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For the week of 9/17 – 9/23

Get ready for a massive upgrade in our capacity to manifest a whole new world, with Love.  Now that we’ve been delivered from the Virgo New Moon, we’re swiftly moving through a sequence of high frequency calibrations this week, designed to bring us even more into alignment with the wisdom of the heart.  There’s no time like the present to witness the infinite possibilities and openings emerging within and around us, by our willingness to see from a brand new perspective…unity consciousness, from the heart.

The perspective of the heart is much more expansive than that of the mind.   The mental visionary can only see or understand what’s been seen before, making us masters at mentally recreating the past, or believing our own thoughts, even when it’s not the current reality of our truth.  Awakening and enlightenment happen in the heart, and the disciplined mind can observe what’s new by being diligently committed to residing within the heart.   When we think from the mind, we’re limited.  When we think from the heart, we’re infinite, empowered, and inspired.


When the mind and heart are separate, or in conflict, we become fragmented, and an aspect of our being has to suppress or detach in order to move forward.  From separation consciousness, forward movement indicates loss.  From unity consciousness, forward movement is wholeness evolving and transcending.


The mechanism for unity is Love, and the mechanism for separation is fear.  If we recognize that the universe contains infinite potential, and we have free will to choose our thoughts, then Love becomes the answer to unify, elevate, and expand through wholeness.  When we’re afraid, insecure, or unsure, we choose the path of less visibility, we hide, suppress, judge, and dampen our light.  Or choose conflict, turmoil, force, and war.


One of the most important commitments we can make to ourselves and each other is to choose Love, no matter how uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or uncertain we feel moment to moment.   As we consciously override and transmute any residue of insecurities still lingering in our operating system, we’re upgrading and enhancing the infinite possibilities that can instantly manifest and take shape.


This week, both Mercury and the Sun move into Libra, the sign of Physical Power, the feedback loop or the mirrored reflection of Aries, Mental Power, Conscious Power and the original spark of creation.  This polarity is the activation of the Mind/Body connection. Our willingness to look in the mirror, through every scenario of our reality, determines our level of empowerment (or disempowered) from our current results.


The only way to transform or shift anything in the physical realm is to be willing to be in an intimate relationship with that which we wish to change.  Intimacy requires Love and equanimity. If we resist what’s in front of us, if we judge, criticize, blame, or ignore ourselves or our tangible results, we ignore the opportunity to elevate our consciousness to manifest a whole new reality.


Where the mind goes, the body follows.  It matters that we tune in and start listening to the quality of thoughts running in the background of our own minds.  Similar to leaving the TV on in the background, it matters what frequency of information is flooding into our physical cells.  The unaware mind will allow tidal waves of unconscious or lower vibrational thoughts to spill over, bathing our receptive cells with information we may not consciously choose to calibrate ourselves to.


We’re either committed to being awake and aware, or we’re allowing unfiltered information to pour through our operating system, and hoping for the best.  The most valuable resource that is most often underused and unattended to  is the power of the conscious mind to choose the quality of our thoughts, and the power of the mind to filter through anything that isn’t in alignment, to discern from the inner wisdom of the heart.


This week begins on Monday 9/17 with only 1 subtle aspect, but it’s important.  The Sun is in an intimacy aspect with Haumea.  Subtle can be profoundly important, especially when we’re talking about an amplification of Light to the Light Bridge that awakens our consciousness through Wholeness.  Instead of a massive bolt of lightning, this is an up close and personal calibration that is subtle, yet personal… meaningful and impactful.

Tuesday 9/18, Vesta enters Capricorn, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Ixion, Vesta and Quaoar are in a new cycle, Mercury and Eris are in a great eliminator, Mars and Uranus are in a stepping stone, and Mercury and Haumea are in a subtle intimacy aspect, following the Sun’s calibration yesterday.  The inner fire of devotion gains authority and leadership through divine power as our soul’s signature becomes illuminated.  We become devoted to an expansive paradigm of infinite potential and unity, and we shed any attachments to fear or doubt that have held us back in speaking from the heart.  It’s important, now more than ever, that we not shrink back from our greatest truth, but that we be willing to step up and take action, put ourselves in the spotlight, in order to be seen, holistically.  When there’s nothing to fear, there’s nothing to hide, and we give ourselves permission to boldly shine our multidimensional wholeness.


On Wednesday 9/19, Chiron and Vesta are in a stepping stone, Mercury and Ixion are in a stepping stone, and the Black Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Vesta.  We’re beginning to catch on that our greatest weakness is the entry point for personal mastery, which changes the game of how we operate and engage with discomfort.  Our soul’s highest purpose requires us to step up, and before we can elevate into our greatest contribution, we must practice becoming comfortable in the discomfort and the uncharted territory.   Where once there was fear or insecurity hiding or holding back, now we’re inspired and compelled to unleash, dive in, and wholeheartedly say Yes.


