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For the week of May 27 – June 2, 2019

This powerful week ahead holds the potential to change the terrain of the future in a heartbeat. It’s not possible to plan or predict what comes next, because we’re witnessing the unraveling of lifetimes of suppressed stories, patterns, and emotions, some of which doesn’t make sense.  We’re living in a state of fluidity. Manifestation occurs in the present moment, and how we’re interfacing with and interpreting the information that’s emerging now is what determines the landscape of the next moment. We don’t know how we’ll react or respond until the moment comes, and our response prompts the context of the next moment. We’re at choice each step of the way, riding the waves and writing our future as we go.

When the past has been held dormant below the surface, and suddenly liberates to clear the air, we have a choice of how we will respond. Information is neutral, our response is what generates karma or evolutionary movement. We can be the intentional spark that generates a sustainable movement of Love, or we can react from unconscious emotional triggers, old wounds, and habitual patterns in a way that perpetuates the karmic wheel of suffering. It’s best to remain seated within the heart, deeply present in the Now moment, and allow all communication to filter through as the air clears and reveals Truth.

The most important event that’s occurring right now is the liberation of truth, the lightening up of anything that’s been withheld, suppressed, or denied. That energy needs to breathe, move, and lighten up, and as it does, the structures and agreements that have held reality together begin to shift and redesign with newfound clarity and integrity. In order to hold space for this collective “lightening up”, there must be safe keepers of neutrality to witness without engaging or interfering. This kind of midwifery requires equanimity and a fierce commitment to honoring the sacred space of transmutation that facilitates earthquakes, volcanoes, and storms in order to shake loose what’s been locked up inside. Freedom is essential. As we let go of any attachments, expectations, or assumptions through this process, we can encourage a global movement of truth telling on the planet, that will air out the densest bodies and eventually purify the air we’re All breathing, restoring the atmosphere to Love.

Love recognizes Love, in unity with the divine truth and higher order of all things, holding space for All without judgment, without flinching or resisting. Love is a state of consciousness, a frequency of energy, and a place to plant and align ourselves as our default setting. When we make that choice, unconditionally, it doesn’t matter what comes up, what reveals, or how the process unfolds, we practice the strength and compassion of Love.  Every moment is a new beginning, a blank slate, and an opportunity to choose Love.

We must be willing to interrupt our own status quo in order to awaken a new possibility. Ready or not, that interruption is coming now. It’s everything we’ve asked for, and everything that will deliver us into the next chapter, if we can suspend ego, hurt feelings, and the need to be right. We don’t know what we don’t know, and the only way to fully witness Truth is to take an elevated seat, from the heart, and witness the great unfolding.

It’s not important that we feel comfortable in every moment, or that we like what we see. Births are messy, painful, exquisite miracles of creation. We are in a birthing process, and the contractions are palpable…spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. As we ride out the storms, we find grace in the simplicity of having faith in something bigger…having faith in a vision for humanity that is based on freedom, transparency, respect, integrity, authenticity, and Love. In order to get there from here, we must allow the current moment and the current status quo to shake up, delivering us through a period of radical transformation. Nothing is as it seems…life, and the elements of nature, are facilitating our collective awakening and deliverance. All we have to do is trust, surrender, allow, and participate as the embodiment of Love.

This is the beginning of the end of anything that isn’t sustainable…in order to embody the only thing that is sustainable…Love. As we witness the emergence of sustainability through Love, we must also be willing to see anything and everything that isn’t. All of the misqualified thoughts, actions, and behaviors that have contributed to the congestion of drama and karma are being transmuted, evaporated into pure thin air, so we can finally breathe the universal Breath of One Love, as sustainable Life Force Energy.

The week begins on Monday 5/27 with a Mars Ceres great eliminator and Mercury forms a bridge with the Great Attractor. We’re being birthed through our current skin, letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us, such as fear based thought patterns, historic triggers and wounds, and any hidden truths or agendas. The great cosmic midwife is retrograding through Sagittarius, the sign of the truth seeker. As we nourish and embody the truth, all else releases and unwinds, lightening us up for more direct, efficient communication. Through the universal law of attraction, whatever frequency we’re currently calibrating at is the frequency we’ll see manifested and attracted to us. The lighter we become, the clearer our communication and the more refined our reflection in the mirror.

On Tuesday 5/28, Vesta forms a bridge with Haumea, followed by a Neptune Juno manifestation, and a Sun Ceres bridge. Our commitment and devotion to a 5D lens of wholeness is the key to our evolution and ascension. Wholeness elevates us beyond our 3D personal story and perspective, expanding our scope of vision through Unity Consciousness, where the veils of separation are lifted and we see clearly, beyond illusion and distraction. We become distracted when we’re triggered and heavily engaged in a personal story that limits our scope of vision within wholeness. That’s what generates relative truth, relative to our current point of view from a limited perspective.  Confusion occurs at the personal level, especially when feelings are involved. Clarity and enlightenment occurs at the purest level of unity, wholeness, and non-attachment. From this perspective, we are eye to eye with the truth, living and breathing in Oneness. Multiple perspectives, angles, and dimensions exist, and we have access to All, from the still point of the mind/heart.

Wednesday 5/29 reveals a Black Moon Ixion resource, Mercury South Node great eliminator, Mercury Neptune stepping stone, and a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone. As our higher blueprint and divine design are emerging crystal clear, we must continue to choose Love over fear, and make the conscious effort to embrace the newness of possibility, instead of referring back to the gravitational pull of familiarity out of habit, comfort, or convenience. The conscious shift from the weight of gravity to our true authentic nature requires trust, faith, and courage. The answer is within, and the answer is always Love. When we choose from Love, all things are made clear, and each step leads to the next choice point for Love. When we navigate out of fear or caution, we box ourselves into limiting options that repeat the same story or perpetuate the same context of familiarity. Untangling that structure of familiarity might feel risky, but it’s the key to releasing ourselves from the matrix of conditioned suffering. Love remains. Nothing else is guaranteed.

