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For the week of April 29 – May 5, 2019

The week ahead dives deep into the root system and  current structure of our foundation, the solid ground we stand and move upon…for the purpose of transformation, altering any unhealthy patterns from our foundation as we consciously awaken new possibilities, manifesting a New Earth, with Love.  Evolution is happening now, and with every moment we have a choice of how to respond, giving us power and authority to shift the story – in our own lives, and in the global story.  As of this week, the transpersonal planets (Jupiter and Saturn) are retrograde while each of the lower 4 body rulers (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are all moving forward, bringing the collective conversation and the universal experience into the domain of personal responsibility.

Never before has there been a more urgent call to action for our best selves to emerge – empowered and clear, intentional and authentic, and deeply rooted in the consciousness of Love.  Every soul on this planet has potential, beyond what our minds can comprehend, and that potential is being activated.  The choice is ours to elevate and rise to the occasion, or to ignore, resist, and collapse into the historic repetitive stories out of fear, anger, or resignation.  Transformation requires a willingness to be uncomfortable.  Even in everyday strength training at the gym, the way to develop new muscles is to fatigue the current status quo through failure, meeting your edge, breaking down the old muscle fibers in order to rebuild stronger than before.  The path of evolution requires movement into the realm of discomfort, into the unfamiliar territory of new possibilities (the death and rebirth process of Pluto) by letting go of the old attachments and habitual patterns, releasing the status quo, while carving out space for something new and manifesting from a blank slate of infinite possibility.  What comes next is a reflection of our current state of consciousness, devotion, and commitment.

We’re heading into a “5” vibration month, which is all about change, transformation, and redesign.  In order to manifest anything new, we must be willing to stand fully present in the Now moment – embodied, awake, and aware.  If we’ve been functioning primarily outside of our bodies, living in our heads while fast forwarding through our well rehearsed plans, agendas, and projections, we’re missing the most valuable component of evolution.  In order to move forward as Light Workers, we must be in our bodies, experiencing the connection between our feet and the Earth, breathing deeply into our hearts, allowing new downloads of consciousness to flow in through our crown and out through our feet, tailbone, and root system.  Threading our undivided attention in with our inhale, we merge mind into body, which activates the potential to unravel and release old patterns held in our cellular structure, in order to reveal new cellular structures and patterns of sustainability moving forward.

Our current cellular expression, and the fundamental structure we’re living and manifesting from, are the results of our thoughts, intentions, belief systems, and core values.  If we shift our focus, altering any of our beliefs, intentions, or values, we gain access to the infinite potential for redesign.  When we consciously bring our attention into each moment, we can choose something new, elevate our perspective, or alter the current expression in a heartbeat.  Our cellular expression is reflected through the Earth element, so as we redesign our inner structure, the Earth also shifts.  Because our cells and our bodies are mostly water, we can calibrate ourselves to the frequency of Love, essentially becoming the embodiment of Love.  As the collective population calibrates to Love, eventually the planet also becomes the embodiment of Love.  Imagine a world manifested from the cellular structure (sacred geometry) of Love.  Imagine your own personal health, vital life force energy, and immune system as the embodied expression of Love.    As Light Workers, we can activate and generate a global movement of Love, simply by taking personal responsibility to embody the frequency of Love within our own cells, and living our most authentic expression from that state of consciousness.  Because Love is the most powerful frequency of energy available in the universe, when we’re calibrated to Love as the new cellular structure and expression, we serve as calibrators to our environment, by nature.

Moment to moment, we’re either being calibrated by the current status quo, being dulled down to a lower vibration of gravity, or we’re interrupting the status quo and serving as a tuning fork to elevate the current conversation of the social norm.  In order to awaken a higher frequency of consciousness, we must be willing to embody Love consistently, and also withstand the temporary discomfort of the social interruption.  Love becomes a lightning bolt to the gravitational pull of karmic density.  Love awakens new possibilities, new vision, and in the process, releases the old attachments and old expressions with grace, compassion, and forgiveness.  We must be equally committed to sparking new potential as we are to forgiving the past.  The merging point of past and future is Now, and the most important choice to make is how to respond Now.

