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For the week of June 3 – 9, 2019

Fasten your seat belts and stay centered in the heart…we’re heading towards a brilliant multifaceted entry point of the summer’s eclipse wormhole passage, initiated by the Gemini New Moon first thing Monday morning. Gemini energy moves faster than the speed of light, and this activation is no exception. Mercury, the Messenger, rules this entire wormhole passage, and the Messenger of Truth is revealing it all, right before our eyes. The biggest revelation is the awakened blueprint of our soul’s promise and intention in this lifetime, and the entire wormhole will calibrate us into alignment with our true nature and divine purpose.

The content of this wormhole passage is determined by our current state of consciousness as we embark upon the entry point. How we begin, and the themes that define our starting point, are just as important as the journey itself.  And the transformation that occurs through the revelations and unfoldings in these next 2 months are equally important to the integration and new beginnings that will occur after July 30th when the wormhole completes. We’re in a fluid multidimensional process, and it’s important to trust that process and let it deliver us to completion.  Now is not the time to try to control, force, or manipulate our experience based on what we “think” is happening or not happening.

It’s important that we navigate the transitions with intention, equanimity, and grace, traveling lightly upon the earth and within our body. Efficiency is of the essence when moving through unfamiliar terrain and uncharted territory, and a wormhole always provides opportunities for quantum leaps that can catapult us light years ahead of the curve, if we’re willing to trust, have faith, and honor the wholeness of the journey, without resistance. The quicker we surrender to the still point of the heart, the more quickly we move, as Love in Action. From that surrendered still point of a unified mind/heart, we have access to multiple timelines and dimensions, simultaneously. There is only Love. All roads lead to Truth, no matter where we go.

We’re undergoing the most incredible transmutation and metamorphosis, at the cellular level…unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in human consciousness. As we shed the attachments to our chronic wounds, patterns, and limitations, and the fabric of our existence that we’ve identified with and as (up until now), we gain access to the infinite wisdom of universal oneness where all possibilities exist. From that universal expansiveness, all roads are available, all options exist, and our divine god spark, our true nature, awakens the highest vision, calling forth new structures and frameworks to birth and manifest a brand new expression. We’re awakening to our Christed Self, the divine mastery we each came to communicate and express as, in community and partnership, to manifest the brilliant sound of Oneness that awakens All, as expressed through the universal heartbeat of Love. We’re coming home, together, as Love.

There’s no way to miss this revolutionary orchestration and deliverance, unless we refuse to participate. We are all the embodiment of a unique divine note, a frequency that our soul came to contribute. Nobody else can offer our unique note – the texture, color, and vibration, that our soul manifests as through these trillions of particles and cells. Regardless of what we “do” for a living or what we think is important in our day to day “earthly” schedule, what’s most important is the frequency of consciousness we’re dialed into, and the unspoken resonance of creative energy that we broadcast, simply by breathing. Nobody else can replicate our authentic nature, our signature frequency, our blueprint for creation. And it takes a community, in harmony, fine tuned to the frequency of Love at the universal octave, to unlock the hidden dimensions of divine creation. There’s a hidden dimension of heaven on Earth, already in existence, that requires harmonized union to access. And that kind of sacred union through community requires transparency, authenticity, and unconditional Love. Nothing can be hidden, nothing held back.

There’s nothing like the sound of freedom and synchronicity, cells resonating and vibrating at the speed of Light, humming with joy, love, and authenticity…with grace and ease. When we let go of the need to control, the desire to make something happen or force an outcome….when we surrender to what is, and celebrate the holiness of each moment, exactly as it is, we unearth the freedom to “be”. Uninhibited, without conditions or pressure. We dissolve and transcend the projections and assumptions that have labeled our social identity and social norms, and elevate to a new octave of authentic expression and personal mastery. When there’s nothing to prove, nothing forced, nothing to measure up to, and nothing to gain, there is only pure offering from the heart, with Love. Now every breath is music, every action is prayer, and every moment is holy.

