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For the week of July 1-7, 2019

Get ready for an incredible week of unexpected twists and turns, revelations, and gear shifts as we enter the “7” vibration of July, heading towards the 1st of 2 eclipses, and Mercury’s retrograde station. There’s a lot going on, and nothing is what it appears on the surface. As always, the best way to navigate is from the awakened heart.

The wormhole eclipse passage this summer occurs along the Capricorn/Cancer polarity, which is the vertical axis of consciousness that holds the mother/father alignment of divine power and authority that arises from the heart. With the South Node (Earth Star) in Capricorn, we’re eclipsing the unconscious or misaligned ways we’ve collectively used our free will to build structures and systems that override our true nature, or the laws of nature and Love on this planet. The North Node (Soul Star) in Cancer activates emotional power, from the heart, in the way we respond from the divine power and authority of Love.

Individually, we each have an opportunity to “re-parent” ourselves and upgrade our internal default messaging/ communications system so that we elevate beyond the karmic tendencies from any deep rooted patterns from our social conditioning, in order to transmute and transfigure any misaligned interpretations and reactions in our day to day navigation. In other words, if our inner critic (or the inner voice that drives our inner messaging system) is calibrated to an unconscious voice of ego authority, we have an opportunity to interrupt that dialogue and change the channel to a higher frequency of conscious communication. Typically, that inner critic in the voice we inherited from our childhood, from some source of external authority. If we continue to speak to ourselves from the old dialogue, we continue the repetitive cycle of the mind/body feedback loop. Regardless of the conscious action we take, if we’re still governed by an outdated voice of authority, we can never fully be free to experience our authentic nature as a conduit of Divine Love.

Mercury, the Messenger and the ruler of our inner communications/ operating system, is the dispositor of this entire eclipse/wormhole passage. Sitting at 29 Gemini at the precise activation of the wormhole (the master degree of mental body wisdom), Mercury is serving as the Master of Ceremony and the Awakened Master of Communications during this entire journey. And, our inner MC stations retrograde this week. Remember, when a planet turns retrograde, we have an opportunity to unplug from our status quo, interrupt the normal programming, in order to recalibrate with Source for divine upgrades and revelations. New downloads are available from the Messenger, if we’re willing to reflect and fine tune these internal voices and communication systems for our individual growth and evolution. The stories that are playing out socially serve as messengers to our inner operating system as we bring ourselves into alignment with our core values, interpretations, and responses. Simultaneously, we’re in the midst of a 3 part Mercury/Mars triple conjunction that is rebooting our understanding and wisdom of the mind/body relationship.

If we take action based on what we’re seeing “out there”, it’s important to review and reflect upon what motivated that action. Now is the time to make sure our words and actions are congruent, inside and out, as we walk our talk. If we want to know what our core values really are, we must be willing to look at our inner motivation for action, and the inner motivation for results….and the mechanism that metabolizes our thoughts into actions. If our actions are motivated by fear, judgment, co-dependent beliefs, or misqualified interpretations, our internal operating system could use an attunement or calibration. If we find ourselves in action based on the divine movement of the heart, without any attachments, judgments, or expectations, we are witnessing ourselves living as the divine conduit of Love in Action.

Right Action arises from the heart, not forced or manipulated by the mind. We can force ourselves into action to “do the right thing” even if our heart isn’t in it. And this can certainly generate good in the world. However, when the heart is in divine resonance with the frequency of Love, the heart inspires the action, and that divine resonance literally creates music from the heart. That music sends ripples of Love through the ethers, and inspires and unlocks other dimensional communications through our collective atmosphere. Living out of alignment, or denying the divine resonance from the heart, can lead to depletion, spiritual burnout, and exhaustion. This eclipse passage reminds us that the heart holds the seat of divine power and authority. If the voice of the awakened heart isn’t embraced, honored, and respected, then our ego minds are running the show, and eventually, we will feel inner conflict, fragmentation, or physical disease. That’s the karmic condition of Gemini, the fractured split between mind and heart. The New Moon in Cancer nourishes the union of mind/heart, restoring and replenishing “home” within the heart as a mirrored reflection of our union with God.