The week begins on Monday 4/29 with a Jupiter Eris manifestation, Juno MakeMake stepping stone, Pallas resource with the Great Attractor, Sun Orcus manifestation, and Saturn stations retrograde, conjunct the karmic South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  There’s an expansive awakening through the element of fire.  Fire is creative and destructive…it sparks new beginnings and inspires new possibilities of action, while also burning away what no longer serves, clearing out the debris and congestion of what’s no longer beneficial or productive.  Fire transmutes energy, releasing spirit from form, and recycling for new creative potential.  If we can witness universal events that are occurring from the lens of “energy recycling”, any loss or ending is an opportunity to manifest something new.  Energy never dies, it transforms and changes shape.  This Saturn retrograde journey provides a dynamic opportunity to change the shape or form of any of our current structures, including our physical cellular body, any agreements or commitments we’ve been operating within, or the structures and guidelines of our businesses, relationships, institutions, and how we identify ourselves within those frameworks.   There’s a lot to review and reflect upon, and taking a moment to pause before automatically proceeding with the habitual status quo is important.  When we errect powerful structures and frameworks that support the divine flow of awakened consciousness, higher law can emerge and take shape, providing sustainability and integrity to build upon.  We’re building the framework and foundation to support the deliverance of Heaven on Earth…with our current thoughts, intentions, and actions.

On Tuesday 4/30, Chiron and Salacia conjunct for a new cycle, then Ceres and Vesta are manifesting, Black Moon and Haumea are manifesting, and Venus is manifesting with Ceres.  There’s a lot of movement today, and energy moves in waves.  Personal mastery is developed and refined as we navigate the waves, like surfing the fluid moments of creation.  In fluidity, there is undefined potential, yet to be manifested.  How we bring ourselves into that wave determines the outcome of the experience.  Engaging a sense of devotion, from the heart, we can surrender to the waves, becoming one with the movement, allowing a greater deliverance to occur as the waves birth a newly refined expression of ourselves.  Who we become in the process is just as important as what we’re generating or creating.

Wednesday 5/1 begins the “5” month of May with a Mercury Mars resource, Mercury intersects the Nodes, serving as a still point between the Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra, followed by a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Mars South Node great eliminator, Venus Vesta conjunction (new cycle), Mars Saturn great eliminator, and Venus Pallas bridge.  This month is all about change and transformation, which requires a healthy relationship of the mind/body connection.  Where our minds go, the body follows.  What we focus on, we manifest through our cellular embodiment.  If our thoughts are rooted in historic conditioning, limiting beliefs, or unexamined values, we will manifest that in our cellular structure as well as in our tangible results.  We have an opportunity to interrupt that expression by sparking a new way of living…from the heart.   When the mind is rooted in Love, rooted on the path of evolution, we begin to see new options before us, physical shifts occurring within and around us.  How we interpret the events around us impacts the next expression, so its important to view the world from the lens of Love, no matter what is occurring.

On Thursday 5/2, there’s a Black Moon Eris resource, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Venus manifests with the Great Attractor, Pallas and Vesta form a bridge, followed by a Black Moon Mercury resource,  Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Sun Ceres great eliminator, and Mercury Jupiter manifestation.  We’re shedding skin from the residue of no longer supports us, and letting go of anything at all that doesn’t matter.  As we do, we align fully with the heart, attracting the crystal clear vibrational match of our heart’s deepest truth and authentic expression.   The more congestion or static interference we can let go of, the more clearly the heart can communicate and resonate, like a magnetic frequency that scans the universe for a mirrored image response.  We must have full faith and trust in the heart, aligning our minds with the truth that lives within, in order to manifest the expansive beauty that is available.  There’s no time for fear, worry, or doubt…there’s only Love, and Love doesn’t make mistakes.  In Love, we can trust the journey as long as we surrender wholeheartedly and let go.  The only decision to make is to choose Love, again and again.

