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For the week of May 20 – 26, 2019

Get ready for a breathtaking week ahead, set in motion by the multifaceted gear shift that is facilitating our epic transmutation at the cellular level. Last weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon was the catalyst to shed our skin, literally and metaphorically, so that we can reveal all that is awakening from within.

Transparency and clarity are key, as we lighten up anything that’s been weighing heavy on us until now. We can’t move into our full embodiment of Light if we’re holding onto anything heavy. It’s time to let go, surrender, and set ourselves free. As we do, we untangle and unravel the threads of illusion, projection, and distortion…carving out empty space for unprecedented new creation.

The freedom to live boldly and vibrantly from the heart is available to everyone, unconditionally. All it requires is the wholehearted surrender of any attachment, fear, insecurity, or doubt. The fear based thought forms only exist in the mind. As we “die our minds” we awaken through the heart, which holds our roadmap, blueprint, and highest vision. Everything we need is available to us in every moment. When we trust our hearts to lead the way, our minds are free to illuminate the spotlight of undivided attention, through the lens of Love, which reveals a higher octave of universal vision. That octave of universal vision isn’t concerned with the distractions, dramas, or diversions.  Our light pierces through the fog in order to illuminate the path to freedom. As we follow the openings, moving into the open space, we expand through the presence of Love…unbound by any physical limitations.

This week, the Sun moves into Gemini, an air sign, which helps to lighten things up, if we’re willing to surrender the busy patterns and agendas of our own minds, finding the still point that lives within the heart. The way to freedom is to relinquish our lower minds, to bring our selves home to the solid ground within the heart. Otherwise, we’re stuck and bound by the limiting thoughts that roll around in our ever active minds, spinning out faster and faster, projecting distorted realities into motion faster than we can keep up with. From this over-active mindset, we forever find ourselves in conflict with our heart, further and further away from everything we say matters most. The opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius, a fire sign that ends the game of karma with the revelation of truth. When the truth is revealed, the spinning stops, and we are free to let go, to start again on a blank slate of infinite possibility.  The still point of mind and heart induces the still point of spirit and matter.

The only way to clear karmic patterns and repetitive cycles is to find the truth that lives in the patterns, and set it free. Untangling the threads of illusion, drama, and distortion, we can see clearly, and we finish the game. There’s a brand new world waiting to take shape, but if our minds insist on clinging to the same thought forms that generated yesterday’s drama, we’ll never realize our full potential. Freedom exists in the mind, not the body. The body is merely the reflection of the wisdom revealed (or denied) within the observer’s mind.

We are all born with the potential for freedom. It’s not that we can’t, it’s that we often times refuse to do what it takes to awaken ourselves by untangling the misqualified thought patterns in the mind. When we take a quantum leap in consciousness, we must allow our entire lower 4body system to shift, adjust, and recalibrate to support this awakening. We can’t continue to move forward on automatic pilot with our day to day thoughts, actions, and beliefs if we’ve just elevated our state of consciousness. There will be conflict, disorientation, and discomfort if we don’t bring our awareness into relationship with our current patterns and projections. A breakthrough isn’t a breakthrough until its embodied and lived, inside and out. This takes conscious practice, beyond the lighting bolt of awakening. We can know intellectually what the consciousness of Love looks like, from the structures within our imagination…but only until we’re willing to surrender to Love, and live according to the laws of nature that govern the consciousness of Love, and confront the ways we’ve been living the opposite fashion, we can never really know what’s possible in a world of Love.