On Thursday 5/30, Mars forms a resource with Orcus, followed by a Venus South Node manifestation, Venus North Node resource, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta resource, Venus Neptune resource, Sun Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, Saturn Juno bridge, Pallas stations direct, and Mercury forms a bridge with Jupiter. This is a powerfully charged day for clearing the entanglements that limit us to a particular story, identity, or thread of historical conditioning. It requires the conscious choice to be present, to be in relationship with the truth that emerges from the heart, and to trust our inner wisdom as we navigate the transitions. When everything around us appears to be in flux, ebbing and flowing and undefined, the only way to navigate is from the heart.  We have the capacity to tune into our awakened Cosmic Self that exists beyond this 3D story, in fact when we do, we manifest multidimensional communications that forever expand and shift our perspective of the current social story. There is so much more beyond what we “think” is occurring right here in this moment, and if our attention plugs in only to the local story, we’ll miss the opportunity to align with our much more elevated seat of neutrality and wisdom from our non-local consciousness. Unity within the various dimensions of ourselves is key…unifying the lower 4 body system with our 5D Self that is pure awakened Love, and trusting THAT wisdom and communication to channel through us. Fine tuning our internal compass and navigation system to calibrate to a divine channel of communication for optimal messaging, which also alters our cellular frequency and biological functioning as well.

Friday 5/30, the Black Moon is resourceful with Eris, followed by a Venus Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Venus Juno resource, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, and Sun Pallas manifestation. Remember, this period of time is meant to be uncomfortable in certain ways, producing the necessary friction to slough off the old layers of attachments and congestion from below the surface. Any moment of inner frustration is stirring up dormant energy for a release, and that release is a blessing, there’s nothing to fear. Let it come, and let it go…in the process, the heart is manifesting new structures, alignments, and agreements that mirror Unity versus separation. It’s so important to navigate the moments of turbulence with faith and courage, and let go of any fear. Nothing is wrong, we’re simply in a massive transmutation process, and it can feel at times like the snow globe is being shaken, until we break free from the snow globe all together and remember our infinite, eternal nature of pure consciousness as Love.

Saturday 6/1 is a Mars Pallas stepping stone, Venus Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, Mercury Eris resource, Jupiter Juno great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea manifestation. The vibrational shift into June, a “6” vibration, brings an element of nurturing divine feminine strength to our rapid current of transmutation and change. While things are definitely changing, this gear shift brings us more into the steadfast power, love, and wisdom of the heart. Feminine energy can certainly be soft and nourishing, and can also be fiercely powerful like the force of nature that can move mountains and alter the universe. With this vibration flowing through the veins of our collective consciousness, we can elevate the quality of nourishment that supports us through this epic journey of transformation. We wouldn’t begin a long uncertain road trip without packing nourishment and sustenance for whatever conditions might come our way, and as we prepare to enter a wormhole eclipse passage next week on 6/3 with the Gemini New Moon, we must also prepare to nourish, hydrate, and rest up for the ride. Efficiency is important, lightening up the load for the duration ahead and relinquishing any chronic distractions or interferences would be a good idea. In order to expand through this wormhole passage ahead, we must pack light, surrender, and let go…releasing any limiting thoughts, beliefs, or conditioned interpretations that generate fear or smallness.

And on Sunday 6/2, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the North Node, followed by a Vesta manifestation with the Galactic Center, and a Venus Pluto manifestation. We’re in a full blown passage of epic evolutionary proportions, and our inner flame of devotion is increasing in strength and power. The heart knows the way, and has always been in love with the idea of transformation, even in the moments of uncertain terrain. There’s an aspect of our hearts that knows and believes, with every fiber of wisdom and strength, that this is the moment we all came here for. This is not the time to seek stagnant comfort, this is the time to heed the callings of the heart. We are the pioneering leaders of a brand new world, and this period of transition is the gateway and the threshold between dimensions of reality. We’re unifying Heaven on Earth, ushering in a new world – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The violet flame of transmutation is strong, and the journey begins now.

The practice this week is to clear your mind and your inner communications channels with violet light each day to transmute any fear based thinking, negative thought forms, or static interference from misqualified collective communications. Start with the spinal column and the nervous system, inhale violet light inside the spine, and floss back and forth from the crown to the root. From the nervous system, imagine flossing violet light through every nerve into the sensory receptor sites in the skin, muscles, organs, and soft tissue, clearing the kinesthetic channel of communication. Then inhale violet light in through the left eye, into the back of the head, and exhale violet light from the right eye, and floss back and forth, reversing directions, clearing out any residue or congestion in the visual channel of communication. Then inhale violet light through the left ear, and exhale through the right ear, and floss back and forth, clearing the audio channel of communication. And finally, inhale violet light through the 3rd eye in the center of the forehead, and exhale from the base of the skull, flossing back and forth, clearing out the 3rd eye chakra and pineal gland, the channel for higher vision.

And please also listen to the most recent weekly podcast that just posted on 5/25  for a guided calibration that clears the communications channels with violet light. All members have access to the weekly audio files, just log in through the members portal and click on “Audio Archive”. These weekly audio recordings are supplemental to the weekly navigation report, and offer ongoing support and integration through the lens of Cosmic Consciousness, Unity, and Love.

“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes. ”
― Pema Chodron

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