Friday 5/3 sparks a Mercury Eris conjunction (new cycle), followed by Black Moon Mars manifestation, Sun Pallas great eliminator, Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge, Vesta manifestation with the Great Attractor, and a Mercury Haumea Light Bridge.   The new cycle of Mercury and Eris is powerful enough to shed the vibrational skin of our disempowering beliefs and inner conversations, the stories we’ve believed, and even invested ourselves into, that either aren’t true, or don’t matter in the bigger picture.  When we awaken to divine wisdom and truth, suddenly the untruths, the misinterpretations and misaligned stories simply fall away.   Our greatest core wounds and vulnerabilities, by design, are a part of divine law and order…however we need to elevate our perspective in order to awaken to that wisdom and see the truth clearly.  Whatever we believe, even if it’s disempowering, we master through our repetitive practice.  The more elevated our perspective, the more Light we can receive that eventually illuminates our divine truth so we can live our most awakened mastery.

On Saturday 5/4, the New Moon occurs at 15 Taurus, followed by a Uranus Quaoar manifestation an hour later, then the Sun forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, and Mercury manifests with the Galactic Center.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is an earth sign of Mental Love, planting the mind into the heart like a deeply rooted Tree of Life.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the heart, and when the mind comes home to the heart, there is Love.  Whatever we focus on, we give life to.

If our minds are rooted within the heart, everything we focus on is a gift of Love, and an offering and sacred prayer from the heart.  Our attention is the most precious resource we have to give.  It contains the power to manifest infinite potential.  When we calibrate our minds to Love, every thought becomes a seed of Life.  In the mind/body connection, a mind rooted in Love from the heart manifests physical results that embody Love.  Love is the mechanism for healing, transformation, and evolution.  Love is the frequency that interrupts the status quo, shape-shifting current reality through alchemy.  The heart is an alchemical mixing bowl, and a mind rooted in Love actually becomes an agent of evolutionary alchemy.  This kind of alchemical potential requires practice, refinement, and a humble surrender to the unrestricted possibilities that live within the heart.  That humble surrender awakens the new paradigm of infinite potential, which is the gateway to the New Earth.  Those are the seeds we’re planting with this New Moon in Taurus…Seeds of Life containing the frequency of Love, from the heart.

And Sunday 5/5 is a Mars Pluto great eliminator, Mars Jupiter bridge, and Mercury Ixion manifestation at the master degree of Aries and Sagittarius.  It’s important to eliminate any fear we might have around endings, completions, or new beginnings, especially when we can’t see beyond the veils.  Fear of the unknown can trigger a need to control, a need to cling onto what’s familiar, what’s visibly seen.  Pluto will take us beyond the veils, beyond our physical dimension of vision, across the portal of what might feel like “death”, in order to reveal the expansive universal opportunity for infinite connection and new life.  Once we move beyond our limited connection to what we think we’re seeing in the physical dimension, we gain access to the universal portal of everything, where nothing is hidden, nothing is off limits.  From this portal, we begin to manifest our soul’s true blueprint, our true nature, beyond what’s been conditioned by our physical landscape.   We have no idea what’s possible until we let go of what we think we know, let go of what we think is “real”, and allow ourselves to travel beyond the veils and into the universal portal of possibility.

The practice this week is to spend 10 minutes a day in some kind of mindful movement with your eyes closed.  When we remove our sense of sight, the other senses become heightened, and we must tune in for navigation, trust, balance, and alignment.  We must be fully present, in our bodes, and feel the connection of our feet into the earth.  It’s easy to go on automatic pilot sometimes with our ordinary daily movements.  Walking, driving, navigating the aisles of the grocery store, it’s easy to check out in our minds and gravitate towards habitual patterns and behaviors without even being present.  Take 10 minutes a day, whether in your living room, or in your backyard…find a safe environment to practice in, then close your eyes, and engage in mindful movement.  Try adding music if that helps facilitate movement.  This practice will awaken mastery through vulnerability and awkwardness.  The discomfort will fine tune what matters most in the way you consciously navigate, the way you move forward, and the way you plant yourself for stability, trust, and freedom.


“Sometimes you no longer recognize yourself. You want to overcome it, but it overcomes you. You want to set limits, but it compels you to keep going. You want to elude it, but it comes with you. You want to employ it, but you are its tool; you want to think about it, but your thoughts obey it. Finally the fear of the inescapable seizes you, for it comes after you slowly and invincibly.
There is no escape. So it is that you come to know what a real God is. Now you’ll think up clever truisms, preventive measures, secret escape routes, excuses, potions capable of inducing forgetfulness, but it’s all useless. The fire burns right through you. That which guides forces you onto the way.”   ~ Carl Jung


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