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For the week of June 17 – 23, 2019

We’re moving deeper into the heart of this wormhole passage, finding the truth within the heart, sparking profound communication that awakens new consciousness and new beginnings.   When we’re willing to get to the heart of the matter, we can resolve conflicts, redesign boundaries and structures, and elevate our reality to new dimensions of creative potential.

Communications can move us forward, into uncharted territory…if we’re willing to elevate the conversation and speak from an open mind/heart. Communications can also set us back if we’re triggered by emotional insecurity, fear, habitual patterns of separation and polarization, or defensiveness of being right vs wrong. If we’re not willing to get to the heart of the matter, confronting what’s present in the space in order to unify on new ground, we remain frozen in time and anchored into the gravitational weight of that particular groove, which ultimately limits and dampens the spectrum of possibilities.  When we honor the voice of the heart, the universe reveals infinite potential for new growth, beyond what our minds have ever considered.

The world is changing, rapidly. As revolutionary forward-thinking leaders, we must be willing to have the important conversations that truly matter in this period of reconstruction and redesign. We can’t continue to repeat the past, no matter how comfortable or familiar we are with that process.  For most people, change is unsettling and disorienting, revealing vulnerabilities and blind spots as we move into the newness of unfamiliar territory. If we prefer to remain in control, in our element, or in our comfortable “groove” pattern, we’ll hold ourselves and others back from the leaps in consciousness that are available.

This week literally launches us into the full moon in Sagittarius, which delivers us to the energetic of the upcoming solar eclipse/ New Moon in Cancer conjunct Sirius on July 2nd. This current passage of inner truth seeking carves out the space for us to listen, from the heart, for higher wisdom and guidance. We can’t hear the higher frequencies if we’re consumed by our karmic distractions, dramas, and interferences that keep us out of tune and out of touch with what matters most. There are some important core issues that need our full undivided attention as we consciously transition and evolve, personally and socially.

This week’s Sagittarius Full Moon reveals the wholeness of our truth…front and center in a way we can’t ignore or deny.  As we awaken and elevate beyond the current story into a higher seat of wisdom, layer by layer, truth emerges and expands in clarity and purity.  We don’t have to “buy into” or collapse into the current status quo of how things appear at surface value.  But we must be willing to be in relationship with the current results and social norms in order to see the opportunities to transcend beyond and create something new.

“The truth will set us free” is the mantra for Sagittarius and for clearing the decks, lightening up, and resolving conflicts…in order to move forward on new ground to start again. When we reveal our deepest truth, and release any emotional attachments to fear, shame, insecurity, or judgment, we suddenly unearth a massive volume of energy that feels invigorating…it restores vital life force energy that allows us to create new possibilities. This restoration and redistribution of vital life force energy is the spark that fuels our communion with the divine for unprecedented manifestation.

When we keep old or inefficient patterns and cycles lingering at bay, stuffed below the surface, or if we look the other way and pretend we don’t see what’s right in front of us, we imprison ourselves with the weight of stagnation, and this heaviness internalizes into our bodies and also creates static interference in our communications – personal and collective. Energy doesn’t lie, and the body always reveals the truth. This is a time for enlightenment, revelation, and expansion…personally, socially, and globally.

As the curtains pull back, and we see the world with crystalline lens of universal love. we must also awaken to our social responsibility, core values, and the role we wish to play in the redesign of our world (starting within). Notice what gets our attention, what awakens and stirs our heart, and where we feel empowered to participate and take action.  From now until August 30th, we’re awakening to our most profound inner and outer alignment and integrity, becoming congruent with what matters most in the heart. Being fully responsible for our choices, our investments in time and energy, and our actions…personally and socially. Everything we think and do has an impact on the world we live in.

If we think we aren’t powerful enough to impact or influence our current reality moment to moment, it’s time to wake up. One of the most unfortunate inaccuracies in our current social climate is the lack of power we feel as individuals to create revolutionary change in the blink of an eye. Resignation is not empowering. Revolutionary communication, from an awakened heart of Love, can transform the planet and inspire a wave of evolutionary expansion and growth. That’s what this moment in time is all about…awakening the truth of our heart through Oneness, remembering the promise we made in this lifetime, and recognizing our infinite power to spark a new beginning, as the embodiment of Divine Love.

