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For the week of May 13 – 19, 2019

The week ahead facilitates rapid transformation, sparking revolutionary change at the cellular level. There’s nothing to force, nothing to make happen…the only thing required is the courage to show up and trust the process. It’s extremely important to remain rooted and seated in the heart, which is the only place to live moving forward. The heart is the new body, the residence for our awakened Self and the conduit for alchemy. The heart animates, informs, and expresses, through the consciousness of Love.

When we become the embodied presence of the awakened heart, we become the alchemists of revolutionary change. Awakening personal mastery, realizing the signature blueprint of our soul, we gain clarity and purpose of our path. Not by forcing our will to change anything “out there”, but by owning our divine I AM presence through the cosmic frequency of Love. From that god spark of consciousness, we each hold the divine power to facilitate spontaneous awakenings, transformation, and miracles. Our physical presence is the catalyst for alchemical change, and wherever we are, whatever we’re naturally and authentically “being” is enough to facilitate transformation.

In order to embody our awakened heart, we must undergo a convergence process, a massive gearshift that alters the vibrational communication of our cellular particles and molecular structure through the frequency of our awakened consciousness. The physical body holds a lot of information, including the memory and the blueprint of our ancestral lineage, our DNA, and our karmic imprints. Our body reveals the story of what we’ve experienced in this incarnation, in this skin. Our physical bodies reveal our chronic wounds, our wisdom, and the warehouse of unresolved or unprocessed emotional energy that’s been suppressed within our tissue. If we want to know where we’ve been, and the toll it’s taken on our spirit, look at the body. The body is a messenger, a feedback mirror and a library of our past. And the body never lies.

This revolutionary gear shift requires the relinquishment of our dense karmic body, the attachments to the skin we’ve inherited and lived in that holds the stories, patterns,wounds, and DNA that our consciousness interfaces with and expresses through. The human body has a shelf life, because the gravitational pull of human suffering isn’t sustainable. However, it is possible to unify with our immortal spirit, the 5D essence of our consciousness that is timeless and formless.  We can experience “heaven” without having to physically die. This process is the ultimate transmutation through resurrection, and is the key to a new beginning of life through the embodied consciousness of Love. This is the new vision for humanity that awakens us out of our chronic suffering, into the remembrance of who we really are, Love.

In order to fully awaken to who we are, we must be willing to surrender who we have become, who we think we are – the patterns, thought forms, and identities that are currently held within the body. The process of “dying the self” will take us into the shadows of any unexamined residue that needs reconciliation. There’s no need to assert a deep dive into these shadows, they’re being unearthed, rising up to the surface and sloughing off. It’s important not to be confused by this process…it’s not a spiraling back down into the depths of old wounds…it’s actually the spiraling up liberation of the old patterns as they release out of our embodied structure, like a volcanoed vortex of karma being transmuted and cleared into thin air. Our best practice is to be patient with ourselves and others, holding sacred space like the period of time around an actual death.

There actually is a part of us that is “dying off”. As with any death, the need for sacred space is being called forth. This is not an easy or familiar process.  The aspects of ourselves that have been “doing the doing” up until now in this lifetime, any aspects that aren’t coming from the heart from a divine consciousness of Love, are being retired, surrendered, and let go. It’s a bitter sweet process as we review and reflect with compassion, grace, and humility. And there is natural grieving that will occur in the process, as well as celebration through the lightening up.

The gear shift is restoring the ultimate power and authority to the awakened divine consciousness that flows through the heart. As we surrender, we align ourselves with the company of heaven to deliver the awakened consciousness to the Earth for a new beginning, a resurrection and ascension for all beings, all life. This is nothing short of a miracle, and cannot be accomplished through ego or willpower. Together, in unity, infused with the spirit of the ascended masters, we are ascending the Earth together, hand in hand as One. We must embody the consciousness we’re delivering as we ground our Light into the Earth. As above, so below, and in between. Our bodies are the divine channels and instruments. This initiates a massive upgrade and reboot to everything we’ve ever known about our physical bodies, health, and healing.

The week begins on Monday 5/13, with a Mars Ixion Light bridge, Sun Jupiter great eliminator, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator (at the same degree as last week’s Taurus New Moon on 5/4), Venus Ixion manifestation, Sun Pluto manifestation, and Pallas Juno stepping stone. The physical body aligns in a powerful Light Bridge with the original template/blueprint of our soul’s purpose. This expansion of consciousness requires a letting go of any outdated thoughts, beliefs, or assumptions about where we’ve been operating from, up until now. The heart is leading the way, manifesting the divine template while we undergo a death of sorts, in an intentional metamorphic cocoon that will unveil the rebirth in divine timing.

On Tuesday 5/14, Venus and Mars form a stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Neptune conjunction. This is an elevation in the embodiment of the heart, exchanging the old physical cellular memory with enlightenment. Whatever comes to the surface is meant to be released, not feared or confronted. The process calls us forth into our light body, not back into the density of our karmic body.