The week begins on Monday 6/3 with Mercury in a bridge with the Galactic Center, followed by the New Moon in Gemini that activates the wormhole just after 6am ET. Then Mercury forms a resource with Vesta, and forms a Light Bridge with Ixion. Today is all about Mercury, the devoted messenger, and the unveiling of the Truth of who we are and why we’re here. Like Gabriel’s horn, the ceremonial gong, or the sound of a Tibetan Bowl prompting a deep sacred bow, we’re collectively initiated into this sacred passage. A New Moon is always a new beginning, an opportunity for a new cycle, new expression, and a new lens of consciousness. Gemini is the air sign of Mental Body Wisdom, the opportunity for mind/heart union as a still point that awakens our antenna of universal vision and a higher octave of communications. When mind and heart are unified, body and spirit also unify, activating our vertical spine as an antenna to unify with our 5D Self through Cosmic Consciousness and Unconditional Love. Our bodies become an awakened instrument, a channel for divine creation. Gemini brings us into the full blown wisdom of the mind/body connection, where we transcend our karmic limitations and the distorted dramas and fragmented illusions, in order to remember our true nature as infinite spirit. Wisdom brings us home to source for a higher octave of communications that changes the game for our entire lower 4 body system. This particular New Moon, and the entire wormhole passage, is an opportunity to transcend and transmute the cellular expression of our current reality as we clear the air, lighten up, and prepare to start again from a brand new lens of Truth.

Mercury brings our attention to the importance of neutrality in the awakened observer. Clear communication requires non-attachment, equanimity, and transparency. In order to see anything from the highest perspective, from the lens of the awakened heart, there must be a universal context of forgiveness and unconditional Love, which creates an atmosphere of safety and trust. If we see things through a lens of judgment, fear, or insecurity, or if we live from an emotionally reactive state, we can’t see the Truth with clarity, nor can we communicate clearly within ourselves or with others. We must be willing to surrender our attachments, let go of our personal agendas and egos, in order to rise up from the heart with universal compassion. The key to cultivating diamond consciousness is to practice forgiveness as a way of living, and this wormhole passage calls forth the mastery of that practice. The world as we know it can shift, heal, and transform in the blink of an eye when we commit to living from the heart, opening unconditionally to all that emerges, and letting go with Love, moment to moment. It’s the most efficient way to lighten up and move swiftly and sustainably upon the Earth.

Tuesday 6/4 is a Vesta Ixion manifestation, then Mercury moves into Cancer, Venus forms a great eliminator with Haumea, the Black Moon stations direct, and the Sun forms a bridge with the Great Attractor. Vesta brings the inner fire of devotion into relationship with the manifestation of our soul’s blueprint and divine purpose. Nothing is more important in this lifetime than awakening to the divine truth of who we are, and living a life that honors and reflects that truth. As Mercury moves into Cancer, our communications interface with emotional power, and the nourishment of Love flows through our antenna like supple hydration to sooth the nervous system. Cancer will also activate any sensitivities, vulnerabilities, or unresolved core issues in our thought patters and personal belief system, so it’s important to hold the context of self forgiveness with patience and compassion. Remember, when we can observe and open unconditionally to the wholeness of each moment, even in the presence of shadows, we can still radiate the awakened Light of Love to forgive, heal, and transcend anything.

On Wednesday 6/5, there are no major aspects. After such a fast paced lightning speed liftoff through the wormhole, this is a great day to integrate all that’s just occurred. The faster we travel, the more important the pauses are to get present, check in, and recalibrate the still point of mind/heart and body/spirit. Any chance for pause is an opportunity to return to neutral, which is the entry point for infinite possibilities.