The week begins bright and early on Monday 6/17 with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, conjunct Ixion and the Galactic Center, followed by a Ceres Vesta great eliminator and the Black Moon turns retrograde. In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of the Truth Seeker, the highest victory of clearing the decks and starting a brand new game from higher ground. It’s the merging point of spirit and matter, where we recognize the divinity and continuity in all things. Every ending delivers a new expression, and that portal of truth, the threshold in between completion and new beginning is the sweet spot of Enlightened Oneness with Source. As we navigate that portal of truth, we calibrate a still point through our vertical axis that aligns us with our Cosmic Self, the 5D aspect of our wholeness and universal Oneness. We always have a choice to consciously create from that divine aspect of our awakened being, or to go back to sleep and continue on another lap of unconscious recycling. The completion of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis delivers us to the ultimate mind/body wisdom that reveals the game of manifestation and reality in this 3D earthly dimension. Liberated by Truth, we gain the mastery and wisdom to consciously create in alignment with our Soul’s promise and blueprint, instead of fumbling through the reactionary karmic circumstances that keep us distracted and numbed out.

Sagittarius is a fire sign of completion, destruction by fire, that yields purification and new beginnings. That destruction by fire could also be referred to as baptism by fire, the ring of fire that calls us forth to what matters most, from the heart. Fire sparks urgency, attention, and consciousness…fire also cremates the density of old attachments to forms and structures while releasing spirit for a new expression. Ruled by Jupiter, a social consciousness planet, Sagittarius expands our social consciousness for a new chapter. When the old structures, definitions, and identities are dismantled or disrupted, we gain freedom to reinvent, to start again, and redefine based on new thoughts, new beliefs, and new social norms.

This Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter, who is a major player right now, not only in this wormhole passage, but in the redesign and reinvention of our global consciousness over these next several years. We ALL have a voice in what comes next, which is why we’re ALL here Now at this profound global shift in consciousness. Our collective contribution matters, even if it’s simply the conscious lens that we’re experiencing reality from. Our embodiment right now is a gift, a vote for humanity in this moment of awakening. If we resign our vibrational presence to negativity, we’re giving our power away. Each moment that we inhabit our hearts in communion with Divine Love to unravel the Truth with Light, we are contributing to the expansion of global consciousness and altering the course of the planet.

On Tuesday 6/18, MakeMake stations direct at 4 Libra, followed by a Saturn Neptune resource, Venus Pallas manifestation, Sun Galactic Center bridge, Mercury Mars conjunction (1st of 3), and Vesta MakeMake great eliminator. MakeMake is the archetype of the new conscious leadership that restores the laws of nature and the universal laws of Love and Unity. This new wave of leadership is emerging, and we each have the capacity to rise up and lead by the divine power of our own enlightened heart. As we begin to see clearly, manifesting wisdom beyond any confusion or doubt, we source a whole new beginning. By calibrating a new mind/body connection that clears the excess fear-based debris and stagnation, natural order is restored and renewed through our physical presence, and we literally become a force of nature. This journey requires courage, trust, and faith in the process. Every calibration sparks a new beginning, while also unraveling the past patterns and familiar terrain. We must be willing to witness the unraveling without fear, in oder to witness our true nature coming online, and the path emerging below our feet.

Wednesday 6/19 is the exact Sun Ixion Light bridge from Monday’s Full Moon, followed by a Mercury Pluto bridge, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, and Mars Pluto bridge. A reverberation from Monday morning’s activation, the Sun Ixion Light Bridge is a direct download of our soul’s blueprint, sparking massive transmutation and physical transformation. We must navigate the shake ups and gear shifts with patience, compassion, grace, and Love. Untangling the old holding patterns in order to reveal the new expression requires trust and faith.

