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For the week of June 24 – 30, 2019

The wormhole eclipse passage intensifies this week as more and more revelations come to the surface for awakening and clearing. We’re heading towards our first eclipse next week on 7/2, and this week is unearthing the blindspots and delivering our full blown awakened consciousness, so we can transmute any limitations with Love.

There’s nothing to fix, nothing to force or make happen, however the realization of so much unveiled information may influence, inspire, or motivate necessary action. Right action comes from the clarity of an awakened heart, not from unconscious emotional knee jerk reactions that come from the ego’s survival mechanisms. This is an important distinction when the desire to move kicks in. Taking a moment to acknowledge and discern the voice of inner communication that’s motivating our movement is essential as we’re navigating so much fluid change and transition.

Remember, Mercury is now in his retrograde shadow, which means every communication that comes up right now will be reviewed and revisited, like scanning through with a fine tooth comb, for accuracy, refinement, and clarity. We’re making sure the ego’s “fight or flight” consciousness isn’t the voice in the driver’s seat of our actions, especially when it matters most. If we’ve had a historic tendency to wall ourselves up or walk away when something unexpected hurts our heart, it’s important to remain open now, to continue to see what we can’t see once we disconnect and move away.

Universal vision, the ability to see all things from a universal seat of Unconditional Love requires non-local consciousness.  If we’re triggered in a personal story that reveals a personal hurt or wound, we lose our footing to remain open, in relationship with the wholeness of what’s occurring. This is an opportunity to practice navigating from the heart, as the heart gets triggered into expansion, not restriction or closure. The Sun is in Cancer now, which can bring to light some sensitive core issues, and with so much Black Moon activity, there are unexpected revelations that may impact our personal agenda of what matters most. The more sensitively we react, the more important it is to pause, find our breath, and pay attention.

It’s easy to go along with the status quo when things aren’t impacting us personally, at the heart level. When something unexpected strikes near and dear to the heart, we usually find ourselves reacting or responding in a way that isn’t our typical operating procedure. We can become overly emotional, unreasonably reactive, and we may find ourselves operating in a way that’s out of touch with reality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…however, it requires our full undivided attention to make sure the next action isn’t coming from a fear based ego.

Urgent action that arises from the heart, with powerful clarity and intention, can move mountains in a nanosecond. However, blind spot triggers can also fling us into unconscious reactionary spirals that can move us into isolation or anger in a nanosecond. The triggers are the messengers, and those messengers are indicators to elevate up into the observer’s perch and see the big picture, watching ourselves in action. With the Cancer consciousness of emotional power, we have the opportunity to heal, align, and “re-parent” our unhealthy ego reactions as the arise, allowing our hearts to expand through the challenges, practicing tough love through the turbulence.

This wormhole passage will absolutely drive us into action, in unprecedented ways. More than ever before, we must be the good stewards of our own hearts, minds, thoughts and actions, to keep an eye on the inner channel of communication that’s informing and inspiring our actions. We’re re-orienting ourselves in the process, coming online with the crystal clear communications from the heart, and simultaneously releasing any attachments to the assumed interpretations, limitations, and historic beliefs of the fear based mental body that has kept us safe and small.

Evolution and transformation requires us to confront the edges and boundaries of our current default settings…which will automatically evoke fear based sensations initially. Traveling into uncharted territory will elicit a need to pay attention, and that’s important, it’s necessary. However, we can trust the mastery of our awakened consciousness, and the clarity of truth that lives within our awakened hearts. Our new navigation system has been refining itself for a very long time, and we can trust our hearts to lead. In fact, we must. The mind can’t even begin to comprehend where we’re going next in our evolution, or the necessary transitions along the way. The mind will only bring us back to the patterns of safety that have worked in the past to keep us small. Those knee jerk patterns must be eclipsed in order to liberate our inner operating system and expand into the realm of infinite potential. The more sensitive we become in the process, the better…our sensitivity is a channel of high frequency communications. It may take a minute to reorient to the higher frequencies, but eventually, we’ll find our new footing.

The week begins on Monday 6/24 with a Mercury Sedna resource, Mercury Ixion great eliminator, Venus Neptune stepping stone, Juno Varuna conjunction (new cycle), and Ixion Sedna great eliminator. Sedna reveals the records and the clearest reflection of divine truth from a cosmic perspective, and our inner messenger and interpreter can greatly benefit from this resource early this week. An elevated perspective from our inner operating system allows us to remove any blindspots or inaccurate assumptions that simply aren’t in resonance with our higher blueprint and purpose. As we clear the lens of higher vision, our hearts guide us to enlightened action, through oneness and wholeness.

On Tuesday 6/25, Ceres and Juno form a manifestation, followed by a Sun MakeMake stepping stone, Juno Quaoar great eliminator, and Black Moon Vesta resource. We are birthing unity consciousness through our world view, which brings us into alignment with the universal law of One Love. We are all Love…in action, expressing as Love in our own unique ways. Every event we witness is a prompt or a request for more and more Love to flow through our individual instruments, into the collective orchestration. We have the power, and the free will, to unleash our creative potential for Love, through the portal of the awakened heart. When we surrender ourselves to the greater orchestration, we can play our hearts out and live freely in the frequency of Love that flows through us.