Thursday 9/20 is a Sun Sedna manifestation, both the Sun and Mercury are in stepping stones with the Galactic Center, Mercury and Sedna are manifesting, Mars and Varuna are in a bridge, and the Sun and Mercury form a new cycle.  Illuminating and calibrating the greatest divine feminine cosmic remembrance through the master degree of the earth element requires maturity, wisdom, and patience.  The only way to access the consciousness of Sedna is to elevate from the heart, from unity consciousness.  Sedna is the ruler of Libra, which brings us face to face with the cosmos as our mirrored reflection.  That kind of relationship requires the most elevated consciousness of oneness, unity, and wholeness.  There is nothing “out there” that isn’t us.  That kind of connection requires unconditional Self Love as the unspoken language of our operating system.  All that we encounter reflects our wholeness.  The only way to see everything clearly is to Love everything unconditionally.  When we love unconditionally, our bodies upgrade at the cellular level, as the embodiment of Unity Consciousness.


On Friday 9/21, Chiron and the Black Moon are in a resource, Mercury and Juno are manifesting, the Sun and Juno are manifesting, and the Black Moon is manifesting with the Sun and Mercury.   Chiron brings us to the edge of personal mastery and excellence through our willingness to pass through the eye of the needle of our own personal suffering, with eyes wide open.  As we observe and witness ourselves, we elevate to unity consciousness, recognizing that every character, every scenario plays a necessary part in our awakening to personal Mastery.  There can be no antagonists in unity consciousness, because ultimately we’re the creator and the willing participant calling forth the conflicts as opportunities to manifest.  Juno reminds us that we are reflecting unity with and for each other, nothing is personal, we’re all in this together, as One.


Saturday 9/22, Mercury enters Libra, Mercury and Quaoar are in a stepping stone, Mercury and Chiron are in a bridge, the Black Moon is manifesting with the Sun, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Vesta.  Our inner cellular operating system and inner network of communications enter the sign of physical power, the mirrored self.  The moment we recognize that our physical reality and relationships are mirroring our current state of consciousness, we suddenly gain access to holistic communications through our expanded network of wholeness.  As I recognize that I am You and You are Me, we also share the same thoughts, the same insecurities, the same hopes, fears, and desires.  As I recognize in myself what is suppressed and hidden, I can also see it in others, which creates an opportunity for liberation, that as I free myself and reveal my truth, we all become empowered to do so.  As I shine my light brilliantly, so do All.


And on Sunday 9/23, the Sun enters Libra, then forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, Mercury and Uranus form a great eliminator, the Sun and Chiron form a bridge, Mercury and Varuna are in a resource, Mercury and Saturn are in a stepping stone, then Mercury is in a resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).  Then Uranus and Vesta are manifesting, and Mercury and Mars are manifesting.  The entire week’s journey of calibrations through Mercury now manifest with Mars, the physical body. Mars is the ruler of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries early next week, activating the Mind/Body connection through the creative spark of an original thought.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of Physical Power, the relationship with the mirrored Self.  The more awakened we become, the more we can see ourselves in every scenario.  As we recognize ourselves, and take ownership of our story, we become empowered to liberate the entire story, to rewrite the script, and elevate the game to a brand new Earth.  There is nothing to fix, nothing to make happen, nothing to change “out there”.  The shifts happen internally, with Love.


The practice this week is the Ho’oponopono prayer.  With everyone and every situation that you encounter, especially any situation that causes angst, suffering, or irritation, practice seeing yourself in the mirror through all characters, and practice forgiveness.  In meditation, say “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.”


As we meet ourselves in the mirror through our walking daily life, we have the opportunity to truly unify…experiencing healing and wholing beyond any historic fragmentation, separation, story, or seclusion.  When we can humbly identify with every being that stands before us, we are fully awake, able to be in intimate relationship with All, and able to Love all unconditionally, as the reflection of Self and the reflection of Divine.   Forgiveness is the expression of Love in Action, the answer to eradicate and transmute suffering and separation on the planet.



You come to us
 from another world

From beyond the stars 
and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure,
 Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you 
the essence of Love

You transform all
 who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,
 troubles, and sorrows

dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy
 to ruler and ruled

To peasant and king

You bewilder us
 with your grace.

All evils
 transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love
 in earth and sky 
in heart and soul
 of every being.

 Through your love
 existence and nonexistence merge.
 All opposites unite.
 All that is profane
 becomes sacred again.”
― Rumi


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  1. Thank you Christine. Your weekly navigation is breathtaking and beyond moving, as always.

    “As I shine my light brilliantly, so do all.”

    Love, gratitude and peace to all.

  2. Hi Christine – how big (participants) is your 12 week class? can you ask questions? what the cost?

    Thank You for all you do!


  3. Inspirational as always! Rumi and Ho’ponopono helped save my life 7 years ago.I’m so thankful for your weekly navigation, which I come back to throughout the week to re-mind me who we really are. You are a light to all <3

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