The week begins on Monday 7/1 with a Black Moon Pluto intimacy aspect, Venus Galactic Center bridge, Sun Albion resource, Sun Orcus resource, Venus Ixion Light bridge, and Mars enters Leo. The many subtle intimacy aspects from the Black Moon are important this week, peeling back layers and revealing those deeper communication threads that we don’t typically pay attention to. Today is the beginning of “7” vibration month, which brings us into the realm of the esoteric, the spiritual, and the hidden meanings behind everything, for those who are willing to look below the surface. The deeper spiritual meanings aren’t obvious on the surface, until we learn to read through universal consciousness of Love through symbols. The universe reveals itself through patterns, and the heart is the decoder ring, the universal lens of interpretation through Love. The Light Bridge with Venus and Ixion illuminates the blueprint within the heart like a multifaceted neon sign etched in diamond, however we must be looking within to read it, not searching “out there”. If we take things at face value, and interpret through the lens of our current social conditioning, we’ll miss the opportunities to awaken and transform through every breath. Mars in Leo brings our motivation for action into the sign of Emotional Love. When we navigate the daily events with a courageous open heart, as the unconditional response of Love, we take action and take ground in powerful ways. When Love is the mechanism that motivates our actions, we become forces of nature in service to humanity, as the manifestation of Divine Light. The same way the sun shines unconditionally, generating Light every day without fail, we hold that same potential when our actions are informed and inspired by the consciousness of Love.

Tuesday 7/2 is the New Moon in Cancer conjunct Sirius and total solar eclipse, followed by a Black Moon Neptune intimacy aspect, and Vesta Albion new cycle. In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the sign of the Mother…Mother Earth. The source of sustainable vitality and nourishment for all of life on this planet, the heart of the mother lives within the heart of our planet, and connects with each of us through energetic umbilical cords, heart to heart. All beings are connected in Love through our physical existence on this planet; no exception. We collectively inherit the story of the planet through our universal root system, through our Earth Star Chakra, and therefore it is our personal responsibility to tend to our roots, to nourish, heal, awaken, and forgive and karmic or unconscious patterns that currently exist within those roots. Similarly, we each inherit the karmic roots of our ancestral lineage through our biological mother and father, and it’s our personal responsibility – for our own healing and wholeness – to tend to those roots with the consciousness of Love, compassion, and forgiveness. By human nature, we inherit the karmic stories of those who have been here before us, the precursor of our individual evolution. Evolution requires a previous consciousness to transcend beyond, and if we judge our inherited stories and root system, collective or personal, we miss the opportunity to embrace the wholeness of the universe. Cancer energy will reveal our core issues, our family stories…both nourishing and traumatic, the good and the bad. In 5D, there’s no judgment, every experience is an opportunity to evolve through Love. Waking up to the unconscious patterns that have held limitations, we gain freedom to change the story, permission to own our divine power to re-write the script and choose something new. As we own our divine power and authority, in alignment with our heart, we realize that we are powerful beyond measure, and we each are empowered to remember who we are, and be the source of Love in our lives and on the planet. The only one who can ever stop us is the voice of the inner critic inside our own heads. When we believe in our divine power and trust the power that lives within our hearts, we can move mountains. The kind of strength that a mother finds to lift a car off her baby, or the fierce determination of a mother to do what needs to be done to feed her children…as we harness that powerful strength, that force of nature to fuel and sustain life from the heart, we begin to truly unleash the divine nature that lives within us.

On Wednesday 7/3, Chiron manifests with Juno, followed by a Uranus Juno stepping stone, Vesta Orcus manifestation, then Venus enters Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Saturn intimacy, Black Moon South Node intimacy, Black Moon North Node great eliminator, and Mercury MakeMake resource. Self mastery through self realization manifests a high voltage of excellence collectively through unity consciousness. As we awaken to the uniqueness we each bring to life, we elevate the overall contribution and collective reflection of oneness. As Venus enters Cancer, our hearts come home for nourishment, empowerment, and recognition that reminds us of who we truly are. When the heart comes home, all is well. Cancer energy can tend to heighten our emotional sensitivities, however each soft spot is the opportunity to receive Love that empowers us back to Divine Truth. When we can come home and be unconditionally accepted and loved in each moment, while also being reminded of our divine true nature and the power of our spirit, there’s freedom and permission to grow.