Wednesday 5/15, Venus enters Taurus, Black Moon manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Black Moon is in resource with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), followed by a Mercury Neptune resource, then Mars enters Cancer, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Varuna. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and today’s ingress brings us home to the heart for stability, nourishment, and rock solid presence. When we root ourselves into the heart space of Love, no matter what is occurring around us, we are home…and we are supported in our greatest growth, expansion, and transformation. Mars in Cancer makes us extremely sensitive to subtle changes and others’ emotions. The moments of epic transformation are unpredictable, at times chaotic, and require the safety of a sacred container so that the experience is dignified, on purpose, and calibrated to Love. How well we hold space for ourselves and others – without getting swept away by temporary moments of uncomfortable emotional triggers – greatly impacts our capacity for growth during this unprecedented moment of transformation. We can try to cling to our past familiar patterns when things begin to feel shaky or uncertain, white -knuckling our way through the opportunities for growth by staying small or curling up in the fetal position…or we can trust, let go, and allow our hearts to guide the way with strength, power, and love. Discomfort will occur, whether we remain small or leap into new growth, so we might as well trust, surrender, and go for it.

On Thursday 5/16, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Haumea, followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury resource, and then Sedna forms a great eliminator w/ Galactic Center. As we release the old structures, identities, attachments, and limitations from our core being, it’s important to remain elevated and neutral to see the wholeness of our journey and our experience. Nothing is wrong, nothing is broken, and therefore nothing needs to be fixed. We’re simply navigating an evolutionary gear shift that changes the game completely – in our skin and in our experience of the world. The doorway that brought us to this moment is equally important to the doorway we’re embarking through. The fall was just as important as the resurrection. Without the fall, there would be no experience of ascension. Just as the body is the record keeper of this lifetime, storing our DNA codes, genetic information, and emotional memories, Sedna is the record keeper of the cosmos – past, present, and future. Clearing the old outdated vibrational attachments, structures and stories allows Sedna to recalibrate with the Galactic Center, rewriting the code from Love vs fear, which turns on a new frequency of possibility for a brand new story to emerge.

Friday 5/17 is a Saturn Vesta stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns retrograde (preparing to revisit the resource with Saturn on Saturday and aspects with the Nodes on Sunday), Mercury and Jupiter form a great eliminator, and Venus manifests with Quaoar. If we’ve had any doubts or struggles this week, today is a day to reclaim our inner devotion, regain inspiration, and light the inner fire that fuels us powerfully forward. We have everything it takes within us, nothing is lacking when we remember the divine universal power that flows through us and as us. As we reignite our fire of devotion, we gain access to new thoughts that support us in manifesting from the new paradigm and the infinite realm. Now is not the time to give up, resign, or shut down…we’re ramping up for an incredible weekend of alchemy and transformation. Every moment counts, even if we’re resting and practicing self care…our quality of thoughts matters, and our inner devotion to the journey matters.

Saturday 5/18 is a huge…starting with a Mercury Pluto manifestation, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Sun Sedna conjunction (new cycle), Black Moon Saturn resource (revisited from earlier this week), Venus Uranus conjunction (new cycle), Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and the Full Moon at 28 Scorpio occurs around 5:10pm ET. A Scorpion Full Moon is nothing to play around with…it’s intensely powerful, metaphysical, deeply profound, and will reveal the depths of our soul in the most mysterious ways. Ruled by Pluto, the archetype of the underworld that ushers us through the doorway of death and rebirth, this is a time for radical transformation. It’s always important to remember that we transform in times of darkness, in the “dark nights of the soul”, and we grow in the light. Growth cannot occur without the inner workings and willingness to confront death. We must confront our own death in order to fully live, beyond the limitations of fear, which only exist in our own minds. The Mercury Pluto manifestation this morning gives us an opportunity to spark new thoughts that move beyond any fears of death, change, transition, or loss. If we have any attachments that we’re deathly afraid of losing, we can’t be fully present, which means we can’t be fully alive. Only by letting go of our deepest attachments, loosening up our grip, can we fully surrender to the process and allow our most incredible resurrection to occur. The heart is wide awake and leading the way, in a great eliminator with MakeMake, divine law and order. There is nothing to fear. Our mantra for this full moon is trust the process and witness the unveiling. Scorpio and Pluto bring us to the alchemist within each of us that lives within the heart. Alchemy of Love manifests the highest vision, always. The process might look messy at times, but if we can surrender our ego’s agenda, we can experience true alchemical magic.

And Sunday 5/19 delivers a Mercury Haumea great eliminator, Uranus MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon North Node manifestation (revisit from earlier this week), Black Moon South Node resource (revisit from earlier this week), Juno Great Attractor great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, and Mercury Sedna conjunction (new cycle). This is another intensely profound day, integrating the wholeness of our awakening from a divine higher authority, and establishing a new cycle, calibrating our inner operating system and inner messenger with Sedna, the ultimate cosmic record keeper. This is the ultimate download of the new information coming online, into our cellular programing. The new code is in resonance with our awakened consciousness, allowing us to operate as divine channels in resonance with the universal flow, not the consciousness of the chronic story from the human condition. Today is a game changer, and if we’re willing to mind the heart and be obedient with the new messaging system, it’s the beginning of a whole new world.

The practice this week is eliminate distractions and be present. Take a few moments to reflect on any of the ways you tend to distract yourself or leak energy, and make the commitment this week to clear the interference so you can be fully present. Eliminate any mind or mood altering behaviors that are used as diversions or avoidances, whether that’s habitual comfort eating, mindless tv or internet surfing, lower vibrational gossip or conversation, or distracting social engagements that prevent stillness with self. Get plenty of rest this week, eat high vibrational foods, and meditate daily. Trust the process, and allow this week to facilitate transformation of the highest order.


“Because of an innocent misunderstanding you think that you are a human being in the relative world seeking the experience of oneness, but actually you are the One expressing itself as the experience of being a human being.”
― Adyashanti


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