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For the week of May 6 – 12, 2019

The week ahead promises some dynamic heart awakenings that deepen and strengthen our presence, stretching the roots of our consciousness into the physical expression of Love. Each moment is facilitating the deliverance of our new cellular expression, the embodiment of our awakened heart, manifested as pure Light.

It’s important to remain deeply present, engaged and intimately connected with the ebb and flow of life, as we unravel the threads of illusion and separation, dissolving our old karmic skin, and revealing our divine blueprint of Light.  This shedding and revealing process requires intimacy, sacred space, and universal Love.  This is the greatest unveiling of human evolution…the big reveal of Light in the darkest hour.  “The wound is where the light enters” (Rumi) , and as the planet is undergoing the universal “dark night of the soul”, the physical presence of Light is being called forth like never before.  The time is Now.

The historical stories that generated our karmic wounds need to be tended to, but not from the same consciousness that carries the wound. It’s important that we embody our Light, not our wound.  We need an elevated perspective, a higher lens of Love to tend to the wounds of separation, as we awaken and remember the truth. We each consciously chose to be here now, and the collective story is what we inherited through our DNA as a rite of passage to enter this dimension. That DNA is not our soul’s truth and therefore doesn’t need to be our embodied expression – it’s simply the connection to the human story of suffering and karma that we came to interrupt, heal, and awaken.

The slumber is in the attachment and identity to the karmic story. The awakening is in the embodiment of Light. We must acknowledge the story because our entry point into this incarnation matters, it’s the divine birth canal, or a threshold of deliverance, that we all traveled through to arrive here. But we must remember that we didn’t come here to embody the story, we came to awaken a new possibility, and to embody the Light of our awakened mastery, while shedding or dissolving the old karmic skin.

The most important relationship right now is the one with our awakened hearts, the source of consciousness where the downloads of Light are pouring in at lightning fast speed….and that Light needs to be grounded, integrated, and embodied. Keeping our attention planted within the heart, with our feet on the ground, we can discharge the universal light into the Earth for circulation. When we hold our gaze up, we remember the truth of who we are, and we awaken to a higher vision. When we hold our gaze down, we are reminded of our story, recalling past experiences of where we’ve been, and the karmic gravitational pull of repetition.

Each individual’s story is mapped out in the current physical body. The body is a record keeper.  The soles of our feet reflect every energy point of our entire body, our cells contain the memory of every experience, encoded in vibrational patterns within our physical structure. Similarly, the inside lining of the heart contains the soul’s blueprint, signature, and roadmap of mastery.  In order to shed our 3D embodiment, we must awaken our blueprint from the heart, and embody our Light. Our presence, where we plant ourselves, must be in Light, in order to manifest the New Earth and a higher vision.

When we remember why we chose to be here, our original intention and agreement, we can begin to clear the limiting beliefs we’ve inherited or bought into from the collective gravitational pull. We do have the power to interrupt the status quo, personally and socially, thereby altering the social landscape of our reality. We’re not bound to anything, other than the frequency of LOVE. Through Love, we can redesign and reconstruct our current reality into a more elevated structure and expression.  Our inner cellular transformation will be reflected by the outer social transformation.

The week begins on Monday 5/6 with a Black Moon Jupiter resource, Mars Eris resource, Black Moon Mars manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, then Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), Mercury enters Taurus, Salacia and MakeMake form a Light Bridge, and the Black Moon manifests with Haumea. Contractions facilitate the release of old attachments to the old embodied expression, as we gain access to a still point, from the heart, to choose what comes next. Not by avoiding or resisting, but by “wholing” our past with our evolutionary path, we liberate beyond the karmic wheel and into a new dimension of embodied expression. As Mercury enters Taurus, our mental body (the messenger) comes home to rest within the heart. This shift should feel like solid ground beneath our feet, where we can rest into our higher commitment to Love, and allow our thoughts to emerge as such. There’s a lot happening in the higher realms, and the more at ease and “at home” our attention is, the easier it is to assimilate the downloads into the core of our being. If we’re spinning from the lower mind, or having an agenda about what comes next, the static interference can feel frantic. With a still mind, we can discharge any static, and ground the new downloads as quickly as they come in.

Tuesday 5/7 is a Mercury Varuna stepping stone, Venus Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, and Black Moon Ixion resource. Stepping stones are opportunities to elevate our way of being as we move forward. Obstacles are meant to shift our perspective as we consciously calibrate our lens to Love. Our inner messenger and operating system has access to the all seeing cosmic vision, if we make the effort to fine tune our lens (through the heart) to Universal Love and remove any judgment or limitations. Our hearts are the personal portal to Sedna, the cosmic record keeper, and as we awaken our hearts, we awaken our soul’s blueprint, purpose, and roadmap. If we’re not clear yet, it’s important to continue fine tuning and elevating through the universal lens of Love until we see ourselves clearly, and calibrate the highest vision through our inner operating system as the primary default setting.