Thursday 6/6 is a Pluto Juno bridge, Chiron Ceres manifestation, Mercury Quaoar Light Bridge, Venus great eliminator with the Galactic Center, then a Venus Sedna new cycle, and a Mercury MakeMake stepping stone. After a day of pause to integrate, today delivers some super high frequency downloads and calibrations. Pluto brings us into relationship with death and rebirth, the transformation that occurs deep below the surface in moments of change and transition, completions and new beginnings. Today initiates a profound transformation process as we shift from the embodied experience of separation consciousness to the realization of Unity, which catapults a temporary healing crisis (transition) that delivers us to the new paradigm. The new paradigm is an octave jump that changes the game from personal to universal, as the heart unifies with the cosmic record keeper to hold the Universal stories and records of Oneness. This shift from personal to universal changes the karmic story within our cellular programming from loneliness, insecurity, and separation to union, oneness, belonging, and Universal Love. Our operating system elevates with divine law and order in this new paradigm, and we find synchronicity with the universal forces of nature and divine timing. We are right where we belong, and we belong exactly where we are. All is well, and all is whole.

On Friday 6/7, Mars forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, the Black Moon is manifesting with the Sun, Venus forms a great eliminator with Ixion, followed by a Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Mercury Uranus resource, Mercury Ceres great eliminator, and Mercury Chiron stepping stone. This is the physical adjustment and fine tuning from yesterday’s profound downloads, and its important to trust the process as we move through unfamiliar territory. The old layers are sloughing off as we lighten up, clear the air, and allow for a brand new expression that’s in alignment with our true nature. Everything is shifting radically, faster than we can keep up with, and it’s important to trust the process, even when it goes against the grain of our status quo. There are new resources, new thought patterns, and new visions coming online, and the more we can trust and allow, the sooner we can find our footing and develop new mastery.

Saturday 6/8, Venus enters Gemini, and Juno forms a stepping stone with Eris. Our hearts enter the multifaceted prism of diamond consciousness, becoming brilliant communicators and messengers of wisdom and truth. As we let the heart lead the way, we activate an intimate expression of our inner brilliance that is as unique as a kaleidoscope of stain glass windows. The heart holds the light of our soul, and when we allow our communications to emerge from that sacred still point, we unleash a dimension of holy intuitive wisdom. We’re awakening through every moment of discomfort to realize the oneness and the divinity of all, as if we’re looking at ourselves in the mirror through that beautiful stained glass window of sacredness. The more patient and loving we can be with ourselves, the more love we radiate to others, and vice versa.

And on Sunday 6/9, Vesta enters Taurus, followed by a Sun Neptune stepping stone, Mercury Albion resource, Ceres Salacia manifestation, Mercury Orcus resource, and Venus Varuna resource. Our inner fire of devotion gives roots to the wisdom that’s emerging from any confusing or unresolved situations. The more deeply we plant ourselves in the consciousness of Love, the more clarity we gain as the fog lifts all around us. We’re able to see the invisible field of space around us that holds possibilities and visions waiting to take shape and manifest. Like fresh morning dew in the air, sparkling like crystals in the sunlight, there’s an atmosphere of magic illuminating right before our very eyes. This magic begins revealing hidden dimensions that can only be witnessed from the lens of the heart. There’s a future already in existence, in plain sight, waiting to be realized. That future vision isn’t far away, it’s here, now. All that’s required is Love, and the willingness to see a higher vision through the lens of possibility.

The practice this week is the Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer, Ho’oponono. As we bring our minds into the still point of our heart, it’s important to unify ourselves through the lens of forgiveness and love. Forgiveness neutralizes any situation, clears the inflammation and resistance, and transcends the karmic patterns and cycles of suffering. Forgiveness requires an open heart and loving mind, and the practice of forgiveness aligns us with spirit, our true nature, and the virtues of heaven on earth. In any moment of emotional trigger, trauma, or upset, practice breathing in the violet flame of purification to find stillness. Then, when centered in the heart, practice forgiveness to self, others, the situation, and the wholeness of the event. Take a few moments in meditation at the end of each day this week, and connect through the heart with any situation that has caused conflict or upset, and offer forgiveness. Visualize each person involved in the situation, and use the prayer “I’m sorry…Please forgive me…Thank you…I love you.” See your own reflection in each person, including the wholeness of the situation. As you forgive, feel yourself letting go, releasing the heaviness and the gravity of the situation, transcending through the frequency of Love.

“There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. That realization is true forgiveness. With forgiveness, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges–the power of Presence. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.”
― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose


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