Thursday 7/4, Saturn conjuncts the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), Pallas forms a resource with the Great Attractor, followed by Black Moon Jupiter resource, Venus Ceres great eliminator, Mars Varuna conjunction (new cycle), and Albion Orcus manifestation. Today is Independence Day in the US, and as Saturn conjuncts the Karmic Node in Capricorn, we truly have an opportunity to reconstruct our relationship with power and authority, so that we each truly embody the freedom to live in accordance with Divine Power of Love. Freedom requires forgiveness, and forgiveness is a form of Love. A forgiving heart births new actions that inspire and create new structures moving forward, with the determination, strength, and force of nature that can alter the landscape and chart a new course. Not by force, but as Love…the most powerful universal force of nature. Today is a day to take action from the lens of universal vision, from the heart.

On Friday 7/5, Mars forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Venus Quaoar Light Bridge, Salacia stations retrograde, and the Black Moon manifests with Pallas. This is a high frequency day of 5D activations, putting our newly expanded paradigm into action. When we believe that anything is possible, we can start taking action in new ways that weren’t previously available to us. New actions produce new unprecedented results. The Venus Quaoar Light Bridge is a direct link to the infinite realm of expansion through new ways of thinking, from the heart. There’s a whole new world coming online, prompted by the gear shift from mental body thinking to heart centered thinking. The mind can only plan for what it’s seen before. The heart can deliver us to new realms of possibilities, never before imagined. Divine feminine wisdom is the current that brings those new realms of possibility into our scope of vision. We’re opening the floodgates to a highly attuned visionary channel to see where we’ve never been before.

Saturday 7/6 is a Sun Black Moon great eliminator, Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, and Venus MakeMake stepping stone. This is a day to take the high road, no matter what. Taking right action from the heart, choosing love vs fear, walking our talk, being impeccable with our intentions to BE the generator of Love, no matter what. Love is the answer, always. The consciousness of Love is more powerful than any other frequency of energy in this universe. As we rise up as Love, we make a huge octave jump to participate in the orchestration of divine law of Oneness and Love.

And on Sunday 7/7, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Pallas, followed by a Venus Salacia stepping stone, then Mercury stations retrograde at 4 Leo 27’, followed by a Mercury Salacia manifestation, and Mars MakeMake resource. Today’s Mercury station is the highlight of the week and the Wormhole passage. This is the moment the Messenger changes channels to tune in directly to Source, and the incoming downloads will be coming fast and furious. It’s not important to understand what’s coming online right now, in fact we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around this. Similar to a computer receiving new updates to the operating system, that computer may be offline for several minutes while integrating and assimilating the new codes. Mercury rules our inner communications, which is where we make meaning of the events around us. Our internal compass may feel a bit wobbly for a while as we move through this retrograde passage, but once Mercury stations direct on July 31st, the wormhole will be complete and we’ll begin making sense of the newness that’s available. Until then, it’s best not to jump to conclusions or make any assumptions about what we “think” we’re seeing. Remember, in a “7” month, nothing is what it appears on the surface. Remain centered in the heart, and feel into the empty space with intuition to see what can’t be seen physically. There’s a lot manifesting behind the scenes, and we’ll have full scope of vision from within as we feel our way through.

The practice this week is to meditate daily. This can be as simple as taking 10-20 minutes to sit in a sacred space, close your eyes, and find your breath. Feel your physical sensations from head to toe, and bring your undivided attention inward. Taking time each day to tune in, to scan your current physical sensations, to tend to whatever needs your attention, to “Mother yourself” well this week. No agenda, no expectations…practice loving yourself as you are, unconditional acceptance, as you remember the divine truth of who you are. Every sit is an investment that nurtures your divine power from the heart. Imagine your 10 minute practice is fuel for your mind, heart, body and soul. An opportunity to reboot, to come home to your undivided attention, and to re-emerge fully empowered, awake, and refreshed.

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
― Mother Teresa


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