on Monday 7/8 with a Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Venus Chiron stepping stone, Venus Uranus resource, Sun Jupiter great eliminator, Mercury Mars conjunction (2nd of 3), then Chiron stations retrograde and the Black Moon turns direct. The heart is awakening, and our greatest personal mastery lies within the self realization of our divine spark of individuality. Each heart is an instrument, a unique expression of the Origin of Light we all come from. We can use our free will to override that God Spark, or we can use our free will to align with, to polish, and to embody the wholeness of our beauty, the pureness of our Light. Great musicians master their instrument, and embody their artistry. Dancers practice alignment, grace, and artistry in their movements, expressions, and mannerisms, as their bodies intimately reveal oneness with the music. Our hearts produce the sound and frequency that inspires action and movement, the same way music moves the dancer and the instrument responds to divine breathe.  Our hearts are the reflection and the mirrored expressions of our divine creator, the god within each of us. As we tune in and listen, and clear out the competing distractions, we not only practice mastery, we also realize the divinity of our physicality and presence. Cellular structures broadcast the frequency of our consciousness, and when that consciousness is attuned to Divine Love, our cells become holy messengers.

Tuesday 7/9 is a Mars Salacia manifestation, Sun Saturn bridge, Sun North Node (Soul Star) conjunction (new cycle), Haumea stations direct, and Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Vesta. The Sun Saturn bridge, conjunct the Soul Star and Earth Star chakras, calibrates divine power and authority from the Heart to transcend our past karmic attachments and liberate to a new possibility. Our light is just as powerful as our shadow, and our karma can inform and inspire our evolution by providing powerful feedback to pay attention to. It’s not an either/or conversation of judgment or right/wrong analysis. The past isn’t wrong, but if we’re blind to our choices and results, we’ll repeat them again and again. New choices arise from new ways of thinking, and the new thoughts coming from the heart are the keys to our greatest evolution. Forgiveness of our past chronic blind spots can generate generous volumes of wisdom, freeing up the currency for new circulation of vitality, the fuel for purpose and devotion.

On Wednesday 7/10, Juno and Albion form a stepping stone, and the Sun manifests with Neptune. Anytime we elevate to a higher perspective, we’re unifying with the invisible potential that exists beyond the current grooves and patterns. Our Light shines bright to clear up any confusion, cloudiness, or distortions, and the lighter we shine, the more enlightened we become. Illuminating the darkness with our awakened Light, we shine deeper and deeper into the crevices in order to excavate, enlighten, and unify with all that exists.

Thursday 7/11 is a Venus Albion resource, Mars Chiron manifestation, Venus Orcus resource, Mercury MakeMake resource, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Mars Uranus stepping stone, Jupiter Pallas resource, and Varuna Quaoar great eliminator. This is a huge day for personal refinement through practice. Life facilitates our greatest transformation, and if we’re willing to walk our talk and practice living our divinity, we can be delivered through a massive unveiling of new perspectives, wisdom, and cosmic insight. When our minds are blown by the reflections that come from personal experience, or when our true nature calibrates our vision to a new perspective that we hadn’t considered before, we evolve and expand by leaps and bounds, and we can never go back to the way we used to see the world. The universe opens through us, revealing the infinite landscape of new possibilities that have always existed. Once we awaken and see something new, we can never go back to sleep, and we can’t pretend not to see what’s right in front of us.

On Friday 7/12, there are no major aspects. Today is a major integration day to reflect and digest the spontaneous awakenings from yesterday. It might take a minute to fully absorb and reorient to all that’s just occurred.

Saturday 7/13 is the final activation of the Eris Haumea Light Bridge. Moving forward, the 5D Light Bridge of Ascension begins to deactivate, although it’s forever imprinted in our consciousness. Eris is the female awakener, through disruption, chaos, and discomfort, that delivers us through the contractions and friction of shedding skin or erupting and exploding whatever we’ve been holding onto. That ultimate freedom from discomfort, or freedom through the temporary chaos, awakens higher consciousness that couldn’t be realized otherwise. Discomfort is a great motivator for change, and change facilitates new ways of thinking, new ways of responding. Our ascension requires discomfort, the willingness to honor the shadows and the discord as much as we honor the blissful light of pure spirit. Through our willingness to dive deep, and our capacity to shed our skin and relinquish our earthly attachments to suffering, we awakened to the wholeness of our being, and the full spectrum of our multidimensional existence. Everything contains and reveals the whole, which means even our darkest hours contain and reveal our most awakened Light. We never lose ourselves, even though we might temporarily fragment or disconnect. Our wholeness is expressed in the wholeness of the cosmos, as we are the embodied reflection of All, and All beings are unified expressions of Oneness. From this moment forward, the Light Bridge of Awakening is forever etched in our consciousness, whether we know it or not.

And Sunday 7/14 is a Venus Vesta resource and Sun Pluto bridge. The heart is nourished by the fire of devotion as we experience the full cycle of of death, rebirth, transformation, and alchemy by Love. Our experiences are fluid, and the veils of separation that create the perception of loss, separation, endings, and deaths actually fuel the heart to start again, with passion and purpose, to find meaning, to fuel the desire and devotion to a Love that never dies, that lives on forever and always. That kind of Love is free to move, change, and transform without condition, returning and refueling again and again, each time with a new expression, new beauty, new beginning.

The practice this week is to allow the moment to dance you, from the heart. When you find yourself trying to plan, predict, or outline what you need things to look like, or what you need life to deliver, take a deep breath, pause, and let go. And in the next big inhale, stretch your heart wide open, inviting in the breath of Life, the breath of Love, and with your exhale, allow the music of your own heart to release, express, and let go of any fears, worries, or doubts as you move into action. Wait for the inspiration rather than trying to make up the moves before the music even starts. Let life surprise you, let the moment reveal something you’ve never considered. See something you’ve never considered, let yourself be moved, inspired, and danced by the enlightenment of your true nature in full bodied expression.

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune.”
― Deepak Chopra


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