On Wednesday 5/8, Black Moon and Varuna form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Uranus conjunction, Ceres Pallas resource, Mars Haumea manifestation, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus resource, Sun Neptune resource, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator. From yesterday’s calibration, we’re eliminating the old attachments and debris from our scope of vision, manifesting the paradigm shift that sparks our embodiment of wholeness. The Mercury Uranus new cycle awakens a new way of thinking, and a new way of grounding ourselves within our inner messaging system. The information that flows through our system, related to our beliefs, our purpose, our value and worth…all need to be aligned with our blueprint and the truth of who we really are. We’re awakening from the slumbered cognition of our historical patterns, core wounds, and 3D embodiment, and as we see into our higher vision of personal mastery, that awakening informs and inspires our cellular activity, vibration, and frequency. Where and how we root ourselves establishes the energetic context of our physical embodiment. The intention becomes the manifestation. And our intention is to resonate with higher divine law and order, in alignment with our true nature. As we reboot our operating system to that code, we establish the communications for a brand new manifestation.

Thursday 5/9 is a Black Moon Mercury resource, Juno Orcus resource, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Jupiter manifestation, and Venus Pluto stepping stone. Through the expansion of the new paradigm, the heart manifests new possibilities, pioneering a brand new spark of creation, while accessing the aspect of our immortality that supports in navigating beyond the veils to uncover the multidimensional truth of who we are. Seeing beyond the veils, we gain the freedom to Live fully as the embodiment of our immortal heart. When we’re unafraid, we take risks, living a life with no regrets, nothing held back, nothing left on the table. In order to manifest the biggest version of ourselves, we must learn to live as if we’re dying, as if this moment is all we have, and nothing else is more important. In reality, this moment IS all we have. Nothing else is guaranteed, and this moment is the only opportunity we have to make a radical shift in the outcome of the story on Earth.

On Friday 5/10, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Orcus, the Sun manifests with the karmic node (Earth Star Chakra), the Sun is in resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), the Black Moon manifests with Juno, followed by a Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, a Venus Eris conjunction (new cycle), Mercury Albion conjunction (new cycle), and Black Moon Pallas great eliminator. Today is a profound opportunity to experience liberation through immortality. We are not our story, just as we are not our body…and yet we each have the dynamic power to awaken out of the story by remembering the truth of who we are, and allowing our new cellular expression to result from that awareness. When we become the embodied version of our immortally, we activate our Light Body, and the invisible aspects of our higher selves becomes tangible. The awakening of the heart activates the embodiment of Love, and our cellular structure literally shifts to the resonance and frequency of Love, attuned to our unique individual signature. It’s as if our physical skin, the manifestation of our human story and lineage, disappears the moment we awaken to our wholeness, and that truth illuminates our being in a visible, tangible way. There’s no way to hide once we’ve awakened – our Light Bodies are much more luminescent than our dense carbon bodies.

Saturday 5/11 is a Sun Saturn manifestation, Venus Haumea bridge, and Mercury Orcus manifestation. We’re manifesting and creating our new cellular structure, based on the template and blueprint of our heart’s truth and divine purpose. This is not an ego decision of “who do I want to be in the world”…this is a recognition and homecoming to the truth of our I AM presence. As we ground ourselves in that awakened presence, everything changes. It’s as if our old identity is now obsolete, and the new is coming online.  This is the emergence of the butterfly from the cocoon.  The release of the old identity of the caterpillar, in order to experience the new divine manifestation.

And Sunday 5/12 is a Mercury Juno resource, Mercury Ceres great eliminator, Ceres Juno great eliminator, Mercury Pallas great eliminator, and Venus manifests with the Galactic Center. We are being delivered to the truth, and this moment of deliverance is bringing us home to a unified expression of power, love, and wisdom. Today is Mother’s Day in the US, and a day to celebrate with gratitude the doorway of life, the deliverance through the womb of the mother, and also the divine awakening from the womb of the heart, coming home to our most authentic expression.

In oder to be here, in this physical dimension, we require a body. The entry point to physicality is through the mother, and an inherited ancestral lineage and karmic story.  It’s the gravity that brings us all here. And as we liberate ourselves from the inherited beliefs, healing and wholing the karmic patterns of suffering from our root system, we gain the freedom to manifest a new possibility, a higher vision.  It’s our personal responsibility to heal the original wounds, and to spark a new expression of Light that can be passed down as our sustainable Legacy of Creation.

The practice this week is to find your footing in the higher vision of Love. Throughout the week, any time a trigger occurs that activates an old karmic wound of fear, insecurity, or doubt, find your feet, breathe in from the heart, and ask yourself “is this the highest perspective of truth? Am I seeing things clearly from the highest lens of Love?”  We’re recalibrating the lens through which we plant ourselves, and the heart reveals clarity, truth, and Love. As we integrate the practice of grounding our awareness within the heart, planting our mind and heart together, we have the opportunity to recalibrate the old stories of our habitual patterns.

It’s important to pause, take a deep breath, find your footing within your heart, and look again. Every trigger of insecurity, uncertainty, or fear this week is an opportunity to practice finding our seat within the heart. Remember, the consciousness that created the current story can’t heal the karmic wounds…only a higher consciousness of Love from the awakened heart can interrupt the old programming and access a new beginning. We do not have to carry the old wounds forward with us…only the wisdom, compassion, and grace. The wound is where the light enters, so shift the focus from the wound to the embodiment of Light, and BE that.

Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its Being.
We all remain
― Hafez


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  1. Thank you Christine. Your message is like you’ve looked inside my life and given me the answers to the questions I’ve been asking. I am most grateful for your work. Blessings and light. Jana

  2. Much love to you Christine, your insights are so empowering.
    With gratitude, Yvette

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