On Thursday 6/20, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 24 Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Pallas great eliminator, Venus Great Attractor bridge, Mercury Eris stepping stone, and Juno enters Leo. Mercury is the dispositor of this entire wormhole passage, and this particular retrograde journey is extremely significant. The Messenger is entering his retrograde shadow in Cancer, the sign of Emotional Power, which brings our minds into the heart’s domain for navigation, just in case we weren’t already aligned. This template of yin/yang equality is crucial to the restoration of natural law and order, and allows the heart to truly lead the way through attraction. When the heart leads, there’s nothing “out there” to reach for…everything is manifested by natural law of attraction, in alignment with our authentic nature and deepest truth. What we see is the mirrored reflection of what’s awakening within.  If we wish to see a world of Infinite Light, we must become the generators of Light, from the heart, offered freely to All.

Friday 6/21 is the Summer Solstice, the first day of Summer and the most powerful calibration of Light in the northern hemisphere. Mercury forms a stepping stone with Haumea, Neptune stations retrograde, and the Sun moves into Cancer. The sustainable source of vital life force energy is available to All, not just in the Northern Hemisphere, not just in the daylight hours, but universally, always. If there is Light received anywhere, there is light generated everywhere. If our minds can conceive it, we can believe it, which means our cells can calibrate to it. What we believe, we embody. A belief system that Light is available, even in the darkest of nights, allows our cells to remain open to receiving support, nourishment, inspiration,and vitality from the Sun, always…from within.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, our consciousness opens to the nourishing support and power that sustains all life on Earth. Mother Earth is the generator of vitality and Love for All. The energetic roots of all beings – plants, animals, fish, trees – are physically united through the universal heartbeat of Love. If we’re open to receive, we can remain connected in Love, through the heart, always. No matter where we are, we’re on sacred ground, held in the nourishment of Love. And we can participate in the universal exchange of vitality and Love, heart to heart, by watering the Earth with the Light of our consciousness to support new growth and new beginnings.

On Saturday 6/22, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Orcus, and Mars forms a stepping stone with Eris. Today is a day to remember our infinite nature, beyond the consciousness of this lifetime. We are more than this body, more than this moment in time, and our contribution generates ripples in the infinite ocean that remains in motion far beyond what we can ever comprehend. As we awaken to the effects of our conscious actions (and the price tags of our unconscious reactions), we can choose to embody our purpose with passion, commitment, and devotion.

And Sunday 6/23 sparks a powerful Uranus Vesta conjunction (new cycle), followed by a Venus South Node (Earth Star) great eliminator, Venus Jupiter bridge, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Mars Haumea stepping stone, Sun Ceres great eliminator, Venus Saturn great eliminator, and Sun Quaoar Light bridge. Awakening the inner fire of devotion and heartfelt commitment, our hearts are clearing the debris of our karma in order to expand our role, and our vibrational frequency, in the bigger picture. We have a choice, moment to moment, to either be the awakened response of Love, or hold back out of fear, doubt, or insecurity. Every choice generates a ripple in the bigger picture. The more conscious we become of the ripples we generate, the more elevated our contribution becomes. Anything is possible, always…and when we carry this belief like an internal compass, we continue to expand and evolve in unprecedented ways. Every thought makes a difference, and every action that arises from the heart can birth miracles of Love from thin air. When we live with this awareness, every moment becomes a fluid adventure of magic and wonderment.

The practice this week is to follow the heart, speak from the heart, and honor the truth, with Love. Practice shifting gears in your inner communications system, and allow the heart to lead. When the mind wants to overrule or interrupt the revelations coming from the heart, simply ask the mind to find the centered still point within the heart, listen, and trust. Use the mind to focus like an antenna within the heart space, filtering out any distractions or static interference….and amplify the deepest truth that arises from within. The most elevated observer’s mind is in constant meditation and communion with the divine spark that lives within the heart. Find that inner space of communion this week, and let it move you into action as an instrument of Love, and witness the miracles unfolding.

“Courage Is a Love Affair with the Unknown”
― Osho

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