Wednesday 6/26, the Black Moon is resourceful with Uranus, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Salacia, and Mercury moves into Leo. Unexpected events that interrupt our “normal” schedule or routine are blessings in disguise, delivering opportunities to wake up and pay attention to something we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. The unexpected event is the messenger that redirects our attention to higher consciousness. We must step beyond the personal story of the inconvenience in order to access the gift and the blessing of higher consciousness. As Mercury shifts to Leo, it’s important to find gratitude in the messenger, and look for the blessing in all communication. Remember, information is neutral, the meaning we make is up to us. How we interpret events, the meanings we make from our current reality, sends internal messages and frequency downloads through our cells that affect our health and wellbeing. It’s in our best interest to find the blessing and elevate our perspective…so that we can be in relationship with all that is shifting and occurring around us. When we resist what we’re hearing or seeing, the ego’s tendency is to shut down, disconnect, or defend. If we can open to the blessings, we can open to the situation, which opens the release valve of Love into the situation, which manifests infinite potential to shift the story.

On Thursday 6/27, Venus forms a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Mars Galactic Center great eliminator, Sun Uranus resource, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, Sun Chiron stepping stone, Mars Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar subtle intimacy aspect, and Ceres Varuna manifestation. The wise heart knows the path of transformation requires a letting go in order to experience rebirth and resurrection. The willingness to let go in order to find alignment with divine truth and Source, is crucial. Our sensitivities today allow us to awaken our personal mastery, taking action outside of our normal parameters or status quo, and witnessing ourselves in action, as the embodiment of our 5D blueprint. When we’re not thinking about it, when we least expect it, we’ll find ourselves coming online in all our mastery. Every sensitive vulnerability we’ve spent a lifetime navigating suddenly reveals the polished mastery of our disciplined efforts, in a way we never could’ve planned for in our minds. Life facilitates our rebirth, by delivering us through the very mastery we’ve cultivated from the challenges, endings, and losses along the way.

Friday 6/28, Mars and Sedna find resource, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Varuna, followed by a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Venus Eris resource and Juno MakeMake resource. The body is a record keeper, holding the stored memories of every event we’ve experienced, revealing the lens of consciousness we’re currently living through. As our bodies find resource with Sedna, we have an opportunity to recalibrate the stories that live within our bodies, releasing any outdated interpretations or holding patterns, as we elevate to a higher lens of awareness. Every unexpected trigger to the heart is an opportunity to see the current default programming and interpretations that connect us to the old stories, and an opportunity to transcend and transmute that story as we awaken through the heart and restore the higher laws of nature and unity through our bodies. When lightning strikes the heart, we can either close in fear or protection, or open unconditionally to receive the Awakened Light of new consciousness that changes the story.

On Saturday 6/29, Mercury and Ceres are manifesting, followed by a Venus Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Mercury Varuna conjunction (1st of 3), Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, and Black Moon Ixion resource. A follow up from yesterday’s heart awakening, today is the full blown awareness of the big picture and the embodied shifts that occur from our wiliness to see with fresh eyes, through the lens of the awakened heart. Our physicality truly transmutes, at a cellular level, when we consciously choose the universal lens of Love as our default operating system for inner communications. This is the lens that brings us into alignment with our purpose and blueprint, and the lens that navigates our path to manifest that dream.

And Sunday 6/30, the Black Moon manifests with Venus, followed by a Sun Vesta resource, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, and Juno Salacia manifestation. The heart is revealing truth like flash cards revealing the answers. Our fire of devotion is committed to coming home to the heart, and cleaning out any misaligned thoughts, interpretations, or beliefs that have ever covered up the truth. Our brightest wholeness is coming online, and thought the process might be uncomfortable at times, like shedding skin or burning off old untruths, we’re liberating ourselves to remember the magic of infinite possibilities and potential that exists all around us. Every truth revealed from the heart is currently available, right in front of us. Believing in the invisible realm of magic, as much as we believe in the realm of physical tangible results, is what manifests miracles before our very eyes. Everything the heart holds as truth is already in existence.

The practice this week is to observe the meanings and interpretations you make about the events that are unfolding each day. Witness yourself in action, and pay attention to the inner channel of your messaging system. How do you interpret events that trigger your heart? How do you interpret events that affect the world, but perhaps not you at the personal level? Does your inner operating system calibrate to a frequency of gratitude, finding meaning with love, and looking for the universal blessing? Or does your inner operating system gravitate towards fear based beliefs or the need to protect, isolate, or detach? When lightning strikes the heart, how do you respond? And how do you hold space for your own sensitivity? As our frequency continues to elevate, our sensitivity becomes more vulnerable, it matters how we hold space for ourselves, and the meanings we make from the events around us. Practice being a good steward of your own sensitive heart. This week, by design, will stretch out the heart and awaken higher consciousness to inspire new action. Practice taking action from an open heart of Love, versus a closed heart in fear.

“You cannot trade the courage needed to live every moment for immunity from life’s sorrows. We may say we know this but ours is the culture of the deal-making mind. From infancy, we have breathed in the belief that there is always a deal to be made, a bargain to be struck. Eventually, we believe, if we do the right thing, if we are good enough, clever enough, sincere enough, work hard enough, we will be rewarded. There are different verses to this song – if you are sorry for your sins and try hard not to sin again, you will go to heaven; if you do your daily practise, clean up your diet, heal your inner child, ferret out all your emotional issue’s, focus your intent, come into alignment with the world around you, hone your affirmations, find and listen to the voice of your higher self, you will be rewarded with vibrant health, abundant prosperity, loving relations and inner peace – in other words, heaven!

We know that what we do and how we think affects the quality of our lives. Many things are clearly up to us. And many others are not. I can see no evidence that the universe works on a simple meritocratic system of cause and effect. Bad things happen to good people – all the time. Monetary success does come to some who do not do what they love, as well as to some who are unwilling or unable to see the harm they do to the planet or others. Illness and misfortune come to some who follow their soul’s desire. Many great artist’s have been poor. Great teachers have lived in obscurity.

My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation.”
― Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation


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