Most of us would agree that we’d like to see a world based on Love, the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. We long to see the day where people are kind, compassionate, forgiving, transparent, and respectful of all of humanity, all beings, the environment, and the Earth. In order to manifest this kind of vision, we must be willing to go through the process of transformation and redesign. We must be willing to endure the temporary discomfort of confronting the collective human wound around intimacy. Our current scenario is a reflection of separation consciousness. Separation results from a fear of intimacy. Unity requires intimacy. We can’t just unplug, build walls, run away, or bully others when we get uncomfortable with the gravity of our own core wounds coming up to the surface for clearing. We must find a way to love ourselves through the discomfort, asking for mercy, grace, and compassion while the old fears, insecurities, and triggered trauma activate, clear, and release…for good. The volume of trauma patterns held in the muscle memory of our old skin isn’t relevant to this moment…it’s outdated, it’s a memory of the past. If we buy into the reactionary trauma from the past as if it’s our truth now in this moment, we’ll never be able to see this moment clearly, which means we can’t be in relationship with the truth, no matter how hard we search.

The truth is the only thing that sets us free, and the way to find truth in any moment is to check in with our current reality, current physical sensations. When the mind brings undivided attention, as the observer, to our current physical sensations, we unify mind/body in the now moment, which means we’re present. The mind doesn’t need to try to figure anything out, simply pay attention to what’s occurring now, and witness the unraveling. Everything in this universe is in a state of constant change. Energy particles are constantly moving, changing, redesigning, expressing, expanding and contracting. If we want to know what’s true, find the breath, find the connection to current reality through our physical presence, and observe. Eventually, the triggered pain, trauma, or cellular memory will release and let go, unwinding the pattern, revealing freedom.  Our true nature is freedom, not the contraction of trauma or fear.

This month of Gemini consciousness will take us on a ride to the highest lens of mind/body wisdom through the observer’s perspective, within the seat of the heart. With Saturn, Pluto Jupiter, and Ceres all still retrograde, it’s important, actually it’s imperative, that we sharpen our observer’s mind to bring our undivided attention through the lens of the heart, rather than letting our distracted minds run free, projecting old patterns and stories out into the universe for endless repetition. Now is the time to unravel those repetitious patterns, not to obsessively repeat them. Diamond consciousness requires a dying of the lower mind, and a gear shift into the observer’s mind, partnered with the awakened heart, as the new foundation, the blank slate of the New Earth. When we embody this new foundation, we inherit the key to conscious creation, delivering the highest vision of heaven on Earth.

The week begins on Monday 5/20 with a Ceres Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Ixion great eliminator, and Mars Quaoar bridge. From the elevated perspective of our immortal, timeless self, we can see the bigger picture of our soul’s blueprint and purpose, in order to clear away any of the limiting conversations and beliefs that have blinded our focus in this lifetime. The Mars Quaoar Light Bridge aligns our physicality with the new paradigm, the infinite realm of limitless possibility. Our cells hold the possibility of our limitlessness as a reflection of our beliefs and our state of consciousness.

On Tuesday 5/21, the Black Moon manifests with Juno, then the Sun enters Gemini, followed by a Jupiter Vesta manifestation, then Mercury enters Gemini, conjuncting the Sun, followed by a Mercury Varuna resource. Today is a page turner. Gemini energy is always fast moving and interesting, with the capacity to communicate multidimensionally. Gemini energy can be in multiple locations at the same time, thereby having an unusual ability to affect social consciousness by pure contagiousness of interest, devotion, and desire. Where there is attention placed, there will be massive growth, interest, and expansion. As quickly as our thoughts manifest in multiple dimensions simultaneously, it’s important to be mindful and aware of the big picture, not just the flash of momentary interest. With all of this fast moving energy, it’s important to keep a seat in the still point of the heart, and focus attention outward from there. By doing so, there will be alignment with the heart with every communication and manifestation. Remember, our thoughts become our reality, sometimes in the blink of an eye. And, our thoughts travel through unity consciousness, like instant messaging and open chat boxes, the moment we think a thought. There is no separation, our thoughts become mirrored back to us through our current environment. If we want to know what we’ve been thinking about, take a look around at current reality and see what’s manifesting right before our very eyes. If we don’t like what we see, we can shift the thoughts, and instantly notice what appears next. The quickening in energy, and the rapid rate of manifestation in our current reality requires us to get present and be responsible for what we’re generating with our innermost private thoughts. We can impact the world, any way we choose.

Wednesday 5/22 delivers a Venus Albion new cycle, Mars MakeMake stepping stone, Sun Varuna resource, Venus Ceres great eliminator, Mars Uranus resource, Black Moon Pallas great eliminator, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Orcus manifestation, Mars Salacia stepping stone, and a Black Moon Venus resource. The heart is connected to the unmanifested potential that lives in the empty space of our current reality, as our physicality is elevated up to a higher dimension of law and order. There’s more than meets the eye in every moment, and for those with eyes to see, we’re able to realize how ripe each moment is. There’s nothing wrong, nothing broken, and nothing lacking…as long as we’re coming from the heart and surrendering to the truth, we can awaken infinite potential and birth newness, altering the terrain, step by step. We’re not bound by the current moment, but we must be willing to be in relationship with the truth of each moment, in order to elevate and transcend it.

On Thursday 5/23, there’s a Mercury MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Orcus bridge, Mercury Salacia resource, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Pluto Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Chiron resource, Mars Chiron stepping stone , Ceres Albion great eliminator, and Venus Pallas great eliminator. Today is a day for personal mastery, higher law, and the resurrection of our inner devotion. We can’t be on this planet in this moment in time and take a passive seat. We each must take ownership and personal responsibility for the mastery we bring and the light we carry within. We each carry a unique energetic signature that contributes universal wisdom though our being. If we take our gifts for granted, or take the moment for granted, we miss the opportunity to make a difference. Our inner spark of devotion to care that we’re here, and to invest in our quality of light, delivers magic that births new possibilities into the planet.

Friday 5/24 is a Sun Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Neptune South Node (Earth Star) resource, Neptune North Node (Soul Star) manifestation, Black Moon Mars manifestation, and Mercury Ceres bridge. Quaoar is the higher octave of Mercury, the belief system that determines the quality of our thoughts, interpretations, and observations that channel messages through our cellular network of communication. Any fear based thinking comes from a limitation in our belief system, and today is an opportunity to clear those limitations. The release of limiting beliefs is a release of misqualified energy or mistruths, which returns us to a state of enlightenment, beyond the historic trappings of the mind. When we remember who we are and where we come from, our root system in the universal realm of infinite Love, we can manifest clearly from our highest potential.

On Saturday 5/25, the Sun manifests with MakeMake, followed by a Mercury Orcus stepping stone, Sun Salacia resource, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Mercury Pallas manifestation. More conscious creation of higher law as we continue to elevate to the observer’s perspective, beyond time and space. There’s more coming up to the surface, more unexpected revelations, and each revelation carries a nugget of wisdom. Remember, it’s not about the messenger…what’s important to stay tuned to is the wisdom being revealed, and the elevation of the next moment as a result.

And Sunday 5/26 is a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Vesta Eris new cycle, Sun Chiron resource, and Venus forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor. Anything that’s ever tried to sabotaged or deny the higher universal laws of nature are being revealed in plain sight, and whatever triggers us internally is meant to awaken our inner fire of devotion. Our greatest personal mastery comes from an initial wound or injury, so pay attention to what hurts, what causes angst or frustration…that’s the very thing that reveals what matters most from the heart. And THAT is what we want to focus on and pour our attention and vitality towards. When the heart speaks, let it amplify and attract attention.

The practice this week is mindful communication, starting with our internal thoughts. If our private conversations were broadcasted through the ethers, readily available to All in a nanosecond, what’s the message you’re sending in the moments when you’re not paying attention? What unconscious vibrations would you pay more attention to? Our thoughts and words carry vibrations that speak directly to our cells and are simultaneously dispatched through the unified field of all cellular networks. In Unity Consciousness, there is no differentiation between “you or me”, “us or them”. Our thoughts resonate like a personal message sent to All. How would you speak if your microphone was turned on, in high definition, uncensored? Tune in to the quality of communication that’s running in the background of your mind, and elevate the conversation to Love.

“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
― Rumi,

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